The Power of Digital Marketing or The Magic of Tele-advertising

The advertisement is the backbone of your final product. Whether you want to promote a brand or you want to promote a service or product. It’s only when people learn about it and relate to it. They decide to buy the product.

We are living in an era where we have the variety of channels in marketing and advertisement like Internet, televisions, radios, hoardings, etc. But the main channels which actually have a long-lasting effect on your products are Telecommunication (TV) and internet marketing.

 So let us have a look onto whether Digital marketing or tele-advertising is the most suitable one for a business. And the easiest way to conclude this would be to analyses the 4Ps of marketing for both Online Marketing and Tele-Advertising in India.

4Ps of digital marketing and tele-advertising


power digital marketing

We can promote any product on digital marketing platform and tele-advertising platform, but we will have to choose wisely, which is the most suitable one.

On TV we can promote grocery items such as biscuits or any kids growth powder but we cannot advertise our beautician service or brokerage service on it.

If we opt for online marketing then we will just have to choose the right way of reaching the right people.

There are many parallels in digital marketing such as email marketing, pay per click, search engine optimization etc.

For example, if we are selling apparel products online or offline or we have a web marketing training institute then we can go for PPC or SEO methods. But if we are an agency or say any magazine company or a club then you can go for email marketing as it is little specific in comparison to other products.

In short web marketing can be used for every product we only need to choose the right way.


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Digital marketing has a less expenditure of cost in comparison to other modes of marketing. A live example is that if in India we want to advertise on TV for our product then some of the top TV channels can charge you even Rs.3,50,000 for just 10 seconds.

On the other hand, if you just opt for internet marketing then there are many firms who can provide you best SEO practices for a price of just Rs.10k. You just need to focus on right kind of audience and accordingly choose the right channel of digital marketing.


tele advertising

If we want to promote the product on TV then, first of all, we have to choose the region (MP, Maharashtra, Bengal etc), then the language (Hindi, Marathi, Bengali), then type of channel ( Kids channel, news channel, daily soap type channel).

While for digital marketing you will just have to choose your channel you want the email marketing or you want the organic traffic by doing SEO, or you want to social media marketing and then just do the right targeting with right understanding of customer persona.

Rest is your product, and the content, people will get attracted towards your product. There is no particular foundation of language and region as Google is open to all keeping the diversity of people in account with supportive data.


power of digital marketing                

Promotion is the most important key to all marketing and sales strategies. If it is in the right direction with good positioning you can please your customers and positively contemplate about your growing business.

Let’s have a look at promotion in web marketing and tele-advertising with an example. Suppose we are a startup company who provide rental houses or PGs to the people by charging a wholesome amount say Rs 20,000. Now the festival is coming and we want to provide Rs 2,000 discount to your customers. Seeing the amount of time left of the festival if we choose for TV advertising then it will not be feasible for us in terms of cost, duration, and quality of content etc.

But if we just go for digital marketing then we can easily approach our customer at a comparatively low cost and we can inform our customers wisely about our product.

So, Who exactly wins the argument?

the power of digital marketing

By seeing the above comparison its easy to understand digital marketing is quite easily the best in all 4Ps. We can learn digital marketing on our own from any digital marketing institute near us and can apply the strategies on our business for having an improved and better version of volume on our products.