Web Analytics Skills & Tools

What Are the Skills and Tools Required to be Good in Analytics

Gone are the days when a person was dependent on only one tool. A person with Analytics skills says a lot about them. Anyone who works with data or numbers these days is well versed with multiple software tools and skills.

Here are some of the skills and tools one must know to be good at analytics.

Quantitative Skills: Numerical and statistical are core Quantitative skills that every analyst requires. This skill helps to use concepts such as neural networks and machine learning.

Visualization: Visualization is a fundamental skill one must have to be good in order to create a result in a more effective way. It’s not about creating beautiful charts, but visualizing data in a simple way with information anyone can understand easily.

Critical Thinker: Critical thinker always observes things and come up with multiple solutions. They have the ability to think logically about any problems or situations and give effective results.

Storyteller: Data has a story. If you are a good storyteller you can make clearly understand anything to your audience. Storytelling skills will help you to be a good presenter which will help your clients to understand anything easily.

Communication Skills: Good Communication Skills helps you to be a good listener, facilitate meetings, write requests in order to gather any information.

Excel: Microsoft Excel has a wide range of functionalities, from manipulating and sorting data to representing that data in the form of graphs and charts. If you are good at Excel it will help to solve all your arithmetic operations as well as those relating to statistics.

SQL: (Structured Query Language)is a programming language used to communicate and manage a database? You can learn and is used to solve quite a few challenging problems. it is always important to possess this skill.

Scripting and Statistical Language: Python, Matlab, R, and SAS, etc are some of the Scripting and Statistical Language you can learn to improve your analytical skills.

Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics: Both are very powerful analytical tools. Having an advanced understanding of these tools will help you to achieve your objectives and goals.

The Bottom Line:

Becoming an analyst requires the mastery of some essential skills. IT professionals and experts have an advantage in learning new programming languages and technologies with analytical skills. Others will need to put a little more effort to learn computing skills and technologies. But, your experiences and analytical thinking will help you achieve all your goals. Want to become a true professional of Analytics? Well if you are wanting to learn how to use the Analytics to its full potential then going through the Google Certification Courses or Adobe Analytics Training Course is an excellent idea, you may enroll in an Analytics course to get skills and knowledge for fast-growing and lucrative career path option in Analytics World.