8 Reasons for PPC Google Ad Disapproval

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Ad Dis-approvals come hand in hand as working with Google Ad-words account. Google keeps on updating new policies for the improvement of accounts and restricts the privacies for concerned matters. Google ensures the security and privacy of everything and that’s the main reason for having thee guidelines of the violating terms. Once an ad is set on live, first it gets into under review mode for checking all the norms and once it has been checked it is approved or else a notification drops in as disapproved with the reason of the same. It takes some hours to get the approval done for the google ads.

 8 Common Reasons for Disapproval Google Ads Infographic

Most Common Reasons for Ad Dis Approvals in Google Ads

Google has some specifics terms and condition that every google ads account have to get with it and the various reasons that the ads get disapproved are:

Conclusion: Google ads are the most sophisticated way to show up our ads in goggle and make a profit out of it but everything has some terms and conditions for the betterment of the work. Same as google ads have some guidelines for everyone to follow up and get profited in the correct channel without tampering any violations.

Joining the Google Adwords Training is a good way to start with a career in Ad-Word PPC marketing, the course empowers students with the right skills required to be a professional Ads specialists.




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Pay Per Click also known as Cost Per Click was introduced in 2002. Until then, advertisements were charged at CPM i.e. Cost-Per-Thousand impressions or Cost-Per-Mile.

PPC is commonly associated with first-tier search engines (such as  Google Ads and Bing Ads). With the help of Search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market.

When you are involved in online marketing, make sure that you follow only effective and ethical marketing map work. Pay per click is the quickest and approved the method of posting your ads on the internet. Using this technique, you can make your products and services visible to your existing as well as potential customers.

Most important, every PPC professional should obtain a high ranking and more visibility through their ads on the internet. Every client’s expectation is to see their website ranking on the first page of the search engine. Being held responsible for their campaign, it is necessary to use more relevant keywords and ad copy in order to help the client to make their website appear in the top position. In this way, you can build a good relationship with the client and gain a competitive business advantage in the market.

So, how does one can become a PRO in PPC? More than a formal degree you need to have professional training to run your ads.

You may come across many live examples, how a PPC beginner became an expert. The answer lies within, it’s all about dedication, determination, thinking ability, and efforts. But, having said that, some companies also give the opportunity to beginners as well to work with their esteemed organization. We all know that ‘A Successful Company was once a Start-up’.

Having excellent paid advertising skills is important, but staying updated with the latest changes is a challenging task. Google launches AdWords changes every week and if you want to be successful with your advertising efforts, make sure that you are updated with the latest trends in the industry.

Now, let’s try to understand, what are those Top 10 things required to become expertise while completing your PPC course for 100% Job Placement.











The Bottom Line:

There are many circumstances where you will require to use all the necessary skills to make your client’s business website to have a better position. If you are not familiar with pay per click advertising, then you may want to consider taking it slowly so that you can test out your investment. But, it is most important to understand all these factors and measures before you implement them. And you can learn only through taking PPC Google Adwords certification course and practicing on a regular basis.





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7 Types of Google AdWords Certifications

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Types of Google Certification Program

Google Adwords Certification is one certificate that you need to have if you’re really looking to gain some knowledge in PPC subject. As a beginner who is aspiring to have a bright career in the Google AdWords field, you should know the significance of understanding Google’s Ads policy and management process.

Now, Why to get certified? Certificates are normally provided from a group to the people who have shown their proven talent or proficiency in a subject. By getting the certification in the desired subject, you set yourself as an expert in that subject.

Let us talk about Google Adwords Certificate which is now known as Google Ads Certificate. When Google started the certification program, it was known as Google Advertising professionals. Then in 2010 Google changed that name to Google Adwords Certification and now in 2019, it is known as Google Ads Certification.


In this article, I am going to discuss –


How to get Google Adwords Certificate?

You need to login to Google academy for ads for writing Google AdWords certification exams. It is another wonderful product from Google where you can simply log in and Learn PPC and different campaigns that you can run in Google’s platforms.

Academy for Ads is a training programme center by Google in online where you can develop your skills in Google ads. Google hasn’t set any criteria for attending the Google ads course or for writing the Google Adwords certification exams. Anyone who wants to or handles the Google ads tool to run ads on Google search engine and on its partner’s sites can access to the academy.

So the first and the most important point is that anyone can do the Google Adwords Certification program.

To get a Google Adwords Certification, you have to pass the Fundamentals exam and also one among other specialization exams available in Google Ads.

Types of Google Ads Certifications in Google Academy for Ads

Every business will be having different online marketing requirements and Google has options that will meet those requirements. Google has a variety of campaign networks in Google Ads for advertisers to run a campaign on the search engine, and on Google’s partner websites. You can run campaigns in different ad formats, like text, image, gifs, and video.


We have different types of Google AdWords certifications based on the above requirements. They are;

  1. Google Ads Fundamentals
  2. Google Ads Search Certification
  3. Google Ads Display Certification
  4. Google Ads Mobile Certification
  5. Shopping ads Certification
  6. Google Ads Video Certification
  7. Digital Sales Certification

Google Ads Fundamentals

Google Ads Fundamentals

Google Ads Fundamentals exam is covering the fundamental idea and standard theories of digital marketing and ads on Google. It includes the advantages of online advertisements, different strategies and ways to manage and optimize the Google Ads campaigns. You may feel like advertising your product and services will be complicated. But Google Ads makes it so simple. You can learn the basics of the campaign set up and settings which is appropriate for you.

Google Ads Search Certification

Google Ads Search Certification

  Google Ads Search Certification exam covers all the questions related to the search network campaign on Google. By learning this, you will get to know how you can create the ads which will appear on Google search results and on those sites which are associated with Google. When people type a keyword and that search term triggered for your targeted keyword, you will be able to show your ads on top results.

Well, that is a very small and laments explanation, but if you really want to exhibit that, you are a specialist in running search network ads, then you need to write and pass this Google Ads certification.

Google Ads Display Certification

Google Ads Display Certification

Google Ads display certification will cover all the questions related to the display network campaigns. Display campaigns will enable businesses to target audience when they are browsing online websites, YouTube videos, Gmail account or using applications.

Google Ads Mobile Certification

Google Ads Mobile Certification


• There will be a total number of 70 questions

• You will get 90 minutes to write the exam

• You need to score 80% to pass the exam

You all know that usage of the smartphone is increasing day by day. The smartphone is easy to use and people prefer to use it most of the time. As a result of this, Google has designed ads in a way that advertisers can target their potential audience only in the mobile device. And you can select which brand of mobile users and which network users you want to target.

ie, if you only want to target iPhone users – yes, an option is there for you to target them. If you only want to show your ads to Airtel subscribers – Yes, You can!

So in this Google Ads mobile certification exam, you will find out all those important questions that are related to fundamental and standard theories of mobile advertising.

Google Shopping ads Certification Google Shopping Ads Certification


• There will be a total number of 63 questions

• You will get 90 minutes to write the exam

• You need to score 80% to pass the exam


How many of you have noticed an increase in the number of e-commerce companies in India?

The Internet penetration rate is so high in India and that is making businesses think about e-commerce. Earlier people hesitate to buy products and services from the internet, but gradually that changed. Now people started to buy things online as they offer the best price, save time, easy ordering, free home deliveries, cash on deliveries etc.

As more and more businesses are emerging in e-commerce, Google has started a campaign network called Shopping Ads.

Here, when a user types business keywords of e-commerce in Google search engine, they will be able to see the ads on the top of the page result with a mix of image and text which tells the product name & price.

In Google Shopping ads certification exam, you will be facing questions related to shopping ads, merchant account center, data feed, how to set up shopping ads, best practices, optimization ways etc.

Google Ads Video Certification

Google Ads Video Certification

Video Ads campaign allows advertisers to promote their business on YouTube and on websites which is part of Google video network. Your ads will be shown on YouTube search results.

Video ads are so strong in 2019 and it is very cost-effective. A message conveyed through a video stays in the audience’s mind much deeper than any other way. In Google Ads Video certification you will get questions related to video campaign creation, best methods, checklists, what to do and what not to do etc.

Digital Sales Certification by Google

Google Ads Digital Sales Certification

Now, this is a new addition to the tally. Google has launched this recently and it is a very easy certification exam which helps you to cover all the basic concepts of digital marketing and skills that you required in sales. So that is it guys, you know now, what are the different Google ads Certifications that are available in Google Academy.


All the above 7 types are part of the Google Ads Certification Program, and any individual who takes up the PPC Google AdWords as a career or prefer to do the training course in the same, have to prepare & pass this Google Ads Certification to confidently manage the AdWords account while having the fundamental & concept strong to implement best strategies. If you curious to know, How to get Google AdWords certification, do refer eMarket Education PPC Course syllabus and other details.

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Google Adwords Vs Google Adwords Express

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Difference between AdWords and AdWords Express

Are you planning to start your first PPC Google Ads Campaign?
But you are confused about which platform to choose. I am here to help you with this!

Almost every business needs advertising for the success of their business. In order to reach customers these days, we use online advertising to promote and grow our business. But, so many businesses don’t know,

If you have been to the Pay Per Click (PPC) industry, then you must be knowing about Google Adwords Express to Google Adwords.

Adwords Express vs Google Ads

What is Google Ads?

Google Adwords is an online advertising service developed by Google to help marketers reach their customers immediately. Advertisers bid on the keywords to Rank on Google.

Google Adwords is free to sign up and available to all the advertisers all over the world. You need to have knowledge on the importance of Google Ads for the success of your PPC Campaign.

Latest AdWords Updates; the New Google Ads Interface Look

Google AdWords New InterfaceImage Source – Google


Read this –> New Google Ads to Master your PPC Training Course <– Read this article

For example – when someone searches for a particular term in Google, say “buy shoes online”, Google will throw a list of searches results for you. And if you look closely, you will find that the top and the bottom results are generally defined as PPC Ads.


Do you want to Learn Google Adwords and run your first-ever PPC Campaign?

Join  Google Adwords Training in Bangalore to grab a successful Career in PPC Marketing


What is Google Adwords Express?

Google Adwords Express is much easier and simpler version of Google Adwords. It is an advertising service which automatically manages your online ads. Adwords Express requires minimal management.
Have a look at Google Adwords Express

Adwords Express

Image Source – Google


We will now discuss the “Difference Between Google Ads & AdWords Express?

1. Campaign Management

Adwords – The 1st and the major difference between the two different Adwords versions is the way in which the campaigns are managed. The Google Adwords allows you to make changes, optimize your amount per click and change keywords. If you want more control over your campaign, Google Adwords is the best.
Adwords Express – On the other hand, Adwords Express is managed automatically. This means your campaigns will be managed by Google robots and your money will be exhausted quickly

2. Ads Format

Adwords – Google Adwords allows you to use different Ad Format like text ads, video ads, ads with an image, expanded text ads and create a variety of creative PPC Ads. Also, if you want to test your ads is to make use of A/B Testing in PPC Google Adwords. We can run Remarketing or Retargeting Ads as well in Adwords

If you don’t know how to write Text Ads in PPC Google Adwords, then check this out BEST WAYS TO WRITE SEO, PPC & FACEBOOK ADS”

Adwords Express – on the other hand, is limited to just Text Ads. Adwords Express also doesn’t allow you to use advanced text ads. Even you don’t need any website to run your ads on Google if you use Google Adwords Express. As you can direct all your ads in Google+ page for more information on your business. No option to show your ads using remarketing or retargeting.

3. Time & Resources

Adwords – PPC Google Adwords is a time taking process. We need to look into the PPC Campaigns to manage the account properly so that we achieve our target without spending more. Adwords allows you to run your ads in Google with the help of Google Search Networks, Display Network for showing your ads on youtube, depending on how you build your campaigns. To manage your account you can download Google Adwords Application on your mobile phones.

Adwords Express – While Google Adwords Express is not time taking. As it automatically manages your Pay Per Click (PPC) account quickly. Adwords Express is meant for small or medium sized businesses, who have less time to look after the PPC Campaign.

4. Keywords

Adwords – Keyword plays an important role in increasing traffic to your website. The keywords which you choose and include in your content will help you drive traffic. So, in Google Adwords, you need to have proper knowledge of “How to do Keyword Research” and select all the relevant keywords related to your business. There is a tool which will help you in selecting keywords, that is “Google Keyword Planner Tool”. Increase your Quality Score by making your Keywords, Ad Copy and Landing Page more relevant to each other.

Are you wondering What is Quality Score?

Here a bonus information for you, Know “The Importance of Quality Score in PPC Google Adwords Campaign”


Adwords Express – On the other hand, Adwords Express you don’t pick keywords, instead, you just choose categories related to your business and Google select keywords for your PPC Campaign and handles your account.

5. Bidding Strategies

Adwords – Bidding is very important while running ads in Google Adwords. You can set bids for your keywords and bid according to the device (mobile, desktop, tablets).
Adwords Express – On the other hand in Adwords Express your are not able to control or adjust bidding as it is managed automatically.

6. Targeting Options

Adwords – You can find more targeting option in Google Adwords such as location, device, audience. There is a  new targeting option in New Google Ads
Adwords Express – This feature is not available in Google Adwords Express.

7. Conversion Tracking

Adwords – Tracking and Measuring your performance in Google Adwords is important for a successful campaign. You can track your conversions in PPC Google Ads.
Adwords Express – There is no conversion tracking option available in Adwords Express.



As you can see both Adwords and Adwords Express are very similar but the main difference is the management feature. As an advertiser, you only pay for the clicks and target a large number of audience. Both the platforms have their own importance, advantage and disadvantages. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

Google ads vs Google Adwords Express

Image Source – Google


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AdWords Quality Score & its Importance in PPC Campaigns

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What is Quality Score in Google Ads?

Quality Score in Google Ads plays a vital role in managing your campaign efficiently. The main components are expected CTR, Ad Relevancy, and your Landing Page without taking care of these 3 important factors of quality score in Google Ads, there is no point in expecting better results.

(No more Google Adwords, we do have brand new Google Ads Tool for Advertisers)

Let me say one thing straight away that, You just can’t
learn Google Ads PPC Course without proper knowledge of Quality Score

If you are running ads to promote your product and services through Google Ads, or if you are trying to learn Google Ads PPC Course to build a Career in Digital Marketing,

You have to know that-

Quality Score is the Strongest Avenger in Your Google Ads Campaign

Quality Score importance in PPC


Yes, while creating a campaign and running ads in Google have one Goal in your mind. That is,


Improving Quality Score for all the keywords.

Let’s start from the basics –

Why Quality Score for Keywords?

If you have a need or to purchase something, or may to gather some information, what do you do?

google sem Training Course


Probably you may go and ask your friend for a good suggestion so that you can make a decision, right?

Also, you may ask many of your friends and gather different opinions, and later you would take a wise decision on where to go and how to do the purchase?

That is what people normally do, but in the era of the internet, you have to remember one thing all the information that you need to know on this earth is available on your fingertips.

And we do have a common friend on the Internet for any kind of info –

GOOGLE’s Search Engine

Google Search Marketing Course


When you are in search of something, you go to Google and search for that.

What you type in Google to get info is called “KEYWORDS“.

If you go to the search engine of Google and type anything that you want to see, you will get to see the search engine results. (I am not going in deep, because all this is the basic stuff).

Understanding your business keywords means, understanding your Right customers. You want to show your ads only to those people who are looking or searching for your kind of services. Well, that is the beauty of digital marketing, right?

Hence, these keywords which you are using in Google Ads PPC campaigns will have quality score given by Google. And this will have a major role to play in your PPC campaign management. We say, Keywords are the backbone for effective Learning of Digital Marketing techniques.

Quality Score for Keywords

Considering the importance of keywords in digital marketing and website presence in the search engines, Google introduces Quality Score in Google Ads.

What I am going to cover in this Blog –


What is Quality Score in Google Ads?

Quality Score in Google Ads


Quality score is a rating or we can say an evaluation grade given by Google considering the quality & relevancy of both your Keywords and Google Ads. The Quality score has a dominant role in the success of your pay per click campaigns that you are running for in Google’s search engine.

The quality score helps Google to decide on, how much Google should charge you for one click. Simply, we can say that having a higher Quality Score in Google Ads ends up paying less to Google for more ad exposure with a high conversion rate and better client satisfaction.


Understanding the Keyword Quality Score

Google Ads calculates the Keyword Quality Score on the basis of your keyword performance. Keyword Quality Score may differ based on geography, location, search query, and search networks.

In a simple way, if your keyword performs better than other keywords in searches, in certain areas or certain search networks then, you have a better chance to achieve good Quality Score under these conditions.

Understanding the Quality Score


Based on your high-quality score, you will get better ad positioning (Ad Rank) with less CPC for your keywords.

Google uses Quality Score to ensure that users only see the Google Ads that are most relevant to their search queries. Hence, more relevant ads get a better impression and good ad rank in the search engine. And better ad copies will bring you more traffic. In fact, I would say, keeping the good quality score gives extra freedom for you to bid higher in any crunch situations as you won’t be charged high for the clicks.


Factors determining your Keyword Quality Score

Factors Determining Quality Score

Your keywords which you are targeting in the campaign should be matching with ad copy that you going to show to your audience. When your audience is typing the keyword which you are targeting, you should be showing a relevant ad copy in search results which they intend to see with relevant keywords.

Try to follow the below points to improve your ad relevancy of ad copy and keywords:


You can expect a better click-through rate for your keywords if the relevancy of the ad copy to keywords is maintained. Click-through rate, CTR is the rate in which the Google PPC Ads are clicked in search results. This is the percentage of customers who see your ads (impression) and then click on the same ads.

CTR for Quality Score


Now this gives a different challenge and importance in determining the Quality score in Google Ads. PPC Landing pages are the website pages or single web page where we target our customers to come after clicking on the ads. We drive customers to landing page from search engine, in order to constrain them to take an action in the landing page.

Landing Page Relevancy for Quality Score

Ok let’s say, you are looking for Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore. You will go to Google and type “Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Bangalore” right?


You will get PPC results on top and bottom of the page result and you will get SEO Ads in between as well. Now you will click any of the attractive ad copy and you will reach their landing page. And after reaching this page, you are seeing details of Java learning course and mobile application development course.

What will you do?

When you are ending up in such a landing page which is not showing the right content which you are looking for. You will get irritated and close the window, right?

So, when you are running Google PPC Ads, with the right kind of keywords and relevant ad copy, you must have a well-structured and relevant Landing page for your ad copy. Google will see whether the landing page is having the content which is searched by the customer and it will also consider the bounce rate and time spent by the customer on the landing page. Therefore, I would recommend you to have a good relevant Google Ads landing page as it contributes a hand in calculating your Quality Score in Google Ads.


How Quality Score is calculated in Google Ads?

  Quality Score Ratings in PPC

To be very frank guys, we don’t think even Google has revealed how exactly they calculate the Quality Score in Google Ads. But thanks to Search Engine Land, for coming up with their understanding and idea on how to calculate the quality score. I am sure this makes some sense and will help you guys to understand the concept of calculating the quality score in Google Ads.

The formula is 1 + Landing Page Experience weight + Ad Relevance weight + CTR weight


For instance, let’s say you have these factors:

Landing Page Experience: average — 1.75 points

Ad Relevance: above average — 2 points

CTR: average — 1.75 points

Then your Quality Score is: 1 + 1.75 (LPE) + 2 (Relevance) + 1.75 (CTR) = 6.5


As Google doesn’t show fractions, this is rounded to a 7, which is seen inside your account. Therefore, based on above scenario, if you increase your landing page experience or your CTR from average to above average, your Quality Score would go up 1.75 points to an 8.25, which would be displayed in keyword level as an 8 in your Google PPC Account.

Benefits of having good Quality Score Keywords

Benefits of Quality Score


High Keyword Quality Score will reduce your cost-per-click. Having said, in some cases, the amount you will save is minimal for each keyword, if you are able to add up each of these individual savings you would be amazed at how much this could save your campaign budget.

Quality Score impact in Google Ads

You can observe the difference yourself by taking low-Quality Score keywords and then improving its quality score to a high.

Google determines your Ad rank for the keywords by Quality Score your keyword and max CPC which you are willing to pay. [Ad rank = Quality Score * Max CPC]

Quality Score in Ad Rank

Therefore the higher the Quality Score leads to a higher Ad Rank.   And don’t you think that it’s great to position your ads on the top of page results and we don’t have to pay higher for the clicks. So this makes advertisers think about having a good quality score for their keywords.

Remember “Better quality gives you better results as well

In Google search, the most relevant ads will connect with more search queries; this means more views and more clicks, which all drive to more traffic.

Google Ads PPC Clicks

So, it requires a high-Quality Score to earn more traffic by reducing the average CPC, which enables digital marketers to have better control over the budget with meeting campaign goals.    

How to increase Quality Score for the Keywords?


  How To Increase Quality Score

Campaign structuring and organizing your ads in a proper way is very important to achieve a good quality score. And for this, your base of knowledge in Digital marketing should be so strong.

You should always keep the following 3 factors in mind when writing ads to ensure a high click-through rate (CTR) and Quality Score.  

Your Ad text should be relevant to;  


The ad should draw the attention of the audience and they should feel like clicking on the ad copy. So our ad copy should be written in a way in which they should see and understand what they going to get after clicking on it. So, you must make sure to include the keywords and variations in the headlines and description lines, and the display URL if possible (Path1 & Path2).

Here is a bonus for you Powerful Tips to Write PPC Google Ads, Facebook & SEO Ad copy This will surely help you to write compelling ad copy.

Don’t forget to make the best use of ad extensions which helps you to get high CTR. And always make sure you are driving your audience to a relevant landing page.

You can do a lot of techniques to increase the quality score for your keywords.  I am mentioning here some of the significant factors that you should keep in your checklists to improvise the Quality Score of the keywords in Google Ads.

I strongly recommend all the PPC experts to follow the techniques below-

How to Improve Quality Score


Quality Score Checklists

Quality Score Conclusion

I think I have explained all the important factors which you guys want to know about the Quality Score in Google Ads. Quality is everything if you maintain a high level of quality for your ads; I bet you will get the reward what you are looking for. After all, it is Google’s Advertisement platform and they are so serious about the quality of the content they show in front of the audience.

That is why I said in the beginning “You just can’t LEARN Google Ads PPC Course without Understanding Quality Score”. And it is very much important for any advertiser who wants to run Google Ads PPC campaigns.

So the Bottom line is-

Quality Score is the Strongest Avenger in Your
Google Ads Campaign


The Bottom Line:

Joining the Digital Marketing Certification program empowers students with the right skills required to be professional digital marketers.

I have kept it very simple and tried to explain each and every single aspect. Do let me know whether I have helped you to understand the subject by commenting below. In case if you have any suggestions for me to improve or change my writing style, don’t hesitate to use the comment box.

Keep on Reading our blogs; Learn new things from us; Share with Digital Marketing Aspirants, &
of course, Inspire yourself and others. 
Follow us on Facebook   Instagram & Youtube for Latest Digital Marketing Trends & Tips If you wish to start a Career in PPC Google Ads

Because – Learn Share & Inspire – That is eMarketEdu Success Mantra!

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Best Ways to Write Ad Copy for SEO, PPC & Facebook

Posted on by Emarkt_Admin

Are you struggling Writing Compelling Ads for PPC, SEO or Facebook?

Do you have questions in your mind before writing ads?


How can I write ads?

How can I write about my business in such a tiny space?


So how do you do it? Don’t worry,

I am here to help you with this and tell you about “How to write Super effective Ads for PPC, Facebook and SEO with Best Ad Copy Examples” that will get you higher click-through rates and higher conversion rates.


How to Write eye-catchy PPC, Facebook and SEO Ads?

Digital Advertising is everywhere. Digital Advertising creates great opportunities to tell brand stories at scale and in context. Through Online Ads on numerous devices and channels, marketers can reach a larger number of viewers in a way that is real-time and increasingly personal.

Writing compelling ad copies is a real challenge!

In order to write ad copies, you need to understand your client’s need and desires. For better performance of ads and good results, you can try A/B Testing, running two ads into a single ad set.

Check our article on “A/B Testing Techniques in PPC Google Adwords

Before starting our discussion on, “How to write Ads? Have a look at, how PPC, Facebook and SEO Ads looks like.

PPC Ads Example

Example of PPC Ads on Google SERP

Image Source –  Google


SEO Ads Example

Example SEO SERP

Facebook Ads Example

Facebook Ads Example

Now let’s get started,


Ad headline is like window dressing. A headline should be attractive enough to grab a customer’s attention, but online. Even if you have the best product or service in the market, it matters, if your headline is not catchy.


 Tips to write Attractive Headlines:-

  1. Include Keywords

Make a connection between their search query and your ad by using keywords in your headline, and make it crystal clear, so that your ad shows up in the Google Search Results and they will click on it. In the below image, “Online Marketing Institute in Bangalore” is the Keyword used;

Keywords in Ad Copy

  1. Ask Questions

Asking questions in the headline is a clever way to drive customers. In the image given below, no keywords are used, still, it’s compelling ad than other ads I saw.

Online Google Ads

  1. Include Numbers or Statistics

This is a pretty powerful way to grasp the customer’s attention. Use of numbers in the headline is compelling and force customer’s to click your ads.

How to Write Google Ads?

  1. Use Simple Language

Do not confuse your customers by writing complex headlines. Use simple, easily understood the language in your headlines. It makes them easier to read and more clickable.

  1. Make use of Character Limit

Do not use unnecessary words for its own sake, but make sure you take full advantage of the 30 characters limit in your headline. Be as descriptive as you can.

  1. Don’t Make False Promises

Including wrong information in your headline gives a bad impression on the consumers. Avoid using it to gain more traffic to your website.

  1. Spy on Competitors Ads

This is my favorite part while writing Ads. Look into your competitor’s ads and steal their ideas and try to write a good Ad Copy. You will get thousands of ideas to write ad copy by looking in your competitors work.


Now we will learn about “How you can Write effective Description for your Ads“?



The purpose of writing a description is to attract the right audience and tell them about your product/services by writing your business USP’s. The description needs to be written with care.

Tips for Writing Effective Description:-

  1. Use Phrases, Not Sentences

As you know there is a character limit of writing description, i-e 165. So, do not waste space by writing unnecessary sentences and words. Make usage of phrases and catchwords in your description. Add more selling points to your ads. As you can see in the image given below, they have used phrases and not sentences.

Example of to a best Ad Copy

  1. Call – to – Action

Include a Call- To- Action in your description to serve better and helps a customer to take an immediate action. Like- “Call Now”, “Contact Us”, “Buy Now”, “Apply Now”, Etc.

Call-to-actions in a Ad Copy

  1. Use Numbers

Using numbers in your description is amazingly effective.

Here is an example of including numbers in the description:-

12+ Yrs. Expertise. 100% Placements. Max. 6 in a Batch. 1-1 Attention. Pay Fees in 3 Installments

Compare the images given below and tell me which ad will you click?

SERP results


Digital Ads

2nd one? Right. Why?

Because 2nd Ad Copy has numbers in it, so it is easy to read the full description in one go.

  1. Create Urgency

This is especially a powerful way to bring customer who is urgently looking for help. There are a number of words which you can use to create urgency, like-

Limited Time Offer

Hurry Up

Stock Ends Soon

Facebook Ads Manager

  1. Use Emojis

Use emojis in the Facebook ad description to attract customers.

  1. Image

Use image in Facebook Ads to attracts more customers. An image in our Ad plays a major role in grabbing visitors to your site.

Example Facebook Ads showing Jewelry

Advantages of PPC Ads

  1. Run display Ads for brand awareness.
  2. Create Search Ads for targeting more audience.
  3. Run re-marketing Ads through display network to re-target visitors to your site

Advantages of SEO Ads

  1. Low-cost Ads.
  2. Better ROI.
  3. Drive traffic to your website.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

  1. High-quality Ads.
  2. Greater Improvements.
  3. Visually appealing Ads.
  4. More Traffic.
  5. Targeting a large audience.
  6. Increase brand awareness.

Comic story telling of Facebook Ads

Image Source –  Google


 Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do not stuff your keywords for the sake of ‘relevancy’.
  2. First, understand your audience. Are they looking for information? Are they searching your product in intent to buy online? and then start writing ads.
  3. Use the AIDA framework (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action)
  4. You should have a clear Call- To- Action in your Ad.
  5. Be straightforward, do not confuse your audience.
  6. Your Ad Copy should reflect you landing page.
  7. Paste conversion tracking code in the landing page. To check from which Ad you are getting conversions which will help you in writing future ads.
  8. Avoid using many options on the landing page which will distract customers.
  9. Check competitors ads more often.
  10. Use A/B Testing in your Ads.
  11. Check you Ads performance on a daily basis and change the ads with low performance.
  12. Try variations in your ads by using different words and phrases.
  13. Do not forget to use Ad Extensions in your Ads.

DO's and Dont's of Ads

Image Source – Google


These are just general guidelines which will help you in writing the most effective and compelling Ads for SEO, PPC and Facebook.

The Bottom Line:

Enroll in the digital marketing course program to launch a successful career in digital marketing or build new skills as a professional marketer.

Keep on Reading our blogs; Learn new things from us; Share with Digital Marketing Aspirants, & of course; Inspire yourself and others. Follow us on Facebook   Instagram & Youtube  for Latest Digital Marketing Trends & Tips. If you wish to start a Digital Marketing Career, then check out our –

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Learn A/B Testing Techniques for PPC Google Adwords

Posted on October 24, 2018 by Emarkt_Admin

Do you ever wanted to introduce A/B Testing in your Digital Marketing skillset, but not sure where to begin?

Do you think Adwords A/B testing is for more professional marketers?

Let’s explore quickly, what is A/B Testing?

Learn A/B Testing with PPC Google Adwords

In this article, I am going to cover the following questions:-

What is A/B Testing in PPC Google Adwords?

A/B Testing is described as a “comparison of two versions of a webpage to see which one performs better.” The purpose of running an A/B test on your website is to increase conversions.

As you can see, with A/B testing, you can follow a method to slowly increase the number of website visitors that convert into consumers. If done accurately, you can be sure that you’ll always get the same outcomes. A/B Testing is an incredibly powerful and important tool in PPC Google Adwords for testing the performance of our ads.

Another name for A/B Testing is Adwords Split Testing or PPC Testing. Pay-per-click advertising is an essential element of various online marketing campaigns. It can also be one of the most expensive constant expenses in a campaign. A/B Testing in Adwords campaigns helps to improve conversion rates for their PPC campaigns. For better results, we use PPC Split Testing.

Therefore, it’s important that you test your ads daily, to make sure you aren’t letting your conversions decrease. There are few things to test in PPC Google Adwords. Find the list below to find what can you test by using A/B Testing in Digital Marketing;

A/B Testing is done for PPC Ad Copy

Find Out “How to Write PPC Ad Copy ?

ab testing google ads

Image Source – Google

What can you test with A/B?

Here is the list of things that you can test in PPC:-

  1. The Headline – the headline is the part that is going to show up in the google search results (in blue).
  2. The Body Text – the body text is the equivalent to your page’s description meta tag in organic search results.
  3. The Link – it is very important to send your audience to the landing page and not the home page. So give a link to your product page.
  4. The Keywords the ad displays for – some marketers feel that their ad show up for the relevant keywords, but some other keywords may also trigger and convert better than others. The only way to figure out which performs best is to do A/B Testing.

How to Run A/B Testing with Google Adwords?

To perform A/B Testing in PPC, we need to create two ads for a given keyword or ad group to check which ad is performing much better based on the unique selling propositions (USPs) used in your ads. It is best to test one variable at a time, if possible. That is one aspect of the ad that you want to change, that is Headline 1, Headline 2, headline 3, Description or Final URL.

If you have more than one variable that is different, it is difficult to nail down why one ad performed better than the other without making assumptions. Sort and filter your ads when you go to examine them. The amount of time it takes to test your ad depends on the volume your ad can serve.

If your keyword has a low search volume, it will take a longer time to say whether it worked or not. To compare performance between ads, you need to focus on the two main PPC Google Adwords Metrics that is Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate (CR). If you want to do Ad Copy Testing, you can start with H1 and compare the performance of the ads.

Here is the A/B Testing Example

Ad A

H1 – Join Digital Marketing 

H2 – 100% Job Placements & Internships

Description – Hands-on Live Projects. Pay Fees in 3 Instalments. Max. 6 in a Batch. Bank Loan with 0% EMI. Enrol Now!


Ad B

H1 – Looking for a Digital Marketing career?

H2 – 100% Job Placements & Internships

Description – Hands-on Live Projects. Pay Fees in 3 Instalments. Max. 6 in a Batch. Bank Loan with 0% EMI. Enroll Now!

As you can see in the above example, the H1 for both the ads are different and H2 ad description is same. You will write the same message across your ad groups. It is good to use labels to the group what message works best for you. Analyze which message or USPs attracts more customers by comparing CTR and conversion rate, and then use the same USPs which performed best in future ad copies. This is not a one time job, you have to regularly check the performance and measure “which” and “when” your ads are performing.

PPC A/B testing sample with two different results

Image Source – Google

What are the Best Practices of A/B Testing?

For conducting A/B tests on your pay-per-click ad campaigns, follow these easy tips for better outcomes and increase ROI.

  1. Set clear and measurable goals.
  2. Test only one variable at a time, so that you can pinpoint what is affecting the success of your ads.
  3. Test early and test often.
  4. Test your ad changes simultaneously to reduce time-based factors.
  5. Pay attention to the data you collect.
  6. Make sure you run your ads in a long run to get enough data for accurate results. You need at least 1000 impressions in order to get accurate data.
  7. Remember, in PPC, you are only paying for the clicks and not for the impressions.

PPC A/ B testing can be experimented on every website

Image Source – Google

The Bottom Line:

I hope you got an idea about PPC Split Testing and its uses in PPC Google Adwords. A/B testing isn’t as hard as it seems. It’s pretty easy to give A/B testing a try, thanks to the built-in features found in Digital Marketing these days. So if you’re ready to run your first split test campaign, learn PPC Course in Bangalore and drive PPC Expertise.

I believe you’ll see that it’s simpler than you expected! Read our other article on A/B Testing for SEO and its benefits.


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Best AdWords Automated Rules Best Practices

Posted on October 16, 2018 by Emarkt_Admin

Automated Rules in Google Adwords


Today I am going to tell you about Automated Rules in Google Adwords. Before we jump into the Automated Rules, let me give a small introduction about types of bidding strategies in Google Ads.


There are 2 types of Bidding Strategies in Google Adwords:-

Check New Google Ads Interface 

  1. Manual Bidding Strategy

2. Automated Bidding Strategy


In Manual Bidding Strategy,

You may choose manual bidding if:-

  1. You do not have enough conversions to meet the recommendation of Automated Bidding.
  2. You need 100% control on how you pay for clicks, views, conversions.
  3. You can set the bid of keywords manually.

If the above-mentioned points do not apply to you, I recommend you to choose Automated Bid Strategy.

In Automated Bidding Strategy,

There are a few options which you can choose to automate your Adwords account under the Automated Bid Strategy to increase conversion while spending less.   In this article I will cover all these questions:-

Here is an extra information for you. Check “How to Write Compelling PPC Ad Copy

What are Automated Rules in Google Adwords?

If you manage a PPC Google Adwords account you know it’s not an easy job, managing several campaigns is difficult to optimize. You spend half of the time looking and optimizing your account. To make sure that you don’t exceed your budget, Automated Rules allows you to schedule your ads at the specific times of the day.  Control your budget and costs by showing your ads only at the times you choose. Reduce the time required to manage the PPC account. These rules are very useful and save a lot of time. These rules will cut down the need for making frequent changes to your account.

There are some common ways where you can use Automated Rules. For example, on daily basis, you perform the same task on your Google Adwords account. You can automate your account by opting Automated Rules. Based on your daily task routine, you can set automated rules. Let’s discuss more about Automated Rules in Google Adwords.

What are the type of changes you can Automate?

By applying Automated Rules, it will avoid all the manual work. For example, if you want a campaign to run only on Saturdays and Sundays, then you can set Automated Rule for that campaign.

What are the 5 best AdWords Automated Rules in Google Adwords?

  1. Increase or Decrease Budget on Specific Date/Time
  2. Plan Promotions to Run During a Fixed Time Interval
  3. Reduce Keywords bids with a High Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  4. Increase Bids for Converting Keywords Below First-Page Bids
  5. Set Up Email Alerts for Drastic Changes in Your Campaigns


What are the benefits/advantages of Automated Rules in Google Adwords?

The benefits of using Automated Rules are:-


How to use Automated Rules in Google Adwords?

Automated Rules let you do changes to your account automatically. Here are the step by step guide on how to use Automated Rules:-

New automated rule option google ads


Types of automated rules in Google adwords

google adwords login

adwords ppc

adwords automated rules

Frequency rule in new Google Ads interface

automated save rule in new adwords

Regular asked questions in Automated Bidding Strategies;


The Bottom Line:

Managing a Google Ads account can be a lot of work, especially if you don’t have dedicated time or team for it. Luckily there are some ways to help automate your accounts built right into the platform.

Want to know more about Automated Rules and Bidding Strategies? Join eMarket education to learn PPC Google Adwords Course.

Read our Articles related to PPC Google Adwords by clicking this link.

google adwords expert trainer ranjan jena


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Top 10 Excel Formulas and Shortcuts for Digital Marketing

Posted on October 14, 2018 by Emarkt_Admin

Excel Formulas User Guide for Digital Marketing

Data is one of the main elements of Digital Marketing. Data analytics is required to keep track of your conversions and impressions. Despite the number of software and applications that are available to keep track of your data, one Microsoft application still remains the preferred option to a lot of experienced Digital Marketers – MS Excel.

Microsoft Excel provides a lot of opportunities for Digital Marketers. It allows them to analyze, evaluate, record, and display their data in a structured form.

A simple Excel Tutorial can guide you to plan your marketing activities for the highest productivity and performance. With Excel, you can connect data from multiple sources and derive analytics that most applications cannot.

Marketers who have gone through Excel Training hold an edge when it comes to organizing, analyzing, and obtaining data. Most of the tools and features available on Excel allow you to maintain track of your marketing efforts.

Here’s a guide to How Excel can enhance the life of a Digital Marketer.

How to use formulas in excel?

Most Useful Excel Formulas for Digital Marketers

If you know the formulas in excel, you are on the right track. You can calculate anything and get the correct results to set your digital marketing strategy.
If you want to find the total of your data.
Step 1: Go to B18
Step2: Use = Sign (with SUM)
Step 3: Select the boxes you want to do the total
For Example Select B2 to B17
Step 4: Press Enter

Use the steps for other formulas too.

Excel Formulas for Digital Marketing:

Excel is a powerful tool and very helpful for all the Digital Marketing Analyst. As digital marketers you know, a lot of your time goes into running the campaign, checking the budget, analyzing the data, forecasting, daily reports etc. Which is like half of your life depends on Excel formulas.

Let’s discuss some of the excel formulas that will turn you into an Excel pro!

1. VLOOKUP in Excel

Vlookup Excel Formula

VLOOKUP formula: VLOOKUP(lookup value, table array, column number, [range lookup]).

that VLOOKUP formula is useful for large datasets or two sets of data and wants to combine in a single spreadsheet. The function helps you to find out particular information.

How to use VLOOKUP formula
LOOKUP Value: Select the value you are looking for. Next enter the range of cells within which our information can be found.

Table array: The specific table or cell where the value that you looking for may be found.

Column Number: The column in the table or cell where you may find the value.

LOOKUP Range: A choice to find the exact match(FALSE) or an approximate match (True).

2. IFERROR in Excel

IF ERROR formula

IFERROR Formula =IFERROR(value, value_if_error)

This formula helps to identify the errors. like eliminates the #DIV/0!
Value: The particular value that has to be checked for errors.
Value_if_error: The value to return if a mistake is detected.

3. Average in Excel

Basic Average formula in Excel











To calculate the average in excel, Excel adds the numbers together and divides by the total number of numbers.

Average Formula=AVERAGE(number1, [number2],..)

4. Percentage in Excel

Percentage Excel Formula















Calculating percentage is very important for every digital marketer, whether it’s bounce rate, interest rate, % entry, %exist, etc.
For example, if you had 20 pens and you gave 10 pens to your brothers, how much did you give? By performing a simple calculation =10/20*100 you get the answer =50%
But excel makes it easy, you don’t have to calculate click your HOME Tab- Select the value you want to convert- select percentage.

5. Date in Excel

How to get date in excel sheet







Date Formula=DATE(year, month, day)

Date formula will help you find the month, year, and day within a sec and save your time.

6. Trim in Excel

TRIM formula in excel helps to trim the space






Trim Formula =TRIM(text)

The trim formula in Excel is used to remove extra spaces from the text.
For example: In Roopa Kumari there was space, but after using the trim formula space is gone.

7. Weekday in Excel

Days of the week excel formula










Weekday Formula= =TEXT(Date,”ddd”)

The TEXT function returns a number representing the day of the week, given a date value. The “ddd” function is a custom date format to return the weekday of any date. For example, TEXT(“01/10/2018″,”ddd”) will return “mon” because 01/10/2018 falls on Monday.

8. Sum for Excel

Easy to add excel data with SUM formula













If you want to do the sum of values either row or column, Excel will do your mathematical calculation.

SUM Excel Formula













1. When you do Autosum, Excel will automatically calculate the formula and do the sum.
2. Next is to enter the sum formula and select the cell for calculation and your sum is done.

9. Len in Excel

Count the Characters in excel cell with Length Formula






LEN formula helps to count characters in numbers. It is useful only when anyone wants to count how many characters are there in some text.

10. Word Count for Excel

Word Count is used to counting characters in numbers.

Word Count Excel Formula








Word Count Formula=IF(LEN(TRIM(A2))=0,0,LEN(TRIM(A2))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A2,” “,””))+1)

According to the above picture enter the formula with Shift +ctrl+enter, you will get the results.

If you have to calculate range-wise data.

Example for Word Count Excel formula
Enter the formula =SUM(IF(LEN(TRIM(A2:A3))=0,0,LEN(TRIM(A2:A3))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A2:A3,” “,””))+1)) and press the Shift + Ctrl + Enter keys to get the results.

Quick MS-Excel Shortcuts:

Microsoft Excel is one of the best reporting tools that can be used by any sector. When it comes to digital marketing we have Google analytics and some other third-party tools to work on, but for reporting excel place a major role.

When you are running out of time and your boss crunching you to make work quickly, at that moment you will ask God to send a savior. Here are the time-saving shortcuts for you to complete your work faster than usual. There are hundreds of shortcuts to make your work easy and fast in Excel.

Let’s see some of them here:

You might have an idea about following shortcut keys as

Here we are going to show you a few more useful Excel shortcuts.

1To Select entire data with one click in a sheet

Press Ctrl+A by placing the cursor on any cell which has data to select entire data of the sheet


Ctrl + A Excel shortcut

You can see the above image, only it selected the cells which have data.

2- Fill beneath cell with the same data of the above cell

Press Ctrl+D to get the data of the above cell


Ctrl + D Excel shortcut                                                  excel shortcut ctrl+d


Select the data cell which you want to paste on multiple cells. Press shift + Down Arrow keys to select multiple cells and press Ctrl+D.

Follow the above procedure to paste data on the right cells. Use Ctrl+R  and SHIFT+Right Arrow.

3- Go to a certain cell

You can go to any of the particular cells in the sheet by using the shortcut key.

Excel shortcut Ctrl+g

Press the shortcut key Ctrl+G a pop-up box will open, enter the cell number to navigate to a particular cell of the worksheet.

4- Find and replace the data

Yes, you have a shortcut key in excel to find and replace the data.

excel shortcut Ctrl+H

Here you can see on the above picture by pressing Ctrl+H a pop-up box will display, there give the input what to FIND and REPLACE with. Check the below image to see the result.

excel shortcut Ctrl+H

The data which has the name of SEO had replaced with PPC.

5- Insert or Delete Rows and columns.

Sometimes we may miss entering the data in a given order form. We can use a short key to insert a new row in between the rows to not miss the given particular order. Select a row and press Ctrl++(Plus Sign).

To delete an entire row, select the row and press Ctrl+-(Minus Sign).

Excel shortcut Ctrl++               Excel shortcut Ctrl++

If we want to insert only a cell, we have to use the same procedure by selecting a particular cell.

Excel shortcut Ctr++ for cell                                           Excel shortcut Ctrl++ of cell

Here you will get options to shift the cells right or down.

6- Hide Rows and Columns

Data in the worksheet might be huge, we think of hiding some data.

Ctrl+9 to hide rows of the sheet                                   Ctrl+Shift+(  to unhide the rows

Excel Shortcut Ctrl+9                        Excel shortcut Ctrl+ 9

Ctrl+0 to hide columns                                                   Ctrl+Shift+) to unhide columns

Excel shortcut Ctrl+0                                       Excel shortcut Ctrl+0

So above shortcuts will help you to hide and unhide the rows and columns.

7- Group or Ungroup Rows and Columns.

It is a great way to group the column or rows, this shortcut will help easily to hid are unhide the data.

Shift+Alt+Right Arrow is the shortcut to hide the grouped columns or rows.

Shift+Alt+Left Arrow is the shortcut to unhide the grouped columns or rows.

Excel Shortcut shift+alt+right                 Excel shortcut shift+alt+right

On the above image, you can see rows are grouped and hidden. Look at the Plus button circled by red mark; by clicking on that button we can see the grouped and hidden data.

8- Filter the selected cells.

A filter option is necessary for every digital marketing report. Save your time by using a shortcut key.

No need to go to the Data menu and select the filter option. We have a shortcut key to assign a filter option to selected cells. Press  Ctrl+Shift+L buttons to keep filter.

Excel shortcut Ctrl+shift+L                         Excel shortcut Ctrl+shift+L

On the above image, you can see the data filter option.

9- To Give Hyperlink to the selected cell data

Use the shortcut key to HYPERLINK selected data cells with shortcut key Ctrl+K.

Excel shortcut Ctrl+K

By pressing above mentioned shortcut a pop-up menu will display, there we have to give the URL.

Hyperlink Ctrl+K

10- Format numbers into the currency

If you have raw numerical data that you want to change into currency; the solution is simple. Just select the cells which you wish to format and press Ctrl+Shift+$.

Excel shortcut Ctrl+Shift+$                                                   Excel shortcut Ctrl+Shift+$

There are few other shortcuts to insert and date in a cell.

To insert current data Ctrl+; (semicolon).

To insert current time Ctrl+Shift+;(semicolon).

To insert both together Ctrl+; space and Ctrl+Shift+;


A solution for errors in Excel:

There are a few errors that occur in MS Excel. Sometimes it is difficult to solve these types of errors. Here in this article, I have explained how to solve their problems.

Types of errors:-

1. ###### error
Problem: The column is not wide enough to represent all the characters in a cell.

Solution: Extend the width of the column.

2. # Div/0! error
Problem: Excel demonstrates this error if a number is divided either by zero (0) or an empty cell.

Solution: Change the divider to a value that is not equivalent to 0.

3. #Name? error
Problem: This text in a formula is not identified by Excel. This is effected by misspelling the function names. For example, =su(A1: A7) will result in the #Name? error.

Fix: Correct the error by entering =sum(A1: A7).

4. #Value! error
Problem: This error will be displayed if the formula involves cells that include various data types. = B1(55) + B2(45) +B3(data) will appear in the #Value! error message.

Solution: Substitute B3(data) with a numeric value and the error will be fixed.

5. #REF! error
Problem: The fault will be displayed when a cell reference is not correct. Removing cells that were referred by other formulas will create this error.

Solution: Refer the cells to the right ranges and the error will be corrected.

6. #NUM! error
Problem: The formula or function includes wrong numeric values.

Solution: Using $, % symbols with the number can occur in this error, so avoid practicing these.

7. #NULL error
Problem: Excel displays this error when you define an intersection of two areas that do not intersect (cross). The intersection operator is a space character that departs references in a formula. =Sum(A1: A2 C3: C5) returns the #NULL error because the two ranges do not intersect.

Solution: =SUM(A1:F1 B1:B10) will return the correct reference.

I hope you have learned a few shortcuts. Next time while using excel use this given shortcuts to finish up the work quickly.


MS Excel is very useful in the Digital Marketing field & plays a very important role in Digital Marketing. It allows you to analyze, evaluate, record, and display the data in a structured form. The use of MS Excel in Digital Marketing will help you analyze your data and master your skill in Digital Marketing.

Google AdWords Expert in India

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Google AdWords PPC Analyst/Executive Interview Questions

Posted on October 10, 2018 by Emarkt_Admin

Crack PPC Interview Questions

Google Ads PPC Job is one of the coolest jobs that you will opt-in your Digital Marketing Career. The Google Ads PPC Analyst/Executive is one who is accountable for managing the Google Ads PPC campaign and strategizing and implementing campaign goals for clients.

Now, the question is how to grab a job in PPC Google Adwords?

Let’s say you need to have Google Ads Certification first.

But, is that enough?

The role of Google Ads Certification in PPC job interview is that it gives you extra value for your resume. With the Google Certification, you can consider it as an entry ticket for Google Ads PPC job interview.

But, what you need to get a job in the Google AdWords PPC role?

Very simple, just crack the PPC interview round.

Sounds easy?


How to pass Google Ads PPC Job

Well again, in order to crack the interview, you may need to prepare yourself for the job interview. PPC job interview will vary from level to level. i.e., Questions asked to a fresher will be different from one who is having one year experience. As your level of experience changes, the mode of questions from the interviewer also changes. But there are some important questions which are very must to know for all the candidates who want to get a PPC digital marketing career.

And here with this blog, I am going to tell you guys how to crack PPC Job Interview!

Most Important PPC Interview Questions 2020 for AdWords Job;

1) What do you know about Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising tool by Google where the companies can promote their product and services on Google’s search engine and their 3rd party network sites. Google Ads completely works on a pay per click or pay per view or system where advertisers need to spend for each click or impression they got for their ads.

2) What is the difference between PPC & SEO Ads of Google?

The main difference between PPC & SEO ads is that PPC is paid advertisement and SEO is completely free. In PPC, we can show our ads on top of results (in top 4) and for each click, we need to pay Google.

PPC & SEO in Google

Whereas in SEO, we can show our ads below the PPC Ads. We can show ads quickly in top results with PPC Ads, but for a digital marketer to get his SEO Ads on first page results, it may take some time.

3) Types of Campaign Networks in Google AdWords?

Based on our business goals, Google is providing different sorts of campaign networks in Google Ads. It is the Digital marketer’s duty to understand the business model, goal & strategy to achieve it.

Types of Campaign Networks in Google Ads

Search network campaign Display network campaign Search with display Video network campaign Shopping campaign Universal App Campaign


4) Types of Keyword match types in Google AdWords?

In Google Ads, you can use the same keyword in a different way based on the strategy you opts for the campaign goal.

Understanding Match types in Google Ads

Types of Keyword Match Types;

Keyword Match Types in Google Ads

5) Types of Keywords in Google Ads?

Keywords are segregated according to the understanding of the user’s intention. We can categorize keywords into –   Generic  Specific Brand Competitor   Please check Keywords are the backbone of Digital Marketing so that you will get a much better idea about keywords in digital marketing campaigns.


6) What is CTR & How do you Calculate it?

CTR is the short form for the Click-through rate. It tells us how many audiences are clicking on our ad copy when is shown in search engine results.

You can calculate CTR:  Total number of Clicks/Total number of impressions * 100

7) What is Quality Score and why is Quality Score important in Google Ads?

Google evaluates the quality of your ads created in the campaign and gives a rating for your keywords. Quality score is so important in CPC based account because your ad rank depends upon max CPC bid and quality score of your keyword. A good quality score helps you cost reduction and if the quality score of your keyword is poor, you have to spend high to position your ad on top 4 page results.

8)  How to improve Quality score of Keywords?

Quality score is determined on the basis of – Ad relevance Expected CTR Landing page experience Historical performance

Improve Quality Score of PPC Keywords

To increase the quality score –

Keywords should be matching to the ad copy

If keywords are very relevant to ad copy, CTR will increase

Landing page optimization

Content on the landing page should be matching with what the audience searched for.

9) What is Character Limit Google Ads Adcopies?

  Ad copies play a vital role in campaign performance. Google has given a syntax in which we have to create compelling ad copies to attract the audience to the website.

Final URL:
Headline 1: 30 characters
Headline 2: 30 characters
Headline 3: 30 characters
Path1: 15 characters
Path 2: 15 characters
Description 1: 90 characters
Description 2: 90 characters

Learn How to Write PPC Ad Copy in Google Ads

10) Define the list of important ad extensions in Google Ads?

There are 11 different types of ad extensions in Google Ads. The use of those ad extensions varies from each other as well.

Following are the list of ad extension options that are available in Google Ads-

11) Define types of Automated Bidding strategies in Google Ads?

12) What is Google Remarketing Ads?

Remarketing in Google Ads is a way of Digital advertising that allows you to display ads only to those audiences who have previously come to your website. It is also known as retargeting. Here the chances of getting conversion are very high.

These are some of the basic and important questions which you need to know. And I am sure this will boost your confidence and you can perform better in Google Ads PPC job interview.

Note: These are not unquestionably the complete list of PPC interview questions. Yet these are the common questions that all the level of candidates in digital marketing interview should know.


13) What are the latest updates in Google AdWords?

Please refer to the Official Google AdWords blog to keep an update of the latest updates in Google AdWords.


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