6 Best Tips to Use Digital Marketing to Become an Online Super Hero

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies to improve your Online Business Performance


Gone are those days when businesses were having only offline stores & marketing was mostly done through hoardings or billboards. With the development of technology companies ventured into TV-based marketing & with the introduction of World Wide Web, companies entered the online world & thus a lot of new possibilities were discovered.

One such discovery was that of Online Marketing a.k.a Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing made the online marketplace a more attractive mode of doing business & also made it more affordable & even playground for every playmaker. But with time very few companies have capitalized on the true potential of this powerful segment of Marketing effectively.

Digital Marketing Simplified

Everyone Trying to Get Something Out of the World Wide Web

Digital Marketing: In simple terms marketing your online assets in the Digital Marketplace and with the right targeting options & relevant keywords.

Types of Digital Marketing Courses


Digital Marketing is one & the same thing whether implemented in Congo or America the only thing that varies is, how you use different channels of online marketing, your Digital Marketing strategies & How you prioritize your different Digital Marketing Channels? In this blog, I would like to share our experience of 12+ years in Digital Marketing Industry both in training & as a consultant on, How you should proceed with your live campaigns so as to make most of it?


#1: Make SEO & Social Media the Karan-Arjun

How Social Media Helps SEO

Karan-Arjun in Digital Marketing

Search engine optimisation & Social Media Marketing the most in-demand Digital Marketing channels at the moment. Both are dependent on each other and can surely affect a website performance in terms of traffic & ranking if not done properly.

Search Engine Optimisation helps you to rank organically for relevant keywords by adding the relevant keywords as content as well as optimising the website. At the same time, social media sites are traffic bombs ready to explode with high traffic if implemented in the right way. A majority of internet users are most active on Social Media websites for a long time rather than in any 3rd party websites.

In the initial stage of a website where ranking organically is a bit difficult, marketers can leverage this opportunity to drive traffic to their website from social channels thereby making a branding for the company as well helping in direct traffic in Future.

Also if a website has a lot of pages & not all pages have been indexed & users type in the search query box the company name, the Social Media profiles of the company will always come on the top results rather than other pages of the website due to high domain authority of the Social Media Websites. Here as a clever marketer, one should share the links to the pages which have not been indexed and drive the traffic through Social Media.

Example: When I type eMarket education, the SERP shows the Home Page followed by few Social Media Profiles which also helps us to drive traffic to our website. So for us, it’s very important to share key information on our social media sites with equal importance as we share on our website.

Learn Social Media SEO

Yellow Box: Home Page Link & Red Box Link: Social Media Profiles


#2: Live SEO, Breathe SEO, Sleep SEO

The only Online Marketing channel that will give you results for your company. Once your SEO strategy or your website becomes 100% SEO optimised than a majority of your work is done in terms of Digital Marketing to rank your pages in the top results and that too you don’t have to pay anything to search engines for the same. It also ensures your traffic is not affected even though your competitors are bidding for the same keywords to have a better ranking. During cash crunch situations SEO only helps you to get traffic & generate leads.

Based on a survey from Statistica a majority of people prefer organic results rather than PPC results. 


Why SEO is more important

Google Loves SEO Optimised Websites with Quality Content 

#3: Bombard Creativity in your Website & Social Channels

People in this fast moving world have very limited time to pay attention to any information shared until it is presented in such a manner that draws their attention to have a look in detail. The content making industry has also evolved over time from long text to short text to images to video to short videos & finally at the moment GIFs.

The current scenario demands creative content with short crisp size, i.e in max 6 seconds a company has to deliver the entire message to its targeted audience that too in a manner which really outnumbers from its competitors.

We as a Digital Marketing Institute believe Social Media marketing courses is 60% creativity & 40% learning.

For example, Volkswagen came up with a very creative ad to share the teaser of its coming car on Facebook.


#4: The World is in Mobile, Where are You?

When PC was invented it was the luxury for many but now the same device even laptops have become redundant for many. With the invention of smartphones, phablets, tablets etc the world is moving towards handier & on the go usable devices.

Based on our experience as a Digital Marketing Institute & Online Marketing Agency, we have seen over the years more clients focus more on mobile devices & a majority of the website traffic also comes from mobile or apps. Some companies have also moved their business to mobile apps only. Social Media sites which have a large number of active users at any time of the day for any particular location also are witnessing a major shift in traffic from desktop version to mobile applications. Acknowledging the heavy demand, Social Media giant Facebook also introduced many mobiles only kind ad copy formats like Mobile Canvas, 360 Degree videos & photos etc. Even Google Mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches.

Learn Mobile SEO

Mobile is the Present of the Online World

Such changes give a clear indication that it’s time to go Mobile else the line may become busy for you later. So if you are not having a mobile-friendly website & not following mobile SEO practices it’s high time to decide on your priorities. 


#5: Use the Beauty of PPC Remarketing

Just like Leh-Ladakh is one of the most beautiful parts of the Himalayas, similarly, Re-Marketing is the beauty of Digital Marketing. But most companies either don’t use this feature or are not aware of what remarketing actually is?

Learn Google Adwords or Facebook remarketing

Re-Marketing: Re-targeting your website visitors who have bounced from your website with a new ad copy in order to attract them back to your website and initiate an engagement or any kind of action. Re-marketing can be done through Google Adwords or Facebook. Dynamic re-marketing can also be done and is mostly used by e-commerce or travel-based companies where the same ad copy related to their search follows them for a specific period of time.

While creating the remarketing list in Google Adwords or a custom audience in Facebook be clear with the type of audience you want to re-target. If you have a large database of email ids of people subscribed to your blog then you can also re-target them using these data specifically to them only.


#6: Integrating SEO, PPC, Social Media & Email to get the best of the Digital Marketing results

Learn Digital Marketing Strategies

Integrating all Digital Marketing Channels for Better Results

Starting with a website but not sure how to market it?

  • After all the development work is over for a website, make sure it is integrated to Webmaster & Google Analytics.
  • Then Start with your SEO work with on & off page optimisation & content addition.
  • Set a blog Strategy & write blogs with relevant keywords so that you start ranking for some of the keywords
  • Simultaneously start a PPC Adwords campaign with some of the keywords which may take a long time for your website to rank due to high competition.
  • Share blogs on your Social Media platforms & ensure you get a good traffic from your social media channels.
  • Before getting started with Google Adwords ensure you integrate Remarketing Tag & Conversion tracking code into the backend & similarly for Facebook you need to integrate the Facebook pixel.
  • Start with paid social media ads and you will notice a spike in your traffic in Google Analytics
  • Once you have a considerable amount of email ids to market to, start email marketing campaign with weekly email updates regarding your company, industry or blogs & make sure rather than marketing yourself you focus on educating & sharing information to the users.
  • Track the performance through google analytics for the performance of all Digital Marketing channels & webmaster for the performance of SEO related to your website.
  • Check the SERP reports for your seed keywords and accordingly define your Blog strategy or update content.


Strategies are something which Digital Marketing Institute can teach and has to be completely decided and changed based on the product/service to be marketed, the target audience & and the location. However, the approach & subject remains the same. But there are certain things which can never be changed and these 6 ways are by default the strategies used by the maximum of companies doing Digital Marketing.


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