Digital Marketing for Business Growth

Nowadays, nobody wants to go traditional, everybody wants to go digital and want to be more specific. And in this league of traditional and digital battle, the latter satisfies the most. Digital marketing is gaining so much popularity that it will outstrip the traditional or conventional marketing in no time for sure. Have you ever gave a thought to Why Digital Marketing is important for your Business in 2020? In this present world of marketing if we go for traditional marketing then, believe me, you are standing nowhere or in better words, you are not even counted on. This is the phase to implement smartly the techniques of digital marketing in 2020. Because digital marketing 2020 will be a new beginning in the world of Internet Marketing. So, it’s better to go digital and make different space for yourself in this Digi-world. Digital marketing gives the opportunity to small-scale businesses to compete against entrenched businesses. Here is the list of questions which usually arises before stepping into the digital marketing industry, Why to Choose Digital Marketing?, What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?, Why Digital Marketing strategy is important for business growth, How digital marketing is helpful in business?

So, listed below are the reasons which will make you realize the significance of Digital marketing strategy and why it is necessary to come up with the latest trends in digital marketing in 2020.

1. Content is the King and the trend says, go with the Visual Content:


As we all know Content is the king when it comes to e-business, especially when we are relating it to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in terms of Digital Marketing. And now, according to the trends if we are going for visual content, then it will be a more appreciable and simpler approach because nobody has time to read everything on your website only a few people would like to read what you have written there. We all know this thing that who wins the race for newspaper and television, obviously television right.

Nowadays what a normal human being is like and find is easy. 90 percent of information is transmitted to human brains through visuals only and visuals are far easier when compared to text content. Visual content capture human attention much faster than text content and the images should be like which compel the user to hit the call to action button and it must be able to communicate with your targeted audience.

 Bringing together visuals and text will make a powerful impact on viewers and they will be more psychologically inclined toward your business. It must be educational and select colors, shapes, fonts, and data wisely. This inspires people to come and do business with you.

. Digital Marketing – Cost-Effective

 The money you spend on traditional marketing is far more than what you spend here. What’s the use of that like just spending a lot of money and getting peanuts when it comes to real assets like conversions? Digital marketing actually helps you to generate more and better revenues with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. While SEO is purely based on organic whereas PPC takes a little amount of money but still this money will be very less than what you were spending there in conventional marketing.

“Google declared this in an analysis with IPSOS, that for the organizations which are utilizing digital marketing have a revenue growth of 2.8 times better than the one who don’t utilize it.”

 In Digital Marketing Conversion Rates are very high:


 Conversion in marketing terms is referred to those people who actually visit your real or virtual store and complete a financial deal by purchasing of product or service offered by the company or business. So, here in digital marketing, there are more conversions, while in traditional marketing,  you have to strive for conversions.

 And the chances are there that you may not get the conversions even or it may be the case that it will not be relevant one and the conversions rates of digital marketing related higher than the other approaches of traditional marketing.

 SEO, Social Media Optimization, and Email marketing build rapid and feasible communications with targeted audiences and guarantee greater conversion rates.

4. Specific Audience Interaction in Digital Marketing:


 The interaction with the audience is more specific and true here. You can easily target your true audience and attract them to your business. The approach is really very high with digital marketing. Digital marketing has the ability to engage with multiple customers without any call center facility. While in traditional marketing, you have no control over the audience, even the one who is not relevant to you is also watching your ads, so it’s simply a waste of money in this case.

 Nowadays everyone out there is having a mobile phone and approximately 85 percent of people are present with their fingers tapping on the mobile phone on a regular basis, here mobile marketing is going to help you a lot, it’s the basic corresponding channel in today’s world.

5. Analytics are Measurable in Digital Marketing:


Measurable analytics are here, which means you can measure the number of people, the type of people their Age, Gender, Location and etc. everything, in short, the demographics of your audience are measurable here with the help of tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Webmasters, SEM Rush, Google AdWords, etc. while in case of traditional marketing it’s not like that, you don’t have any control over your audience, you will never know what the audience is watching over your business and who is interested in your business.

. Engagement on Social Media Platforms:


 Here you can increase your fan base with social media. In today’s Digi-world, everyone is present on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google business, and the real fact and statistics show that consumer engagement is very high on these social platforms. We can run any social media campaign and try to connect with our related audience in a very different way.

. Strategy over E-Mail Marketing:


 In Email marketing, we can bring the shoppers back through our super e-mail strategy, like once they purchased anything from us then we can target them again with our e-mail marketing strategy by doing this we can have our customers back and we may have some new shoppers too.

. ReMarketing is the Key to Digital Marketing:


 Re-marketing strategy is the key to targeting our fans or old customers who already know about our business and they have visited our website but did not go through the conversion process. By making a separate list for re-marketing and putting it live thus trying to attract them by giving them any kind of offer or by showing them again and again which in turn make up their minds to bend towards your business product.

Conclusion :


Now, coming to the conclusion of why digital marketing is important for your business and the importance of digital marketing strategy in 2020 we found that through digital marketing we can excite the imagination of our targeted audience, and dive into their minds with the help of search engine optimization (SEO) and fascinate them with the email marketing which speaks them for their own particular interests. So now everything is very clear as crystal that why we should opt for digital marketing over traditional marketing. The challenging thing about digital marketing in 2020 is the pace at which the tools and platforms comply with it. The concepts are quite clear here when compared to traditional marketing. So better prepare yourself to give a boom to your competitors in 2018 and walk with the Digi-World because digital marketing in 2020 will be more challenging as well as exciting industry to work in,

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