5 Google Search Operators for 2020

As an SEO expert, you require all the information needed to beat the competition and stay on top. Do we get exactly what we are looking for? How to get relevant information from the plethora of information that we get through a search engine? This post is all about making Google your best buddy and makes google reveal the best free SEO tools for your online success, that is what you actually need.

What is a Google Advanced Search Operator and How to Make Your Search Effective?

Search operators are special characters or commands that we can directly enter into the search engine to get a specific type of information. There are numerous advanced search operators to help with SEO efforts.

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5 Advanced Google Search Commands


  • Site:

 google search operators

Type- Site: Domain name It shows all the pages that Google has indexed from a particular website. Every single result shown will be from that particular website. For example – Type search query -Site: www.emarketeducation.in Google search engine will show you how many pages are there in its domain and subdomains, pages that are indexed, pages indexed more than once – it helps to check the duplicate content. It will help you add pages that are not indexed. If you are looking for something specific on the website you can include more search terms at the end of the search query, for example – Site: www.emarketeducation.in Digital Marketing Institute In Bangalore. This will throw up information only in that particular category/topic from the Digital Marketing Institute from emarketeducation.in. [ Site:] operator is one tool that every SEO expert needs on regular basis.

  • Cache:

Search operators for seo success Google advanced search operator Type- cache:admissiongyan.com This search operator pulls out the latest cached version of a webpage instead of the current webpage. Whenever google spider crawls a webpage it takes a snapshot of the webpage and stores it, which is called the cached version of the webpage. It helps in identifying when google spider has crawled this particular website. If the website has undergone some changes and if Google has crawled it within 24- 48 hrs. indicates that Google has identified this page to be relevant, active and important which in turn shows the authority of the website to be ranked higher.

  • Intitle:

advanced google search tipsType- Intitle:keyword or keyword phrase This search operator will help you further narrow down your research to a specific keyword that you are looking for in the page title. For example. If you want information particularly about oil painting brush, then your search query Intitle:oil painting brush – Google will throw all results with oil painting brush page titles. This search operator will help you understand the competition for your keyword.

  • Inurl:

google search tips for studentsType- Inurl:Keyword If you want to search for a particular keyword in the URL. Inurl is your search operator. For example:If I am running a digital marketing institute, I can use Inurl: digital marketing Institute and Google will show all the websites with digital marketing institutes in their URL. This will help me to know the number of competitors for my digital marketing institute.

  • Quotes ” “

Type- “word” If you are looking for an exact term, search within quotes.For example: “Digital Marketing Courses”. This search query will show all the results which have Digital Marketing Courses in any corner of any website. This will not only help you get relevant results but also analyze the competition volume for your keyword. It will also tell you if the pages are indexed for certain keywords. 

  • Info:

 google search operators 2018

Type- Info:URL

This search operator gives some information that Google has about the website which in turn shows the SEO effort. It gives information such as the indexed pages, Google’s latest cached version of the website. It will aid you to look at your competitors from an eagle’s viewpoint. Although it gives some top-level information about the website, it is important to use other Google search operators to narrow down the search to get specific results. So, this is it! You are now on the path to be a successful SEO expert. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous Google search operators, and the ability to use it effectively will define your SEO success. Go ahead and try out these power tools along your way, and you will be invincible. If you want to learn more about Google Advanced Search Operators more than eMarketEdu who is one of the top SEO training institutes in Bangalore welcomes you to our Institute.