Digital Marketing after BTech/Engineering

eMarket Education team is happy to share Pallabi’s journey from the Engineering academy too, now pursuing her Digital Marketing course with us. Let’s read, how her journey from B.Tech to Digital Marketing has been.

Hi! This is  Pallabi Jena,

I just completed my bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Bhubaneswar, and like every other engineering student have aimed to get a core job with a handsome package without any objection with my job location as it wasn’t a concern for me to sustain in any place. But unfortunately got placed through my college in a non-technical night shift job as it was for the US clients. With time, I accepted the situation and was about to join after my semesters but due to some issues and interrupted connection made me turn my decision and quit the job.

After all, this was wandering & searching for some short-term course majorly in Bangalore, then I got to know about Digital Marketing from Facebook. I had no idea about the online marketing course as, how digital marketing works and its parameters. But later on, I have googled to know more details on Digital Marketing. Pretty basic understanding; Digital marketing gives a platform to advertise through digital marketing channels such as SEO, PPC, SMM, and Email Marketing. Digital marketing evolves around PPC, SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.

While researching, I ended up at eMarket education Digital Marketing Institute in Koramangala Bangalore, and currently pursuing my SEO, PPC Google Ads & SMM course. From the day I have started, it has been a great learning experience in Digital Marketing; every day exploring new things about the Digital Marketing world.

To share my experience, the digital marketing class started with Basics of Digital Marketing and different phases of the same; Blogging was of the creative part and how one can earn money online, but at the same time should be updated every time with some great content to catch the eyes. Social media strategies to run campaigns was the next part after the blogging section. Social media has a lot to offer for advertising in both paid and organic ways including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter. The important part of social media marketing class was to understand that, it’s the Creative skills in Social Media that makes the strategies stronger than anything. Then jumped into the PPC Google Ads learning to know the reason for ads on the google search.

Currently PPC class is helping us to understand that paid ads work with two important specs – keyword and ad copies. PPC helps in getting instant results. SEO is the ad version that has a long term run in the market but needs to be worked organically to reach the audience whereas SMM (Social Media Marketing) allows creating and sharing content with different creative ideas for gathering more audiences and get more engagement to the work. This is the basic overview that I’ve understood, how Digital Marketing gets its handover in the marketing industry with online strategies.

Well, I can say that taking up a career in digital marketing is worth the value as the complete online marketing certification can land you up in your dream job or career which you always wanted to do in Marketing. Shortly, it is going to be a big change in the world of Marketing because Digital Marketing is taking over on the traditional forms, and I feel confident about the choice I made to start digital marketing as a career.

As many companies are hiring Digital marketers in the current scene & will have more digital marketing job openings in the near future because no one wants to be in the last of running in the business.

Stay Tuned for more catchups about Digital Marketing Certification and how it helped me get through it….. And you can also refer other Digital Marketing students alumni’s experience by referring the testimonial section.