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Learn How to Earn Money From Digital Marketing

Posted on May 21, 2018 by Emarkt_Admin

How to Best Earn Money Online in India

Have you ever thought to make money online?

Do you have the desire to earn money with little time spending?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ this article is for you.

Making money online is very interesting, but ignorance or unawareness about the internet world hurdles you to earn money. Herewith this blog, I am gonna tell you exactly, What are the different and best ways to earn money online from Digital marketing techniques.

The best source to earn money online in India:

The digital platform assists you to build an additional income source. There are many benefits doing online marketing course as follows

You can earn money from your home in different ways in the digital world. There are many methods you can earn income through digital media channels. This is the best way for students or someone to earn money by merely spending a few hours online and no need to schedule a specific time, as you can work conveniently.


Simplest ways to earn money from blogging is through Google AdSense & Amazon Affiliate Program. Click to go through a detailed explanation of “3 Simple Ways: How to Make Money Online for Free in 2 Months.”

This would help you make additional income without spending a lot of time. You don’t want to worry or get frustrated with job timing or routine and you can also work as a freelancer after your working hours or on weekends.

Digital marketing begins to dominate the entire business world and brings lots of opportunities. Many companies would hire specialists in digital sectors such as –

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
2. Pay per Click (PPC)
3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
4. Email Marketing
5. Mobile Marketing and Content Writer.

Beginning Career in digital marketing is easy, anyone can work as a digital marketing professional if he or she completed the Digital Marketing Certification Course.

Most of the students dream to become an entrepreneur after few years of professional career or even before the job, but many of them give up their goal once they started a career as they feel it is not easy to start a business. Knowledge in Digital Marketing makes your journey effortless and secure to start a startup, as it guides you on how to start an online business without any huge investment.

Or refer the link;

Different Earning Sources from Digital Marketing

There are many options you can earn money through the digital platform. You would have many choices to earn money through affiliate marketing. If you are interested and ready to spend a few hours online you can make income sources soon.

 What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Affiliate marketing is the way that you promote certain products or services through your website and you would get commissions from the traffic that you generate to their site through your site. You will get a cut of profit any time they make through your site, and you can promote multiple products to get traffic. This is similar to making an outlet to distribute products from some other manufacturers where you would get a commission for each sale you will make.

You can earn the same profit without any huge investment for an outlet and other complications such as license and permission from authorities. Many people use this business method as it is a more easy and interesting method to earn income.

Different Methods in Affiliate Marketing

You only required huge traffic to your site for making money online. Creating a blog about a certain topic is the only way to create huge traffic to your website/ blog site. Helping readers with more information about a certain topic would assist you to gain more traffic to your site. A user would visit your site regularly if you can provide him/ her with advanced and detailed information about a topic. By gaining more traffic you can make money through different affiliation programs.

There are many choices in online affiliate marketing as follows:

You will be given a fixed commission for posting an advertisement on your site, but you should have huge traffic to your site for related products or services. Writing a strong and unique article with more information would help you get more traffic to your site. You can make huge money by allowing others to post a related advertisement on your site

By promoting products through your website/ blogs is one of the best ways to build a huge income source in online marketing. You will get a profit share for each sale or service make through your site. You are required to affiliate with certain products or services from any e-commerce platform such as Flipkart or Amazon and generate a sale through your site.

Once you got approval from Google Adsense Google would show advertisers’ ads on your site, you will be offered payment for each click someone makes on the advertisement. You don’t bother about sale or action as you will get paid for each click regardless of conversion.

Earning Money on Social Media Marketing

SMM is one of the Digital Marketing Channel, it helps you earn money from digital marketing. There are lots of methods you can earn money on social media marketing. You can choose areas based on your interest to make an income source. Social media is one of the best options to earn money as users increase day by day having 3 billion users out of 3.8 billion internet users. India becomes one of the largest Facebook active users. Many students prefer a social media marketing course to make use of social media networking sites to earn money.

You have to be aware that the purpose of social media is to create a connection with people not forcing them to buy a certain product. You have to upload informative posts that will help users to attract reading those posts and eventually you can convert them to your intention.

Here we listed some of the ways to make money through social media platforms;

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to sack money as you just required to promote products of other brands such as Flipkart, Amazon with the link. You need to sign up with any of these companies and use links in your post, which you will be given once you signed up. You will get a commission for each sale they create through your post.

Youtube is one of the best ways to earn money online, If you have 10000+ viewers on your youtube videos it is time for you to make money. You can register in the YouTube Partner Program and need to get approval from YouTube Partner Program Policies. Once you are tied up with YouTube Partner you can make money through the advertisement from Google AdSense for each post your account.

If you have good knowledge about SMM services you have lots of opportunities to do freelance services. Such as in social media paid or organic advertisement management, content creation, social media engagement on different social media platforms. You can work for multiple brands at the same time and make a huge income through a freelance job. You will get enough knowledge by doing social media marketing course from an institute.

Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

If you are really thirsty to earn money or build a career in digital marketing, we are here to help you with Digital Marketing Course. eMarket Education provides  Digital Marketing Course which gives you enough opportunity to learn the entire digital marketing sectors. Here are the major courses you should do in Digital Marketing.

SEO is one of the important parts of digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization is a process of making visibility of your brand on the organic result (unpaid) in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). We help you training on SEO On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization and Content creation with our SEO training course.

We boost your confidence on PPC with our PPC training course to work on PPC ad management with our real-time project. Our PPC Google AdWords certification Training Course helps you to develop skills in paid advertisement management on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook and other social media platform.

eMarketedu provides the program on SMM with the live project which gives sufficient skills to work on social media and earn money from your home. We cover all social media networks with different types of blogs. This will assist you to gain enough knowledge about online marketing on all social media channels.

How is eMarket Education different from other online marketing institutes?

Choosing an institute is important the same as a selection of courses. You have to research who provide value-added services that help to build confidence to work individually. You cannot enrich your career with mere training classes as you can learn classes through online videos. There are many aspects to consider while selecting an institute for Digital Marketing Certification Course in Bangalore.

You have to look at many factors to learn successfully such practical experience and internship, which would help you to gain experience in digital marketing.

Here are the benefits you will get from eMarketedu:

Digital Marketing Course

We allow only six students for each batch which would help you to have one by one interaction with a trainer. This would help each student to solve their queries for each session and complete online marketing training course with proper knowledge.

Many candidates have to spoil their time for an internship after training certification as they do not have practical knowledge and companies also hesitate to hire those candidates. Our live time project would help to work with the client during the training program and helps you to gain practical knowledge & experience in online marketing.

We own Google certified experts for each course separately and they will guide you to gain Google certification. Our professionals also have 10+ years of experience in each sector such as SEO, PPC, and SMM.

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“How to Make Money Online from Home” Event at eMarketEdu

Posted on June 3, 2014 by Emarkt_Admin

Home Based Jobs Without Investment Part Time

31st May 2014, Shartaj Shary (Founder & CEO of Innovate Search) sharing few of his Affiliate Marketing expertise with all our SEO & PPC Digital Marketing students with a purpose to make everyone understand; “Why it’s so important to be curious in Learning, and How being curious, he is earning $$ money for his company through Affiliate Marketing practices” at eMarket Education Institute.

During the course of this event, the students were able to learn on various Affiliate Marketing topics including;


Affiliate Marketing Event Pics:

make money from home bangalore Affiliate Marketing Workshop Bangalore

what is affiliate marketing in digital marketing best affiliate programs to make money at eMarketedu Digital Marketing Institute

“Part Time Jobs from Home” Affiliate Marketing Tips, Techniques;

Sites that are recently sold

What is the methodology that they have used?

Gives information on make money online

Cookie specialty in Affiliate Marketing:

If a person gets into a site through affiliate marketing link and does not buy anything, leaves the site, the cookie is still available for 1 week. If anyone buys anything from Flipkart directly (not through affiliate link), he still gets the commission

2 ways: Stand-alone affiliate programs

A lot of the times when affiliate marketing makes money is through brand name

Advertises and publishes (people who own the sites)

Take all the products and do keywords research and find out how much is the search volume

What keyword to rank for brand in Affiliate Marketing


Importance of keyword domain:


Top Affiliate Networks (US-based sites):


Site Domains with better ranking rates:





Get domains and sell domains through – get interesting brand names for domain (paid) (for mobile marketing)

shows the complete process of campaign creation and the success story of the Affiliate marketing campaign


Don’t pay for any site to learn affiliate marketing. Get all information through:


Learn everything about drop shipping:


Black Hat Forum to learn new tricks to make money online:



It was a great session for the students to understand the power of curiosity to earn money online with Affiliate Marketing. If you want to earn money online, first learn Digital Marketing on a wider perspective, then have knowledge of “what is SEO?”, then try for all measures to best affiliate programs to make money. The thought process of earning or making money online will surely help to understand certain tactics in Digital Marketing much quicker than to an average learner.

Also for related useful resources around the topic of affiliate marketing, search in Google;

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MS Excel Workshop for PPC Google Ads

Posted on by Emarkt_Admin

Microsoft Excel Workshop


 Advanced MS-Excel is the one-of-the-most important program that any PPC expert use with PPC AdWords & AdCenter in their day-to-day activities. Our PPC Google AdWords Certification course in Bangalore comprises of this 4 important elements i.e.,

It’s MS-Excel formulas, menu bars, and short-cut keys that helps PPC work to be more productive and qualitative. All the analysis of PPC is mainly carried on Excel because of the ability to apply formulas and able to interpret the data much quicker than manual.

For the above reasons, training in MS-Excel important element in our AdWords training program to make sure the students are much more competitive and confident when they step into corporate life for a career in PPC Google AdWords Digital Marketing.

Below are a few snaps from our live sessions of One-day Training for Microsoft Excel

MS Excel Learning for PPC Google AdWords Certification Training Course

A comprehensive one-day learning event developed for PPC Students who want to use Excel and ready to put it to work for amazing results.

Knowledge has a Beginning

But No End

Check Out What eMarketn Education Delivers The Best Internet Marketing Courses in Bangalore


PPC Students are learning all important tips and techniques in MS Excel for fast, easy, and efficient management to implement and analyze the report which makes day-to-day PPC tasks easier.

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