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Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or brands via electronic media. By using digital marketing channels and methods, you can analyze your marketing campaigns to understand what is working and what isn’t? Typically in real time.

While the internet is the main channel closely associated with digital marketing, other channels are also very important. Digital media is everywhere and the consumer can access information whenever, wherever and however they want it, and they are no longer influenced by, what you say about your brand? In fact, consumers are more likely to be influenced by what others say about your brand?

The reality is that people prefer the brand that they can trust, companies that know them, communications that are personalized or relevant, and offers that are tailored to their anticipated needs and preferences. It’s true that digital marketing can provide you with all that, but there are certain challenges to overcome that:

# The Proliferation of Digital Channels:

Consumers use multiple channels and a variety of digital devices with different protocols, interfaces, and specifications. This makes it hard to manage digital marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Tutorial

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Competition is intensifying, that’s because digital channels are relatively cost effective compared with traditional mediums such as “PRINT” making them within reach of practically any business.

# Exploding Data Volumes

Digital Marketing Exploding Data Volumes

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When consumers use digital channels they leave behind a huge trail of data. Unfortunately, digital data is often not integrated with data from operations and business activities. As a result, many businesses struggle to find the right data from making the best strategic and tactical decisions given these challenges.

Also, read the Evolution of Digital Marketing to understand what is digital marketing, why is it important and how it evolved.

What does it take to get the digital marketing right?

It comes down to 3 actions:

  1. Managing complex customer relationships across channels both digital and traditional
  2. Responding to an initiating dynamic customer interaction
  3. Extracting value from big data to make better decision faster
  • Knowing your customers is not enough, you must know them better than anybody else so that you can communicate with them where, when and how they are most receptive to your message.
  • To do that successfully you need to consolidate a few customer preferences and expectations across all channels, not just digital. With this information, you can create consistent coordinated customer experiences that will move customers along in their buying cycle.
  • The speed and legacy of digital combined with the power of advanced analytics make it possible to measure, monitor & test campaign performance on the fly to learn what works and doesn’t work.
  • This optional prove that the customer experience and marketing are alive. Too often marketer can access or make use of all the data necessary to get the best insights. They are often limited to data subsets for samples which compromise analytic accuracy.

To make the best decisions you need access to all marketing data and customer data to deliver more real-time complete customer experiences in an agile cost efficient way.

In the digital era, the definition of marketing is telling people, why you have what they need, and listening to what they care about

Well, I hope you would have come across with the below 4 marketing principles in the early days

  • Plan your Markets
  • Promotion
  • Activation
  • Integrated Marketing Communications


In today’s digital world, the 4 Principles of Marketing that you need to focus are:

  • Listen Continuously
Principles of Digital Marketing

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Ask your customer how they feel? The more you listen, the fast you can optimize about your product or service the better you can sustain in this rapid environment.

  • Own the Conversation
Digital Marketing Conversation

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Consumers who are always connected, are consuming everything about the product that they want to purchase. So it’s your duty to describe them all about the product before they make the purchase.

  • Execute the Purpose
Digital Marketing Execution


Consumer’s habits and preferences have changed, so you need to update yourself in order to be in sync with your customers.

  • Always be Agile
Digital Marketing Agile

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You have to think completely different, stop and plan your marketing budget, pull up your resources if you fail to move to the next thing.


The user behavior has changed according to time and requirement; so it’s very important that you get adapted to it. You have to understand, how to work together across not just the traditional way of marketing, advertising, and PR but include customer service, support, and product development too.

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