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7 Alternative Skills Every SEO Should Know

Posted on May 9, 2019 by Emarkt_Admin

Skills Required for SEO

Search Engine Optimization, this is no game of one day, you have to hold your horses.  It is a long battle game like “Game of Thrones”.  You have to load your weapons one by one, need to get a helping hand.

I like to share my experience on SEO journey to date; here I am going to share a few much-needed skills every SEO professional should have;

(All these inputs collected from my experience and a few from my SEO friends)

Yes, what you read is true. Being patient is an important skill you should learn to see the SEO results. Whatever the energy and dedication you are putting on the present moment may not show you results immediately.

For example, you are doing link building act regularly, are you expecting all those links are sitting in your basket at the next minute? If you think so, then It’s completely wrong; it may take a few days, some may take months to join in your basket.

So, learn to be patient.

Hold on a second; I said to be patient not to neglect the actions you have taken to build the business.

It is like a treasure hunt; you have to think in a 360o angle. Should be capable of solving 3 W’s.

The Three W’s:

Should have the ability to analyze, Why is the traffic gone down or leads are down? What is the best possible solution and where to fix it?

The wise judgment plays a crucial role in SEO.  A combination of logical and analytical skills is necessary to see the pinnacle point in SEO

SEO is a combination of technical, logical, analytical, and language skills.  Strong command in Language gives you a significant boost. Well, it is essential to communicate with your internal team with no hassle and build confidence in work. At the same point, having a persuasive tone at a meeting is necessary for an SEO person.

Writing is a much supportive attribute for an SEO person. Most of the SEO work is related to text content, having writing skills in your skill basket is an advantage, while optimizing content rather than depending on grammatical tools you can accomplish your job at the right time.

SEO needs social skills, he/she should able to jump into a community and build right relations. Sharing knowledge brings you many good friends in the domain. It is an indirect way of building your brand value.

Spend quality time with the niche people in your domain, it brings you a bundle of opportunities to grow in career.

It brings a bit of disappointment for many SEOs. Yep, technical knowledge is a must nowadays for an SEO person. I am sure there SEO professionals doing a great job with no programming skills. But to sit on the head of your web developer at least, you should know HTML, CSS, and JS.

Website speed and errors are most considering elements in the present SEO performance. When it comes to the user point of view, the website should load within a flick and it shouldn’t throw any error which makes him dissatisfied. Having technical skills avoid many hampers and make your developer understand the problems.

To be a great SEO, you should have a self-force and motivational ability. Always you should cheer your team and ready to adopt new methods circling in the platform. SEO is not a job of 9 am – 5 pm ever you should feel like a teen with a thrust of gadgets. Whatever the new SEO technique using by your peers, you should jump on that to explore an opportunity.

All-day jobs need some laughter at the workplace. A happy workplace gives great productive results, we may have ups and downs in work, to come up with a new positive force we should hold back ourselves to create a happy vibe inside us.

All I mean to say, SEO is not only about the subject; it should have other sets of productive skills to do a great job.



Here are the 7 effective points that help you to do great in SEO apart from just having the subject knowledge. So, if you are a fresher or blogger or sales & marketing person referring and find yourself good around the following points, then SEO as a career could be the best option for you in Digital Marketing. Yes, SEO will always stand the strong backbone for digital marketing success, since it’s directly connected to the ads display in Google results, and that too for free traffic. For more information, click the link; SEO Career & Training Program with Syllabus details

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Unanswered Questions of SEO Career Revealed!

Posted on May 30, 2018 by Emarkt_Admin

Looking for SEO Jobs

Here’s few basic questions to ask about your website while starting with SEO?

Do you want to take SEO as a Career?

We regularly come across such kinds of questions from students who want to take SEO Certification Course.

In this post we would try to tackle the SEO Career related questions to help those who are going to enter into SEO World :


If you are also looking for the answers to the above questions and are confused then I would suggest you don’t skip this article. This would sort all your doubts. So let’s start with the first questions:

What is SEO and how does it work?

Have you ever thought of how Google is sending hundreds of relevant results on SERP within a fraction of a second When you search on the Google search box? Let’s understand!! SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is a process that helps to increase the ranking or traffic of your website in major Search Engines on SERP (Search engine Ranking Pages). But I just want to tell you that it’s not a scammy technique to boost ranking on major Search Engines. You need to Learn SEO in such a way that you should be thorough enough to understand and implement the dos and don’ts of SEO.

Let’s see below video what Matt Cutts ( former head of the webspam team at Google) has to say:

Learning SEO, helps to ensure that a website is accessible in a search engine and increases the opportunities for traffic, free of cost.

How does Search engine Optimization work?

Search engines are basically related to crawling, indexing the website, and providing the most relevant result on SERP to the users when they are searching for the query. The search engines crawl the website pages and store information on the massive database so that if a user searches query on Google then the information can be recalled when needed. When a user performs the search on the search engine then the indexed information in the database will show the refined and the most relevant information to the user’s search query. In this process first, they refine the information which is relevant and useful to the search query then it will rank the information which is most relevant to the query.

The searches in search engines include videos, images, and Google News to give more relevant and a bigger picture to the users. In earlier days Google was not showing such relevant results on SERP but with the passage of time Google Introduced many algorithms

If you are wondering why one learns SEO then read one of our blogs 10 Reasons Why SEO is Important

Career opportunities in SEO or future of SEO professionals in India

If you want to build SEO as your career then one thing I would tell you that be ready for the thrill and grill as Google is coming up with new updates frequently.  One of the most aggravating aspects of SEO is the constant review or update in the Search engine algorithms. To give fast, relevant and better results Search engine is constantly updating its Algorithms.

Algorithms are continuously enhanced to bring the most relevant result or webpage on the SERP.

SEO certification Course in Bangalore


Every little business who is having websites is putting efforts into SEO because they want to come on rank in the top positions for the keywords in SERP.

So the techniques to rank websites or webpages on SERP will never stop evolving. So If you are curious and would love to work in challenges then the popularity of SEO career opportunities is brilliant. Qualifications or skills required for SEO Jobs There is no such qualification required for SEO. If you have knowledge of Excel, Know coding or HTML then it would work like icing on the cake.

Now these days, in SEO there are many courses, internships and professional certifications available in India. But if we talk about the ’90s then there was no such kind of courses or certification available. So we can say we are luckier!!

In order to Learn SEO:

What is the scope of SEO in India?

SEO Job Categories / Designations there are numerous SEO openings in India.

seo jobs in Bangalore


Mainly the SEO executive is responsible for the organic ranking of the targeted keywords and providing reporting and analysis. He/she should be well aware of the Search Engines Guideline. Well updated with the changes and updates in SEO along with the below points;

  1. Review of your site content or structure
  2. Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript
  3. Content development
  4. Management of online business development campaigns
  5. Keyword research
  6. SEO training
  7. Expertise in specific markets and geographies

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How to Use Google Advanced Search Operators for SEO Success?

Posted on May 8, 2018 by Emarkt_Admin

5 Google Search Operators for 2020

As an SEO expert, you require all the information needed to beat the competition and stay on top. Do we get exactly what we are looking for? How to get relevant information from the plethora of information that we get through a search engine? This post is all about making Google your best buddy and makes google reveal the best free SEO tools for your online success, that is what you actually need.

What is a Google Advanced Search Operator and How to Make Your Search Effective?

Search operators are special characters or commands that we can directly enter into the search engine to get a specific type of information. There are numerous advanced search operators to help with SEO efforts.

Advanced SEO Courses in Bangalore

Constantly Updated Standards & Advanced Course

 Find Out More 

5 Advanced Google Search Commands


 google search operators

Type- Site: Domain name It shows all the pages that Google has indexed from a particular website. Every single result shown will be from that particular website. For example – Type search query -Site: Google search engine will show you how many pages are there in its domain and subdomains, pages that are indexed, pages indexed more than once – it helps to check the duplicate content. It will help you add pages that are not indexed. If you are looking for something specific on the website you can include more search terms at the end of the search query, for example – Site: Digital Marketing Institute In Bangalore. This will throw up information only in that particular category/topic from the Digital Marketing Institute from [ Site:] operator is one tool that every SEO expert needs on regular basis.

Search operators for seo success Google advanced search operator Type- This search operator pulls out the latest cached version of a webpage instead of the current webpage. Whenever google spider crawls a webpage it takes a snapshot of the webpage and stores it, which is called the cached version of the webpage. It helps in identifying when google spider has crawled this particular website. If the website has undergone some changes and if Google has crawled it within 24- 48 hrs. indicates that Google has identified this page to be relevant, active and important which in turn shows the authority of the website to be ranked higher.

advanced google search tipsType- Intitle:keyword or keyword phrase This search operator will help you further narrow down your research to a specific keyword that you are looking for in the page title. For example. If you want information particularly about oil painting brush, then your search query Intitle:oil painting brush – Google will throw all results with oil painting brush page titles. This search operator will help you understand the competition for your keyword.

google search tips for studentsType- Inurl:Keyword If you want to search for a particular keyword in the URL. Inurl is your search operator. For example:If I am running a digital marketing institute, I can use Inurl: digital marketing Institute and Google will show all the websites with digital marketing institutes in their URL. This will help me to know the number of competitors for my digital marketing institute.

Type- “word” If you are looking for an exact term, search within quotes.For example: “Digital Marketing Courses”. This search query will show all the results which have Digital Marketing Courses in any corner of any website. This will not only help you get relevant results but also analyze the competition volume for your keyword. It will also tell you if the pages are indexed for certain keywords. 

 google search operators 2018

Type- Info:URL

This search operator gives some information that Google has about the website which in turn shows the SEO effort. It gives information such as the indexed pages, Google’s latest cached version of the website. It will aid you to look at your competitors from an eagle’s viewpoint. Although it gives some top-level information about the website, it is important to use other Google search operators to narrow down the search to get specific results. So, this is it! You are now on the path to be a successful SEO expert. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous Google search operators, and the ability to use it effectively will define your SEO success. Go ahead and try out these power tools along your way, and you will be invincible. If you want to learn more about Google Advanced Search Operators more than eMarketEdu who is one of the top SEO training institutes in Bangalore welcomes you to our Institute.

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