How to Start a Career in PPC Google Ads as a Fresher [Complete Guide]

Here we discuss how one should start a career in PPC Google Ads as a fresher. Every journey begins with a decisive first step that can eventually lead to success.

There is an apt saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” The best motivational quote for any individual on the threshold of choosing his/her ‘right job’. This keeps them interested in their occupation for a lifetime without wandering away to look for other opportunities. Once we step out of university, we always have a common objective. It is to fetch a job in a celebrated organization with a desirable pay package.

Very few people stick on with their first jobs. The ratio is around 1:2. Every student after college takes time to orient themselves to a professional setup and adapt to an ambience of a professional establishment. A college life versus a professional life is poles apart. A mentor or guide who has already been exposed to working and is familiar with what professional life is all about can advise suitably.

To understand the work culture better in a company, questions such as how to select a company, which would be an appropriate role, etc., require appropriate guidance. The advantage of mentors and guides is that they can help and encourage us, give us advice and suggestions on how to kickstart one’s career, the challenges in the said role, how to overcome them, and so on. Everyone stepping into the professional sphere will face challenges and hardships that can be tackled with inherent virtues like tolerance, patience, foresight, and advice from senior and experienced professionals.

Experience brings results.

As a fresher, the most compelling questions one would have are: –

  1. How to be part of an MNC

  2. Will it give an attractive pay package

  3. What would be the growth prospects

Every fresher should focus on getting sufficient work experience to upgrade one’s skills, to comprehend and appreciate what professional life is all about. They would also need to multitask and adapt to the dynamic professional environment.

For a high-growth industry like Digital Marketing, one must have the zeal to learn, dedication and determination towards work, and time management skills. The best way to excel career in PPC Google Ads is to take recognised training from a reputed institute. Training from reputed institutes trains you and teaches you to handle multiple projects when you start as a fresher in a company.

Training in PPC is ideal as your interviewer will immediately know your skill sets and achievements due to this course you have undertaken. This training teaches you to manage things seamlessly, wherein the trainer helps to instruct you in many informative and useful ways to assist you in your career path.

Some of the essential things that you must learn before you start your career in PPC:

  • Communication: This is a key skill. One must know to communicate with your clients and peers. It is tough to survive in the industry without proper communication skills.

Communication skills you should possess:

  1. Verbal communication
  2. Written communication
  3. Willingness to ask questions
  4. The ability to listen
  • Attention to detail: As a Digital Marketer, one should always have an ‘eye for detail.’ Whether you are an experienced person or a fresher, it is important to be mindful about details. While learning PPC, you may encounter several things that are actually difficult to remember. Attention to detail gives you an edge over others and helps you overcome problems.

Things that you must give Eye for detail:

  1. Keywords: As a Digital Marketer the power of keyword research lies in better understanding your target market, and how your audience is searching for your content, products, and services. As a fresher in PPC, you have to understand what type of keywords you must use to reach your audience. As you know, in keywords both short-tail and long-tail keywords play its own role depend upon the searcher.
  2. Match types: Your campaign optimization is fully dependent upon Keywords and match type. Optimizing your AdWords match type is crucial because it allows you to avoid unnecessary spend on irrelevant clicks. You really have to utilize keywords matching options in an effective way.
  3. Bidding Options: A bid is the most you’re willing to pay for a click on your ad.If you can manage your bids, you may influence the amount of traffic to your ads, as well as the Return On Investment (ROI). The process is very simple, if you have a good amount of budget, you can bid for a higher amount where there are more chances of getting huge traffic for your ad.
  4. Audience lists: In Google Ads, Once the tag is added to your site or app, it will collect data and add people to relevant lists. Setting up an audience source is very important so that you can remarket to your target audience list that you have created.
  5. Benefits: See all of your remarketing lists in one place.
  • View each list type, status, and size (reach) on each active network.
  • Quickly add lists to ad groups and campaigns.
  • Adjust where and to whom your ads appear for optimal ad exposure.
  • Label your lists to filter and report on the data that interests you.
  • Campaign settings: If you are running an ad on GoogleAds, the much more emphasizing factors are Keywords, Ad Copy, and Landing pages. However, having said that, a solid foundation is required. If there is no proper arrangement or foundation even the most performing keywords, ad copy and landing pages can fail to live up to their potential. You really have to understand the campaign settings carefully since your campaign performance is also dependent upon this.
  • Analytical Thinking: This is one of the essential things that a fresher must learn. Analytical thinking, understanding data, and campaign performance are the most important keys to running a PPC campaign. One should be able to handle numbers and statistics to improve your PPC campaigns and possess sound analytical knowledge. These are the analytical tools that a PPC professional must possess.
  • Learn Excel: Knowing Excel is an important work tool. If you know Excel, then you can manage most things. It is a great problem-solving tool that simplifies a lot of tasks. In PPC, to set up a campaign, one needs Excel. Learn more about shortcut keys, functions, formulas, and tables. You must gain full command in VLOOKUP, CONCATENATE, SUM, AVERAGE, and PIVOT TABLE.
  • A growing mindset: Always try to have a growth mindset than a fixed mindset. Individuals with a growth mindset are forever evolving. They are constantly learning and continuously developing through dedication and hard work. But someone with a fixed mindset remains inflexible and believes they are born with specific abilities, talents, and traits and can’t go beyond that.
  • Ability to take risks: This is common in all fields. It is essential to face challenges and take calculated risks. You should always try and achieve unexpected results. Learning from mistakes is one of the best creative things you can ever learn. It is an important skill one must learn as a fresher. It is always important to keep experimenting and testing new ideas.
  • Continuous learning: Keep trying to learn and push yourself. PPC is constantly evolving, so there are always new things to learn. It would be best if you always had a passion for learning. You should never limit yourself, even though you are doing well. One must always have the courage to improve, which will give you satisfaction and bring profitability.



These skills are a ready reckoner for every beginner. There are several other essential skills that you must learn along the way. The skills required are more than just understanding the technical aspects of paid search. So, pull up your socks, follow the above tips, and get ready! Soon you will be on the right track to getting your dream job.