What is Quality Score in Google Ads?

Quality Score in Google Ads plays a vital role in managing your campaign efficiently. The main components are expected CTR, Ad Relevancy, and your Landing Page without taking care of these 3 important factors of quality score in Google Ads, there is no point in expecting better results.

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Let me say one thing straight away that, You just can’t
learn Google Ads PPC Course without proper knowledge of Quality Score

If you are running ads to promote your product and services through Google Ads, or if you are trying to learn Google Ads PPC Course to build a Career in Digital Marketing,

You have to know that-

Quality Score is the Strongest Avenger in Your Google Ads Campaign

Quality Score importance in PPC


Yes, while creating a campaign and running ads in Google have one Goal in your mind. That is,


Improving Quality Score for all the keywords.

Let’s start from the basics –

Why Quality Score for Keywords?

If you have a need or to purchase something, or may to gather some information, what do you do?

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Probably you may go and ask your friend for a good suggestion so that you can make a decision, right?

Also, you may ask many of your friends and gather different opinions, and later you would take a wise decision on where to go and how to do the purchase?

That is what people normally do, but in the era of the internet, you have to remember one thing all the information that you need to know on this earth is available on your fingertips.

And we do have a common friend on the Internet for any kind of info –

GOOGLE’s Search Engine

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When you are in search of something, you go to Google and search for that.

What you type in Google to get info is called “KEYWORDS“.

If you go to the search engine of Google and type anything that you want to see, you will get to see the search engine results. (I am not going in deep, because all this is the basic stuff).

Understanding your business keywords means, understanding your Right customers. You want to show your ads only to those people who are looking or searching for your kind of services. Well, that is the beauty of digital marketing, right?

Hence, these keywords which you are using in Google Ads PPC campaigns will have quality score given by Google. And this will have a major role to play in your PPC campaign management. We say, Keywords are the backbone for effective Learning of Digital Marketing techniques.

Quality Score for Keywords

Considering the importance of keywords in digital marketing and website presence in the search engines, Google introduces Quality Score in Google Ads.

What I am going to cover in this Blog –

      • What is Quality Score in Google Ads?
      • Understanding the Keyword Quality Score
      • Factors determining your Keyword Quality Score
      • How Quality Score is calculated in Google Ads?
      • AdWords CTR Tips
      • How to increase Quality Score for the Keywords?


What is Quality Score in Google Ads?

Quality Score in Google Ads


Quality score is a rating or we can say an evaluation grade given by Google considering the quality & relevancy of both your Keywords and Google Ads. The Quality score has a dominant role in the success of your pay per click campaigns that you are running for in Google’s search engine.

The quality score helps Google to decide on, how much Google should charge you for one click. Simply, we can say that having a higher Quality Score in Google Ads ends up paying less to Google for more ad exposure with a high conversion rate and better client satisfaction.


Understanding the Keyword Quality Score

Google Ads calculates the Keyword Quality Score on the basis of your keyword performance. Keyword Quality Score may differ based on geography, location, search query, and search networks.

In a simple way, if your keyword performs better than other keywords in searches, in certain areas or certain search networks then, you have a better chance to achieve good Quality Score under these conditions.

Understanding the Quality Score


Based on your high-quality score, you will get better ad positioning (Ad Rank) with less CPC for your keywords.

Google uses Quality Score to ensure that users only see the Google Ads that are most relevant to their search queries. Hence, more relevant ads get a better impression and good ad rank in the search engine. And better ad copies will bring you more traffic. In fact, I would say, keeping the good quality score gives extra freedom for you to bid higher in any crunch situations as you won’t be charged high for the clicks.


Factors determining your Keyword Quality Score

Factors Determining Quality Score

      1. The relevance of your PPC ad copy & Keywords

Your keywords which you are targeting in the campaign should be matching with ad copy that you going to show to your audience. When your audience is typing the keyword which you are targeting, you should be showing a relevant ad copy in search results which they intend to see with relevant keywords.

Try to follow the below points to improve your ad relevancy of ad copy and keywords:

        • Create tightly keyword groupings to write relevant ad text
        • Make sure your keywords are related to the relevant ads
        • Write text ads that include the right & actual keywords
        • Have proper use of keyword phrases in ad copy
        • Have the proper use of ad extensions with ad copy


      1. Click-through rate (CTR) of the keyword

You can expect a better click-through rate for your keywords if the relevancy of the ad copy to keywords is maintained. Click-through rate, CTR is the rate in which the Google PPC Ads are clicked in search results. This is the percentage of customers who see your ads (impression) and then click on the same ads.

CTR for Quality Score


        • CTR is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown
        • The simple way to calculate the CTR is, clicks ÷ impressions. For instance, if you had 1000 impressions and 50 clicks, then your CTR would be 5%.Each of your ads and keywords has their own CTRs that you can see listed in your account.
        • A high CTR will help the users to find your ads relevant. CTR also contributes to your keyword’s expected CTR, which is a component of Ad Rank.
        • You can use CTR to gauge which ads and keywords are successful for you and which need to be improved. Both the keywords and ads relate to each other and to your business and the most probably the user intent to click on your ad after searching on your keyword phrase.
      1. PPC Landing Page Relevancy

Now this gives a different challenge and importance in determining the Quality score in Google Ads. PPC Landing pages are the website pages or single web page where we target our customers to come after clicking on the ads. We drive customers to landing page from search engine, in order to constrain them to take an action in the landing page.

Landing Page Relevancy for Quality Score

Ok let’s say, you are looking for Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore. You will go to Google and type “Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Bangalore” right?


You will get PPC results on top and bottom of the page result and you will get SEO Ads in between as well. Now you will click any of the attractive ad copy and you will reach their landing page. And after reaching this page, you are seeing details of Java learning course and mobile application development course.

What will you do?

When you are ending up in such a landing page which is not showing the right content which you are looking for. You will get irritated and close the window, right?

So, when you are running Google PPC Ads, with the right kind of keywords and relevant ad copy, you must have a well-structured and relevant Landing page for your ad copy. Google will see whether the landing page is having the content which is searched by the customer and it will also consider the bounce rate and time spent by the customer on the landing page. Therefore, I would recommend you to have a good relevant Google Ads landing page as it contributes a hand in calculating your Quality Score in Google Ads.

          • Your landing pages should be designed with the right content
          • Use your targeted keywords in the landing page content
          • The landing page should be more relevant to the ad copy
          • Good landing page helps in increasing conversions
          • Maintain the user expectation with good landing page
          • Maintain a good page speed for your PPC landing page


How Quality Score is calculated in Google Ads?

  Quality Score Ratings in PPC

To be very frank guys, we don’t think even Google has revealed how exactly they calculate the Quality Score in Google Ads. But thanks to Search Engine Land, for coming up with their understanding and idea on how to calculate the quality score. I am sure this makes some sense and will help you guys to understand the concept of calculating the quality score in Google Ads.

The formula is 1 + Landing Page Experience weight + Ad Relevance weight + CTR weight


For instance, let’s say you have these factors:

Landing Page Experience: average — 1.75 points

Ad Relevance: above average — 2 points

CTR: average — 1.75 points

Then your Quality Score is: 1 + 1.75 (LPE) + 2 (Relevance) + 1.75 (CTR) = 6.5


As Google doesn’t show fractions, this is rounded to a 7, which is seen inside your account. Therefore, based on above scenario, if you increase your landing page experience or your CTR from average to above average, your Quality Score would go up 1.75 points to an 8.25, which would be displayed in keyword level as an 8 in your Google PPC Account.

Benefits of having good Quality Score Keywords

Benefits of Quality Score


      1. Reduced Spend on PPC Campaign Budget

High Keyword Quality Score will reduce your cost-per-click. Having said, in some cases, the amount you will save is minimal for each keyword, if you are able to add up each of these individual savings you would be amazed at how much this could save your campaign budget.

Quality Score impact in Google Ads

You can observe the difference yourself by taking low-Quality Score keywords and then improving its quality score to a high.

      1. Higher Ad Rank in Google

Google determines your Ad rank for the keywords by Quality Score your keyword and max CPC which you are willing to pay. [Ad rank = Quality Score * Max CPC]

Quality Score in Ad Rank

Therefore the higher the Quality Score leads to a higher Ad Rank.   And don’t you think that it’s great to position your ads on the top of page results and we don’t have to pay higher for the clicks. So this makes advertisers think about having a good quality score for their keywords.

Remember “Better quality gives you better results as well

      1. More Traffic with less CPC

In Google search, the most relevant ads will connect with more search queries; this means more views and more clicks, which all drive to more traffic.

Google Ads PPC Clicks

So, it requires a high-Quality Score to earn more traffic by reducing the average CPC, which enables digital marketers to have better control over the budget with meeting campaign goals.    

How to increase Quality Score for the Keywords?


  How To Increase Quality Score

Campaign structuring and organizing your ads in a proper way is very important to achieve a good quality score. And for this, your base of knowledge in Digital marketing should be so strong.

You should always keep the following 3 factors in mind when writing ads to ensure a high click-through rate (CTR) and Quality Score.  

Your Ad text should be relevant to;  

      • Business
      • Keyword
      • Landing page


The ad should draw the attention of the audience and they should feel like clicking on the ad copy. So our ad copy should be written in a way in which they should see and understand what they going to get after clicking on it. So, you must make sure to include the keywords and variations in the headlines and description lines, and the display URL if possible (Path1 & Path2).

Here is a bonus for you Powerful Tips to Write PPC Google Ads, Facebook & SEO Ad copy This will surely help you to write compelling ad copy.

Don’t forget to make the best use of ad extensions which helps you to get high CTR. And always make sure you are driving your audience to a relevant landing page.

You can do a lot of techniques to increase the quality score for your keywords.  I am mentioning here some of the significant factors that you should keep in your checklists to improvise the Quality Score of the keywords in Google Ads.

I strongly recommend all the PPC experts to follow the techniques below-

How to Improve Quality Score


Quality Score Checklists

      • Creating the right Campaign for the promotion
      • Creating the right ad groups under campaign
      • Using the right keywords under the ad groups
      • Writing the relevant ad copy for the keywords
      • Proper PPC Landing page Optimization
      • Proper Usage of the relevant ad extensions
      • Adding irrelevant keywords to the negative list
      • Timely checking the device wise performance
      • Optimizing keywords with bid adjustments
      • Timely pausing the nonperforming keywords
      • Grouping new keywords in new ad groups
      • Tightly theming your ad groups & keywords
      • Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion in ad copy

Quality Score Conclusion

I think I have explained all the important factors which you guys want to know about the Quality Score in Google Ads. Quality is everything if you maintain a high level of quality for your ads; I bet you will get the reward what you are looking for. After all, it is Google’s Advertisement platform and they are so serious about the quality of the content they show in front of the audience.

That is why I said in the beginning “You just can’t LEARN Google Ads PPC Course without Understanding Quality Score”. And it is very much important for any advertiser who wants to run Google Ads PPC campaigns.

So the Bottom line is-

Quality Score is the Strongest Avenger in Your
Google Ads Campaign


The Bottom Line:

Joining the Digital Marketing Certification program empowers students with the right skills required to be professional digital marketers.

I have kept it very simple and tried to explain each and every single aspect. Do let me know whether I have helped you to understand the subject by commenting below. In case if you have any suggestions for me to improve or change my writing style, don’t hesitate to use the comment box.

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