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Become a Pro in Google Product Listing Ads (PLA)

Posted on April 2, 2018 by Emarkt_Admin

Learn Benefits of Google Shopping Ads – A Seminar

India is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world!

With the emergence of latest technology and increasing internet users, e-commerce in India is growing year by year. Increased internet users & the wide variety of digital marketing techniques to capture the audience in the cyber world empowers businesses to start online shopping websites. Promoting the shopping websites through online techniques like SEO, PPC Google Adwords, social media & email marketing seems much efficient compared to conventional offline strategies.

Now the biggest question is, what are the best techniques to promote e-commerce sites online?

As far as shopping websites are concerned, it is vital to make their online presence and for beginners, it will be tough to reach on top with SEO. With the help of paid advertising using Google AdWords & social media, they can engage and attract potential customers to visit and purchase the products.

We can make use of search network campaigns, display network campaigns, shopping campaigns, video, mobile app campaigns and there are a wide variety of choices to promote the products on the shopping website.

Now again the question is, which is the Best of the Best options among them? And the best reply to this would be Google Shopping Ads aka Product Listing Ads (PLAs). With the help of shopping campaigns in Google AdWords, shopping websites are getting much better results than any other medium.

As I said earlier the growth of e-commerce in India is very high and more & more shopping websites are emerging to the market. And that leads to the demand for Digital Marketing professionals. It is essential for digital marketing professionals, students, and e-commerce website owners to understand what Google Product Listing Ads iareand how to make use of it to bring the right audience to their websites.

The topic of discussion in Google Products listing Ads event:

  1. Why do we say PLA campaigns are lethal marketing weapon for shopping websites?
  2. What are those top 5 Benefits of Google Product listing ads?
  3. How to set up Merchant center account & Google Adwords?
  4. What is the importance of product data feed for your PLA campaign?
  5. What are those 3 things you need to focus while creating PLA campaign?
  6. What are those 3 challenges you may face in PLA campaign?
  7. What are those 3 best optimization ways for your PLA campaign?

Who can Join Google Products Listing ads event –


Register Google Product Ads Workshop



Google Shopping Ads Event Bangalore




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Advanced SEO Workshop by eMarket Education

Posted on June 21, 2017 by Emarkt_Admin

7 Reasons to Attend SEO workshop


seo Workshop 2017

5 Days SEO Workshop covering Latest 5 SEO Topics

Everyone everything is going Digital in this 21st century. From Flight bookings to getting a maid to getting your car serviced everything is available at the touch of a button. Companies are leveraging this opportunity to get the most out of this dot com & digital boom.

But with so many competitors in the foray & a lot of options for the audience, driving relevant traffic to your website is a daunting task. One can surely drive in traffic with a good financial background but not always the best of entrepreneurial ideas come from the rich but from remote locations & from people with very few resources.

“Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions”

It’s very much important for website owners & people interested in eCommerce business to understand, how to drive in traffic organically in order to get the best ROI rather than always depending upon paid ads?


#1: Knowledge Transfer (KT) from the Industry Expertsgoogle seo workshop 2017

KT is a very familiar term in the corporate life & every individual must have experienced this phase. Our speakers for the workshop have 8+ years of experience in SEO industry.

Getting valuable inputs from these SEO speakers will really help leverage the organic side of Digital Marketing for your Online Business.

#2: Make Your SEO Basic Strong

make your seo basics strong

The workshop will surely make enhance your basics in SEO strong. The speakers will be starting from the basic level for the particular SEO topic to ensure the SEO professionals get a brush of their SEO knowledge before proceeding to the advanced level.

#3: Get Updated SEO Gyan

google seo guide

The workshop is aimed for professionals who already have a knowledge of SEO but want more quality & in-depth insights related to the SEO implementation. People in SEO Industry will surely agree the key to SEO success is to explore more & stay updated with the changes happening, most importantly the Google SEO Algorithm updates.

#4: SEO is Trending

The last 12 months search results in India proves, amongst all the channels of Digital Marketin, SEO is in Top. For sure most startup / eCommerce companies want to get the most of the organic traffic rather than investing in paid ads.

Further results show rather than SEO training or SEO jobs most searches are related to technical Q & A about SEO.

For e.g:

To name a few…!

Most people working in SEO find it challenging to do content audit & indexing a URL. Rather than covering the entire syllabus, we are focussing on important SEO topics from basics to advance.

#5: Learn More about the Trending SEO Topics

seo workshop

The main aim of the 5 days SEO workshop is to help people in the SEO field become even better at their workplace or help people searching for job concentrate on what is needed & what really makes the difference during the interview.


#6: Networking Session Post SEO Workshop

google seo training

The SEO workshop will be a 2-hour affair post which will be followed with 1 Hour networking session among the attendees; a great opportunity to share & learn from others SEO work & experience & also to know new people.

Who Knows? It can open up a lot of new opportunities for you or you may find your Next startup Co-founder, Investor or a great Digital Marketing Strategist!

#7: All this @ INR 2000 /Day/Topic/Candidate only

google seo workshop fees

Go to any Digital Marketing Institute & the basic fees starts from INR 15,000 whereas here are learning for INR 2,000 only & that too no boring stuff. but theory directly starts from the topic & will help you travel the complete SEO world.

The best part is @ INR 10,000 for 5 days covering 5 topics you can learn the most important things in SEO that is required to excel at your workplace less than, what your weekend expenses!

Become a SEO master & start delivering the numbers!

So what are you waiting for, you will never have a better deal than this anywhere in India on SEO learning.

SEO Workshop Starting: 28 June 2017


                Wed- Fri: 5 – 8 pm

                Sat-Sun: 2 – 5 pm

Who should attend the SEO Workshop?

  1. Students interested in Content Writing
  2. SEO professionals
  3. Startup Founders
  4. E-Commerce Website owners
  5. Vloggers/Bloggers
  6. Marketing Professionals
  7. Content Writers

Contact Information: +91-7760969452 | [email protected]

About eMarketedu: eMarket Education, an integrated digital marketing institute in Bangalore cover the broad foundation of Digital Marketing and explores further into the specialist areas of SEO, PPC Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing &  Google Analytics.

emarketeducation seo training institute

eMarketEdu strives to impart the best quality education in Digital Marketing topics around the following commitments; 

  1. The Institute is committed & responsible for the quality digital marketing education from the day 1 of joining
  2. The training duration for each course is defined based on years of evaluation of student capability to best learn the subject (the best theory & practical way). So what’s the right no. of hours required, the same is continued without any alterations!
  3. eMarketEdu as an institute strives to take care of its candidate’s digital marketing training quality & job placements from the Day 1 till they are placed in the company. Our commitments end, once we place you successfully; a winning moment for the Students, Faculties & Institute as a whole.
  4. We are an Educational Institute, so we don’t encourage any sort of bargaining or reduction from our defined course fees or special preferences.
  5. Our very best core strength is the effort we add in all our students to educate the best & help them perform best in their Digital Marketing career responsibilities.
  6. It’s important that our 1-1 attention towards students is best maintained with each batch limited to max 6 students.

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Google AdWords Workshop – Bhubaneswar Odisha

Posted on August 8, 2015 by Emarkt_Admin

PPC Google AdWords Workshop – 24 Jan ‘2015

eMarket Education is organizing a 1-day intensive digital marketing workshop session about PPC Google AdWords and how to achieve maximum value from your PPC AdWords account campaigns in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


About eMarket Education

eMarket Education, a digital marketing training institute located in Bangalore offering courses in digital marketing including SEO, PPC, Google Analytics, Social Media & Digital Marketing training programs. It strives to give the best knowledge to students in both practical and theoretical aspects of Internet Marketing while educating them to take greater digital marketing responsibility in any organization.

Mantra: Value Your Trust – Value Your Time – Value Your Investment – Delivering Best Quality Education


PPC Workshop Objective

Nomatter what your Digital Marketing budget or how little time you have to capture the market, you can reach new customers and grow your business aggressively using Google AdWords. A small clipping on Google AdWords for a brief understanding;

The Google AdWords workshop will add immense value to attendees, who are completely new to Google AdWords or have previously created an AdWords account but do not necessarily know, how to best structure and optimize campaigns for optimal results in Google search results.

With PPC Google AdWords, you can choose where your ads appear, set a marketing budget that’s comfortable for you, and easily track and measure the impact and ROI of your advertising campaigns. Whether you have an online or offline business, this Google AdWords workshop will teach you, how to reach people exactly, when they’re searching the Internet for what you offer.

PPC Workshop Specialty

* This will be a complete 1-day intensive ‪#‎PPC session. And not a 2-3 hour lecture

* Max 20-25 members for making it more interactive

* It will be in units of 3: Explain, Exercise & Debrief

* It will not be around the Instructor & the Audience, but learning & sharing from one another in the room

* Efforts to make everyone learn the best with different exercises

* Acquiring a skill

* End of the Day: Everyone given a task to do, when they leave

Note: Please try carrying your laptop


PPC Workshop Topics | 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

– Website Analysis: Understanding Client’s website as well competitor sites to come up with a good PPC digital marketing strategy.

– Campaign Structuring: Learn, how to structure the best campaign & adgroup structure for better budget optimization, campaign management and target deliverable.

– Comprehensive Keyword Research: The absolute center of every digital marekting campaign is KEYWORDS. Learn the effective methods to discover and research specific & ROI keywords. While keywords are the lifeblood of Google AdWords, perfecting your research with right short or long tail keywords while controlling your negative keywords can drastically increase your overall revenue.

– Writing Compelling Ad Copy: Learn, how to sync your PPC ad copy with both your keywords and buying cycle stages to higher Quality Score

– Quality Score: Quality Score has a larger effect on your account’s visibility than any other setting inside of AdWords. Quality Score helps to rank your advertisement in top results with lower cost. Receive step-by-step instructions in, how to prioritize Quality Score improvement, and what actions to take to increase your Quality Score.

– Campaign Settings: Step-by-step explanation of campaign settings for best optimization utilities of your Google AdWords account.

– Integrating Google AdWords with Google Analytics: How to link your AdWords account & Google Analytics property that gives access to the entire picture of customer behavior, from ad click or impression through your site to conversion. Once linked, you can use insights from Analytics to refine and optimize your AdWords campaigns, improving the overall performance of your business.

– Strong Basics Optimization Techniques: The best basic optimization techniques to help you excel in your campaign objective or achieve your PPC targets around Branding or Conversions.

– Networking Opportunities: Workshops are best places to network and meet fellow practitioners of online marketing. Lunch & Tea breaks will be suitable times to have a better interaction with your fellow attendees.

PPC Workshop Takeaways

– Google AdWords Workbook

– Google AdWords Checklist with best tools & techniques

– MS Excel Tips & Techniques

– Website Audit Checklist

– Workshop PPC Slides (for reference)

– Guaranteed Best Learning in Theory & Practical


PPC Workshop Instructor

Spotlight Image

Ranjan Jena is the founder of eMarket Education, a digital marketing training institute in Bangalore, India.

Prior to this, Ranjan worked for Travix India (an online travel portal) as Web Marketing Manager and managed in-house digital marketing team for Asia-Pacific brands. Over 9+ years’ experience working in Digital Marketing field with an active  speaker & trainer in  Google  AdWords PPC while conducting training & workshops events in & out of Bangalore at individual    & corporate level  along with  guest-faculty in MBA colleges including Christ University, Vanguard & WLCI, Bangalore. A Google certified professional in Google AdWords & Google Analytics with Bing Ads Accredited Professional. OnlinePaidLook is the blog site started way back in 2010. Know More


PPC Workshop Venue



Opp. Nalco Headquarters Joydev Vihar, Nayapalli Bhubaneshwar, Odisha-751013


PPC Workshop Registration Fee

INR 900/- per Member


Contact Us

For assistance with workshop, please contact Ranjan Jena @– +91-7760969452 | [email protected] .  Please mention in your call: “Calling for Google AdWords Worshop Event”



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“How to Make Money Online from Home” Event at eMarketEdu

Posted on June 3, 2014 by Emarkt_Admin

Home Based Jobs Without Investment Part Time

31st May 2014, Shartaj Shary (Founder & CEO of Innovate Search) sharing few of his Affiliate Marketing expertise with all our SEO & PPC Digital Marketing students with a purpose to make everyone understand; “Why it’s so important to be curious in Learning, and How being curious, he is earning $$ money for his company through Affiliate Marketing practices” at eMarket Education Institute.

During the course of this event, the students were able to learn on various Affiliate Marketing topics including;


Affiliate Marketing Event Pics:

make money from home bangalore Affiliate Marketing Workshop Bangalore

what is affiliate marketing in digital marketing best affiliate programs to make money at eMarketedu Digital Marketing Institute

“Part Time Jobs from Home” Affiliate Marketing Tips, Techniques;

Sites that are recently sold

What is the methodology that they have used?

Gives information on make money online

Cookie specialty in Affiliate Marketing:

If a person gets into a site through affiliate marketing link and does not buy anything, leaves the site, the cookie is still available for 1 week. If anyone buys anything from Flipkart directly (not through affiliate link), he still gets the commission

2 ways: Stand-alone affiliate programs

A lot of the times when affiliate marketing makes money is through brand name

Advertises and publishes (people who own the sites)

Take all the products and do keywords research and find out how much is the search volume

What keyword to rank for brand in Affiliate Marketing


Importance of keyword domain:


Top Affiliate Networks (US-based sites):


Site Domains with better ranking rates:





Get domains and sell domains through – get interesting brand names for domain (paid) (for mobile marketing)

shows the complete process of campaign creation and the success story of the Affiliate marketing campaign


Don’t pay for any site to learn affiliate marketing. Get all information through:


Learn everything about drop shipping:


Black Hat Forum to learn new tricks to make money online:



It was a great session for the students to understand the power of curiosity to earn money online with Affiliate Marketing. If you want to earn money online, first learn Digital Marketing on a wider perspective, then have knowledge of “what is SEO?”, then try for all measures to best affiliate programs to make money. The thought process of earning or making money online will surely help to understand certain tactics in Digital Marketing much quicker than to an average learner.

Also for related useful resources around the topic of affiliate marketing, search in Google;

Google Web Search Keywords List
about digital marketing
best part time jobs
data entry jobs in bangalore
digital marketing work
home based jobs without investment
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what is digital marketing
what is google adwords
what is sem
what is seo

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MS Excel Workshop for PPC Google Ads

Posted on by Emarkt_Admin

Microsoft Excel Workshop


 Advanced MS-Excel is the one-of-the-most important program that any PPC expert use with PPC AdWords & AdCenter in their day-to-day activities. Our PPC Google AdWords Certification course in Bangalore comprises of this 4 important elements i.e.,

It’s MS-Excel formulas, menu bars, and short-cut keys that helps PPC work to be more productive and qualitative. All the analysis of PPC is mainly carried on Excel because of the ability to apply formulas and able to interpret the data much quicker than manual.

For the above reasons, training in MS-Excel important element in our AdWords training program to make sure the students are much more competitive and confident when they step into corporate life for a career in PPC Google AdWords Digital Marketing.

Below are a few snaps from our live sessions of One-day Training for Microsoft Excel

MS Excel Learning for PPC Google AdWords Certification Training Course

A comprehensive one-day learning event developed for PPC Students who want to use Excel and ready to put it to work for amazing results.

Knowledge has a Beginning

But No End

Check Out What eMarketn Education Delivers The Best Internet Marketing Courses in Bangalore


PPC Students are learning all important tips and techniques in MS Excel for fast, easy, and efficient management to implement and analyze the report which makes day-to-day PPC tasks easier.

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