Consider These Factors While Choosing Digital Marketing Institute

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Is there any digital marketing institute in Bangalore that provides 100% job assistance? Besides the IT companies, Bangalore city is famous for many skill-based training institutes that offer training in various courses such as website designing and development, mobile app development, digital marketing, and more. Especially, Bangalore has some of the best digital marketing institutes in India that offer high-quality job-oriented digital marketing courses with 100% placement guarantee. Due to the pandemic COVID-19, most of the company are unable to market their products or services with offline and direct marketing. As a result, the digital marketing culture has been growing at a very rapid pace. Even though the abundance of students and professionals are seeking to learn digital marketing course to build their career in digital space, there are only a few top digital marketing training institutes in Bangalore that are able to consistently perform well.

Here we have listed a few tips to choose the best institute for digital marketing training.

Why do You want to join the Digital Marketing Institute?

First of all, you need to identify your career goals and objectives. Whether you want to learn the basics of digital marketing or want to go for a full-integrated course. The basics of digital marketing course give you a basic idea on digital marketing, whereas the integrated course gives you a complete overview of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Affiliate Marketing, Website Analysis, Email Marketing and more. In the digital marketing space, every area of specialization offers incredible job opportunities and career growth. eMarket Edu institute offers comprehensive digital marketing certificate courses that cover every area of digital marketing. It enables students to choose a course based on their area of interest, understanding ability, level of education and prior knowledge.

Check the Curriculum

As digital marketing is an evolving industry, it continues to revolutionize over time. So, before deciding to join an institution, check whether the course curriculum of digital marketing covers all the areas of digital marketing or not. We, at eMarket Edu institute, include all the latest and advanced methods and techniques of digital marketing in curriculum and provide high-quality training to the students to help them build their career in digital marketing. We will provide training on various popular tools like Google Webmasters, Google Analytics, MailChimp, etc.

Whether the Digital Marketing Institute Provide Placement Assistance?

If you want to learn the course for a job change, look for an institute that offers proper job placement assistance. eMarket Edu institute provides 100% job assistance to all the students who have completed the digital marketing course. So, you don’t have to waste your valuable time applying for unworthy jobs that may ruin in career.

The Conclusion

Digital marketing is obviously the best job-oriented course for students who have completed their intermediate or degree. If you want to become a digital marketing expert, join the best digital marketing institute in Bangalore or apply for online digital marketing courses Bangalore. Even though there are numerous digital marketing institutes in Bangalore only a few institutes such as eMarket Edu digital marketing institute Bangalore offer online digital marketing courses as well as an offline course. So, you can complete the digital marketing course online whenever you are free.

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Are you a Beginner in Digital Marketing?

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Ways to Learn & Become a Digital Marketer

A guide to, “What is Digital Marketing?” – Click Here

125+ Digital Marketing Blogs to Read for Beginners or Dummies – Click Here

Company Hierarchy in Digital Marketing;

  1. In-house companies
    • iLarge
    • Small
  2. Agencies
  3. MNCs
  4. Start-Ups

In-house follow the given rule around digital marketing strategy planning;

Agencies follow the given rule around digital marketing strategy planning;

MNCs follow the given rule around digital marketing strategy planning;

Start-Ups follow the given rule around digital marketing strategy planning;


Academic qualifications that matches to the Online Marketing courses you opt for;

What is the minimum online marketing course module duration to complete either the digital marketing specialization or full certification program?

Checklist to follow while planning to join an Online Marketing training institute?

  1. Experienced Faculty who have good knowledge around theory & practical aspects of the Online Marketing subject
  2. Faculties are Google AdWords certified & Inbound Marketing certified to confirm, they can deliver their subject with the best of simplicity & aggression
  3. How is Online Marketing live projects assigned to every student, and expected results from students after working on those live projects?
  4. Minimum no. of students strength in a batch to provide 1-1 attention so that the students learning challenges are well-taken care during the course completion
  5. 360 Degree approach to analyze students understanding & progress
    • Communication evaluation & guidance
    • Understanding of the topic concepts evaluation & guidance
    • Class attendance evaluation & guidance
    • Avail to share new ideas or initiatives evaluation & guidance
    • Maintaining Blogs regularly evaluation & guidance
    • Assignment Performance evaluation & guidance
    • Presentation skill evaluation & guidance
    • Questioning & Answering capacity evaluation & guidance
    • Excel Training evaluation & guidance
    • Resume Preparation check & guidance
    • Online Marketing certification evaluation & guidance
    • Job Interview guidance
    • Project dedication & delivery

Different Digital Marketing Career Specialization courses?

Digital Marketing course can be divided into 2 segments;

Which is best Digital Marketing Course by Google & Others?


Why should I choose the digital marketing in the current scenario?


What are the ways to earn money online with digital marketing?


How do I start a Career in Digital Marketing & How to Do Digital Marketing?


Can I get through a digital marketing job opportunity without any digital marketing work experience?


How to do digital marketing course myself without joining any online marketing classes, If so, how?


Suggest any different digital marketing tools or tips for online business?


What are the various digital marketing implementations for an online website?


How good is a digital marketing certification career for an individual?


What are some of the top digital marketing strategies?


What is the best digital marketing advice for a great start & how to do digital marketing?


How do we combine digital marketing strategy with traditional media strategy?


Suggest few examples or case studies showcasing brilliant marketing or digital marketing strategies?

How important is content in a digital marketing business?

What are the regular keywords related to Digital Marketing Course searched in Google?

Here’s the list of keywords looked for in Google around the digital marketing training programs;

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social media marketing online course
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The Bottom Line:

If you are looking to get into the Digital Marketing career path, this information will certainly help you to be the part of Digital marketing. As a beginner, digital marketing courses are beneficial to kick-start your career. Once you master the digital marketing skills, there is nothing holding you back.

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Specializations in Digital Marketing that you Must Do!

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 How to Super Charge Your Career in Online Marketing

Online Marketing Training course is perfect for anyone who wants to get the knowledge and experience in the different kinds of Digital Marketing techniques. So that it will help them to begin the Online Marketing Career & take care of online marketing strategies of a company. Online Marketing Course will help you to plan, execute and get the right results for a website online.

First of all, let me tell you guys this blog is all about the below aspects –

Now, What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the marketing/advertising of products and services of a Brand or Company through Digital Marketing channels like –

Evolving a strong Digital Marketing plan for a website is an artwork combined with scientific technologies. You need to work on Digital Marketing strategies for a website with having clear-cut ideas on –

Why Digital Marketing Course?

There is no doubt that Digital Marketing Course has become the talk of the town. As the Scope of Online Marketing career is increasing, it is been trending subject which is becoming more and more popular and having demand among the youngsters.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Course

Now the question is, what are you going to achieve from this Digital Marketing Course?

Benefits of pursuing a Online Marketing Course

There are plenty of other benefits of doing a Digital Marketing Course, but here I have listed out the main points which you need to know. If you are still not convinced and having that question mark on your face, well, below I present you – The 7 Strong Reasons to have a Digital Marketing Career in 2018?

5 Incredible Internet Marketing Training courses in Bangalore

Now it is high time for you to understand the Digital Marketing specialization courses that you can do to pursue a Internet Marketing Career. Most of all, you will learn how to take care of the online marketing activities of your own company.

Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

Here are the 5 major Digital Marketing Courses that you need to know-

  1. PPC Google Ads Certification Course
  2. Google SEO Training Course
  3. Social Media Marketing Course
  4. Google Analytics Training Course
  5. Adobe Analytics Training Course

The above 5 Digital Marketing & Analytics Courses are having high demand in the market. Each technique is used by the online businesses to promote their product & services according to their purpose. Don’t you guys feel like you need to know much better about the each of above Online Marketing Courses and also when and where and who uses those techniques? There we go, let me give you furthermore ideas regarding these 5 Incredible Digital Marketing Courses!

PPC Google Ads Certification Course

Pay Per Click – PPC also called as Cost per Click – CPC is a Digital Marketing technique used by a large number of businesses who want to promote their business through Online channels. PPC Campaigns supports you to get a great Return on Investment (ROI) since it is delivering an immediate impression of your ads in top results of Google’s search results. And consequently, that will drive extremely targeted traffic. In addition to the above, we can say that PPC Google Ads Campaigns helps you in branding for your product & services. It will undoubtedly help you in increasing the ROI by conversion (increase in sales). Google Ads benefits marketers with its wide variety of targeting features. We can allocate the campaign budget efficiently in order to target the right audience.

PPC Google Adwords Certification

Benefits of Google Ads Certification Course

At the end of the Google Ads Certification Course, you will be having the ability to run and accomplish big or small PPC Google Ads account.  Those accounts may be having less number/ a large number of keywords. Most noteworthy you will be able to structure proper PPC campaigns. And also strategize the campaign to push paid clicks into conversion. Some of the other benefits of Google Ads Certification Course are –

Well, guys, it is a very interesting subject in Digital Marketing Course due to its huge number of targeting features available for PPC Analyst to target the audience. Note: More and more startups are emerging and trying to establish themselves among the well-established competitors who are already having an online presence among the targeted audience. So here we have a question? How will they be able to come in front of an audience from nowhere? The answer is by running Google Ads PPC Campaign! So that’s it guys, You need to understand the fact that every business who need to be there on the top of Google’s search engine result or wants to show their ads on other websites (Display Ads) or wants to show their short and crisp video ads on YouTube (Video Ads) – They need Google AdWords PPC Analyst!. Now here we have another question? How will you become that Google AdWords PPC Analyst?

Do a Google Ads Certification Course!  Simple as it is!

Google SEO Training Course

SEO Akka Search Engine Optimization is a Digital Marketing technique used to improve the organic traffic for a client’s website by achieving a better result or ranking in the search engine results. SEO helps a website to make its presence in search engine results and boosts the chances of getting traffic. The mindblowing factor about SEO is it is completely free! Isn’t it great when we are able to capture our audience with Zero Cost!

SEO Training Course

Benefits of SEO Certification Course

You don’t have to pay search engine companies like Google & Bing to show your ads in organic search engine results. A company only needs to pay Seo expert who is working on their website. This really makes a lot of startups to allocate a budget for SEO. Therefore every company who has a website strives to get an employee who holds SEO Course Certification And trust me guys in the year of 2018, we are having a huge demand for SEO analyst job profiles rather than any other specialization in Digital Marketing. So What are you waiting for? Check out the SEO Certification Training Course! Simple as it is!

Facebook SMM Course

Why is Social Media Marketing so powerful? Having a Social Media Marketing campaign is an excellent idea to influence the new customers. A Social Media Marketer can define specifically what sort of audience he wants to target and put your ad straight into their feed. You can also learn the basic content marketing when you do Social Media Marketing Course. In addition, the cost of running a social media advertising campaign is very low. It is cost-effective as you are able to determine a daily budget or a set an amount for the time period of the ad.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

What I am saying is Social Media should be part of students learning in the modern education system. Why Social Media? First of all, it is having a major role in everyone’s life and we have to guide our kids how to make use of social media in right way. And it will definitely help students and others to make a passive income as well. Well, if you want to make money or a profession in Social Media. First of all, you need to know the tricks and tips to use social media channels to promote the product and services of a business. How will you become that Social Media, Marketer? Do Social Media Marketing Certification Course!

Google Analytics Certification Training

Google Analytics is a tool given by Google to support every digital marketer. It will help to track and create accurate statistics of a website’s online performance. You will be able to measure and track the traffic and conversions from different channels through the Google Analytics tool. Most noteworthy you will be having a clear picture where you need to put an extra effort and where you need to be concerned.

Google Analytics Certification Course

Benefits of Google Analytics Certification Course

The consumer behavior report and the conversion reports that you generate from Google Analytics are two vital and valuable reports for your website. From the consumer behavior reports you will understand which web pages and audience are more engaging and which are not. The conversion reports are exceptional for knowing the consumer behavior and where your customers are dropping out in the conversion process. The above two are just a mere example of what you can do in Google Analytics for the betterment of your online business. But trust me, mates, there are a huge number of other beneficial things that you will only get from Google Analytics tool.

Let me tell you one more thing that may blow your head – Google Analytics tool is completely FREE! I know you guys will be wondering when you are benefitted with these kinds of stuff, why someone will provide these services for free? That is Google for you! Now let me tell you guys, a lot of businesses are running online businesses and having Digital Marketing strategies.

As Google Analytics is a free tool, they all are in need of candidates who are expert in the Google Analytics tool. Now the question is, how you can be the right candidate for those businesses?

Do a Google Analytics Certification Course! Simple as it is!

Adobe Analytics Training Certification

Adobe Analytics is a tool offered by Adobe for getting the accurate data of a website. It is using real-time analytics data through all the marketing channels. Adobe Analytics will understand the right audience and be enhancing online business with customer satisfaction.

Adobe Analytics Certification

Benefits of Adobe Analytics Training Course

Exhibit a thorough practical and theoretical knowledge of Adobe Analytics. Know how to determine and accomplish digital marketing strategies with help of advanced technology of Adobe Analytics. You will be able to handle the marketing budget in SEO, PPC, SMM, Affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing etc.

Adobe Analytics Course will give all the above benefits and a better career opportunity. If you want to pursue a career in the field of Adobe Analytics, You need to do an Adobe Analytics Certification Course I have kept it very simple for you to understand the Digital Marketing Courses that is trending now.

Thank you so much, guys, for reading. I hope you enjoyed and if you really have any suggestion or anything you want to notify us, you can comment it in the comment box or you can send a mail to [email protected]

Keep on Reading our blogs; Learn new things from us; Share with Digital Marketing Aspirants, & of course, Inspire yourself and others. Follow us on Facebook   Instagram & Youtube  for Latest Digital Marketing Trends & Tips. If you wish to start a Career in Online Marketing, then check out our –

Digital Marketing Certification Course 


Learn Share & Inspire – That is eMarketEdu Success Mantra!

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7 Pro Tips to Enhance Your Career in Digital Marketing

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Tips to Improve Your Skill Set in Digital Marketing Career

How to learn Digital Marketing or How to enhance my techniques in Digital marketing?

These are the repeated questions asked by people who want to start a Digital Marketing career or to build a bright future in Digital Marketing. In this blog, I am going to tell you guys some of the simple steps which you need to take care of your digital marketing strategies.

This blog is for those guys who are desperate to have a Great Career in Digital Marketing.

Enjoy Reading!

Digital Marketing Era Forever

Digital Marketing made the online marketplace a more attractive mode of doing business & also made it more affordable & even playground for every playmaker. But with time very few companies have capitalized on the true potential of this powerful segment of Marketing effectively.

Digital Marketing Simplified

Everyone Trying to Get Something Out of the World Wide Web

Digital Marketing: In simple terms marketing your online assets in the Digital Marketplace and with the right targeting options & relevant keywords.

Types of Digital Marketing Courses


Digital Marketing is one & the same thing whether implemented in Congo or America the only thing that varies is, how you use different channels of online marketing, your Digital Marketing strategies & How you prioritize your different Digital Marketing Channels? In this blog, I would like to share our experience of 14+ years in the Digital Marketing Industry both in training & as a consultant on, How you should proceed with your live campaigns so as to make most of it?

7 Tips to Boost Your successful Digital Marketing Career (डिजिटल मार्केटिंग में करियर)



#1: T-shaped marketer:

It is way back started in the 1990s again came into limelight in recent days. So many experts like Rand Fishkin (Ex MOZ), Mike Tekula, Neil Patel talked about this concept some supported and some denied. Basically, a T-shaped marketer refers to having in-depth knowledge of one subject and knowing the basics of other related subjects.

For example: Take the example of digital marketing,

This platform contains so many fields, such as:


T-Shaped marketer can lead b good digital marketing career

Image cerdites:MOZ

As shown in the above picture having sound knowledge in SEO and having a light level knowledge in other digital marketing fields. This skill sets benefits you to get success in the digital marketing career. A T-shaped marketer can handle unbalanced situations in a company but there a few aspects to take care of becoming a T-shaped marketer. Digital marketing is a platform in which all the wheels of a car have to run smoothly.  Though you have knowledge in many areas you should respect the expert in their own fields. Build up relationships to sail the boat of digital marketing career smoothly with harmony.


#2: Make SEO & Social Media the Karan-Arjun

Karan-Arjun in Digital Marketing

As said above to supercharge your career in digital marketing take the help of related fields. Search engine optimization & Social Media Marketing the most in-demand Digital Marketing channels at the moment. Both are dependent on each other and can surely affect website performance in terms of traffic & ranking if not done properly.

Search Engine Optimisation helps you to rank organically for relevant keywords by adding the relevant keywords as content as well as optimizing the website. At the same time, social media sites are traffic bombs ready to explode with high traffic if implemented in the right way. A majority of internet users are most active on Social Media websites for a long time rather than in any 3rd party websites.

In the initial stage of a website where ranking organically is a bit difficult, marketers can leverage this opportunity to drive traffic to their website from social channels thereby making branding for the company as well helping in direct traffic in the Future.

Also if a website has a lot of pages & not all pages have been indexed & users type in the search query box the company name, the Social Media profiles of the company will always come on the top results rather than other pages of the website due to high domain authority of the Social Media Websites. Here is a clever marketer, one should share the links to the pages which have not been indexed and drive the traffic through Social Media.

Example: When I type eMarket education, the SERP shows the Home Page followed by few Social Media Profiles which also helps us to drive traffic to our website. So for us, it’s very important to share key information on our social media sites with equal importance as we share on our website.

Digital Marketing Training Course

Yellow Box: Home Page Link & Red Box Link: Social Media Profiles


#3: Live SEO, Breathe SEO, Sleep SEO

The only Online Marketing channel that will give you results for your company. Once your SEO strategy or your website becomes 100% SEO optimized than a majority of your work is done in terms of Digital Marketing to rank your pages in the top results and that too you don’t have to pay anything to search engines for the same. It also ensures your traffic is not affected even though your competitors are bidding for the same keywords to have a better ranking. During cash crunch situations SEO only helps you to get traffic & generate leads.

Based on a survey from Statistics a majority of people prefer organic results rather than PPC results. 




Google SEO training

Google Loves SEO Optimised Websites with Quality Content 


#4: Bombard Creativity in your Website & Social Channels

People in this fast-moving world have very limited time to pay attention to any information shared until it is presented in such a manner that draws their attention to have a look in detail. The content making industry has also evolved over time from long text to short text to images to video to short videos & finally at the moment GIFs.

The current scenario demands creative content with short crisp size, i.e in max 6 seconds a company has to deliver the entire message to its targeted audience that too in a manner which really outnumbers from its competitors.

We as a Digital Marketing Institute believe Social Media marketing courses is 60% creativity & 40% learning. In the duration of the digital marketing course, we encourage our students to focus on their creativity skills.

For example, Volkswagen came up with a very creative ad to share the teaser of its coming car on Facebook.


#5: The World is in Mobile, Where are You?

When PC was invented it was the luxury for many but now the same device even laptops have become redundant for many. With the invention of smartphones, phablets, tablets, etc the world is moving towards handier & on the go usable devices.

Based on our experience as a Digital Marketing Institute & Online Marketing Agency, we have seen over the years more clients focus more on mobile devices & a majority of the website traffic also comes from mobile or apps. Some companies have also moved their business to mobile apps only. Social Media sites that have a large number of active users at any time of the day for any particular location also are witnessing a major shift in traffic from the desktop version to mobile applications. Acknowledging the heavy demand, Social Media giant Facebook also introduced many mobiles only kind ad copy formats like Mobile Canvas, 360 Degree videos & photos, etc. Even Google Mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches.

Learn Mobile SEO

Mobile is the Present of the Online World

Such changes give a clear indication that it’s time to go Mobile else the line may become busy for you later. So if you are not having a mobile-friendly website & not following mobile SEO practices it’s high time to decide on your priorities. 


#6: Use the Beauty of PPC Remarketing

Just like Leh-Ladakh is one of the most beautiful parts of the Himalayas, similarly, Re-Marketing is the beauty of Digital Marketing. But most companies either don’t use this feature or are not aware of what remarketing actually is?

Learn Google Adwords or Facebook remarketing

Re-Marketing: Re-targeting your website visitors who have bounced from your website with a new ad copy in order to attract them back to your website and initiate an engagement or any kind of action. Re-marketing can be done through Google Adwords or Facebook. Dynamic remarketing can also be done and is mostly used by e-commerce or travel-based companies where the same ad copy related to their search follows them for a specific period of time.

While creating the remarketing list in Google Adwords or a custom audience on Facebook be clear with the type of audience you want to re-target. If you have a large database of email ids of people subscribed to your blog then you can also re-target them using these data specifically to them only.


#7: Integrating SEO, PPC, Social Media & Email to get the best of the Digital Marketing results

Learn Digital Marketing Strategies

Integrating all Digital Marketing Channels for Better Results

Starting with a website but not sure how to market it?

Adding up to the above-mentioned points To boost your career in digital marketing having a basic knowledge of HTML and graphic design would help to make you stand out among the less technically minded candidates.

Enhance your networking with other digital professionals, make friends and contacts in the industry, and turn yourself into a potential candidate for new positions and jobs. This is a vital point brings you growth in the digital marketing career.

Strategies are something that the Best Digital Marketing Institute can teach and has to be completely decided and changed based on the product/service to be marketed, the target audience & and the location. However, the approach & subject remains the same. But there are certain things which can never be changed and these 7 ways are by default the strategies used by the maximum of companies doing Digital Marketing.


Learn Share & Inspire – That is eMarketEdu Success Mantra!

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If you wish to start a Career in Digital Marketing, then check out our –

Digital Marketing Training Course | Google Ads PPC Training Course | Advanced SEO Training Course | Social Media Marketing Course | Real Time Project Work




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Digital Marketing Training in Bhubaneswar

Posted on September 13, 2014 by Emarkt_Admin

Digital Marketing Training in Bhubaneswar Odisha

About eMarket Education, a digital marketing training institute located in Koramangala Bangalore with a branch office in Rasulgarh Bhubaneswar Odisha offering training in digital marketing channels including SEO, PPC Google AdWords, Social Media & Google Analytics as a whole. It strives to give the best online marketing knowledge to its students in both practical and theoretical aspects while educating them to take greater responsibility in Digital Marketing specialization in any organization.

Regarding the Google SEO Certification Program, Ranjan Jena will be offering a customized & practical session for students pursuing or completed engineering / management, freshers, job seekers, working professionals in Bhubaneswar, Odisha to explore and advance in Digital Marketing topics, tools & tactics, which is the next-generation job as everything is turning to Web/Internet.

Also click this link: “The Economic Times, which will surely help you in taking a decision to join this Digital Marketing courses or not?

As a part of the research, here are few comments from Facebook friends on the query; Can Digital Marketing (SEO or Google AdWords PPC or Social Media) be a career choice for B.Tech Engineering students?

Digital Marketing Training Videos

SEO Digital Marketing Course Objectives

The SEO Digital Marketing training program is designed to teach any passionate candidates the best of being able to understand, plan, implement and accomplish digital marketing promotions & performance around a given goal or objective for an online business.
Students from various graduation and post-graduation degree such as MBA, Engineering have been choosing this digital marketing as their career over the most hyped career options of the generation. In this link of Digital Marketing Career & MBA, Does it Work? you can see how the digital marketing and MBA is viewed and opted for a better career.
List of companies where our digital marketing graduated students  have been career placed is Yahoo India, CommonFloor, Grank, Regalix, Vayama, Refine Interactive, mFinite etc.
Note: Regarding Job Placement support, we as an institution is only committed to delivering the best of learning to perform in an interview, and if any chance, we get to know about a given job openings within our network or company’s calling us from Bangalore, then should be able to connect.
As part of the online marketing courses, each candidate will be trained on, how to rank for their own blog site or any of their existing projects (they can share with us) to perform on many future projects with learning in digital marketing tools, optimization and reporting techniques followed by a final examination. The trained Google & Hubspot certified faculty trainers will assure 100% guidance, consultation, and support during or after course completion.


Digital Marketing Course Outline (60+ Hours)

Note: Below is our previous program. the topics would be almost around the same with latest trend updates. Batch starts 19th May 2019.

Digital Marketing Skills

SKILL 1           –      Good Communication (Verbal & Written)
SKILL 2           –      Computer Savvy with a min of 30 words per minute typing speed
SKILL 3           –      Knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word & MS PowerPoint

Digital Marketing Batch Schedules

Batch 1            –      Morning Batch (Each Session of 2 Hours Theory + 1 Hour Practical)
Batch 2           –       Evening Batch (Each Session of 2 Hours Theory + 1 Hour Practical)

Digital Marketing Venue

Training sessions will be held at the given location;
3A, Commercial Complex, Vasundhara Apartments, Rasulgarh Bhubaneswar – 751010 (Odisha)


Note:: For assistance with Digital Marketing Course Fee in Bhubaneswar / Course Syllabus / Training Enrollment, please contact eMarket Education by phone on +91-9108273335;

Digital Marketing Course Fees for Bhubaneswar

       – INR 15,000 per participant (45 Days Duration)
       – Admissions are confirmed based on prior enrollment by paying a fee of INR 5,000
       – Confirmation is given on First Come First Basis
Enquire for New Batch Enrollment
Debendra Jena – +91-8249388247  |   | Rasulgarh BBSR, Odisha
Terms & Conditions
  • 100% Course Fee Payment before starting the Digital Marketing Training either by Cash or Cheque
  • Should maintain the “Required Skills” mentioned in the above point to join for this crash internet marketing course
  • There would be no commitment on “100% Job Support” from the Trainer’s end
  • Enrollment Fees would be non-transferable & non-refundable if the students in not joining the Advance marketing course
  • Workbook and relevant study handouts will be shared with the students during the course continuation
  • Classes missed wouldn’t be repeated until there is reasonable time at trainer’s hand to do it separately


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