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10 Reasons Why You Should Learn SEO

10 Reasons Why Every Digital Marketing Students Should Learn SEO   SEO – SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION  Search engine optimization is a technique or process of changing the position/ranking of website or web page in search engine results by using specific targeted keywords which help in better ranking of your website. The importance of Google Search […]

Keywords: Backbone of Digital Marketing

How to do an extensive Keyword Research? Keyword Research is one of the most important in online marketing to target the right audience. The selection of keywords can build your website.   A quick info for the user who doesn’t know, what exactly a “Keyword” is? The keyword is a phrase or a word that […]

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Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in India

Digital Marketing (PPC, SEO & SMO) Career Opportunities in India Digital Marketing is a science of spreading your voice and shows your brand across the web with constant interaction with your prospecting clients and existing clients in Social Media. With digital marketing, many areas are covered for a business, such as: Search Engine Optimization Pay […]

Evolution of internet marketing
Evolution of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: From Inception Till Date It is rightly said, “Where there is Age there is Evolution, where there is Life there is Growth.” ~ Anjelica Huston Evolution is not just a process but a fact of life on earth. It has played a major role in the development of many species helping them with […]