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Digital Marketing Course after BTech Engineering

Posted on September 17, 2020 by Emarkt_Admin

Digital Marketing after BTech

According to a New Delhi-based company study, only 7% of engineers are suitable for core engineering jobs. There is no doubt that India is one of the leading countries in the annual production of engineering minds in the world. If a mere 7% aspire for core engineering jobs, what then happens to the rest of them?

Today, engineers graduating from universities in India are highly dynamic and understand the importance of an interest-based lucrative career option. As more students pursue non-engineering fields, where are most of them headed? The answer lies in Digital Marketing.

Why Digital Marketing after Engineering?

The popularity amongst students from BE/BTECH/MTECH for Digital Marketing is due to the far-reaching benefits that digital marketing provides; This is the main reason that most students from engineering backgrounds are opting for a Digital Marketing career

·      Room for Innovation

Most engineers tend to think rationally. They like to create, innovate, experiment, and research their findings. Conventionally, BE/BTECH/MTECH for Digital Marketers is a perfect platform to widen their horizons and constantly challenge their critical and creative thinking process. Therefore, not everyone can navigate through such fierce competition except those who are not afraid of being ingenious in their approaches. Since this ingenuity comes naturally to engineers, it makes them an excellent career option.

·      Great Pay Scale

Digital marketing promises the most lucrative salary packages in the industry. The reason why digital marketers get paid a lot is that the demand for good marketers outweighs the number of actual digital marketers. Therefore, a prospective business or client does not hesitate to pay big bucks to intelligent individuals who can assure quality digital marketing services. Apart from this, you can always become a blogger or freelancer and have a personal venture in digital marketing. On the other hand, with attractive pay packages, the client seeks to gain revenue from business through efficient marketing strategies. This, therefore, is a win-win situation for all.

·      Demonstrating Problem Solving Abilities

If you search Online Marketing Courses, you will understand that the course itself is an attempt to teach techniques to solve real-life marketing problems. By equipping students with the knowledge of technicalities, the course enables them to strategize and objectivize their client’s priorities rightly. Most engineering students harbour a knack for problem-solving and have critical differential thinking skills. However, in the course of ordinary job profiles, they are not satisfied as this ability does not blend with their core competencies. Whereas, in Digital marketing, they are challenged constantly to reinvent existing paradigms to innovate newer strategies to maximize their clients’ gains.

·      Job Stability

Every professional aspires for a fulfilling and stable job. However, an engineer is constantly battling automation and mechanization of work besides the monotony of software development. A recent study by AICTE reveals that more than 60% of engineering graduates are unemployed, and a staggering 95% are unsuitable for software development. However, in stark contrast, the career opportunities in the digital marketing field are unparalleled. As a freelancer or professional, you are the master of your skill. While there is significant ownership in the quality of work you do, there is also the added fact that there is no hire/fire risk. This ensures excellent job stability and much-needed job security.

·      Career Growth

Most professionals quit their jobs because either it is too mundane or not challenging enough. The scope of career growth is one of the significant points on which a professional evaluates his satisfaction level. Therefore, a job that challenges your set notions every time and forces you to think creatively can ultimately lead to job satisfaction. Digital marketing is one unique profession where every situation and every client will be unique. As a digital marketing professional, this requires you to think uniquely and strategize inventive ways to meet your objectives. Thus, the scope of evolving professionally is limitless.


As one of the most recently emergent fields, digital marketing has shown immense promise in a relatively small window of time. Combining social media’s benefits and IT soft skills, digital marketers have revolutionized industrial trade and commerce. The broad base and direct interpersonal reach that digital marketing after Btech establishes with its prospective consumer make it one of the most viable and successful marketing modes.



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Can I do Digital Marketing Course? I don’t have a Degree!

Posted on by Emarkt_Admin

Digital Marketing Course Qualification

Social media, today, has become an extremely powerful and potent platform. The direct interaction with the prospective customer has become possible due to it. Where commonplace marketing techniques have proved to be futile Digital Marketing has become the perfect solution to reach out to the maximum number of people to sell products or services. As digital marketing acquires popularity, more number of people are opting for professional courses specializing in Digital Marketing. Many reputed colleges and institutions are offering specialized courses as a part of their academic curriculum. However, deep research into the course curriculum and other factors are necessary. India’s answer to the Silicon Valley of the west, essentially, has been Bangalore. As one of the few places with a penchant for innovation, it has rightfully created a pivotal place as the “IT hub”. If you google Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore, you will find that many professionals are applying to institutes. These institutes are known to offer BE/BTECH for Digital Marketers. Many other professionals argue that digital marketing is essentially a business activity requiring specialization. This popular perception has led many other institutes and colleges to offer advanced specialized courses such as MBA for Digital Marketers. Thus the question posed by many is whether or not the scope of digital marketing is confined to a degree based academia? Truth be told, digital marketing is a vocation that occupies the grey space between technology and business. The rise of e-commerce culture today has transcended conventional degree-based academic learning. Apart from the online courses, there are many institutes and expert freelancers that have their own digital marketing courses. These are preferred by some of the leading organizations, corporates and individuals for skill training into this field. Digital marketer without a degree is no different from any other professional provided they have the same training and knowledge to handle the issues of prospective clientele.

How to learn Digital Marketing?

Anyone interested in promoting their business and maximizing reach by implementing latest techniques can simply Google Digital Marketing Courses. Among the search results, you can find various courses in the online as well as the offline modes, i.e., institutions or colleges offering degrees, diplomas or certified digital marketing courses. The special focus must be to understand and learn complex digital marketing concepts and strategically implement them to optimize returns for your clients. If you aspire to learn digital marketing, you need to know, how various channels can be used to intensify your reach to the target prospect cost-effectively.

How Can I Select the Right Course?

If you simply search Digital Marketing Courses Online you will be amazed to see that the internet replete with various courses that can help you. You must understand the online marketing tools and know, how to operate them for the best result. The right course for you therefore, will help you to grasp the requisite skills and knowledge for effectively marketing the business. As a digital marketer, you must choose the course that facilitates a proper understanding of skill-sets and tools.

What are the practical benefits of the course?

The benefits of digital marketing are plenty. They not only help in the specialization of skill-set but also help you to gain a professional edge over your peers. The following benefits are primarily why you should consider a digital marketing course –

Digital marketing maximizes your reach to the target audience in the most cost-effective manner. Many tools and software help a digital marketer to broad base his customer reach. By maximizing the consumer base, an entrepreneur can intensify the effectiveness of the promotional activity. A wider reach also helps to facilitate massive sales turnovers and boosts profits for your business.

Only a textbook understanding of the key concepts never facilitates a complete understanding. Apart from theoretical knowledge, practical exposure is also key to an excellent business idea. Practically using the software and tools as well as strategizing your client’s business promotion is one of the exciting facets of digital marketing. The effectiveness of any campaign is solely reliant on you. Therefore, as a digital marketer primarily, you have to assess your client’s needs and strategize a solution keeping in mind the restrictions of his budget. The technical expertise is much later. This means you handle the business promotion end-to-end to deliver the best results.

Unless a candidate can understand which, specific tool facilitates which function, they cannot perform the task efficiently. Apart from knowledge of essential functions, you are also exposed to the necessary tools and software. There are plenty of free as well as paid tools and software that can be used for various purposes. The usage of these can vary for different purposes such as analytics generation, Cost per click monitoring etc.

Combining various techniques for the best results

As a Digital Marketer, you will have to combine and co-ordinates various digital marketing campaigns to maximize its reach and promote it best. Not only this, sometimes you may even have to utilize digital marketing techniques such as SEO and combine them with traditional marketing techniques such as video selling and E-mail Marketing, depending on the product or the end-user as the case may be. Thus, choosing a particular online free course may depend on individual interest and perception of what you want to learn. Most businesses are often faced with one question persistently. That is, how to target and convert leads. The solution to this issue is not as easy as it may appear. To understand these a few paradigms have to be understood better. With a refresher course and understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing, you can market your products and services better and are also able to facilitate a better understanding of how to cater to potential target consumer base better.

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Digital Marketing Course after MBA Marketing

Posted on by Emarkt_Admin

Courses after MBA Marketing

These days the struggle to find employment that suits your skillset is very important. Employment must carry within it, adequate opportunities to chart career growth and challenges to demonstrate skills and talents. A vocation that can provide both are deemed as extremely rewarding and is bound to give you high job satisfaction. This is the reason that most people opt for an MBA degree in a specialization that matches their skills. However, modern trade and commerce are increasingly becoming digitized, and modern marketing techniques are becoming obsolete.

How then should an MBA tackle this issue?

The advent of social media has created newer opportunities to promote your business. Due to the direct interaction with the prospective customer, it is relatively easier to reach out to the maximum number of people to sell your product or service. However, targeting many people at once can be tough. This is where commonplace marketing techniques prove to be futile. If you aspire to learn digital marketing, you need to know how various channels work?

Furthermore, you need to understand the right utilization to intensify your reach to the target prospect cost-effectively. Sadly, this is easier said than done. This is because, for the uninitiated, the world of digital marketing can be confusing and chaotic. After all, it is extremely technical.

How to Edge Out Competition as an MBA graduate?

MBA is a postgraduate course that specializes in an aspect of Business Administration such as finance, human resources, sales, and marketing, etc. MBA graduates are deemed to have an edge over the others due to the superiority of their knowledge and skill. However, with Digital Marketing revolutionizing the industry, the conventional tactics of an average MBA are becoming decadent. The only way to cope with obsolescence is to strive to update yourself constantly. Thus, most people want to pursue an MBA in Digital Marketing.

The problem does not manifest singularly and is affecting both sides. Many people argue that digital marketing is an intermediate step between technology and commerce. Therefore, it is posited that both are inter-dependent disciplines. Digital marketing channels though extremely effective work best when combined with other marketing techniques too. Therefore, to fill this wedge, there are many institutions that offer professionals a second chance by providing MBA for Digital Marketers.

In what ways can a Professional pursue Digital Marketing?

With the e-commerce culture slowly planting a firm foot in Indian markets, many institutes and expert freelancers are offering Digital Marketing Courses. These are preferred by some of the leading organizations, corporates, and individuals for skill training in this field. These courses help you to understand and learn complex concepts and strategically implement them to optimize returns for your clients.

Bangalore being the IT Hub, has many renowned institutions and universities that offer a certified course including eMarket Education Institute. Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore is an advantage due to the amount of industrial exposure and practical training you will get. However, presently, many professionals who are pursuing full-time vocations want to learn digital marketing at their own pace. This flexibility is provided if you pursue any of the widely acclaimed Digital Marketing Courses Online

What are the Benefits of a Digital Marketer?

As a Digital Marketeer with a prior background in MBA, your client’s challenges manifest as your opportunities. It helps to cement your goodwill in the market and establish you as a leading figure that can cater to a wide variety of issues of a wide variety of clients. However, the following advantages are most noteworthy –

  1. Practical Problems

As a digital marketer, your clients come to you with some of the practical business challenges that they face. Your expertise and ultimately, reputation resides in how you tackle these efficiently. The finite resources that the client allocates to you as a budget further makes things complicated. Your skill is sharpened when you do the best with what is given to you. Optimum utilization of resources and effective resolution of practical problems are your guiding forces. As a professional digital marketer, you will be constantly challenged through such practical problems and will be able to grow through them.

  1. Customizing Solutions

The tenets of the MBA course are not lost in the world of digital marketing. Indeed, it is true that no two businesses are alike, whether it be in operations, goals, or any other aspect. Thus, your job is to think constantly and quickly to customize solutions as per the client’s business requirements. Since there is no set formulae and no perfect mold, you will constantly be striving. The struggle to strategize and keep all factors in check while ensuring deliverance of assured returns is what will sharpen your textbook conceptions. Digital Marketing will not only require you to delve from your existing knowledge pool, but it will also require strategizing solutions with experience. This is the only way to gain the requisite expertise.

  1. Garnering Goodwill

Traditional Marketing is not divorced from its digital counterpart. Thus, as a seasoned professional, the more holistically you meet the objectives of your client’s business, the faster you climb the ladder of success. The best advertising even today is word of mouth. Your deliverance and diligence are sure to garner fame and goodwill your way. This is because the greater number of satisfied clients you have, the more business volume you will get. This will augment and cement your position as a leading professional who is capable of handling any challenges in the industry.

  1. Professional Growth

The most important element in any professional’s career is the growth they can achieve. Many professionals who feel their work profile is mundane and are not able to grow professionally hunt for better opportunities. Every client and every assignment brings forth a new challenge and manifests newer opportunities for you to learn and grow.

Ultimately, as a professional who has a background in MBA, you need to understand an important aspect. That is, business and technology are slowly integrating into one finite process. Thus, the faster you are at sensing the opportunity and transitioning into Digital Marketing, the better it is for you, professionally!

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How Can One Pursue Online Marketing Course?

Posted on August 20, 2020 by Emarkt_Admin

One of the most fascinating and versatile fields, digital marketing is a booming industry not only in India but across the world. With almost every business operating in the online medium, the demand for digital marketers is increasing day by day. But most often students are usually confused about how to pursue a Digital Marketing Course. At present, digital marketing jobs are the most in-demand for today’s marketing departments. Moreover, advertising and the ability to create high-quality content rank as the most sought-after skill. So, let’s take a look at how you can pursue a course on digital marketing to tap the growth of this huge market.

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue a Course in Digital Marketing

Well, there are no definitive eligibility criteria to pursue a course in Digital Marketing. But most employers would want to see that your skills are validated by an industry-recognized course. To pursue a Digital Marketing Online Course, you should have your class 12 mark sheet and pass certificate. Online courses are intuitive and in most cases, you would learn a vast number of aspects. With an online course, you can know about the fundamental skills to compete with others. These classes also help you with real-time scenarios where you would be required to apply your knowledge.

Opt for Micro-credentials

Always remember that the best online Marketing Course would help you earn various skills and techniques. But nowadays, employers are in search of those candidates who have various sorts of skills. A traditional degree in digital marketing would not help you gain momentum. Instead, you can opt for various types of certification courses which would help establish your skill set in front of the interviewer. This is where online classes come to the fore. Online classes on Digital Marketing deal with various types of aspects like social media marketing, content optimization, pay-per-click, etc. Possessing certificates in these skills would help you establish a successful career in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Specializations

Apart from micro-credentials, it is important for you to earn specializations in various aspects of digital marketing. Always remember that digital marketing is a vast field. You just can’t dream to build your career on the basis of a single degree. Specialization in some core aspects of online marketing would help you earn a fat paycheck. Here is the list of some of the digital marketing specializations to help you build a great career.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing Analytics
  4. Keyword Researcher
  5. Content Optimization

Note that all these specializations as mentioned above are relatively new and trending in the market. An online course in any one of these specializations would help you with a prosperous future.

From the points discussed above, it is clear that the best Digital Media Marketing Course would make you learn the latest strategies and techniques. So it is important that you select a course which best substantiates this notion. Digital Marketing is a growing field with immense abilities. Be wise to tap its potential!

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Different Designations in Digital Marketing Profile

Posted on by Emarkt_Admin

Digital Marketing Designations

Digital Marketing is the key to hold an in-demand profession. By identifying the potential of digital marketing, brands are now hiring people who are skilled in the art of promoting brands through the digital medium. This is the reason that the Digital Marketing Career scope has been able to attain high growth nowadays. Higher pay and multiple career choices are some of the integral components of digital marketing.

Well, the Digital Marketing Career Path looks exciting as there is a huge demand in promoting brands through the digital space. Digital Marketing roles and responsibilities are especially meant for developing a strong understanding of strategies like PPC, SEO, SEM and other techniques.

Here are some of the Digital Marketing Designations list for a Digital Marketing Career in India;

Social Media Marketing Manager

This is one of the best Digital Marketing Career Options you can ever have in your life. A social media marketing manager administers the social media accounts of a brand. They are responsible for creating original text and video content on social media. Also, they are the ones who manage the positive image of the brand in various social media platforms.

SEO Analyst

The designation of SEO Analyst is one of the most prestigious ones with great perks and pay. The Digital Marketing Career Growth in this particular designation is immense. In other words, you would have a lot of opportunities to excel as an SEO executive. As an SEO Analyst, your primary job function is to prepare detailed strategy reports for making your brand rank higher in search engines. You would also be asked to research on brand-specific keywords to improve the rankings of your company.

Analytics Advisor

Analytics Advisor is one of the most reputed Digital Marketing Career Opportunities. As an Analytics Advisor, your main role would be to monitor website traffic. You would also be required to suggest improvements that would be needed to make the website look better and user-friendly. Also, it is your responsibility to increase the net traffic of the company’s website.

Digital Marketing Copywriter

Nowadays, the Digital Marketing Career Scope is not only limited to a few job roles. It has expanded phenomenally in the last five years. The job of the Digital Marketing Copywriter best substantiates this fact. As a copywriter, your main responsibility would be to create quality content for web pages. Moreover, you would also be required to write digital ad copies for your organization’s specific customers. You have to work and collaborate with various teams to get quality leads. As a copywriter, your responsibility would be to help with the business pitches so that your company gets new clients.

Branding Executive

If you want a Digital Marketing Career in 2020, then there is nothing better than being a brand executive. However, you need to have flawless communication skills to excel in this job role. As a branding executive, you should be responsible to oversee the branding strategies of your company.

The above designations depict the Digital Marketing Career Growth in India. You need to possess a great digital marketing career objective to prove your mettle in these jobs.

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4 Key Modules in Digital Marketing Courses You Should Check Out

Posted on by Emarkt_Admin

Digital marketing courses are a set of various components of the digital marketing process that helps digital marketing experts create an impressive strategy for businesses. Simply, digital marketing allows businesses to advertise their products or services in the digital market through various channels such as websites, mobile apps, search engines, social media platforms and more. Although there is a wide range of marketing activities, we have listed a few key modules of digital marketing that are universally agreed upon.

What are the main subject modules in Digital Marketing?

It is the most crucial module of the digital marketing course. Any passionate professional who wants to start his career in the digital marketing field should learn SEO courses. SEO refers to making the content appropriate and worthy enough to rank on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The process of making the content SEO-optimized to make it appear on the first page of search engines is called SEO ranking. Join in the institutes that are offering training for online digital marketing courses to start your career as a digital marketer.

The name social media marketing itself says that this module enables digital marketers to promote the sites and content in social media platforms for increasing brand awareness. It deals with the methods of promoting the content in all social media platforms, including facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin and more. Digital marketers should be able to create result-oriented campaigns to run free and paid campaigns in social media platforms to help the clients reach their target customers.

The Google Adword courses are Adwords certification programs that are more popular in the digital marketing world. Google conducts a total of five exams and awards the certificates to the professionals who clear all the exams. There will be one fundamental exam followed by three advanced exams. The candidates who clear the fundamental exam are eligible to apply for the main exam for each category. The digital marketing professional who has successfully achieved the Google Adwords certification has more demand in the current market. Hence, Google Adword specialists are earning higher salaries when compared to other digital marketing experts.

Digital marketers should learn how to create and run marketing campaigns in different search engines. The search engine advertising module enables digital marketers to create paid advertisements and helps them to run campaigns in different networks. Digital marketers can advertise the content in Good Search Network, Google Play Console, Youtube Video Marketing, Display Network, Gmail and other Google Products with Google Adwords Online Advertising Tool to Generate Sales. Even though there are many best digital marketing training institutes in Bangalore, only a few are offering complete training in Google PPC courses.

The Conclusion

In addition to the above-mentioned ones, digital marketing includes many other modules such as content marketing, email marketing, online reputation management, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, lead generation and more. If want to become a digital marketing expert, join the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore that will provide training in all modules of digital marketing.

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Why Enroll for Online Digital Marketing?

Posted on August 11, 2020 by Emarkt_Admin

With the popularity of web services, internet and mobile devices, Digital Marketing or Online Marketing are making an outstanding contribution to advertising. Digital Marketing is the process of advertising services, products, and brands over the internet. Its broad scope includes the use of email, customer retention, electronic management of the client, and the use of mobile devices. Thus, enrolling in the best digital marketing institute in Bangalore as a professional career choice would pay you rich dividends in your professional life. The trend of Online Marketing is here to stay as the saga of the internet continues to spread various parts of the world.

Helps you to be Creative and Accurate

Digital Marketing also includes the creation and implementation of advertisements in the various cycles of customer engagement. Therefore, the best training institute for digital marketing  has to be creative and technically accurate. This form of marketing is generally used in conjunction with the traditional ways of marketing that use televisions, radios, and newspapers. With the growing popularity of the World Wide Web and its use in day to day life, online marketing at the best digital marketing institute is continuously growing and reaching out to a vast number of people.

Teaches you to reach out to a larger Audience

The use of mobile devices in this kind of marketing is also benefiting users and businesses. If there is an advertisement that can reach millions of people at a minimal cost to the company, it helps the target audience and the advertiser. Today, if we have to purchase an item, it can easily be searched for on the internet and purchased. If the search for an issue with an individual is managed, an advertisement relating to that item can later be shown to the customer.

Leverage the power of the internet with the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore

The internet connects billions of people worldwide. It provides the opportunity of reaching out to a target audience at a low cost. The effectiveness of advertising can easily be measured using tools like Web Analytics and Statistics. The various methods need to be tried out to know which form of Digital Marketing is best suited for the job. As the World Wide Web grows and connects, most people will be either businesses or customers in the world of Digital Marketing.

With the best digital marketing training in Bangalore and its well-equipped SEO training center, the aspirants can learn a lot of essential aspects of digital marketing. With the increasing penetration of internet services around the world, it has become necessary for many to learn the techniques of digital marketing. However, the best digital marketing Courses in Bangalore would give shape to your dreams with their rich syllabus and unique course content.

By undertaking a marketing training course in the best institute for digital marketing, the students would learn the various aspects of link building and Content Optimization. They can also get adapted to various SEO training modules that are based on real-time projects. Keeping in mind the advanced course contents and trends in the business industry, ACL Multimedia has an interactive and student-friendly syllabus that helps the students to learn the basics of SEO with ease.

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How Do I Get Digital Marketing Certificate From Google?

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Do you want to become a successful digital marketing expert? There are a plethora of companies offering online courses to countless aspirants who would like to gain certification in Digital Marketing. To get the fundamentals right and adapt to the real world of digital marketing, one needs to get training from a reliable and trustworthy source. Google is an unmatched champion in all such respects; Google Certifications for Digital Marketing will qualify you with new opportunities in this field.

Google offers legit certification after completion of the course program. There is an ample number of Digital Marketing Certification Courses provided by Google to assist people in enhancing their marketing skills and competencies.

Google helps amateur trainer to face real-world marketing concerns with its valuable courses. In fact, some of the courses are absolutely free of cost. So, suppose you are interested in digital marketing and still wondering how to get a digital marketing certificate from Google. In that case, you must complete one of the Google courses to obtain a bona fide certificate.

Best Google Certifications for Digital Marketing:

It is one of the elementary yet vital courses offered by Google. Here, a trainer gets to know the basic facts of AdWords as well as advertising. It helps them understand how to familiarise themselves with Google AdWords and manage a specific campaign. From managing to optimizing, the industry experts guide every trainer and make them understand the concept of digital marketing from scratch. The assessment contains around 65 questions that must be completed in one and a half hours. You will have to score more than 80% to earn the digital marketing certificate from Google.

This is one of the more widely used Google training courses, which takes five months to complete. The course is 6 hours/week. As a recipient of this course, you will get instructed and guided by industry experts, and this course also takes a hands-on and unique approach to training. It is one of the first-rate courses for anyone looking to improve their Digital Marketing training skills. In this course, the experts tell the trainer to comprehend several aspects of digital innovations and consumer behaviour.

Here, with the help of industry experts, you will be able to learn the tricks of an organization that can help you build an effective digital presence. After completing the course, you will be awarded the  Google digital marketing certificate.

This significant online course guides you to make, optimize, manage and display campaigns. A trainer can get complete guidance from the experts to be conversant with the knowledge of Google Display Network and Display campaign settings. They will need to take an assessment to earn a digital marketing certificate. It is mainly a beginner program, and the entire study material is available online. You get ample time to study and take the requisite assessment. Industry experts thoroughly guide you during the course.

The conclusion

Many students and professionals seek to learn digital marketing courses to build their careers in the digital space. Hence, training in Google courses is valuable as they can significantly help your career. It increases your chance of being one of the top-notch digital marketing experts once you complete the training and accomplish a certificate from Google.

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Factors to Consider While Choosing Online Marketing Institute

Posted on July 29, 2020 by Emarkt_Admin

Is there any online marketing institute in Bangalore that provides 100% job assistance? Besides the IT companies, Bangalore city is famous for many skill-based training institutes that offer training in various courses such as website designing and development, mobile app development, digital marketing, and more. Especially, Bangalore has some of the best online marketing institutes in India that offer high-quality job-oriented online marketing courses with 100% placement guarantee. Due to the pandemic COVID-19, most of the company are unable to market their products or services with offline and direct marketing. As a result, the digital marketing culture has been growing at a very rapid pace. Even though the abundance of students and professionals are seeking to learn digital marketing course to build their career in digital space, there are only a few top digital marketing training institutes in Bangalore that are able to consistently perform well. Here we have listed a few tips to choose the best institute for digital marketing training.

Why do You want to join the Digital Marketing Institute?

First of all, you need to identify your career goals and objectives. Whether you want to learn the basics of digital marketing or want to go for a full-integrated course. The basics of online marketing course give you a basic idea on digital marketing, whereas the integrated course gives you a complete overview of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Affiliate Marketing, Website Analysis, Email Marketing and more. In the digital marketing space, every area of specialization offers incredible job opportunities and career growth. eMarket Edu institute offers comprehensive digital marketing certificate courses that cover every area of digital marketing. It enables students to choose a course based on their area of interest, understanding ability, level of education and prior knowledge.

Check the Curriculum

As digital marketing is an evolving industry, it continues to revolutionize over time. So, before deciding to join an institution, check whether the course curriculum of digital marketing covers all the areas of digital marketing or not. We, at eMarket Edu institute, include all the latest and advanced methods and techniques of digital marketing in curriculum and provide high-quality training to the students to help them build their career in digital marketing. We will provide training on various popular tools like Google Webmasters, Google Analytics, MailChimp, etc.

Whether the Digital Marketing Institute Provide Placement Assistance?

If you want to learn the course for a job change, look for an institute that offers proper job placement assistance. eMarket Edu institute provides 100% job assistance to all the students who have completed the digital marketing course. So, you don’t have to waste your valuable time applying for unworthy jobs that may ruin in career.

The Conclusion

Digital marketing is obviously the best job-oriented course for students who have completed their intermediate or degree. If you want to become a digital marketing expert, join the best digital marketing institute in Bangalore or apply for online digital marketing classes in Bangalore. Even though there are numerous digital marketing institutes in Bangalore only a few institutes such as eMarket Edu digital marketing institute Bangalore offer online digital marketing courses as well as an offline course. So, you can complete the digital marketing course online whenever you are free.

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Fundamental of Digital Marketing for a Beginner – Best Guide

Posted on December 26, 2018 by Emarkt_Admin

Fundamental of Digital Marketing

A guide to, “What is Digital Marketing?” – Click Here

125+ Digital Marketing Blogs to Read for Beginners or Dummies – Click Here

Company Hierarchy in Digital Marketing;

  1. In-house companies
    • Large
    • Small
  2. Agencies
  3. MNCs
  4. Startups

In-house follow the given rule around digital marketing strategy planning;

Agencies follow the given rule around digital marketing strategy planning;

MNCs follow the given rule around digital marketing strategy planning;

Start-Ups follow the given rule around digital marketing strategy planning;


Academic qualifications that match the Online Marketing courses you opt for;

What is the minimum online marketing course module duration to complete either the digital marketing specialization or full certification program?

Checklist to follow while planning to join an Online Marketing training institute?

  1. Experienced Faculty who have good knowledge around theory & practical aspects of the Online Marketing subject
  2. Faculties are Google AdWords certified & Inbound Marketing certified to confirm, they can deliver their subject with the best of simplicity & aggression
  3. How are Online Marketing live projects assigned to every student, and expected results from students after working on those live projects?
  4. Minimum no. of students strength in a batch to provide 1-1 attention so that the students learning challenges are well-taken care of during the course completion
  5. 360 Degree approach to analyze students understanding & progress
    • Communication evaluation & guidance
    • Understanding of the topic concepts evaluation & guidance
    • Class attendance evaluation & guidance
    • Avail to share new ideas or initiatives evaluation & guidance
    • Maintaining Blogs regularly evaluation & guidance
    • Assignment Performance evaluation & guidance
    • Presentation skill evaluation & guidance
    • Questioning & Answering capacity evaluation & guidance
    • Excel Training evaluation & guidance
    • Resume Preparation check & guidance
    • Online Marketing certification evaluation & guidance
    • Job Interview guidance
    • Project dedication & delivery

Different Digital Marketing Career Specialization courses?

Digital Marketing course can be divided into 2 segments;

Which is the top Digital Marketing Course by Google & Others?


Why should I choose digital marketing in the current scenario?


What are the ways to earn money online with digital marketing?


How do I start a Career in Digital Marketing & How to do Digital Marketing?


Can I get through a digital marketing job opportunity without any digital marketing work experience?


How to do a digital marketing course myself without joining any online marketing classes, If so, how?


Suggest any different digital marketing tools or tips for an online business?


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What is the best digital marketing advice for a great start & how to do digital marketing?


How do we combine digital marketing strategy with traditional media strategy?


Suggest a few examples or case studies showcasing brilliant marketing or digital marketing strategies?

How important is content in the digital marketing business?

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The Bottom Line:

If you are looking to get into the Digital Marketing career path, this information will certainly help you to be the part of Digital marketing. As a beginner, fundamental of digital marketing are beneficial to kick-start your career. Once you master the digital marketing skills, there is nothing holding you back.

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