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4 Key Modules in Digital Marketing Courses You Should Check Out

Posted on August 20, 2020 by Emarkt_Admin

Digital marketing courses are a set of various components of the digital marketing process that helps digital marketing experts create an impressive strategy for businesses. Simply, digital marketing allows businesses to advertise their products or services in the digital market through various channels such as websites, mobile apps, search engines, social media platforms and more. Although there is a wide range of marketing activities, we have listed a few key modules of digital marketing that are universally agreed upon.

What are the main subject modules in Digital Marketing?

It is the most crucial module of the digital marketing course. Any passionate professional who wants to start his career in the digital marketing field should learn SEO courses. SEO refers to making the content appropriate and worthy enough to rank on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The process of making the content SEO-optimized to make it appear on the first page of search engines is called SEO ranking. Join in the institutes that are offering training for online digital marketing courses to start your career as a digital marketer.

The name social media marketing itself says that this module enables digital marketers to promote the sites and content in social media platforms for increasing brand awareness. It deals with the methods of promoting the content in all social media platforms, including facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin and more. Digital marketers should be able to create result-oriented campaigns to run free and paid campaigns in social media platforms to help the clients reach their target customers.

The Google Adword courses are Adwords certification programs that are more popular in the digital marketing world. Google conducts a total of five exams and awards the certificates to the professionals who clear all the exams. There will be one fundamental exam followed by three advanced exams. The candidates who clear the fundamental exam are eligible to apply for the main exam for each category. The digital marketing professional who has successfully achieved the Google Adwords certification has more demand in the current market. Hence, Google Adword specialists are earning higher salaries when compared to other digital marketing experts.

Digital marketers should learn how to create and run marketing campaigns in different search engines. The search engine advertising module enables digital marketers to create paid advertisements and helps them to run campaigns in different networks. Digital marketers can advertise the content in Good Search Network, Google Play Console, Youtube Video Marketing, Display Network, Gmail and other Google Products with Google Adwords Online Advertising Tool to Generate Sales. Even though there are many best digital marketing training institutes in Bangalore, only a few are offering complete training in Google PPC courses.

The Conclusion

In addition to the above-mentioned ones, digital marketing includes many other modules such as content marketing, email marketing, online reputation management, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, lead generation and more. If want to become a digital marketing expert, join the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore that will provide training in all modules of digital marketing.

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How Do I Get Digital Marketing Certificate From Google?

Posted on August 11, 2020 by Emarkt_Admin

Do you want to become a successful digital marketing expert? There are a plethora of companies offering online courses to countless aspirants who would like to gain certification in Digital Marketing. To get the fundamentals right and adapt to the real world of digital marketing, one needs to get training from a reliable and trustworthy source. Google is an unmatched champion in all such respects; Google Certifications for Digital Marketing will qualify you with new opportunities in this field.

Google offers legit certification after completion of the course program. There is an ample number of Digital Marketing Certification Courses provided by Google to assist people in enhancing their marketing skills and competencies.

Google helps amateur trainer to face real-world marketing concerns with its valuable courses. In fact, some of the courses are absolutely free of cost. So, suppose you are interested in digital marketing and still wondering how to get a digital marketing certificate from Google. In that case, you must complete one of the Google courses to obtain a bona fide certificate.

Best Google Certifications for Digital Marketing:

It is one of the elementary yet vital courses offered by Google. Here, a trainer gets to know the basic facts of AdWords as well as advertising. It helps them understand how to familiarise themselves with Google AdWords and manage a specific campaign. From managing to optimizing, the industry experts guide every trainer and make them understand the concept of digital marketing from scratch. The assessment contains around 65 questions that must be completed in one and a half hours. You will have to score more than 80% to earn the digital marketing certificate from Google.

This is one of the more widely used Google training courses, which takes five months to complete. The course is 6 hours/week. As a recipient of this course, you will get instructed and guided by industry experts, and this course also takes a hands-on and unique approach to training. It is one of the first-rate courses for anyone looking to improve their Digital Marketing training skills. In this course, the experts tell the trainer to comprehend several aspects of digital innovations and consumer behaviour.

Here, with the help of industry experts, you will be able to learn the tricks of an organization that can help you build an effective digital presence. After completing the course, you will be awarded the  Google digital marketing certificate.

This significant online course guides you to make, optimize, manage and display campaigns. A trainer can get complete guidance from the experts to be conversant with the knowledge of Google Display Network and Display campaign settings. They will need to take an assessment to earn a digital marketing certificate. It is mainly a beginner program, and the entire study material is available online. You get ample time to study and take the requisite assessment. Industry experts thoroughly guide you during the course.

The conclusion

Many students and professionals seek to learn digital marketing courses to build their careers in the digital space. Hence, training in Google courses is valuable as they can significantly help your career. It increases your chance of being one of the top-notch digital marketing experts once you complete the training and accomplish a certificate from Google.

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How Should One Start A Career In PPC As A Fresher

Posted on January 9, 2020 by Emarkt_Admin

How to Start a Career in PPC Google Ads as a Fresher [Complete Guide]

Here we discuss how one should start a career in PPC Google Ads as a fresher. Every journey begins with a decisive first step that can eventually lead to success.

There is an apt saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” The best motivational quote for any individual on the threshold of choosing his/her ‘right job’. This keeps them interested in their occupation for a lifetime without wandering away to look for other opportunities. Once we step out of university, we always have a common objective. It is to fetch a job in a celebrated organization with a desirable pay package.

Very few people stick on with their first jobs. The ratio is around 1:2. Every student after college takes time to orient themselves to a professional setup and adapt to an ambience of a professional establishment. A college life versus a professional life is poles apart. A mentor or guide who has already been exposed to working and is familiar with what professional life is all about can advise suitably.

To understand the work culture better in a company, questions such as how to select a company, which would be an appropriate role, etc., require appropriate guidance. The advantage of mentors and guides is that they can help and encourage us, give us advice and suggestions on how to kickstart one’s career, the challenges in the said role, how to overcome them, and so on. Everyone stepping into the professional sphere will face challenges and hardships that can be tackled with inherent virtues like tolerance, patience, foresight, and advice from senior and experienced professionals.

Experience brings results.

As a fresher, the most compelling questions one would have are: –

  1. How to be part of an MNC

  2. Will it give an attractive pay package

  3. What would be the growth prospects

Every fresher should focus on getting sufficient work experience to upgrade one’s skills, to comprehend and appreciate what professional life is all about. They would also need to multitask and adapt to the dynamic professional environment.

For a high-growth industry like Digital Marketing, one must have the zeal to learn, dedication and determination towards work, and time management skills. The best way to excel career in PPC Google Ads is to take recognised training from a reputed institute. Training from reputed institutes trains you and teaches you to handle multiple projects when you start as a fresher in a company.

Training in PPC is ideal as your interviewer will immediately know your skill sets and achievements due to this course you have undertaken. This training teaches you to manage things seamlessly, wherein the trainer helps to instruct you in many informative and useful ways to assist you in your career path.

Some of the essential things that you must learn before you start your career in PPC:

Communication skills you should possess:

  1. Verbal communication
  2. Written communication
  3. Willingness to ask questions
  4. The ability to listen

Things that you must give Eye for detail:

  1. Keywords: As a Digital Marketer the power of keyword research lies in better understanding your target market, and how your audience is searching for your content, products, and services. As a fresher in PPC, you have to understand what type of keywords you must use to reach your audience. As you know, in keywords both short-tail and long-tail keywords play its own role depend upon the searcher.
  2. Match types: Your campaign optimization is fully dependent upon Keywords and match type. Optimizing your AdWords match type is crucial because it allows you to avoid unnecessary spend on irrelevant clicks. You really have to utilize keywords matching options in an effective way.
  3. Bidding Options: A bid is the most you’re willing to pay for a click on your ad.If you can manage your bids, you may influence the amount of traffic to your ads, as well as the Return On Investment (ROI). The process is very simple, if you have a good amount of budget, you can bid for a higher amount where there are more chances of getting huge traffic for your ad.
  4. Audience lists: In Google Ads, Once the tag is added to your site or app, it will collect data and add people to relevant lists. Setting up an audience source is very important so that you can remarket to your target audience list that you have created.
  5. Benefits: See all of your remarketing lists in one place.



These skills are a ready reckoner for every beginner. There are several other essential skills that you must learn along the way. The skills required are more than just understanding the technical aspects of paid search. So, pull up your socks, follow the above tips, and get ready! Soon you will be on the right track to getting your dream job.


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Advantages of Google Ads certification for students

Posted on October 9, 2018 by Emarkt_Admin

Importance of Google Ads Certification for Students

Know Why you Should get Google Ads Certified?

Google Ads Certification for Students!

Before we start our core discussion here, just go through the below questions –

Google Ads Certification Questions

Well folks, if you have these kinds of questions in your mind, let me tell you that you have come to the right place to find the solution. I am going to tell you all the answers for the above queries related to Google Ads Certification for students.

Understanding Google Ads Advertisement Tool

Listen, mates, before you try to understand the benefits of Google Ads certification, I think it is better I help you to understand the Google Ads tool.

Understanding Google Ads Advertisement Tool

Let me just give you a brief explanation here.

Google Ads is an advertising method through online by Google. This tool supports the business people to target and reaches their potential customers immediately. Google Ads allows website owners to show their online advertisements on Google’s network.

Companies can show their ads in the formats of text ads, images ads, gif ads, video ads. Let me tell you in much detail – When customers type any business related keywords of yours, you can show your ads on search engine results.

All you need to do is target those keywords and bid for those and pay when your targeted audience clicked on the ads. Google Ads allow you to target only customers who are seeking for the product & services that you provide.

Here the biggest advantage is you can show your ads on top of the page results in Google. In a similar way, you can show you display ads on Google’s search partner sites. When you go to YouTube and see any video, have you come across video advertisements by Google? Where you will get the option to skip ads within 5-6 seconds. All these ads are created through the Google Ads tool.

I can guess, what questions are running in your mind right now.

A lot of questions will be there, let me give you – Google Ads Certification Program.  

What is Google Ads Certification

The Google Ads certification is a certification given by Google for those people who exhibit ability in all the aspects of the subject in Google Ads.

Google Ads Certification

Google Ads Certification enables a person to prove to everyone that Google accepts them as a specialist in Digital marketing through Google Ads tool. Now let me tell you how you can pass the exams – In order to get certification in Google Ads, one candidate needs to pass the Google Ads Fundamental exam and one among other additional exams.

Important Google Ads Examinations

You can find out these exams at Google Academy, where you will find plenty of examination and tutorial videos by Google. I haven’t listed out all the available exams in Google academy, but whatever is important for an aspiring student, I have added above.

Google Ads Certification for Students

 Google Ads Certifications are really good to have for those students who are looking to have –

Google Ads PPC Career

Suppose if you are a student who pursuing your studies and wants to get a job right after your completion of the job, I would definitely recommend you to have Google Ads Certification. Because the certification is given by Google, you are literally taking the value of your resume to the next level.

As a student who doesn’t have any work experience, but with Google’s recognition, your chances of getting placed after the academic year are more.

But is it enough to grab a digital marketing job in the market?

You will find out answers down.

Benefits of Google Ads Certification for Students

Let me take out and clarify all those queries regarding the Google Ads Certification. Here we go –

1) Who all can do Certification in Google Ads?

Google doesn’t keep any restrictions on giving certification to all. All you need to do is register in Google Academy with your mail id and follow the guidelines given by Google. There is no requirement of particular educational qualification, age limit, or any sort of limitations for writing Google Ads Certification.

Who can Do Google Ads Certification

We offer the best Digital Marketing Training program and placement after completing the course. So, don’t ever concern about criteria, eligibility to possess certification in Google Ads. It is widely open to all.

2) Benefits of Google Ads Certificate

With the help of Google Ads certifications, you can demonstrate your proficiency and skills in the above segments in Google Advertisements.


3) The job just after completing the Certification in Google Ads

 This is the most commonly asked question among students,

Can I get a job with Google Ads Certification?
Is it the last thing I want?

PPC Google Ads Job

Read our blog about  GOOGLE ADS CERTIFICATION IN DIGITAL MARKETING INTERVIEW. Just go through it and you will definitely understand the importance of Google Ads Certification in a job interview.

And just in case if you’re concerned or have a query about the scope of Career after Google Ads certification. Let me tell you if you are interested to start a career in Digital Marketing. You know everything goes online now, businesses are targeting their customers in the online market. They require specialists who can run their campaigns efficiently and bring targeted numbers.

So for all the companies who want to target their audience through an online podium, requires a Digital Marketer. There is no particular industry for digital marketers; you guys are welcomed to all the industry that needs Digital marketing services. Don’t worry about the Scope of Digital Marketing Career

Google Ads Certification is an Added Advantage for Students

Advantages of Google Ads Certification for students

Yes, so that is what I have to say for the students who would like to do Google Ads Certification.

Bottom Line is – Google Ads Certification is an added Advantage for Students.


For Latest Digital Marketing Trends & Tips. If you wish to start a Digital Marketing Career, then check out our –

PPC Course | Google SEO Certification  | SMM Course


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Importance of Google AdWords Certification

Posted on June 19, 2018 by Emarkt_Admin

Value of Google AdWords Certification

Google ads Certifications are important for all the candidates who are preparing to have a Digital Marketing Career or a PPC Analyst/Executive job. All the companies will undoubtedly see whether the individual is holding PPC Certifications. And in case if you don’t do the Google Ads Exam, your possibility of getting the job is less.

Let me tell you about the importance of Google ads certification in the industry

PPC Google AdWords Tutorial by Ranjan Jena

Most Common Questions about Google Ads Certification & Its Importance

Digital Marketing Adwords Certification by Google:

You will get a lot of Adwords Certification from Google Academy. It is great to do the certifications in all the core subjects. But I would suggest you guys should pass the following Google Certification exams –

Is Google Adwords Certification worth it?

Getting jobs in Digital Marketing or as a PPC Analyst/Executive by having only Certification in that respective subject is not enough, rather it’s just a way to get into Digital Marketing interviews. For example, When a recruiter is looking for candidates for a management role, they will surely look for candidates who hold an MBA degree.

In the same way, BE Engineering degree for Engineering job roles. So obviously companies will look for candidates who own Google ads Certification for Digital Marketing job role. You are not eligible to attend the job interview without having the Google Adwords Certifications. This Certification Program is only giving you extra support in an interview. It will surely add value to your career & profile. But still, we have seen a lot of people who own Google ads Certifications but still don’t have much knowledge on the subject. It is all about –

Getting a Google ad Certification is easy, but what matters is acquiring the subject knowledge! When you know the subject very well, you will be able to answer the interview questions with reasonable points.

Google ads are all around applying various strategies for various companies.

Benefits of Google Ads Certification for Job

In order to pass the interview and grab a Digital Marketing job, you need to be having a very good understanding of the Digital Marketing subject. Digital Marketing service is all about delivering numbers for your client. Delivering the targeted numbers within the time span is very important. As a Digital Marketer, you need to know the steps you need to take while you take up a project.

And the steps you need to follow during the project, and do you think a Google ads Certification will support you to achieve your Digital Marketing Goals? Never!

digital marketing certification by google

It is all about your proficiency in campaign management which will assist you in achieving your goal. So every recruiter will see whether the candidate possesses these qualities. For a candidate to get a job in a Digital Marketing job, you must have some sort of experience in managing Digital Marketing projects in SEO/PPC/SMM.

That is the time when you need a Course in PPC Google AdWords Certification of Google

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