Digital Marketing after BTech

According to a New Delhi-based company study, only 7% of engineers are suitable for core engineering jobs. There is no doubt that India is one of the leading countries in the annual production of engineering minds in the world. If a mere 7% aspire for core engineering jobs, what then happens to the rest of them?

Today, engineers graduating from universities in India are highly dynamic and understand the importance of an interest-based lucrative career option. As more students pursue non-engineering fields, where are most of them headed? The answer lies in Digital Marketing.

Why Digital Marketing after Engineering?

The popularity amongst students from BE/BTECH/MTECH for Digital Marketing is due to the far-reaching benefits that digital marketing provides; This is the main reason that most students from engineering backgrounds are opting for a Digital Marketing career

·      Room for Innovation

Most engineers tend to think rationally. They like to create, innovate, experiment, and research their findings. Conventionally, BE/BTECH/MTECH for Digital Marketers is a perfect platform to widen their horizons and constantly challenge their critical and creative thinking process. Therefore, not everyone can navigate through such fierce competition except those who are not afraid of being ingenious in their approaches. Since this ingenuity comes naturally to engineers, it makes them an excellent career option.

·      Great Pay Scale

Digital marketing promises the most lucrative salary packages in the industry. The reason why digital marketers get paid a lot is that the demand for good marketers outweighs the number of actual digital marketers. Therefore, a prospective business or client does not hesitate to pay big bucks to intelligent individuals who can assure quality digital marketing services. Apart from this, you can always become a blogger or freelancer and have a personal venture in digital marketing. On the other hand, with attractive pay packages, the client seeks to gain revenue from business through efficient marketing strategies. This, therefore, is a win-win situation for all.

·      Demonstrating Problem Solving Abilities

If you search Online Marketing Courses, you will understand that the course itself is an attempt to teach techniques to solve real-life marketing problems. By equipping students with the knowledge of technicalities, the course enables them to strategize and objectivize their client’s priorities rightly. Most engineering students harbour a knack for problem-solving and have critical differential thinking skills. However, in the course of ordinary job profiles, they are not satisfied as this ability does not blend with their core competencies. Whereas, in Digital marketing, they are challenged constantly to reinvent existing paradigms to innovate newer strategies to maximize their clients’ gains.

·      Job Stability

Every professional aspires for a fulfilling and stable job. However, an engineer is constantly battling automation and mechanization of work besides the monotony of software development. A recent study by AICTE reveals that more than 60% of engineering graduates are unemployed, and a staggering 95% are unsuitable for software development. However, in stark contrast, the career opportunities in the digital marketing field are unparalleled. As a freelancer or professional, you are the master of your skill. While there is significant ownership in the quality of work you do, there is also the added fact that there is no hire/fire risk. This ensures excellent job stability and much-needed job security.

·      Career Growth

Most professionals quit their jobs because either it is too mundane or not challenging enough. The scope of career growth is one of the significant points on which a professional evaluates his satisfaction level. Therefore, a job that challenges your set notions every time and forces you to think creatively can ultimately lead to job satisfaction. Digital marketing is one unique profession where every situation and every client will be unique. As a digital marketing professional, this requires you to think uniquely and strategize inventive ways to meet your objectives. Thus, the scope of evolving professionally is limitless.


As one of the most recently emergent fields, digital marketing has shown immense promise in a relatively small window of time. Combining social media’s benefits and IT soft skills, digital marketers have revolutionized industrial trade and commerce. The broad base and direct interpersonal reach that digital marketing after Btech establishes with its prospective consumer make it one of the most viable and successful marketing modes.