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1 If a website’s search engine saturation w.r.t a particular search engine is 20%, what does it mean?
2 What does the 301-server response code signify?

3 10 people do a web search. In response, they see links to a variety of web pages. 3 of the 10 people choose one particular link. Then the link has what % click thru rate?
4 What term is commonly used to describe the shuffling of positions in search engine results in between major updates?
5 RSS/Atom feeds returned in Google’s search results
6 What does the term Keyword Prominence refer?
7 What is the name of the search engine technology due to which a query for the word “actor” will also show search results for related words such as actress, acting or act?
8 What is the illegal act of copying of a page by unauthorized parties in order to filter off traffic to another site called?
9 Which of the following search engines or directories provides the main search results for AltaVista?
10 Which of the following are examples of User-Agents?
11 Which of the following methods can help you get around the Google Sandbox?
12 How many links are linked to web pages?
13 Which of the following are examples of Search Engine spider?

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