Best Digital Marketing Tools

Might sound dramatic but in this Digital age, Marketers live & die by the tools of the trade & coming specifically to Digital Marketing, without the use of the right tools it’s very difficult to reach that level of effectiveness benchmarked in the industry.

The size & shape doesn’t matter what matters is if you are using the right tool and if you using it to achieve your goal effectively. After all, no two marketing teams strategies will be same but the basic approach will always be same unless & until the head is Father of Marketing Philip Kotler himself.

As a Digital Marketing Training Academy, we ensure all our students are given a brief introduction about important digital marketing tools along with also get hands-on experience on tools which every digital marketer uses in everyday life.

Now let’s throw some light on the important Digital Marketing tools that every Digital Marketer should be using to get achieve their client’s goal.

This is not the only tools available but some out of the lot. We will be covering some of the missed out tools in our future posts.

  1. Google Keyword Planner Tool

Digital Marketing Keyword tools
Google Keyword Planner

If Digital Marketing is a war and all the Digital Marketing tools are weapons then Google Keyword planner tool can be related to the most powerful weapon amongst the entire list. In other words, can be also called as the Nuclear/Bramhastra in Digital Marketing.

If used in the right way this tool alone is sufficient to give the best of results for any Digital Marketer in PPC AdWords & Search engine optimisation (SEO).

Google Keyword planner tool helps Digital Marketers get an overall idea about the search volume, competition all the important insights before zeroing upon a set of keywords for your Search engine optimisation process or Google AdWords campaign. It also gives multiple keyword ideas based on the entered seed business keywords and target location.

An update by Google also introduced forecast feature in Google Keyword planner tool which helps you give an overall estimation and a basic keyword list to your client before signing the documents for taking up the project.

You can get around 700 keyword ideas upon entering 4-5 seed business keywords.

  1. Merge Keywords

Merge Words Keyword Planner Tool
Merge Words Keyword Planner Tool

Another amazing keyword planner tool but it’s not owned by Google nor does it give any insights. This tool only helps Digital Marketers get keyword ideas for their Online Marketing campaigns dependant on Keywords as a connecting factor.

How does it work?

One has to enter the seed/business keywords in the below mentioned format:

  1. Adjective
  2. Type of Product/Services
  3. Modifier
  4. Location

Example: Best Digital Marketing Training in Bengaluru

After a certain number of combinations are entered, the tool uses a lot of permutations & combinations to give a result of all the best combinations possible.


  • It only gives the keyword ideas and no such insights like Google Keyword Planner tool.
  • The Keywords generated by this tool is very much broad and one needs to further filter the keyword ideas after setting a minimum search volume benchmark.
  1. Uber Suggest

How to use Uber Suggest?
Uber Suggest Keyword Planner Tool

Almost similar to how the merge keyword tool works. It gives multiple keyword ideas based on the seed business keywords entered by Digital Marketers.

The result gives multiple keyword ideas based on permutations & combinations possible in alphabetical order along with keyword cloud image ideas.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium analytics tool that gives all kinds of insights related to audience behavior with your website, right from traffic, time spent, number of sessions, top-performing pages, bounce rate, data related to traffic from different channels etc.

It’s the complete analytical tool used by every Digital Marketer in the top position who actually are decision-makers for the firm to analyze the overall performance of a website in any given timeline.

  1. Google Webmaster/Google Search Console

Google Webmaster or also called Google search console is a tool mostly used by webmasters worldwide to analyze all kinds of performance related to Search Engine Optimisation related work performed by them. It also helps SEO professionals worldwide to check the indexing status of their websites & optimize the visibility of their websites.

Google Webmaster can also be used to check the list of keywords the website is getting ranked and the corresponding CTR in % for the mentioned keyword.

In a nut cell if one has to describe SEO, then it can be said it is the Google Analytics similar tool for all Digital Marketing professionals in SEO channel. 

  1. Google Alerts

Digital media Marketing Tools
Create Custom Alert with Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a notification service for any kind of change in the content offered by the search engine giant. The tool sends email to users whenever there is an addition of content related to the user’s search term in the desired location such as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs etc.

The tool can be best used by people going for a Job Search as they can be notified whenever there is an addition of vacancy related to a certain Job Role  

  1. Google Trends

Google Analytics training
Google Trends

Google trends as the name says is a tool designed by the search engine company which highlights the trending topic for a particular area/language etc relative of the search volume of the particular topic worldwide.

SEO experts use Google trends to get the best of the keyword ideas pertaining to a particular topic before deciding on the content strategy or doing content optimisation.

As a Digital Marketing Training Academy, we encourage our students to make the maximum use of the Google-based tools for best results always.

#8: Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics Training
Sample Dashboard of Adobe Analytics

It’s a web analytics platform that helps marketers get the comprehensive market solution by giving Digital Marketers the personalized & customised data to help them understand the outcomes of their Digital Marketing campaigns.

eMarket Education, a leading Digital Marketing Training Academy is amongst the few institutes which provide both online & offline extensive training in Adobe Analytics.

  1. Facebook Power Editor

Social Media Training
Sample Dashboard of Facebook Power Editor

Used by Social Media Marketers for paid promotion basis. One should have a deep understanding of all the editing work that can be carried out using this tool for faster implementation purpose. It helps marketers working in agencies work for multiple pages once they are well equipped on how to use it effectively.

As a Social Media Marketing Institute, we consider Power Editor as a very powerful & useful tool for Facebook campaign optimization.

  1. Buffer

Social Media Training in Bhubaneswar
Sample Dashboard of Buffer Social Media Tool

Another Social Media tool which can be used for managing your social media campaigns if you are a Social Media Marketer. It’s a software application for web & mobile for managing social media profiles mostly used by Digital Marketing agencies. Amongst a lot of such tools available in the market, Buffer is popular and widely used amongst the marketers.

Buffer helps marketers manage multiple social media profile for a particular client as well as schedule posts, reporting, analyzing performance with analytics & control spend by optimising the paid campaigns. It’s not a free tool.

#11: Tweet Deck

Social Media Marketing training in Bhubaneswar
Sample Dashboard of Tweet Deck Social Media Tool

Unlike Buffer which can be used for all the social media channels of a particular client, Tweet deck is limited only to twitter just like power editor is exclusive of Facebook. In tweet deck, marketers can manage and post from multiple twitter accounts, RT tweets, like tweets & most importantly schedule posts to be posted at a future date.

One cannot directly schedule tweets on Twitter so either you use Tweet Deck or any other social media tool for the purpose. It’s a free tool.

  1. Hootsuite

Digital Marketing Training in Bhubaneswar
Sample Dashboard of Tweet Deck Social Media Tool

HootSuite is almost similar to that of the buffer.

A social media management platform tool which is mostly used by social media marketers for analyzing the performance of their social media campaigns for clients across different social media channels.

Further integration with Marketo, Reddit, Storify, MailChimp & Tumblr can be done through a Hoot Suite app directory.

  1. SEMrush

Competitor Analysis Tool
Sample Dashboard of SEMrush Tool

If the online marketplace is a war zone for all online companies in the same zone then SEMrush helps companies spy on their competitors and prepare well for the war by doing a detailed competitor analysis.

In simple terms, SEMrush is a competitor analysis tool which helps companies understand their competitors regarding their Digital Marketing strategy before going for any kind of paid campaigns.

You can also understand the keywords your competitor is using for both organic & paid promotions, i.e. for (SEO & AdWords). The following analysis can be done using SEMrush tool:

  • Organic (SEO)
  • Paid (AdWords)
  • Display Ads
  • Back Links
  • Keyword Research
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Site Audit
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Brand Monitoring
  • On-Page SEO
  • Back Link audit
  • Content Analysis

As mentioned Google Keyword planner tool as a brahmastra or a nuclear weapon in the Online industry, SEMrush is the warhead in which the nuclear weapon has to be put up to create maximum destruction.

As a Digital Marketing Training Academy, we stress on these two tools, i.e. Google Keyword planner tool & SEMrush the most & have separate modules focusing on this two tools.

  1. Kred

Influential Marketing Tools
Sample Dashboard of Kred Tool

The new trend in Digital Marketing is influential marketing through your Social Media channels or your Vlogs. Kred is a website that attempts to measure the online social influence of people through scores in terms of “influence & “outreach”. The scores are completely based upon an openly published algorithm. It’s owned & developed by PeopleBrowsr.

Owing to the great demand for influential marketing this tool has been of great importance for companies interested in this field or want to select influencers for marketing their company.

  1. Peer Index

Influential Marketing Tool
Sample Dashboard of Peer Index Tool

Yet another peer of influential marketing, Peer Index provides social media analytics based on the user’s influence & outreach on major social media platforms including Quora.

Peer Index also measures the influential ability based on a score which is given by its algorithm. Founded by Azeem Azhar, it currently tracks around 45 million Twitter profile worldwide making it a leader in its sector.

Owing to the growing demand for influential marketing by companies. More & more tools on such platforms are surely going to come in the future. No doubt through social media people are able to connect in a better manner with each other and if an influencer tries to connect with users promoting a particular brand, then the competitors seriously need to worry about it.

The above 15 tools are not the only tools available but few of the best in the business. Out of the 15 one cannot deny that all Google-based tools & SEMrush are a must for any Digital Marketer to make the most out of his online marketing campaigns.

“A Bad Workman seldom blames his tools.”

We as a Digital Marketing Academy also try to cover as much tool possible in our syllabus, but the fact is that tools only make your work easier they will not do your work, the implementation has to be done from your side. So whichever tool you are using make sure the implementation then followed by optimization is done right. Never blame the tools for the outcomes.