Digital Marketing Career as a Bonus for MBAs
Published On : 5 Jun/2017 | Posted By :   eMarket Education
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Digital Marketing Career & MBA, Does it Work?


This is a million dollar question which everyone thinks of before making a shift into Digital Marketing for sure. Through this blog, we would like to take you through the combination of MBA & Digital Marketing.

MBA: Masters in Business Administration is more than just a degree, it’s an update to the thought process of an individual. The updated thought process & knowledge in management subjects surely helps an individual perform better and get accustomed to different vertical faster than a non-MBA graduate.

Digital Marketing: In simple terms marketing through different channels of online medium like Search Engines, Social Media, Email Marketing & Pay per click.

The biggest USPs of Digital Marketing which makes it stand out from offline marketing are:-

  • Measurable: Through analytics, every change can be measured
  • Track each & every spend
  • More cost effective method
  • Better ROI analysis

Now let’s come back to the topic of MBA & Digital Marketing combination.

Digital Marketing has become a hot topic in recent times & with two of the biggest events in the world being completely controlled by Digital Marketing (US Election & Indian Election) the opportunities in the sector have just skyrocketed. Companies have also realised that the channel can be used to reach out audience more effectively & instantly. Customers now days want instant results & more interactive medium of communication & user experience. The current trend of start-up bubble happening in India has further increased the opportunities in the sector.


The trend shows that Digital marketing has more searches than MBA in Marketing (last 12 months data).

More specifically if we see then Social media & SEO are clear winners followed by Adwords. It can be concluded that people are more interested towards a career in Digital Marketing rather than MBA in Marketing. Given the volatility of IT jobs, people take Digital Marketing as a backup plan to safeguard their career during difficult times. After being an expert in the field, an individual can surely earn a hefty amount online to make his expenses meet.

If we add Jobs as the category in the Google trends, then not much difference is seen & like the previous graph Social media leads followed by SEO. We can see a clear cut difference in the current job trend between Digital Marketing & MBA in Marketing. ( Last 12 Month Search Volume Worldwide where the Percentage of Search Volume is reflected)

MBA along with Digital marketing is a deadly combination & with time can help you skyrocket your career easily. To become a successful digital marketer, more than the subject knowledge it’s the strategy that helps an individual grow in this sector.

Doing a Digital Marketing course will not only help you add a valued skill in your resume but also opens up gate to new opportunities for your career & more specifically in the field of Digital Marketing. In the longer run, with relevant experience under their belt one can surely go on to become a Digital Marketing Manager in any company having a presence in the field.

However, when you opting for a career in Digital Marketing you should keep these 10 points in mind:-

  1. Digital Marketing is not Rocket Science, however, a lot of analytical thinking along with a strategical mindset is required to get the desired results.

digital marketing career

2. Understanding of the consumer behavior can be a great advantage for an individual as it can help him/her in specifically targeting for a particular location in paid ads. This helps for better ROI in the case of paid ads.

career in digital marketing

3. Be internet savvy as you need to work only in Desktop, Mobile or tablets. Digital Marketing without gadgets is just like a road without any direction.

Scope of Digital Marketing4. Be open to work for 24/7 as campaigns can be targeted to western countries & you need to optimise your Google AdWords campaigns accordingly.

digital marketing course


5. Be an expert in Excel. Most of the keyword structuring, analysis & reporting is done in excel. One need to be an expert in Pivot Table, V- look up for sure.

career opportunities in digital marketing

6. The demand & supply gap in the sector is huge & the opportunities in the sector keep on growing each passing day. Job opportunities in Digital Marketing field is growing each day mostly in SEO & Social Media where growth is very much visible.

future of digital marketing


7. Own a blog on any topic of your choice & start experimenting with different options available to you. Play around the console of Google Adwords, Bing Adcentres, Google Webmaster for SEO, Check Google Analytics & Social Media Analytics.

8. Be an avid reader of blogs & keep yourself updated with all the changes happening in the field. For example, Google regularly updates its search algorithms to ensure quality content is always shown to searchers.

growth of digital marketing9. Choose a Digital Marketing Institute wisely, where more emphasis is given on live projects rather than theory.

10. Most importantly have the patience for your career growth. Initially, the growth can be a bit slow and the salary on the lower side but once you start delivering numbers then you will be the most sought after person in the sector.


Digital Marketing

In terms of MBA graduate opting for a career in Digital Marketing, the ultimate aim should be to become a Digital Marketing Manager in the longer run. To achieve it one must master all channels of Digital Marketing equally (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Google Analytics). A Digital Marketing Manager most importantly works in Google Analytics to track the performance of all the channels of Digital Marketing for a particular website. As mentioned in the important points patience initially is the key to for a successful Digital Marketing Career.



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