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Career in Digital Marketing in India

Career in Digital Marketing in India
Career in Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing Career

Digital Marketing is a science of spreading your voice and show your brand across the web with constant interaction with your prospecting clients and existing clients in online media.

For best performance in digital marketing, most effective digital marketing channels are such as:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Pay Per Click Google Ads
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Image and Video Marketing
  6. Affiliate Marketing

Digital Marketing Course Eligibility Criteria:

No, there are no eligibility criteria for this course.

For digital marketing, I, don’t think you need a personalized degree. But for the qualification, you need a degree. Digital marketing is a very vast field and getting more and faster day by day. So to survive in this field you need to be updated with field

But Having a Marketing degree would be preferable education required for a career in the digital marketing field will vary, depending on the position. Generally, earning digital marketing certification is a good start.

Digital Marketing Jobs by 2020:

As per research was done in 2018, it is expected that 18 lakh jobs will be created by 2020. Companies are in urgent need for skilled digital marketers to build up their business presence and to beat the competitors in the market.

India today says hybrid jobs like IoT Engineer, Digital Marketing specialist, Machine Learning Engineer are in huge demand at present.

Required Digital Marketing Skills:

  • Only results which you produce make you a smart digital marketer, not qualifications.
  • Ability to think Positive
  • Ability to Execute and analyze drip marketing campaigns
  • A mix of Creativity and analytical abilities
  • Good Copy and visual storytelling abilities
  • A likable Personality
  • Ability to analyze quantifiable metrics
  • Having Design Knowledge will be an add-on

Digital Marketing Career Path:

If you are a fresher, a student or a job seeker Can take SEO, PPC or Social Media Specialization is better than doing the complete digital marketing course. Basic knowledge of internet marketing is enough to start a career in digital marketing.

If you have any prior experience in the Search Engine Optimization process or Pay-Per-Click Advertising or any other segment of digital marketing, and now wants to gain advanced-level knowledge of digital marketing, then you can take new digital skills by taking up the choice of course in digital marketing. We recommend this for individuals who are already into this professional and willing to take their career to the next level in digital marketing and for the entrepreneurs who are planning to expand their online ventures.

Average Salary for Digital Marketers:

  • Years of Experience: 0 – 1 = 1.80 – 2.50 L Pa
  • Years of Experience: 1 – 3 = 2.40 – 5 L Pa
  • Years of Experience: 4 – 8 = 6 – 14 L Pa
  • Years of Experience: 9 + = 15 – 25 L pa

Above mentioned figures are roughly quoted by considering stats from job mediums, pay scale may differ from industry to industry.  All in all digital marketing career have a huge demand in the market.


There are Two Sides to Digital Marketing, one for freshers and one for experienced professionals.

For freshers, it is vital that the candidate must be aware enough and have common sense. Go through the basics of Digital Marketing on the internet, read the basics such as SEO, Social Media, PR, Websites, Copywriting and read a lot of case studies.

Here is the most important thing which half of the candidates forget to do.

To go before an interview, always go to the company website. Most Important. Try to see the website as a Digital Marketer, not a visitor. Make educated guesses as to why that button is here, What text is on the slider, what are they doing on Social Media.

Now, once you have gone through the website, try to make few strategies for yourself for the company keeping the objective very clear in mind. Yes, it’s extremely critical. An objective can be like anything such as increasing likes on Facebook, increasing visitors on the website, make YouTube video views high, increase payment conversions or some other thing to increase the visibility of the site.

To gain a strong understanding in how Digital Marketing Works, get enroll in digital marketing course today !

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