Adobe Analytics Training Certification

Adobe Analytics Training Certification


About Adobe Analytics Course ~ 1 Weekend Only Course

eMarket Education brings you the best of Adobe Analytics training to help you become a proven Adobe Analytics expert.

Adobe Analytics Certification ( Total 8 Hours Training )

1 Weekend Only (Saturday & Sunday) Online Session

Live Account: Yes, only for Adobe Analytics (no DTM)

Basics of Analytics 

What is Analytics

What is Web Analytics?

Different types of Web Analytics Tool?

The Role of Google Analytics Tool?

Difference between Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics

Who should be good to go with Google Analytics, and then Adobe Analytics?

What is Adobe Analytics?

Adobe DTM (Basic Fundamental) (10 Hours)

Adobe Analytics Marketing Cloud (Site Catalyst) – Admin Level Feature (15 Hours)

Adobe Reports User Interface and Usages and Work Space (10 Hours)

Adobe Analytics Implementation (15 Hours)

Detailed Adobe Analytics Training Syllabus Topics:

SL No. Content Hours
1 Adobe DTM (Basic Fundamental)
2 Learn the Fundamental of Adobe DTM
3 DTM Architecture
4 DTM Roles (Approver, Publisher and Creator)
6 How to create web properties
7 How to create Adobe DTM embed tracking code (Staging and Production)
8 Hosting option (How can we host the code)
9 Add a tool in Adobe DTM (How to add adobe analytics in Adobe DTM)
10 Types of Rules in DTM and mapping of rules
11 Data Elements
12 Page Load rules
13 Event Based Rules
14 Direct Call Rules
15 Basic of s.code and code structure of s.code
16 New User addition, Approval and report suit access
17 Tag Validation by digital pulse debugger
18 Tag validation in chrome developer mode
19 Adobe DTM Switch
20 Adobe Marketing Cloud (Previously called Sitecatalyst) –Admin Level Feature
21 How to login in Adobe marketing cloud with general user id and password
22 How to login in Adobe marketing by Single sign on and benefits of SSO login
23 What is reportsuit id and how to create reportsuit id in adobe
24 How to edit the reportsuit and basic setup of reportsuit
25 How to exclude internal url filter in reportsuit
26 How to configure marketing channel processing rule
27 How to configure marketing channel manager
28 Exclude by IP Address
29 How to set default conversion metrics
30 Customize reports and Analytics menu
31 Adobe Data Connector
32 Data warehouse use
33 Traffic Variable (Props)
34 Conversion variable (Evars)
35 Events and Custom success Events
36 Saint Classification
37 Campaign Management
38 Campaign url tracking setup and Configuration
39 User Management
40 Block bots and Bots filter
41 Adobe Reports user Interface and usages and Workspace
42 Difference between Instance, occurrence and Visits
43 How to select reportsuit for data
44 Site metrics
45 Bydefault metrics captured by Adobe
46 Key metrics and My recommendation report
47 How to use basic page url or pages report
48 How to use traffic report and metrics for the report
49 How to create segment and Apply on report
50 Segment configuration
51 How to create calculated metrics
52 How to use calculated metrics
53 Marketing channel report (First and Last)
54 How to use campaign report and Tracking code report
55 Path report
56 How to login in workspace
57 How to create basic dashboard in workspace
58 How to create alert configuration for any report
59 How to schedule the alert and weekly alerts for users
60 Virtual reportsuit
61 Calendar Events
62 How to rename the page name
63 How to use dashboard and some by default dashboard
64 Tracking code report
65 Click Map report
66 Real Time Report

Guest Faculty having 10+ years experience.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of Adobe Analytics both theoretically and practical. Learn to define and execute internet marketing strategies to reach potential customer using the latest technology and features in Adobe Analytics. Build passionate web marketing team, structure online marketing department, and manage the budget for various marketing promotions including budget allocation in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Affiliate, Email marketing, Mobile marketing, and Google Analytics.

Other benefits include;

• Confidently pursue a career in Adobe Analytics
• In-depth understanding of all Adobe Analytics channels
• Proficient in both theoretical and practical knowledge
• Creating strategic plan for your Adobe Analytics team
• Decide on important metrics and dimension to measure revenue or ROI
• Define KPIs to measure campaign success
• Last but not least, you’re much capable of managing a Adobe Analytics team / taking up as Team-Lead, Specialist or Project Manager role in a given company

Adobe Analytics have multiple certifications but Adobe ACE is the good one. Adobe certification requires at least 3-4 year of experience in Adobe analytics and most of the question will be listed as scenario based.

How valuable is an Adobe certification for digital marketing in analytics roles in India?

Adobe certification is like the magical stick in your hand and you can draw your career path. Adobe Analytics have multiple certifications but Adobe ACE is the good one. Adobe certification requires at least 3-4 year of experience in Adobe analytics and most of the question will be listed as scenario based.

Now, these days Adobe certification is very helpful which can give you a full view and customization option to implement your requirement and analysis. Adobe Analytic Certification Training courses could help you to track multiple digital marketing efforts.

How is Adobe Analytics useful for digital marketers?

Adobe Analytics can give you a full view and customization option to implement your requirement and analysis. The best part of Adobe is its changed there product as per market and always enhance their product on every three months.

You can track multiple Internet marketing efforts under one roof like mobile app tracking, Mobile Marketing, Website Analytics, SEO, social media and many more.


Batch Strength : Max. 7
Course Duration : 8 Hrs.
Per Session : 4 Hours
Add-Ons : Online Class
Course Fee: Get in Touch
Certifications: eMarketEdu
Days : Weekends Only




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