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8 Reasons for PPC Google Ad Disapproval

8 Reasons for PPC Google Ad Disapproval
8 Reasons for PPC Google Ad Disapproval

Ad Dis-approvals come hand in hand as working with Google Ad-words account. Google keeps on updating new policies for the improvement of accounts and restricts the privacies for concerned matters. Google ensures the security and privacy of everything and that’s the main reason for having thee guidelines of the violating terms. Once an ad is set on live, first it gets into under review mode for checking all the norms and once it has been checked it is approved or else a notification drops in as disapproved with the reason of the same. It takes some hours to get the approval done for the google ads.

 8 Common Reasons for Disapproval Google Ads Infographic

Most Common Reasons for Ad Dis Approvals in Google Ads

Google has some specifics terms and condition that every google ads account have to get with it and the various reasons that the ads get disapproved are:

  • Symbols: The excess uses of symbols in the Ad-copy are disapproved as they allow only one Exclamation Mark in the Ad-copy description. There are no exclamation marks allowed in the headline section. Even no words should be repeated in ad words but can be added where it belongs to. Ex – “deals and more deals” this type of words can be added where it needs to be.
  • Click Here: This call to action is prohibited from the Google Ad-words account as it is a general term that can affect in many ways. Many can use this for irrelevant clicks and get more clicks with put any proper channel or medium to urge for.
  • Sale of free items: If the ad mentions something that is common in public or has free access then the ads will be disapproved as Sale of items. Ex – If the ads have some words mentioned of that particular work that belongs to government-issued guidelines that’s the ads will be disapproved.
  • Capitalization: The excess or continuous use of capital letters in the ad copy leads to disapproval. People can use it for particular words but to an extent limit. If the words are a trademark or any brand name or any coupon code than capitalizations are allowed.
  • Character Limit: Headlines and descriptions have character limits in every line which has to be maintained mandatory, exceeding the limit can cause ad disapproval. Headlines have 30 characters with space for 3 headlines and descriptions are open to 90 characters with 2 lines.
  • Domain: The domain root should be similar to the display and final URL as it won’t approve until you the URL have the same root. Ex – The final URL should have the same root from the domain if it has a different domain the ads will be disapproved.
  • No Number in Text ad: Mentioning phone numbers in the text ad copy can lead to disapproval of the ad, but mentioning the numbers in extensions helps to boost the CTR and QS of the same. There are call campaigns and call extensions that are much useful to increase CTR and Quality Score for the google ads as many people call up for inquiry.
  • Copyright: If a content already has been acclaimed and again pulling off the same in google ads will be marked as disapproved as they are already acclaimed and don’t have authorization to copyright.If someone has the legally authorized content than they can use it to advertise, but after applying for certification.

Conclusion: Google ads are the most sophisticated way to show up our ads in goggle and make a profit out of it but everything has some terms and conditions for the betterment of the work. Same as google ads have some guidelines for everyone to follow up and get profited in the correct channel without tampering any violations.

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