Digital Marketing Job Interview

The Process – A Big Concern;

Being a part of the Digital Marketing training institute, eMarket Education main check is on;


– Discipline & Attitude of the Students
– Quality Training for the Students
– Live Project Work Experience for the Students
– Job Placement for the Students


First 3 points is completely in our control & is well taken care. It’s the 4th point, which have become a matter of worry for me, after knowing the sort of bitter experiences students are facing when we send them for their specialized job interview for various companies including start-ups, MNCs & others;


Though in India the Career in Digital Marketing gives n number of opportunities and has various offering for the wide range of specializations, the companies recruiting for the particular positions lacks in giving the proper interview process system for the students.


Here’s the list of those bitter experiences;

– Asking to create digital marketing strategy for their business where the job opening is more specific to either SEO or PPC profile. Still the students go ahead, completes and submit, but then, no call/updates to follow

– HR round is over; now given 40-50 pages of Q&A to be completed. When student’s ask, if this paper writing will confirm/decide for his/her candidature for the opening. The HR says, “There will be 2 more rounds of Q&A to evaluate your knowledge!”

– Companies call us for digital marketing candidates; they are well informed about the students experience, whether he is still in the final verge of course completion / already completed / experienced or fresher; then we send the students, but then, the company does interview for 2-3 hours, ask them all possible questions, get the right answers & sometimes try to learn or knowing e’thing from them, and at the last the conclusion is; We’re looking for a year’s experience candidate, so your profile is ON HOLD

– Interview is for PPC opening & asking the experience of SEO (*& vice-versa)

– Compares a well-trained students with a fresher candidates, who doesn’t know the ABC of digital marketing. Gives the excuses of not having experiences, but still want to hire them for 10-12K.

Hopefully the companies have to re-clear themselves with the following points;

– The company who call for students candidates are absolutely aware of the fact that the students have taken up a course and completed. So they are not freshers, but experienced freshers or much capable freshers, who can even compete with a 6 months – 1 year experienced digital marketer

– Have a fixed set of interview rounds around which a candidate’s knowledge & skills are evaluated & then job decision is confirmed

– Stop exploiting students time, patience & energy by calling them for their wrong interview procedures/intentions

– Update the candidates job interview results by a specified timeline, rather keep them hanging or always responding ON HOLD

– Understand the difference in Pay Scale for a complete fresher, to a trained fresher to an experienced expert

– Make sure, the company abide by their Job Description points while deciding on the candidature. So please make sure you’ve created the relevant Job Description so that the students & training institute refer the same

So my sincere request to all companies/job givers to please understand the empathy of the students & job seekers in the struggle of getting a job, to have this job recruitment process much healthier for both interviewer & interviewee, and not to encourage career exploitation in the name of job openings/interview