Digital Transformation – Detail to Know!

As per Wikipedia, Digitalization is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. Political, business, trade, industry and media discourses, and digitization is defined as “the conversion of analog information into digital form”.

Digitalizing is technically explained as the representation of signals, images, sounds and objects by generating a series of numbers, expressed as a discrete value. The majority of sectors and industries in Media, Banking and Finance, Telecoms, Medtech, and HealthCare have been strongly affected by this conversion of information.



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The first electronic computer was introduced by John Atanasoff in 1939. The process of digitalization thereafter accelerated. The purview, extent, progress of digitalization radically changed after the introduction of World Wide Web resulting in the societal transformation process.

In today’s World, there is nothing that is good enough, as the public doesn’t want to settle down with satisfactory things they want extraordinary as average things do not exist in today’s world even for temporary usage. With digitalization everything is connected and mind you, they are exceptional; the things that you thought existed only in movies has suddenly become the truth like the self-driven cars in James Bond movies, or the bots of terminator or the bionic limb that was predicted by Martin Caidin in Cyborg actually came to life in the year 2013 with the first bionic leg implant and the examples would just flood the blog.

The change brought about by digitalization has affected everything and anything that we use. Earlier getting an eye examined meant an entire day’s effort but within today’s world with cutting-edge technology everything has just changed. The entire procedure of a checkup involves just a machine and few minutes. In the past the average child mortality rate was huge but in today’s world from the onset of pregnancy till the birth of a child, every heartbeat, every organ, every body part can be seen and worked on. In fact, even the child’s future in terms of health is secure with the stem cell harvest.

A person physically present in US helps to perform a surgery in the most remote locations of Africa with the help of digitalization. There has been a revolution in the field of healthcare and medicine and as per data, it has been seen that this has been the best era of human existence with least amount of struggle. Every day, every minute there is someone or the other improvising on the existing gadgets; from drones, to agriculture, every aspect of human life has changed with the enhancement of digitalization.

In the olden days framing a picture meant a steady pace, a cameraman and a long wait for the print to be developed, but now you click a picture on the go, it doesn’t really matter, if you are flying, swimming, running or sleeping, clicking pictures and sending them instantly to your loved ones has become the favorite pass time of the millennial. Everybody is connected with each other.

Gone are the times of pigeons and letters; now video chatting is the new norm, now distance doesn’t matter, what matters is Digitalization. Imagine this, earlier getting a cab meant waiting for hours and, if you are lucky you would end up getting a good cabby, and after a wild party there was not guarantee that the cab driver would drop you home safely now with the exponential spurt in digitalization, all you got to do is just click a button on your mobile phone and you get to see where exactly your cab is and how long it would take to reach, you can literally see the route your cab is taking and your friends can be absolutely sure about your safety with the mobile apps and its safety features!

Remember when you had to take a train and wanted to check if it was running late? Dialing the railways and waiting for the computer to respond took ages but now you get to know the exact location of your train as soon as it departs its origin station. So when you look at it from a wider perspective the entire world is connected cars, cities, countries, farms, retail outlets, everything that matters is wired and connected. It’s the era where people sitting in one country give out timings of trains operating in some other country in a different continent or hemisphere altogether in real time. All this sound so unreal but digitalization has made it possible.

The above-quoted examples show how our day-to-day life is affected by digitalization, but if we look at a broader perspective of, how every physical device which is installed with electronics, sensors, and network connectivity enables it to be connected digitally thereby helping them exchange data, you would be amazed at the micro level thinking and execution of things. This entire set up wherein all the devices are interconnected so as to collect and exchange data is called the Internet of things (IoT), which helps control banking, infrastructure, security, smart cities and so on remotely. You can track a submarine or for that matter, a missile can be detonated remotely or a biochip on birds and animals stream live feeds of them in the wild, DNA analysis monitors bacilli in the environment. IoT helps segregate data from enormous sources, and links smart cities and helps in energy management.

Digitalization in the field of marketing leaves no superlatives to describe the extent of change it has gone through. Earlier the customer had to accept and agree to every information given by the sales representatives and the service was always product-centric and on the face of the customer, irrespective of the customer’s comfort. With the exuberant spurt in digitalization the customer is the boss, he gets educated about the product or service of his choice from different people and different sources and he becomes the master of his choice and not the sales representative. Now the customer goes in for the product or service that fulfills his requirement.

There was a time when a customer wanted to buy footwear or apparel or any home appliance or kitchen appliances, he had to go to different stores, check for the prices and the features and then zero in on the products that best suited his needs but ever since shopping was digitalized the way people shopped just changed overnight, all the products are listed in a systematic way along with the features projecting the best discount schemes enabling the customer to go for the best products at the most competitive prices. Phew! Digitalization sure has revolutionized the way human beings live, breath, work, eat, travel and shop. The healthcare systems have become provider centric and everything else has become customer-centric.


What is Digital Advocacy?

In the simplest of words, Digital Advocacy means advocating for something you stand up for, by using social media as a platform so as to pass on the information to a group, compelling them to instigate an impulsion for a common cause or concern. Facebook likes, tweets, reviews, photo tags, blogs for a purpose, sharing information about politics and social issues or raising funds for the cause on social media, comments on pictures, videos and posts, all of the above comprise of social advocacy. Let’s try to understand Digital Advocacy with the help of examples:

  • If a person needs blood, what do you think the quickest way would be? Traditionally, the blood bank would have been the only option other than friends and relatives of the victim, willing to help, could be informed in advance. However, in the digital world, apart from contacting the blood bank a request could be shot out on social media to grab the necessary attention, once the momentum kicks in, the news spreads like wildfire, the door closest to the destination would rush to the spot and be at the hospital waiting to donate blood and the other example I would like to talk about is an incident that took place in Bangalore which went viral; regarding a ten-year-old girl who went missing from school. As soon as it came to the notice of the authorities, a plea was shot out immediately on Whatsapp groups which triggered the mob, spreading the news like wildfire across India. In a matter of hours, the girl was spotted crying profusely and wandering about near a restaurant who was immediately consoled by a Good Samaritan who contacted the concerned personnel and the girl was safely handed over to her notably shaken parents. This is what advocacy is all about.

Advocating your voice to trigger a momentum where likeminded people form a mob and contribute towards the cause without having to worry about the monetary contribution or standing on a podium and delivering a speech.

How can Digital Advocacy be used in Digital Marketing?

Digital Advocacy is one of the most reliable sources for genuine information; it’s just like taking friends advice on a restaurant you have never visited. Let’s see how eMarket Education gets brownie points cause of Digital Advocacy? eMarket Education is a digital marketing institute building the careers and future of people enrolling with them. Its but obvious that every person investing money would want to get into the best of the institute which would help them learn, share, and inspire others to reach for the stars. Being a digital marketing agency, it’s but obvious that they would know all the traits of marketing and would also have a good ranking in SEO and PPC; they know all the gimmicks of the digital world and so do their competitors.

Then how would you know, who to choose so as to get the best foundation in the said field? The best and the most authentic way would be to look at Google Reviews and Testimonials. Let’s take a look at the few testimonials given by students, professionals, homemakers and entrepreneurs about eMarket Education. One of the students writes about how eMarketEdu helped him find a job, the below is a part of his testimonial that reads, “….which ultimately lands you in a job before you realize that the classes are over, I and my batch-mate have experienced it…”,  and there are many more reviews that helped eMarket get a whopping 4.9 google rating.  So when you write a review or tweet or like or share it automatically attracts all the like-minded audience and you get your marketing without having to invest single paise out of your wallets.

Digital Advocacy is marketing at its best which is 100% authentic, reliable and gives you the confidence required to take a stand.

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