Why enroll in an Online digital marketing institute in Bangalore?

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With the popularity of web services, internet and mobile devices, Digital Marketing or Online Marketing are making an outstanding contribution to advertising. Digital Marketing is the process of advertising services, products, and brands over the internet. Its broad scope includes the use of email, customer retention, electronic management of the client, and the use of mobile devices. Thus, enrolling in the best digital marketing institute in Bangalore as a professional career choice would pay you rich dividends in your professional life. The trend of Online Marketing is here to stay as the saga of the internet continues to spread various parts of the world.  

Helps you to be Creative and Accurate

Digital Marketing also includes the creation and implementation of advertisements in the various cycles of customer engagement. Therefore, the best training institute for digital marketing  has to be creative and technically accurate. This form of marketing is generally used in conjunction with the traditional ways of marketing that use televisions, radios, and newspapers. With the growing popularity of the World Wide Web and its use in day to day life, online marketing at the best digital marketing institute is continuously growing and reaching out to a vast number of people.

Teaches you to reach out to a larger Audience

The use of mobile devices in this kind of marketing is also benefiting users and businesses. If there is an advertisement that can reach millions of people at a minimal cost to the company, it helps the target audience and the advertiser. Today, if we have to purchase an item, it can easily be searched for on the internet and purchased. If the search for an issue with an individual is managed, an advertisement relating to that item can later be shown to the customer. 

Leverage the power of the internet with the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore

The internet connects billions of people worldwide. It provides the opportunity of reaching out to a target audience at a low cost. The effectiveness of advertising can easily be measured using tools like Web Analytics and Statistics. The various methods need to be tried out to know which form of Digital Marketing is best suited for the job. As the World Wide Web grows and connects, most people will be either businesses or customers in the world of Digital Marketing.

With the best digital marketing training in Bangalore and its well-equipped SEO training center, the aspirants can learn a lot of essential aspects on digital marketing. With the increasing penetration of internet services around the world, it has become necessary for many to learn the techniques of digital marketing. However, the best digital marketing Courses in Bangalore would give shape to your dreams with their rich syllabus and unique course content. 

By undertaking a training course in best training institute for digital marketing in Bangalore, the students would learn the various aspects of link building and Content Optimization. They can also get adapted to various SEO training modules that are based on real-time projects. Keeping in mind the advanced course contents and trends in the business industry, ACL Multimedia has an interactive and student-friendly syllabus that helps the students to learn the basics of SEO with ease.

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7 Alternative Skills Every SEO Should Know Apart from Subject Knowledge

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What are the skills required for good SEO Specialists apart from the subject knowledge?

Search Engine Optimization, this is no game of one day, you have to hold your horses.  It is a long battle game like “Game of Thrones”.  You have to load your weapons one by one, need to get a helping hand.

I like to share my experience on SEO journey to date; here I am going to share a few much-needed skills every SEO professional should have;

(All these inputs collected from my experience and a few from my SEO friends)

Yes, what you read is true. Being patient is an important skill you should learn to see the SEO results. Whatever the energy and dedication you are putting on the present moment may not show you results immediately.

For example, you are doing link building act regularly, are you expecting all those links are sitting in your basket at the next minute? If you think so, then It’s completely wrong; it may take a few days, some may take months to join in your basket.

So, learn to be patient.

Hold on a second; I said to be patient not to neglect the actions you have taken to build the business.

It is like a treasure hunt; you have to think in a 360o angle. Should be capable of solving 3 W’s.

The Three W’s:

Should have the ability to analyze, Why is the traffic gone down or leads are down? What is the best possible solution and where to fix it?

The wise judgment plays a crucial role in SEO.  A combination of logical and analytical skills is necessary to see the pinnacle point in SEO

SEO is a combination of technical, logical, analytical, and language skills.  Strong command in Language gives you a significant boost. Well, it is essential to communicate with your internal team with no hassle and build confidence in work. At the same point, having a persuasive tone at a meeting is necessary for an SEO person.

Writing is a much supportive attribute for an SEO person. Most of the SEO work is related to text content, having writing skills in your skill basket is an advantage, while optimizing content rather than depending on grammatical tools you can accomplish your job at the right time.

SEO needs social skills, he/she should able to jump into a community and build right relations. Sharing knowledge brings you many good friends in the domain. It is an indirect way of building your brand value.

Spend quality time with the niche people in your domain, it brings you a bundle of opportunities to grow in career.

It brings a bit of disappointment for many SEOs. Yep, technical knowledge is a must nowadays for an SEO person. I am sure there SEO professionals doing a great job with no programming skills. But to sit on the head of your web developer at least, you should know HTML, CSS, and JS.

Website speed and errors are most considering elements in the present SEO performance. When it comes to the user point of view, the website should load within a flick and it shouldn’t throw any error which makes him dissatisfied. Having technical skills avoid many hampers and make your developer understand the problems.

To be a great SEO, you should have a self-force and motivational ability. Always you should cheer your team and ready to adopt new methods circling in the platform. SEO is not a job of 9 am – 5 pm ever you should feel like a teen with a thrust of gadgets. Whatever the new SEO technique using by your peers, you should jump on that to explore an opportunity.

All-day jobs need some laughter at the workplace. A happy workplace gives great productive results, we may have ups and downs in work, to come up with a new positive force we should hold back ourselves to create a happy vibe inside us.

All I mean to say, SEO is not only about the subject; it should have other sets of productive skills to do a great job.



Here are the 7 effective points that help you to do great in SEO apart from just having the subject knowledge. So, if you are a fresher or blogger or sales & marketing person referring and find yourself good around the following points, then SEO as a career could be the best option for you in Digital Marketing. Yes, SEO will always stand the strong backbone for digital marketing success, since it’s directly connected to the ads display in Google results, and that too for free traffic. For more information, click the link; SEO Career & Training Program with Syllabus details

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Top 10 Required Skills Every SEO Specialists Should Have to Successful

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Top SEO Skills & Tools


What are the skills & tools required to be good in SEO Technical & Website Development and coding apart from the subject knowledge?

SEO/ Digital Marketing person should have a diverse skill, even though there are more than meets the eye, but there are few things we need to keep in mind while choosing them across.

Below mentioned are a few of the topmost which I have come across.

Critical Thinking – This the topmost priority as everything depends on how you see the objective of the requirement. It’s all based on 3W’s (WHAT, WHY, WHEN), As you understand the subject you will get more clarity

Speaking & Writing Ability – Do your own research about the content, Be the author for the subject

Technical & Programming Skills – Always recommend on Page Speed, Robots.txt, Sitemaps, Site Rendering, Lazy Loading, Server-side redirects, Microdata, Schema, and basic HTML Tags.

Social & Drinking Skills – Love to hear about exciting things in the industry you work you’ve seen or done, then move out of your cubicle start networking with your colleagues, people in the industry, check the sessions offline meet them, attend the webinars and start following the people who you love with.

Analytical Skills – Understand the requirements of KPI which is mostly required for proper SEO Strategy

Excel Skills Get inside the Data to look at what’s wrong & what’s right you need to know about (VLOOKUP’s, WILDCARDS, COUNTIF, LEN, Text to Columns, Concatenation, FIND) and more.

You need to know where the data has gone wrong & the steps have to be taken to rework to its previous stages.

Motivation & Adaptability – You always need to keep yourself updated on the toes & there’s always something to learn.

Security – HTTPS, Website Security is becoming increasingly important.

Stubborn Jackass – Be stubborn don’t lose yourself if you are getting failed try again & make sure that when others can do it then why can’t I can succeed.

Tools – Screaming Frog, SEMrush, Moz.com, WooRank, Similar Web, Spyfu are the major tools that we can look into.

The Bottom Line:

By taking SEO training in Bangalore, you’ll be able to grasp a deeper understanding of what SEO is all about and how a search engine works. A course on SEO will definitely guide you exactly what you need to learn to optimize the website and provide you with insight into how to be creative in the overall process and keep the optimization effort moving ahead for the future of your journey to becoming a professional SEO Specialist. 🙂

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Best Ways to Write Ad Copy for SEO, PPC & Facebook

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Are you struggling Writing Compelling Ads for PPC, SEO or Facebook?

Do you have questions in your mind before writing ads?


How can I write ads?

How can I write about my business in such a tiny space?


So how do you do it? Don’t worry,

I am here to help you with this and tell you about “How to write Super effective Ads for PPC, Facebook and SEO with Best Ad Copy Examples” that will get you higher click-through rates and higher conversion rates.


How to Write eye-catchy PPC, Facebook and SEO Ads?

Digital Advertising is everywhere. Digital Advertising creates great opportunities to tell brand stories at scale and in context. Through Online Ads on numerous devices and channels, marketers can reach a larger number of viewers in a way that is real-time and increasingly personal.

Writing compelling ad copies is a real challenge!

In order to write ad copies, you need to understand your client’s need and desires. For better performance of ads and good results, you can try A/B Testing, running two ads into a single ad set.

Check our article on “A/B Testing Techniques in PPC Google Adwords

Before starting our discussion on, “How to write Ads? Have a look at, how PPC, Facebook and SEO Ads looks like.

PPC Ads Example

Example of PPC Ads on Google SERP

Image Source –  Google


SEO Ads Example

Example SEO SERP

Facebook Ads Example

Facebook Ads Example

Now let’s get started,


Ad headline is like window dressing. A headline should be attractive enough to grab a customer’s attention, but online. Even if you have the best product or service in the market, it matters, if your headline is not catchy.


 Tips to write Attractive Headlines:-

  1. Include Keywords

Make a connection between their search query and your ad by using keywords in your headline, and make it crystal clear, so that your ad shows up in the Google Search Results and they will click on it. In the below image, “Online Marketing Institute in Bangalore” is the Keyword used;

Keywords in Ad Copy

  1. Ask Questions

Asking questions in the headline is a clever way to drive customers. In the image given below, no keywords are used, still, it’s compelling ad than other ads I saw.

Online Google Ads

  1. Include Numbers or Statistics

This is a pretty powerful way to grasp the customer’s attention. Use of numbers in the headline is compelling and force customer’s to click your ads.

How to Write Google Ads?

  1. Use Simple Language

Do not confuse your customers by writing complex headlines. Use simple, easily understood the language in your headlines. It makes them easier to read and more clickable.

  1. Make use of Character Limit

Do not use unnecessary words for its own sake, but make sure you take full advantage of the 30 characters limit in your headline. Be as descriptive as you can.

  1. Don’t Make False Promises

Including wrong information in your headline gives a bad impression on the consumers. Avoid using it to gain more traffic to your website.

  1. Spy on Competitors Ads

This is my favorite part while writing Ads. Look into your competitor’s ads and steal their ideas and try to write a good Ad Copy. You will get thousands of ideas to write ad copy by looking in your competitors work.


Now we will learn about “How you can Write effective Description for your Ads“?



The purpose of writing a description is to attract the right audience and tell them about your product/services by writing your business USP’s. The description needs to be written with care.

Tips for Writing Effective Description:-

  1. Use Phrases, Not Sentences

As you know there is a character limit of writing description, i-e 165. So, do not waste space by writing unnecessary sentences and words. Make usage of phrases and catchwords in your description. Add more selling points to your ads. As you can see in the image given below, they have used phrases and not sentences.

Example of to a best Ad Copy

  1. Call – to – Action

Include a Call- To- Action in your description to serve better and helps a customer to take an immediate action. Like- “Call Now”, “Contact Us”, “Buy Now”, “Apply Now”, Etc.

Call-to-actions in a Ad Copy

  1. Use Numbers

Using numbers in your description is amazingly effective.

Here is an example of including numbers in the description:-

12+ Yrs. Expertise. 100% Placements. Max. 6 in a Batch. 1-1 Attention. Pay Fees in 3 Installments

Compare the images given below and tell me which ad will you click?

SERP results


Digital Ads

2nd one? Right. Why?

Because 2nd Ad Copy has numbers in it, so it is easy to read the full description in one go.

  1. Create Urgency

This is especially a powerful way to bring customer who is urgently looking for help. There are a number of words which you can use to create urgency, like-

Limited Time Offer

Hurry Up

Stock Ends Soon

Facebook Ads Manager

  1. Use Emojis

Use emojis in the Facebook ad description to attract customers.

  1. Image

Use image in Facebook Ads to attracts more customers. An image in our Ad plays a major role in grabbing visitors to your site.

Example Facebook Ads showing Jewelry

Advantages of PPC Ads

  1. Run display Ads for brand awareness.
  2. Create Search Ads for targeting more audience.
  3. Run re-marketing Ads through display network to re-target visitors to your site

Advantages of SEO Ads

  1. Low-cost Ads.
  2. Better ROI.
  3. Drive traffic to your website.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

  1. High-quality Ads.
  2. Greater Improvements.
  3. Visually appealing Ads.
  4. More Traffic.
  5. Targeting a large audience.
  6. Increase brand awareness.

Comic story telling of Facebook Ads

Image Source –  Google


 Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do not stuff your keywords for the sake of ‘relevancy’.
  2. First, understand your audience. Are they looking for information? Are they searching your product in intent to buy online? and then start writing ads.
  3. Use the AIDA framework (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action)
  4. You should have a clear Call- To- Action in your Ad.
  5. Be straightforward, do not confuse your audience.
  6. Your Ad Copy should reflect you landing page.
  7. Paste conversion tracking code in the landing page. To check from which Ad you are getting conversions which will help you in writing future ads.
  8. Avoid using many options on the landing page which will distract customers.
  9. Check competitors ads more often.
  10. Use A/B Testing in your Ads.
  11. Check you Ads performance on a daily basis and change the ads with low performance.
  12. Try variations in your ads by using different words and phrases.
  13. Do not forget to use Ad Extensions in your Ads.

DO's and Dont's of Ads

Image Source – Google


These are just general guidelines which will help you in writing the most effective and compelling Ads for SEO, PPC and Facebook.

The Bottom Line:

Enroll in the digital marketing course program to launch a successful career in digital marketing or build new skills as a professional marketer.

Keep on Reading our blogs; Learn new things from us; Share with Digital Marketing Aspirants, & of course; Inspire yourself and others. Follow us on Facebook   Instagram & Youtube  for Latest Digital Marketing Trends & Tips. If you wish to start a Digital Marketing Career, then check out our –

Top Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore with Placements | PPC Course | Google SEO Certification  | SMM Course

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Benefits of Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

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Advantages of Yoast SEO Plugin

Are you struggling to increase website traffic? Need some help to your SEO?  Need an SEO plugin for WordPress? Then this is the most important SEO plugin you should use on your WordPress. It will improve your SEO and helps to get huge traffic to your website.

So, what is that? Best SEO plugin for WordPress.

Here we present you the most downloaded and rated SEO plugin “Yoast SEO plugin”

What is the Yoast SEO Plugin?

Yoast SEO plugin is the most favourite tool for millions of SEO people; it has more than 1 million active installs. It helps to optimize your website for the search engine, with its content analysis feature it helps you to understand readability difficulty, keyword density, title, meta description, targeted keywords, and much more. With Yoast SEO, you will have one of the best SEO weapons to our basket.

How does the Yoast SEO Plugin help Blogging?

SEO Analysis:

Yes, with Yoast SEO plugin, you can easily get some basic SEO analysis while writing content for your blog. It will suggest to

SEO analysis given by Yoast SEO plugin


Search Engine Snippet Preview:

Snippet review given by Yoast SEO plugin

Snippet review feature is one of the best of its feature, it will show a preview of your Meta title tag, Meta description and URL of your post as shown in search engine results page.

Edit snippet option gives access to write Meta title and Meta description of the post. It will show both mobile version and desktop version of Meta tags.

This helps you to must follow the Google ranking factors, which leads to getting more traffic and ranking on search engine.

Content Readability Review:

Readability feature suggestion to improve the content

The search engine has so many parameters to give rank to a post, one of them is content quality.  Yoast SEO plugin assists you to improve content quality, by suggesting.

Using transition words in content improves the text readability. They send signals to the reader that some related sentences are coming up in the next sentence.

Usage of more passive voice in a content leads to confusion to a reader. Yoast SEO signals you the percentage of passive voice in your content.

Meta Robots and Canonical URL configuration:

when we talk about Meta robot tags and canonical tag. There are three robot tags, and they are NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW and NOARCHIVE. It is a bit of technical SEO.

Here we discuss NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW tags;


<meta name =”robots” content=”noindex”>


<a href=”http://www.google.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>


A canonical tag is a way of telling the Search engine that this specific URL represents the master copy of a page. Using of rel=canonical tag helps not to get penalized by search engines on the charge of duplicity.

Cornerstone content:

Option to make post as cornerstone

Cornerstone content can represent as the most important articles of all the posts that should not be missed by the audience of a website. These are the articles you would rank high in search engine.

These are the articles reflects your business mission, blended with high-quality content and your potential keywords you would like to rank.

Cornerstone articles are very long, covering everything about a certain topic. Every time you wrote an article, think about the similar posts you have written and linked it to that post.

Yoast SEO premium has an internal linking feature, which helps you to link the most related articles to that post.

Yoast SEO XML Sitemap generation:

XML sitemap generated by Yoast SEO

Sitemaps are roadmaps with packed URLs to make search engine quickly find and crawl. Sitemaps allow search engines to find all of your important web pages to index, without missing.  The XML sitemap allows you to specify additional information about each URL such as:

Having this information within one document helps the search engine understand your website and crawl it more easily.

Every website should have a sitemap for better crawling of search engines, it helps to index your most important pages and rank your website.

Yoast SEO plugin helps to generate sitemaps automatically to your website. You can customize posts from not appearing in sitemap with this plugin.

Social share option:

Meta tags optimization option for social platforms s

Yes, The SEO optimization we perform to get traffic is limited to the search engine, but nowadays Social media become more popular. So our post should have eye-catching images, titles and descriptions for social platforms

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are widely using platforms, we should engage on social media platforms to drive more traffic to a website. If you don’t fill out anything on the given blanks of the social share feature, it will automatically take your SEO title, description and description.

With Yoast SEO plugin, you can customize the post title, description and image for better audience engagement on the social platform.

Search console:

Search console feature to link to webmaster

Now finding crawl errors of a website become very easy with Yoast SEO search console feature. Just by connecting Google search console with WordPress Yoast SEO plugin you can manage crawl errors of the website.

It is very easy to use on the WordPress website; you can get the information directly from the search console with this plugin. You can monitor the website crawl errors directly on the Yoast dashboard and also you can resolve the issues from the dashboard.

This plugin helps you, to get the information about the URL, last crawl details and problem occurred date of the page. Resolving these errors will definitely boost website traffic and rank high in SERPs.

Advanced Tools:

Advanced tools option to edit bulk posts and htaccess file

Tools is another best feature in this plugin, it has three built-in options “Bulk Editor, “File Editor: and “Import and Export”.

Bulk editor is the best feature in this Yoast SEO plugin; we can edit SEO titles of all the posts easily at a time.  We won’t use this option on a regular basis. If you need to make changes to several titles or descriptions at a time, you can use it to bring up a list of all your posts and make the changes at once.

Import and export your SEO settings from other tools

File editor is another feature in this tool; it allows making changes on “robots.txt” and “.htaccess file”. Import and export is the last feature in this tool, it helps you backup all your preferred SEO plugin settings; allow to export this setting to other website and import settings from other SEO plugins.

Yoast SEO and Readability review:

SEO and redability review given Yoast SEO plugin

Last but not least, you should be seeing a column at last on posts tab.  There you can see some traffic signals like dots of SEO. There are three scoring dots as same as the traffic signal. Check these dots on every page or post and optimize them.

Let see, one by one:


The Bottom Line:

Learn more about important features of the Yoast SEO plugin, Upgrade to Yoast SEO premium to unleash a few more best features. Join  Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training course to upgrade your skills and hands on experience on Yoast tools.

If you are intended to increase your website traffic, feel free to utilize our affordable Local SEO Services.

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Top Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore with Placements | PPC Course | Google SEO Certification  | SMM Course

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How A/B SEO Test Benefits your Business?

Posted on October 23, 2018 by Emarkt_Admin

How efficiently is your digital strategy helping business? As a digital marketer, we feel all the driven traffic is our strategy result. All your great results came with your real focused strategies or a hunch? The A/B testing assists us to make decisions on the real behaviour data rather than presume knowledge of customer behaviour.

What is A/B SEO Test?

AB testing or Split testing, it is a fantastic technique should be used by every SEO. AB testing helps you to figure out the best online marketing strategies that enhance the productivity of a website.  It can be used to test anything on a website like a webpage, a call-to-action button, headings, colour, text, etc.

Basically, it is a test between two variants of a particular product with minimal changes.

For example, we are testing a web page with two different styles. We showcased Variant A to 50% of the visitors, variant B to rest 50% of the visitors. Having call-to-action button on the top right corner of the page for variant A. Variant B is having the same call-to-action button on the bottom of the page. On the result day, we found that variant A is getting us more conversion. We will use the format of the variant A in the webpage.

Experimental result of A/B testing in SEO

                                       Image credit: VWO


How AB SEO test helps your business?

A/B SEO testing helps to find the bright spot of a webpage. You can figure out exactly which marketing strategies work best to enhance the growth of the business. As said above when you find one variant is performing 2x, 3x and more than other, than the performing variant is a golden egg.

Sometimes the amount we spend on paid traffic can be huge; the cost of conversation will not match our expectations. So why do you want to pay for traffic when you can get traffic for free of cost with simple AB SEO testing. A small change on a landing page of a website can result in significant increases in leads and sales.

A case study on AB SEO Testing: MedienReich  has seen a 40% Increase in website engagement

MedienReich computer training is a German company which provides software training courses. The home page of the company contains services listed, segregated as three broad categories:

The company decided to run a test with the help of VWO software to increase website engagement.

For the sack of test, they created one more page which is a duplicate of the home page. Instead of displaying broadly categorized services they changed it as 8 best-selling courses.

Result: MedienReich ran the test close to 20 days before embracing the changes with open arms six months back.  According to Marc Stenzel, MedienReich SEM manager, the year-on-year value of the home page increased by 106.42% – from $2,149.72 to $4,436.71

Case study of AB SEO Test- MedienReich software training company

Reference- Visual Website Optimizer

How to do AB SEO testing?

Analyze user behaviour from the insights given by analyzing tools. Before experimenting on testing have a clear hypothesis of the present data.

Before you start a test, you should know what is your goal for this test? By the end of your test, what do you want to know? There are many different elements we can test.

For example:

We can test many other elements on a website.

You can measure many elements at a time for every one test, Choose a primary goal to focus on before you run a test. Having a primary goal helps you to measure the accurate results.

Must follow Google guidelines for testing to avoid penalties:

Below are some important guidelines are given by Google on website testing.

No Cloaking

Cloaking is a practice of showing one content to humans and a different content to Googlebot. It is considered as a  violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines because it provides users with different content than they expected. Violating Google’s guidelines can result in demotion or penalization of your website from Google search results.


If you are running an A/B test with multiple URLs, you have to use the “rel=canonical” tag to all the alternate URLs to indicate that the original URL is preferred version. While testing, you may have many pages with similar content with minimal changes. If you forget to use this tag Google take it as duplicate content and it leads to drowning your webpage.

When you use “rel=canonical” tag for the variant pages, it signifies the Googlebot to consider only the original page.

Use 302 instead of 301

If you run an A/B test to a website, direct users to land on the variant URL from the original URL. Use temporary redirects (302), not a permanent redirects (301), this tells search engines that this redirect is temporary. This redirection signal helps the Googlebot to understand that, it should keep the original URL in their index rather than replacing it with the redirected one.

A certain period of time

The amount of time required for an experiment depends on the goals we set for the project. Once you gathered reliable data to make a conclusion, you should update your website with desired content variations. All the elements of the test must be deleted as soon as possible, such as variant URL, markup or testing scripts. If Google finds out you are running an experiment for unnecessarily for a long time period, it interprets that content is deceiving search engines. This kind of interpretation leads to penalties to a website.

Benefits of A/B testing:

1.Improves user engagement:

With minimal changes on elements of a page such as headlines, font size and style, placement of a call-to-action button, the colour of buttons may result in an increase of engagement and traffic of the website.

2.Reduced Bounce Rates:

When you put a lot of time and creativity for creating landing pages for your website, if the visitors are bouncing back without making any actions, it leads to disappointment.  If it is the case happening to you, it is the time to perform A/B testing on web pages. The more time spent on the website by a visitor reduces the bounce rate.

3.High Conversation Rate:

A/B testing is the easiest and effective way to create actionable content to convert visitors into buyers. Carefully spend a little time to create two variant pages to find out what works best to your website. With a minimal cost, this test helps to increase your conversations.

4.Easy to Analyze:

With this test results, it is simple to analyze user expectations. We can understand which variant drawing more attention of a visitor, which elements should we change. We can easily find out the winner “variant A” or “variant B”.

For example:

Both the web pages are getting 100 impressions; Headline is the element we are targeting. If Variant A got 30 clicks out of 100, variant B got 20 clicks then variant is the winner in this test.

5.Increase in traffic, ranking and sales:

The most important benefit of A/B testing is the increase in traffic and sales. The lesser bounce rate, significant improvement in user engagement, higher conversation rate all these united results enhances the websites authority, page rank and sales.

Top 10 A/B testing tools:

Finally here are the top 10 A/B testing tools.


The Bottom Line:

I hope you got an idea about A/B SEO testing and its uses for SEO. A/B testing leads to trust and confidence in your brand and services, which give you, better ROI results in return. A/B testing is one of the most powerful ways to collect information about your copy-writing and design choices. We usually use it on our own website and as well as on our client’s sites. Following the right method or procedure is a challenging task. In order to unlock numerous benefits, you have to learn more about what convinces your audience to convert.  It is time to take advantage of this career choice by learning SEO Certification Course.

Keep on Reading our blogs; Learn new things from us; Share with Digital Marketing Aspirants, & of course; Inspire yourself and others. Follow us on Facebook   Instagram & Youtube for Latest Digital Marketing Trends & Tips. If you wish to start a Digital Marketing Career, then check out our –

Top Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore with Placements | PPC Course | Google SEO Certification  | SMM Course

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Easy Steps to Rank for a Keyword in Google

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Best Techniques for Keyword Ranking Google


How to choose a keyword to rank on Google? This can be a brainstorming process. Writing a content keeping search engine guidelines in mind is really a big challenge. You can see it is one of the trickiest strategies, utilizing a particular keyword to write content and make it rank high on Google. But if are able to find the right keyword for the given post, almost half the game is on your side. You have to engage the keyword and weave it into a well-written content.

Keep your Website clean and Robust:

This is the primary step you have to take care of. You will need to have some strong basics in place before you can hope to rank for any keyword.

A strong Website: Having a strong website is the primary step to look after. A properly structured website and networks of other platforms like Blog, Social Platforms and Email contacts you can reach out for occasional help.

Keep above-mentioned elements ready before jumping into the competition.

How to do Keyword Research?

Select seed keywords which are related to your services or products. For example, you are providing Digital marketing services, take that keywords put it on Google search bar. Get the Google suggestions on the bottom of the page; choose few suggested keywords which perfectly suit your business model.

Related keyword suggestions by GoogleImage courtesy: Google


There are few other techniques to find a niche keyword:

Top 9 Keyword  Tools:

Make use of different keyword tools like


Keyword Selection:

To select a keyword, we have to keep in mind that what does the audience intent? Does the audience intent is to get the information or to buy products? The user intent will be general or specific.

For Example:

Example for General keyword intent of a user Search

As shown in the above images, keywords are having different intent. The first image is a general keyword “PPC” we cannot decide what is the user’s intention? Do they are looking for information or training or services?

Example for Specific Keyword search of a user

The second image is a specific keyword “PPC training in Bangalore”. Here the user intent specifies that he or she looking for PPC training institute in Bangalore.

Select the keyword according to the buyer persona. We are not doing any social services to educate people. Our target is to get business and revenue.

Play with commercial intent keywords.

For Example:

If you are running an E-commerce website, the targeted keywords should contain:

“Buy Samsung Galaxy J7”, ”Best Deal on Clothing”, ”20% discount on Men’s T-shirt”, “Custom Mobile Accessories Free Shipping”. These types of keywords give us conversion.

If you are a services provider:

These types of keywords help to sell our services.

“One size does not fit to all”, don’t stick to above mentions keywords every time those are few examples I have given.

You might have a question what could be the size of a keyword? read below to find the answer.

What is the ideal volume and size of the keyword ranking Google? 

Consider two things in mind one is volume and length of the keyword. Choosing a keyword with too much volume put our content post in a risk and choosing too low volume keyword does not give us any traffic. The keyword should have a decent volume to get rank on Google.

For example:

Choose the second keyword instead of first and third. The second keyword has less volume compared to the first one but it is a decent volume keyword to rank your content on Google. The third keyword also helps you to generate the traffic but it is Local SEO intent.

To speak really the keywords which we using are type related, Voice search is the future of the search process. Campaignlive rolled a good content about how voice search changing the Searching style of a user.

Statistics of keyword phrases

                          Image courtesy: Campaignlive

Alexa, Siri, Microsoft Cortona, and Google Voice Search are the some of the trending Artificial intelligence systems.

Length of voice search queries as per the statistics

Image courtesy: Campaignlive


Voice searches are mostly Question phrases, They are longer than a general keyword search terms.

For example:

To beat your competitors you should be in the front line to utilize new resources of digital technology. Use of those voices searches related phrases to rank our content on Google.

Content Creation Concept:

What kind of content you deliver to the audience depends on your resources. Keep your audience in mind before creating content, the information you provide should inspire and make them share your post. Below are the top performing content paths.

  1. Blog
  2. Videos
  3. Infographics
  4. Articles
  5. User Guide
  6. Case studies
  7. E-Books
  8. Newsletter
  9. Podcasts

The content whatever you choose to prepare should be very qualitative. If you not having time and resources, better outsource.

Have an eye on Competition:

Once you are done with the keyword, search the keyword on Google and find out the top competitors for the keyword. Select the competitors and check how they are doing, pay attention to:


Do the work a bit stronger and qualitative than your competitors.

Execute the Plan:

Once done with content, check twice before making it live. Search Engines penalize spam and duplicate content. Search Engine look for high-quality content, never stuff your keyword in content.  Start optimizing the content by using SEO techniques.

SEO can be divided into two parts:

On-Page optimization for Keyword Ranking Google:

On-page optimization is the practice of optimizing individual web pages of a website in order to get rank higher on the search engine. Here presents a checklist of On-page keyword ranking techniques to make sure of.

  1. Meta Title
  2. Meta Description
  3. SEO friendly URL
  4. Header tags (H1, H2, H3, and H4)
  5. Keywords
  6. Responsive Design of web page
  7. Internal Links
  8. External Links
  9. Page Speed
  10. Images
  11. Social links
  12. Image ALT tags
  13. Anchor Text

Above mentioned elements should be taken care. Every element should contain the keyword (except page speed and design of web page).

Off-Page promotion for Keyword Ranking :

Off-page optimization is the practice of improving the position of a website in search engine by promoting our website on various platforms.

Here is the list of Off-page techniques:

  1. Link Building
  2. Blog Submission
  3. Article Submission
  4. Blog Commenting
  5. Social Bookmarking
  6. Link Exchange
  7. PPT sharing
  8. Infographic sharing
  9. Video submission
  10. Image submission
  11. Search engine Submission
  12. Local Listings

Most people do Link building, check our blog Importance SEO Linkbuilding Tactic to know why it is important. Every Off-page technique has its own impact; try to perform all the techniques to rank higher.

Promote the content as high as possible, keep monitoring the results. Check your keyword ranking week on week; if your targeted keywords are not performing well implement new strategies to scale up your traffic.


I hope you have got a good idea on how to rank your keyword on Google. Perform all the above-mentioned techniques on your website, generate good revenue.

A specific Keyword has its own importance and demand. Usually Google takes certain time to notice the changes on published page. In this blog post all the important information has been covered on how to improve the ranking of a page for a specific keyword. Join the SEO Training Course and learn how to Lay the groundwork, How to Analyse your competitors, Executing, Optimizing and Publishing because all these factors carries an important role which helps in ranking of your page for a specific Keywords.

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7 Easy Techniques for Local SEO Benefits

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Google Local SEO 2018

Let’s start with, What is SEO?

SEO (Search engine Optimization) is a work of discipline and strategies to keep your website on top of SERPs. It is totally a way to get organic traffic to your website and making visible to the audience who are intent towards your services.

SEO encompasses technical and creative elements to drive traffic and improve rankings. There are many techniques to work combined to get success in SEO as;

All these elements should structure as per search engine guidelines.

What is Local SEO?

Thousands of customers use Local search every day to find the best services in the local area. Local Search helps business to get more visibility, increase website traffic and helps to get potential customers. Local SEO is focused on delivering search results for the current location. It shows the location of the business in the current location and near surroundings.

It helps businesses promote their products and services to local customers at the exact time. There are certain techniques must follow to get the website ranked on search engines.

Let’s give me an example:

Local Google SEO


On the above image, I typed the search term “Best Digital Marketing Institute Koramangala”. It showed the local Digital Marketing Institutions, addresses and reviews.

When typed in such a way by putting location, Google understands that we are searching for the places near the surroundings and it will deliver the results according to the search term “Best Digital Marketing Institution”.

Google is very quick in response; it will deliver the result in half-a-second with related results. We should opt for Local SEO implementation to make our website in top of these Google results;

7 Local SEO Techniques must follow;

Once search term with location typed on Google search bar, Google’s Pigeon algorithm starts its work to fetch the local data. This search will show us the maps before the blue links regularly present by Google.

Maps place a vital role in local SEO; especially nowadays users are mostly being on mobile phones looking for local business results for their intent services. When they see the local listings as soon as possible they look for the nearest locations rather visiting blue links under the maps. They quickly click on the local listed addresses which are near to them before visiting the store.

Every user performs some ground research before they signup to take business services. They look for the reviews listed on the local listing to find which company providing better services. So we have to perform some Local SEO techniques to make our website visible in Local listings.

Let drill down to each Local SEO techniques one by one;

Google My Business Listing:

Google My Business Listing is the one technique must be followed in Local SEO. List your business by signing up to GMB to make your business location visible to customers. By signing up to these services, Google will send a verification mail to get confirmation. Once confirmation has done Google can show your business location on further searches.

While filling up the GMB listing, we have to showcase our business timings, phone number, business category and a description of the business. This listing is going to impact your business in a positive manner. Make sure that the information you provided is clear and clean about your business.

Local SEO Google my business



The second one is getting links from related websites. This is very similar to SEO, Links plays a major role to increase the authority of the site. Naturally obtained backlinks from well-authorized websites helps to boost our ranking. Make sure that every backlink we are earnings are most relevant to our industry.

On-Page Signals:

This is a bit similar to general SEO practices, make sure that your NAP (NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER) are on every page. You have to optimize your site for local search by adding the location in content. Add relevant keywords in the landing page title tag and make sure your region is specified on every landing page.

Keywords with location should be placed in Header tags to make it SEO centric. Make the most relevant URL to the webpage including keywords and your business location.

Mention your business location in content as possible you can, but it should be a natural flow. Image ALT attributes are one of the good places to add our keywords. Using location in ALT tags for a local photograph of a business is a big opportunity you should grab.

Smartphone usage has increased drastically, Keep your website pages mobile friendly. They should be able to find your business quickly.


A local citation is mentioning of the business name, address, and phone number on local business directories, on websites and on social platforms. Citations help the audience to discover local business and help to improve local search engine rankings.

Create citations on a variety of important local business data platforms, which can publish this type of data.

Following are the few elements to incorporate in citations:

Local SEO citation


Google Reviews:

Next, most important is having a number of good reviews for your services. Reviews will make or break your business.  Encourage your customers who have good experience to give reviews for the services. For every review just give them a reply and welcome them with warm regards. This is how you build a good relationship with customers. Recent days mostly people trust the reviews before they buy any product.

Google Review Local SEO

Posting Pictures and videos:

This is one of the local SEO optimizing technique you must follow, posting pictures and videos related to your business helps customers to understand better about your business. Promote your upcoming events via Google post, it helps to engage your audience with your business.

Social Signals:

Social media presence is one of the element you should not miss in Local SEO. Social interaction is one of the key element looks after by Google’s local algorithm. People mostly use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram. We should remember that we are on Google local listings, Never underestimate Google+ it is Google’s own social platform. Keeps your business listing on Google+, it is going to help you to rank on local SEO.

Use a high-quality logo and high-quality images on Social platforms, dull images give a negative impact on business.  Add some business annual celebration videos or any business related videos on a profile. Never forget to mention your business location on the content you are sharing.



Optimizing your local SEO is very important for website traffic, leads and conversion. SEO changes quite rapidly. You never know when Google will introduce new features, updates on its SERP’s for local searches, but you can always keep a count on these changes by taking SEO Training Course. It’s essential to always stay on top of local SEO.

To read other important blogs on SEO, click this link eMarket education 

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How to Crack SEO Interview Questions 2020 for Freshers

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SEO Interview Questions and Answers 2020

SEO is a very popular term used in Digital Marketing. The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. There are multiple job openings available in the field of SEO. If you are applying for an SEO Job at a beginner level this will help you in your job interview preparation. There are different specializations in SEO: Blogging, Link  Building, SEO Strategy. These SEO Interview Questions and Answers will help you crack your interview.

The common SEO Interview Questions which are asked in an interview are:-

seo interview questions for freshers


So here’s the detailed answer of above SEO Interview Questions of 2020 for Freshers/Analyst position. It will help you prepare for your SEO Interview Questions;

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the method of getting quality organic traffic to your website through organic search engine results. It will boost search visibility and Rank in Google. SEO consists of two main elements:-

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

The most important On-Page SEO tips are:-


What is Off-Page SEO or Linkbuilding?

Off-Page SEO refers to the techniques which are used to improve the position of a website in SERPs. The most powerful is to do Link Building for your site. Link Building helps you to increase the Rank of your website and gives you quality links.Interview Question on seo link building techniques


What is the process of SEO?

The process of SEO covers:-


SEO interview questions for freshers about SEO Process

Why does a Business/Website need SEO?

The majority of online traffic is driven by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. There are many other ways to generate traffic to your website such as social media, display Ads. SEO can improve your business to grow and meet company objects. SEO is also great for the social promotion of your website. People who find your website by searching on Google or Yahoo are more likely to promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media channels. It is an investment with a high return.

What is the main difference between SEO On-page & Off-page?

On-page SEO deals with the aspects that can be optimized on your website. Off-page SEO is for the ranking of your website. The main elements included in on-page optimization are noted below:

Off-page SEO is a combination of:-

SEO Interview Question on Techniques of SEO

What is White Hat SEO?

The term “white hat SEO” refers to SEO tactics that are in line with the terms and requirements of the important search engines, including Google. Examples of white hat SEO include:


What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO refers to a collection of practices that are used to increases a site or page’s rank in search engines by means that violate the search engines’ terms of service. Examples of Blackhat SEO include:

What are the required SEO tools?

The tools which are required for SEO are:-


What is Google Crawling and Indexing?

Crawling is a term applied when Google or another search engine, send a bot or spider to a webpage. Crawling is the prime element of having a search engine to identify your page and display it in search results.

SEO interview question on Google Crawling and indexing process

What are the SEO Best Practices?

Check this article on “How to Write Compelling SEO Ads?

What are the SEO Ranking Factors?

What is 301 Redirect?

A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which transfers within 90-99% of link equity (ranking power) to the redirected page.

seo interview question regarding 301 redirect

What is Domain Name?

A domain name is a unique name that identifies a website that is universally understood by web servers. It has two parts that are separated by a dot, such as example.com. A domain name is part of a URL to identify a website.

Add-on: Refer the PPC Interview Questions 2020


The Bottom Line:

If you are sketching the plan of the job of SEO Analyst, you must stay aware of the interview questions which can be popped before you, equip yourself with all the knowledge you need for the SEO jobs you want to pursue. Take up an SEO Certification Course to build a rewarding career in SEO & enjoy working as an SEO specialist.

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How Knowledge of Website Coding Helps SEO?

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Website Coding? a big question mark arises on every SEO’s mind.  should SEO experts know to code? People sweetly say NO NEED. But there are so many benefits if SEO experts knew website coding. Let us discuss a few here.

Most of the people hate coding, not because of its dull graphical appearance, for its tangled structure. When people choose a digital marketing career, they think that coding is not a part of their work.

To attain the highest position in digital marketing career one should have knowledge on website coding.

Depending on others’ work to get success in our work-life will keep our progress slow.

An SEO expert no needs to know every bit of programming, but they need to have a little understanding of programming elements to succeed in an SEO career.

We can break SEO into two parts.



When it comes to off-page SEO, it is totally about how well we optimize our content off the side of our website.



On-page SEO is totally about a web page optimization on our own website. Meta Tags plays a major role in building up a web page SEO centric.

Tags like



Structured data is an organized format of providing data about a page, combine chunks of data: for example a recipe page what are the ingredients, who is the chef, at what time, and so on. The below image is the example of structured data given by Google. It is written on JSON-LD CODE.

These three types of schema markup formats:



With the help of CMS(Content Management System)like WordPress, Joomla and so on people are easily implementing On-page factors. When it comes to non-CMS websites, it is necessary to learn to code to perform optimization.

Why should you know coding to perform 301 redirects:

Performing redirect on a CMS based website is very easy, for a non-CMS website definitely needs to have knowledge of coding. From an SEO perspective we should inform the search engine that WWW and NON-WWW versions of our website URLs should be treated the same.

If we move content from one page to another within the site then definitely we should inform the search engine about the content shipment. Both these activities need to have knowledge of website coding when we don’t have CMS.



Google’s latest research result says that the chance of bounce rate increases when the page load time goes more than 3 seconds. If load time gets delayed more than 5 seconds it increases the bounce rate by 90%. Page speed more than 8 seconds affect websites’ SEO ranking.

Search engines give a better rank to a healthy website. A healthy website is a sign of great performance and better results.

There are some set of rules given by Google to increase page speed.

Minify Resources (HTML,CSS & JAVASCRIPT):

When it comes to page speed, Page size also comes into consideration. Unnecessary code leads slower page load.

Optimize CSS:

The browser has to process all the style and layout information of the current page before it project to the user. The browser will block projecting the content to the user until external style sheets are downloaded and processed, which required many round trips to do the process. It delays the time of the page loading speed. Learning CSS coding for SEO experts saves their time and they can optimize themselves instead of waiting for the developer.

Below is the example of Google page insights suggestion. 

CSS code suggestion


Optimize images:

Images took a lot of time to load, it will impact user experience badly. As a result bounce rate will become very high, for that image optimization will give a boost to the page speed. Cutting down some largest bytes of image saves time and improve performance.

Below is the example of Google page insights suggestion.

Image optimization suggestion of Google


Accelerated mobile pages are an open-source library project backed by Google to improve the page loading speed of mobile devices. It is an HTML page designed to load the page smoothly and instantly. AMP works in a similar way as a general webpage, but AMP consists of AMP HTML, AMP JS library, and the AMP cache. When a page is not optimized with mobile-friendliness, the risk of an increased bounce rate is high. As per research statics collected by Google concluded. They found that 70% of the pages they analyzed took nearly 7 seconds to display on the screen.

mobile page load speed


The end product of AMP drastically improves the performance of mobile websites on the internet. AMP is not a different technique it consists of normal HTML with few restrictions and specialized tags. AMP JS works to make sure that the required content should be load quickly. So that users can see their preferred content instantly without any delay.

Use of HTML for SEO:

HyperText Markup Language is a basic coding language to build a website page. When working on a website, one should be familiar with HTML basics. As mentioned above search engine will pick a few HTML elements as rank factors.


Meta title tag is the most important element which signals the search engine about the page. Giving the same title so many pages make Google confuse and it will affect the SEO progress of our website. Be cautious when giving SEO titles to a web page.


Meta description tag is not considered to be a rank factor technically, but a meta description containing meta keywords may catch users attention and help to get additional clicks to the website.

Meta description


The meta keyword tag is the focused keyword which our site to be shown on top of SERPs. Climbing to the top of the SERPs page is the ultimate goal of a digital marketing implementation on the website.


The header tag is the main title of a post. It navigates to the content. Using of H1 tag is necessary for a webpage. Keyword usage in header tag help SEO ranking.


Googlebot cannot read images, while you want to describe the image this tag makes the search engines understand what the image is about.


This is an attribute that provides additional information about the image. When an image is not loaded due to the poor internet connection, image title helps the user to understand what image is about.


The robots meta tag is page-specific approach how an individual page should be indexed and served to users in search results. The robot tag should be placed on the section of the HTML code.

Example of Robot tag:






Digital Marketing is the Future. SEO is very important in today’s digital age. Sometimes, it is very difficult to control what Google does, but you can intensify your website traffic and achieve the best possible ranking in search results. This blog helps you in understanding how you should utilize SEO practice by spending proper time in creating codes and tags to achieve higher rankings in search results. Learn SEO Training Course to enhance your overall SEO skills and build a rewarding career in SEO


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