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With 14+ Years Industry Experience, Ranjan Jena has trained 1000+ students,
since 2011 with 11,000+ Hours of Teaching Experience.

~ Ranjan Jena (Founder & CEO)

PPC Google AdWords Course

  • Course Duration 45 Days
  • Live Project 3 Websites
  • Add-OnsSMM & Amazon Ads
  • Course Fee₹ 20,000/-
  • Certifications 6 Certifications
  • Per Batch 08 Students
  • Trainer Exp. 14 Yrs in PPC

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Google AdWords Course for Beginners

PPC Google Adwords course, a 60 hours training program focusing on complete proficiency in PPC methodology mainly Google Ads & Social Media Ads while having one strong motto: To make you a better PPC Google Ads Expert!

This PPC course covers everything you need to know from, What is Google Advertising, PPC website analysis, Google AdWords keyword research, keyword categorization, campaign structuring, adcopy creation, quality score, PPC account set up, campaign management, PPC optimization & reporting, search & display network campaigning with remarketing, Google Adwords Editor, Google Analytics for PPC, excel techniques & more.

This Google Ads course features the latest topics taught by Ranjan Jena, Founder & CEO of eMarket Education who is a real-time practitioner in PPC Google Ads with 13+ years experience in Digital Marketing.

Google Ads Course Overview

PPC stands for Pay Per Click (& also referred to as Google AdWords), a model of digital marketing in which advertisers pay a given amount each time one of their ads is clicked in the paid results of Google. Essentially with PPC, you are buying traffic whereas with SEO, you earn natural traffic.

Earlier, our very reference of PPC was related with Google AdWords, but today PPC is segregated to multiple types including search engine PPC, social media PPC & 3rd party PPC & native advertisements too.

For Search Engine PPC, we refer to Google Ads for Google Paid targeting, and Bing Ads (Bing Ads Certification) for Bing Paid Marketing.
For Social Media PPC, we refer to running ads on facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter & youtube marketing
For 3rd party PPC, we refer to Quora Ads, Amazon or Flipkart Ads.
And for native advertisement, we refer to Taboola, Outbrain, MGID, RevContent & Gemini Platforms.

Fundamental of PPC

PPC Site Analysis & Auditing

PPC Keyword Strategy

Google AdWords Structuring

PPC Google AdWords Account Set-up

PPC AdWords Campaign Management & Features

PPC Targeting & 3rd Party Tools

PPC Case Studies & Best Practices

Google Certification Exam (6 Modules)

Google AdWords Certification Course Bangalore

As part of the Google Program, you are eligible to write Google Ads certification exam of different modules including;

  • Google Fundamental Certification Exam
  • Google Search Certification Exam
  • Google Display Certification Exam
  • Google Video Certification Exam
  • Google Shopping Ads Certification Exam
  • Google Reporting Certification Exam.

For more detailed explanation on the Google AdWords Certification Exam, click the link.

Google AdWords Live Project

Students will be allowed to work on multiple PPC Google AdWords Live Projects to build up the support to create campaigns, do keyword research, write adcopies and implement new PPC campaigns confidently while able to manage & optimize keywords & campaigns great.

A major focus during the PPC Google AdWords Live Project will be on;

  • Being able to do campaign structuring for different websites & their requirements
  • Being able to run Search, Display, Video, Shopping & Remarketing campaigns confidently for any brands
  • Do keyword optimization using Excel techniques
  • Upload bulk keywords, adcopies and creation of multiple campaigns and adgroups using AdWords Editor
  • Able to refer Google Search Console & Google Analytics to pick keywords and adcopy ideas and use best in Google AdWords
  • Create compelling adcopies and banner ads with right selection of keywords for better quality score.

After completion of PPC training course, you should be able to demonstrate the proficiency in managing small or large PPC AdWords account ranging from 100 to Lakhs of keywords in a campaign account. Get confidence to develop PPC campaigns and it’s strategies to drive paid traffic and convert potential customers into leads or sale or increase ROI.

Additionally, by end of PPC course, the students will also be;

  • Trained in Excel. Confidently use excel formulas to carry on with different analysis reports on a daily basis
  • Analyze Campaign Performance for a Small/Medium/Large ppc accounts with ease
  • Create PPC reports for Managements using Analytics Tools
  • Strategic thinking towards business success with PPC Actions
  • Implement better keyword research strategies
  • Write compelling adcopies around a given business
  • Run different analysis report to interpret data and optimize the campaigns accordingly
  • Best use of any given Pay per Click tools
  • Improve presentation skills, personality development essential for a PPC Marketer

Anyone having the analytical skills, number crunching and good with excel can literally plan for a career in PPC Marketing, since it’s more of a stock & share market work. English becomes a top preference skill since you’ve to write ads to create better engagement with users in the search engine platform or social media platform. Any B.Com graduate or BCA or MBAs, or BBM/BBA or interested in playing with numbers and good in maths skill can literally go for a career in PPC Google AdWords.

Ranjan Jena: The founder & CEO of eMarket Education with 14 years expereince in Digital Marketing, and 9 years been training in PPC Google AdWords is always the best selection by students to do the PPC training from him.

100% PPC Placements for Students

eMarket Education stands for 100% job placement for its students due the best teaching quality by Ranjan Jena, founder & CEO of eMarket Education on the PPC Google AdWords subject. Ranjan has 10+ years of experience working on PPC Google AdWords with the best hands-on-experience, so the PPC training quality is above part for past 9 years. Ranjan Jena, do provide online PPC training classes too.


Google AdWords, Bing AdCenter, AdWords Express, AdWords Editor, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads & LinkedIn Ads


– AdWords Editor Training
– MS-Excel training
– Reporting & Analysis
– Data Interpretation

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