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Digital Marketing Institute in Bangalore Koramangala, Google Certification Course

eMarket Education, an integrated digital marketing training institute in Bangalore cover the broad foundation of Digital Marketing and explores further into the specialist areas of SEO, PPC Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing & Google Analytics.

eMarket Education, founded in 2014 as a result of a simple research: People are opting for various courses/ training institutions/academies with customized course outlines or syllabus for various fee price, but deprived of the right educational standard imparted for a given Digital Marketing course around all those important parameters including course outline/syllabus, duration, eligibility, skills, fees etc., in the market. This differentiation led Ranjan Jena to create the vision for this digital marketing institution to experience the best of theoretical and practical knowledge in Digital Marketing specialised courses including Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing & Google Analytics certification courses.

With our highly experienced trainers and industry-led guest faculties being Google & Hubspot Inbound Marketing certified, we strive to impart the best digital marketing learning experience to all our students associated with eMarket Education, and confidence to take up higher responsibilities in this competitive era.

Emarket Education enables students to rapidly develop and apply effective digital marketing strategies for specialist, leadership and management roles in online marketing management or for their own businesses. We aim to create digital marketing experts with the best learning experiences who can get the best jobs in the industry.

We Value . . .

Walking Our Talk as Digital Marketers

We recognize, value, and celebrate the acceptance of eMarket Education by all students family; seek to involve best digital marketing trainers in our work institute; appreciate diversity; and cultivate positive relationships within Digital Marketing Institute members and with students, external audiences, candidates, inquiries, and clients. We seek to be a Student-Faculty friendly institute and strive toward an infrastructure that supports our stated values, respect for one another & continuous learning process till achieving the final goals.

Collaborative Sharing

We work with and learn from others involved in SEO, PPC Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing. We authentically share with the field the roles of experts, leaders, and learners, and seek collaboration with internal and external groups. We intentionally seek to engage interest from across students, job seekers, working professionals, start-up entrepreneurs, freelancers, work from home & anyone everyone who find interest in digital marketing, believing that active engagement with others—even when we do not agree on important issues—is critical for creating a sense of the common good and for working for best education and social change.


We seek to do what is current & qualitative and treat others with honesty, respect, and dignity. We make clear when we know something and when we believe something—and communicate both.

Multiple Ways of Digital Marketing Learning and Knowing

We seek to be open to new approaches to learning and sharing what we learn in Digital Marketing. We use latest updates, solid theory, effective practicals, live projects with multiple case studies as means of learning, and we celebrate the creative tension between research and application.

Effective Discussion and Open Communication

We strive to make thoughtful, timely discussions, involving the students’ faculties and sharing the results of discussions in an effective & agreed manner. We can agree to disagree, step aside, and support the decision. We seek to learn from each other’s discussion & statements and are not afraid to make them.

Research as a Means, Not an End

We share learning internally and externally and strive to research on latest tools, implement other case studies to learn from it, play with different interfaces that can help us grow in digital marketing. We unleash creative tools & techniques of our ideas and research.

Balancing Mission and Expectation

We stay true to our Mission and recognize that we need finance to achieve the mission. We seek to balance mission with good education/training decisions.

We’re very happy to share our achievements year-on-year to know our digital marketing family that we’re doing good, and so we’re achieving milestones year on year.



eMarketEdu strives to impart the best quality education

in Digital Marketing topics


    Plan Course Time, Topics & Faculty with Completion Date


    Latest theory with practical, live projects with real time scenarios


    Timely Assignments Evaluation with Google Certification Exam


    Prepare for Google AdWords, Analytics & Hubspot Exam Online


    Focus on Digital Agency, In-House, Start-Ups or Internship Opportunity

eMarketEdu strives to impart the best quality education in Digital Marketing topics around the following commitments;

  • The institute is committed & responsible for the quality digital marketing education from the day 1 of joining
  • The training duration for each course is defined based on years of evaluation of student capability to best learn the subject (the best theory & practical way). So what’s the right no. of hours required, the same is continued without any alterations!
  • eMarketEdu as an institute strives to take care of its candidate’s digital marketing training quality & job placements from the Day 1 till they are placed in the company. Our commitments end, once we place you successfully; a winning moment for the Students, Faculties & Institute as a whole.
  • We are an Educational Institute; so we don’t encourage any sort of bargaining or reduction from our defined course fees or special preferences.
  • Our very best core strength is the effort we add in all our students to educate the best & help them perform best in their Digital Marketing career responsibilities.
  • It’s important that our 1-1 attention towards students is best maintained with each batch limited to max 6 students.


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