Fundamental of Digital Marketing

  • Buy a Domain & Hosting Server to have your Website up & running, & then start writing content around your passionate topic.
  • Learn the basics of SEO initially
  • Understand Domain Authority Rate
  • Focus on Social Media, since it’s the quick & easy way to drive free traffic
  • Follow a few best digital marketer’s blog or digital marketing news website to keep updated with the latest trends
  • Try to refer to digital marketing topics on YouTube to learn on your own
  • Or best to join a digital marketing training institute initially for someone to mentor/guide you on your initial level of digital marketing learning foundation, and later you can watch online videos, read blogs or participate in events, workshops, or communities group to further explore your knowledge around digital marketing

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Company Hierarchy in Digital Marketing;

  1. In-house companies
    • Large
    • Small
  2. Agencies
  3. MNCs
  4. Startups

In-house follow the given rule around digital marketing strategy planning;

  • Large in-house companies would prefer having each individual proficient in one given specialization than knowing the whole of Online Marketing, since salary may not be a constraint
  • Small in-house companies would prefer having few people who are proficient in complete Online Marketing since they have a budget constraint

Agencies follow the given rule around digital marketing strategy planning;

  • Prefer to have individual specialization expertise than knowing overall Online Marketing

MNCs follow the given rule around digital marketing strategy planning;

  • They break the expertise into a much granular level. Few might only work on certain topics of SEO or PPC or Social Media. For e.g., a set of teamwork only on PPC analysis & reporting only, few tasks on search campaigns only, few on display & remarketing campaigns, few on keyword research & ad copywriting & so on

Start-Ups follow the given rule around digital marketing strategy planning;

  • Prefer to have Digital Marketers who know min of 2 (SEO & Social Media | PPC & Social Media) or all the 3 specializations ( i.e., SEO, PPC & Social Media) because of salary pay constraints


Academic qualifications that match the Online Marketing courses you opt for;

  • SEO Course (content + technical skills) can be opted by;
    1. BA graduates or Students
    2. MCA graduates
    3. Web Developers
    4. Mass Communication & Journalism
    5. Someone who wants to learn Online Marketing step-by-step
    6. Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs
  • PPC Google Ads Course (content + bidding + analysis) can be opted by
    1. Com or Students
    2. MBA (Marketing or Finance)
    3. Who is more interested in a Stock & Share market learning
    4. Someone who wants to learn Web marketing step-by-step
    5. Someone who is good in mathematics or analysis
    6. Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs
    7. Someone who is good with excel skills
  • Online Marketing Courses (brand building + all about SEO, PPC & Social Media)
    1. Start-Up or Entrepreneurs
    2. Experts who have learned one specialization of Online Marketing & now want to explore the other 2 modules in Online Marketing
    3. Web Developers or Designers
    4. Sales & Marketing Professionals
    5. Business Development Professionals
    6. Aspiring candidates who want to take the complete Online Marketing course

What is the minimum online marketing course module duration to complete either the digital marketing specialization or full certification program?

  • For SEO Course, as per our experience min. of 2 months needed to best complete a Web training program. Much more can always be learned from getting through a company & working on live Internet Marketing projects
  • For Pay Per Click Google AdWords Course, min. of 2 & 1/2 months needed to complete the best of Google AdWords Training & Bing AdCenter with Social Media Advertisement topics
  • For Online Marketing Course, The minimum duration is 3 & 1/2 months need to complete the entire SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing with Email Marketing topics covered.

Checklist to follow while planning to join an Online Marketing training institute?

  1. Experienced Faculty who have good knowledge around theory & practical aspects of the Online Marketing subject
  2. Faculties are Google AdWords certified & Inbound Marketing certified to confirm, they can deliver their subject with the best of simplicity & aggression
  3. How are Online Marketing live projects assigned to every student, and expected results from students after working on those live projects?
  4. Minimum no. of students strength in a batch to provide 1-1 attention so that the students learning challenges are well-taken care of during the course completion
  5. 360 Degree approach to analyze students understanding & progress
    • Communication evaluation & guidance
    • Understanding of the topic concepts evaluation & guidance
    • Class attendance evaluation & guidance
    • Avail to share new ideas or initiatives evaluation & guidance
    • Maintaining Blogs regularly evaluation & guidance
    • Assignment Performance evaluation & guidance
    • Presentation skill evaluation & guidance
    • Questioning & Answering capacity evaluation & guidance
    • Excel Training evaluation & guidance
    • Resume Preparation check & guidance
    • Online Marketing certification evaluation & guidance
    • Job Interview guidance
    • Project dedication & delivery

Different Digital Marketing Career Specialization courses?

Digital Marketing course can be divided into 2 segments;

Which is the top Digital Marketing Course by Google & Others?

  • For PPC Google AdWords – Go with Google AdWords Certification ( 6 Modules: Fundamental, Search, Display, Reporting, Video, & Shopping)
  • For Digital Marketing – You should write both Google AdWords, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification & Google Analytics too
  • For Analytical experts, please do write Google Analytics Certification
  • Apps Certification for Digital Marketer


Why should I choose digital marketing in the current scenario?

  • Anyone can use it
  • It’s targeted, cost-effective, & reach is good
  • You can track & measure everything to analyze & strategize
  • Important for all brands, as everything is online today. Very high demand
  • For Brand;
    • To find your business, your brand products/services on Google & other search engines
    • They should be able to find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & more
    • Update your customer regularly through email & SMS marketing
  • For Students;
    • In demand
    • High growth in Job
    • Flexible


What are the ways to earn money online with digital marketing?

  • Running Direct Affiliate Ads – you can find in most sites displaying “Affiliate Program” – register yourself as a publisher
  • Trying Google AdSense Program for your website earning is on CPC/CPM /CPE basis
  • Lead Generation – get a commission based on per lead target delivery
  • Become a Digital Marketing Freelancer – register on sites like Upwork, freelancer, Fiverr (Elance), freelancer, croogster, iWriter, goLance Marketplace, UpKonnect, PeoplePerHour, Toogit, NCubeRoot,,,, etc.,
  • Act a Digital Marketing Consultant


How do I start a Career in Digital Marketing & How to do Digital Marketing?

  • Start an online business or blog site by purchasing a domain and hosting server, and market it through digital marketing mediums
  • Read online, practice, and read again
  • Learn what is Content Marketing, SEO, PPC Google AdWords, SMM & Email Marketing
  • Implement whatever basics or beginners level you learned on your blog
  • Join a Digital Marketing course in some reputed Digital Marketing training institute to make your foundation strong
  • Write Google AdWords, Hubspot Inbound Marketing, Google Analytics, Facebook BluePrint, LinkedIn certifications to have a great career in Digital Marketing
  • Attend events, seminar, or workshop around Digital Marketing topics in & around your cities to understand the subject & opportunities better


Can I get through a digital marketing job opportunity without any digital marketing work experience?

  • Yes, you need to be smart in written & verbal communication
  • Whatever you have learned in digital marketing, should be properly delivered i.e., having clarity of speech around the topics or queries asked
  • Strong hands-on experience on Live Projects
  • Keeping up to date with the latest digital marketing trends & topics
  • Being up to date with the latest algorithms
  • Showcasing your true passion by sharing your personal blog/website address in your resume to add credibility to your profile


How to do a digital marketing course myself without joining any online marketing classes, If so, how?

  • You can always learn digital marketing on your own by referring blog articles, ebooks, whitepapers, youtube videos, or even attending events, seminars, or workshop
  • But then, there is a strong reason you still need to join a digital marketing course in class or classroom or take guidance from someone at a personal level initially to help you understand the step by step approach to the process, which many individuals don’t know, get your foundation or basic level strong with personal mentorship, get your doubts or queries clarified then & there; discussion in a group, case studies, expressing your views to have better clarity of speech & gain the confidence to speak or interact on the given subject


Suggest any different digital marketing tools or tips for an online business?

  • Every digital marketer definitely make the best use of these tools to audit, understand, plan, explore, implement & strategize;
    • Google Trends
    • Google Developers Tool for SEO including mobile-friendliness test, page loading speed test
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Webmaster
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Structured Data
    • Schema & AMP
    • com
    • Seositechieckup
    • SEMRush
    • Moz
    • Canva
    • Grammarly
    • Google Global Market Finder
    • Make use of all Google Products


What are the various digital marketing implementations for an online website?

  • Able to manage website WordPress backend CMS effectively
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC Google AdWords
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Web Analysis through Google Webmaster & Google Analytics


How good is a digital marketing certification career for an individual?

  • The growing number of Internet Users directly relates to the potential of the digital marketing career in India
  • The digital marketing trend, scope & opportunities are quite vast & growing year on year while it creates an opportunity to either work in a company, work from home, start your company or become a freelancer or consultant
  • Anyone can take up a digital marketing career while having the following requisite; good communication, computer savvy, analytical thinking, good typing speed. Being good with ms office is for sure a great advantage, understanding the marketing concept is always important
  • Salary pay is good; digital marketing fresher can expect between 1.2 lacs to 4 lacs annually depending on startups, to an agency, to branded firms
  • The certifications exam are directly from Google itself, which holds a strong value in the market
  • It does not mandate that you become a digital marketer. There are different specializations in Digital Marketing program including SEO, PPC Google AdWords, Social Media, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing. So you can choose a specialization course as per your skill set, expertise & strength.


What are some of the top digital marketing strategies?

  • Very important for researching your website, industry, market & competition before choosing a digital marketing strategy
  • Study the website, understand the product & services, and who the buyer personas are?
  • Be clear with Goals & Targets & budget
  • Analyze and audit the website & competitor sites
  • Strategize the plan of action based on the goals & targets & budgets
  • Check the progress on a daily basis
  • You can have weekly targets while achieving monthly goals
  • Make sure reports, data & database are maintained well from day 1
  • Track & Measure everything from day one
  • Understand the game of branding & conversions
  • CONTENT MARKETING plays an important role
  • Influence Marketing
  • Believe in cross-selling strategy


What is the best digital marketing advice for a great start & how to do digital marketing?

  • Your journey doesn’t start with digital marketing directly. It starts with product exploration, innovation & inventions i.e., website design & development. So please understand this first
  • Always have your digital marketing fundamentals strong & clear
  • Whatever new learning you take up, make sure you never forget to refer to the official site for learning’s or guidelines
  • Be up to date with current updates & trends
  • Try out certification exams
  • Do write blogs on a regular basis
  • Always track, measure & evaluate performance on a timely basis
  • Attend events, networking seminar, workshop & conference along with webinar too


How do we combine digital marketing strategy with traditional media strategy?

  • We see this type of experience more with ecommerce industry, organic farming where the website performance led to the opening of retail stores offline. For e.g., lenskart, many organic food companies,
  • Using the strategies of QR Code
  • You establish touchpoints with the potential buyers as well as it helps in generating the recall for the brands, and strengthen the brand image in the market
  • Complimenting each other both online & offline


Suggest a few examples or case studies showcasing brilliant marketing or digital marketing strategies?

  • Disney’s Marketing Strategy
  • Red Bull – Snapchat Marketing Strategy
  • Dove

How important is content in the digital marketing business?

  • It draws traffic
  • Helps convert readers to customers
  • It improves your seo organic performance
  • Benefits you in search engine ranking & performance
  • Establish your brand
  • By having good content, you build up reference or backlinks from other sites easily

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The Bottom Line:

If you are looking to get into the Digital Marketing career path, this information will certainly help you to be the part of Digital marketing. As a beginner, fundamental of digital marketing are beneficial to kick-start your career. Once you master the digital marketing skills, there is nothing holding you back.