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17 Steps to Learn SEO to Boost Your Career in Digital Marketing

17 Steps to Learn SEO to Boost Your Career in Digital Marketing
17 Steps to Learn SEO to Boost Your Career in Digital Marketing

Easy Step by Step SEO Training Tips to Establish a Bright SEO Career

SEO Training Course in Bangalore is trending comparing to any other professional add-on course. There are hundreds of corporate courses provided by institutes in Bangalore and all over India. You guys can do these training courses both online and offline.  But here the question is again –

Why SEO Training Course is Trending among the youngsters?
Why do we say SEO training course is the one Digital marketing course which must do?

Let’s see, SEO is the method of improving the rankings of your website in search engine results in Google. Google see at numerous points when determining which websites to place in SERP results, such as Uniqueness in content, quality of the content, and relevancy of content to the subject. Your website needs to be structured properly and following all the algorithm set by Google.

Why SEO?

Everything goes the internet nowadays. Customers tend to spend more time on the internet. And you need to market your product and services where your targeted audience is present.  Today’s busy world and internet revolution bring customers to search their requirements in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
So the Google is helping people to get what they want by showing exactly the result which they intend to see. When you are showing your product and services on the first page of SEO, you are literally allowing your audience to get connected with you. And remember, SEO is completely free of cost as well. And people who want to get free traffic to their website will definitely opt to have SEO techniques.

Who will do SEO for those websites?

An in-house team to take care SEO
An Agency to run SEO for website
or entrepreneur himself can do SEO (if having time)

As a Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore, we know that there is a huge demand for SEO job profile in the market. And we are placing 100% of students right after the course completion. Now if guys ever thought about learning SEO by yourself or to pursue an SEO Training Course in Bangalore, Here I present you –

17 SEO Learning Tips to Prepare for yourself for SEO Career in 2018

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This is an easy and Step by Step Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guide to rank in Search Engine. Help beginners to optimize the website and bring keyword in Search Engine Result Pages. This covers essential and basic instructions to start.


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  1. Using Proper SEO URL

    Use absolute URLs in your code instead of relatives ones. Some CMS platforms give you the option

  2. SEO for Moblie Device

    Mobile responsiveness is very important for any website. Most of the internet users are using the smartphone and it is very important to have a mobile responsive website. Imagine, if you are not having a proper mobile responsive site, it will surely affect SEO as well.

    SEO training institute in bangalore

  3. SEO Competitor Analysis

    Marketing is a race! You need to surpass all your competitors and show some uniqueness in your content to get loyal customers. From starting of Branding to customer retention, you will be competing with your competitors both in offline and online strategies.


4. Integration of Google Analytics & Google Webmasters

Check whether you have integrated Google Analytic and Google Webmaster. Using these two tools will surely help you to succeed in SEO. The biggest advantage of running a Digital marketing campaign is that you can track and measure the performance in each and every aspect.

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5. Yoast SEO for WordPress site

If your site is on WordPress, then make sure that you have installed Google analytic and Yoast SEO etc. plugin

6. Website Auditing

Check Google’s Search Console for 404 / 500 errors, duplicate content, missing titles and other technical errors that Google has found on your site

7. Create proper Sitemap.xml and robots.txt (Learn to create XML)

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8. Use of SEO Tools

Use Browseo to find even more technical errors, like 302 redirects, 301s, and Screaming Frog to find broken links, errors, and crawl problems.

9. SEO Keyword Research

Use the Google Keyword Planner tool, Google instant search, keywordtool.io, Ubersuggest, and SEMrush to come up with best keywords for your SEO targeting while deciding your primary and secondary keywords. Short tail keywords are a little bit harder to rank because of their high competition so target long tail keywords first.

10. SEO Keyword Targeting

Target your primary keywords in Meta Title, Headings, Hyperlinks, URLs, Alt Tags etc.,

11. Implement Meta properly on your website

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12. Right SEO Content

Implement a healthy amount of search engine accessible content on your website so that search engine can easily understand what the keywords or topic you are targeting is. Don’t focus on quantity; focus on the quality of content. Don’t put unnecessary text on your website. Use synonyms or keywords cloud along with easy language in the web page

13. SEO Internal Links

Linking to the internal pages for an SEO-friendly optimization is very important.

14. SEO Page Load Speed

Check Website page loading speed through Google PageSpeed Tools

15. SEO & Social Media Connection

Create Social Media accounts in major sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+

16. The right way of using SEO Auditing Tools Use SEO Audit Tools to analyze your website

17. Start with backlink task around the given implementations;

  • Blog submission
  • Article submission
  • Classified ads submission
  • PR submission
  • Infographics submission
  • Bookmarking
  • Link analysis
  • Guest Blogging
  • Forum Submission
  • Niche Directory submission
  • Email Marketing
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Broken Link Submission
  • Testimonials

Anatomy of a Strong Backlink

  • Prefer High domain authority
  • Prefer High PageRank
  • Prefer High TrustRank
  • Relevant co-citations
  • Quality and Relevant content topic
  • Target keywords in the anchor text
  • Place Primary Keywords in the main content area
  • Age of Domain
  • Age of backlink
  • Dofollow link

That is it guys, please go through the 17 factors which can be so helpful for your SEO career preparation.

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