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Published On : 3 Jun/2014 | Posted By :   eMarket Education
Affiliate Marketing Workshop Bangalore

Affiliate Marketing Strategy with Shartaj Shary

31st May 2014, Shartaj Shary (Founder & CEO of Innovate Search) was at eMarket Education Institute to share few of his Affiliate Marketing expertise with all our SEO & PPC Digital Marketing students with a purpose to make everyone understand; “Why it’s so important to be curious in Learning, and How being curious, he is earning $$ money for his company through Affiliate Marketing practices.”

During the course of this event, the students were able to learn on various Affiliate Marketing topics including;

  • How Affiliate Marketing can help you earn easy money?
  • Basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • Creativity is what works to be an affiliate marketer!
  • Few Affiliate Marketing network
  • Why creating the brand is very important?
  • What is drop shipping?


Few snaps of this Affiliate Marketing event:

Sharty Shartaj on Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing Workshop Bangalore

Affiliate Marketing Tips Techniques Event Affiliate Marketing at eMarket Education Institute Bangalore

Other Affiliate Marketing tips, techniques & case studies shared with students were;

Sites that are recently sold

What is the methodology that they have used?

Gives information on


Cookie specialty in Affiliate Marketing:

If a person gets into a site through affiliate marketing link and does not buy anything, leaves the site, the cookie is still available for 1 week. If anyone buys anything from Flipkart directly (not through affiliate link), he still gets the commission


2 ways: Stand-alone affiliate programs

A lot of the times when affiliate marketing makes money is through brand name

Advertises and publishes (people who own the sites)

Take all the products and do a keywords search and find out how much is the search volumes

What keyword to rank for brand


Importance of keyword domain:


Top Affiliate Networks (US-based sites):


Site Domains with better ranking rates:





Get domains and sell domains through – get interesting brand names for domain (paid) (for mobile marketing)

shows the complete process of campaign creation and the success story of the campaign


Don’t pay for any site to learn. Get all information through:


Learn everything about drop shipping:


Black Hat Forum to learn new tricks:



It was a great session for the students to understand the power of curiosity to earn money online with Affiliate Marketing. If you want to learn Digital Marketing from a wider perspective, than having in-depth knowledge in one particular subject, then try for all measures to earn money online. The thought process of earning or making money online will surely help to understand certain tactics in Digital Marketing much quicker than to an average learner.








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