Google AdWords Editor: Work Smarter with New Custom Rules

Google Adwords Editor Version 12 is now available worldwide for all advertisers!

AdWords Editor allows you to smoothly work on an account offline using a simple interface. Even though it’s quick to use, there are some customized tricks in Google AdWords Editor 12 to save lots of time.

Any advertiser with any size account can make use of AdWords Editor, but it’s especially useful for accounts with multiple campaigns and long lists of keywords or ads.

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 For example, you can:

  • Use bulk editing tools to make multiple changes quickly
  • Export and import files to share proposals or make changes to an account
  • View statistics for all campaigns or a subset of campaigns
  • Manage, edit, and view multiple accounts at the same time
  • Search and replace text across ad groups or campaigns
  • Copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns
  • Undo and redo multiple changes while editing your campaigns
  • Make changes in the draft before uploading them to your account
  • Keep working even when you’re offline

There are countless techniques to make edits within the Editor, which are no doubt more efficient than making bulk changes within the Google AdWords interface and advanced shortcuts and hacks to increase your efficiency and keep you on top of your account changes.

Few of the advanced text changes :

Replace – This function works the same as with Excel to find the text and then change it with alternate text.

adwords editor custom rules

Append – This function allows you to add the text at the prefix and suffix to the already existing word.

custom rules adwords editor

Capitalization – This function allows you to change the capitalization of the selected text to title case, sentence case and lower case.

adwords editor latest version

Change Bids – This function allows you to increase, decrease the bids or raise bids for their first page or on the top of their page for the keywords directly from the editor interface.

benefits of adwords editor

Change URLs: This allows you to change a selection of URLs. You can completely change the URLs, append text to the end of the URL or remove specific URL parameters.

Inside Google Ads Editor

New Design

Version 12 provides new features to simplify the platform with automated tools and support from Google.

New Optional Fields for Responsive Ads

AdWords Editor 12 allows advertisers to set custom rules according to the advertiser’s own best practices.

You can create and edit custom rules to address the specific needs of your campaign we can also pause the rules in bulk in case the rules are not useful

If there are any violations of the best practices you will receive a notification and the notifications can appear as warnings or errors

Below is a screenshot showing the list of built-in custom rules. google adwords editor tool

Faster Version Downloads

If you are using version 11, when you download number 12 you will be able to download more of your data faster.

Maximize Conversions

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Maximize conversions is a Google AdWords Smart Bidding strategy that allows setting bids automatically to optimize and get most of the conversions for the daily budget

You can see Google Maximize conversions technology which was introduced a few days back has been available in Adwords  Editor 12

Creation and Editing of Universal App Campaigns

You can now include up to 20 videos and 20 images for universal app campaigns.

So get started, try out the AdWords Editor Offline Tool, and let me know how much time you save!


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