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SEO Course in Bangalore

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SEO Course Online

  • Course Duration 45 Days
  • Faculty Ranjan jena
  • Certifications Google & Hubspot
  • Per Batch 8 Students
  • Live Project 3 Websites

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SEO Course Online for Beginners

eMarket Education offers best SEO Training in Bangalore to become most skilled SEO professionals. SEO Training Course from eMarket Education educates you on the best of theory & practical with Google algorithms. You will learn to optimize your site for local and international SEO. Our SEO course helps you to overcome your business challenges on Google ranking.

Join the SEO training institute in Bangalore, and learn best of Google SEO with certification to get 100% SEO Digital Marketing job assurance.

Courses Overview

How do we differ from other Best SEO Training Institutes in Bangalore?

eMarket Education unique qualities are limited students per batch with 1-1 attention, since SEO is not a one day activity process instead it's all about continuous process of improvement until you rank top in the search engines. eMarket Edu believes they can provide the best quality of teaching for each and every students. Our primary focus is below these three platforms.

  1. Theory - 30% + Practical - 70%: eMarket teaching process sets high standards for students, so they can take their career into the next level very quickly without wasting much time. We don't present any PPT and only on theory explanation, instead explaining concepts in very quick time and experiment the concepts practically along with the students' improvisation inputs for each and every concept. We follow these approaches for each and every topic of all the classes and throughout the course period.
  2. Assignments: Assignments make each student keep running in the SEO Training Course. Before end of each session assignments are set to the individual students and expectation of delivering assignments would be improvised apart from what they had gained the knowledge from previous classes.
  3. Live Projects: This is the phase that we are actually targeting as they should be gaining internship experience. More than one website will be assigned to the individual students and allowing them full freedom to think and improvise the Best SEO Strategies of the web site. Based on the trainer review and feedback on changes their inputs will be published into the web page. We strictly follow our own unique blueprint for Keyword research process before starting with On-Page and Off-Page SEO activities.

eMarket Education helps you create a blog and implement the SEO best practices on your blog or you can wish to practice on Live Project websites too. Learn SEO course to expert SEO on, "How SEO work, steps for Best SEO strategies, SEO implementation process, performance analysis & SEO search optimization to drive SEO organic traffic & leads and more."

Introduction to SEO Digital Marketing

About Search Engine

Latest Algorithm Updates & Changes

Keyword Analysis

Conduct Page-Level Optimization

Content Strategy

SEO On-Page Optimization

SEO Off-Page Optimization

Learn to Monitor, Analyze and Report on SEO Performance (Part -2)

Google SEO Local Listing Optimization


SEO 3rd Party Analysis Tools

Identify and Resolve Technical SEO Issues

Mobile SEO

Social Media for SEO

Landing Page Creation for SEO

WordPress CMS


SEO Reporting

SEO Strategy Plan

This specialised SEO training course will give you a definitive edge in SEO the competitive marketplace. Upon search engine optimization completion, you will have the ability to think and function as an SEO analyst/ expert/specialist in your respective SEO role & responsibilities. Students will be confident with fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, SEO technical know-how and insight to build a SEO digital marketing strategy.

Statistics from show that over 16,000 Web Marketing posts remain vacant in India


Why you required Google SEO Course?

Search Engine Optimization strategies would help to increase the visibility of your pages on your website on Search Engine and Google has dominated the world with the majority of users. Every organization begins leveraging Search Engine Optimization Techniques to rank on top of SERP. There are two advantages to focus on SEO rather than PPC.

  1. SEO helps in Organic Result

No one can bring his/ her advertisement on top like a paid advertisement as it is a natural unpaid advertisement.  Many users prefer organic advertisement as they feel those results give more worthy and quality outputs.

The organization needed to have quality Content, USPs (Unique Selling Proposition), relevant Keywords & Meta Tags to improve the visibility of website or webpage on search engine results. Whereas you can boost your ads on top of SERP with the budget you spend on advertisement. So many companies especially Startups focus on SEO as it brings high ROI with least investment (cost for SEO specialist) rather than Pay per Click ads.

  1. SEO is totally Unpaid Advertisement

Companies are not required to invest in Google or other search engines such as Bing, Oath to rank on the organic result. An organization only needed to afford the cost of the employee who works for SEO. This makes many SMEs attractive to invest in Search Engine Optimization.

Every organization tries to hire a candidate who owns SEO training certification while some startups do not spend in a paid advertisement as it required high investment. So Google SEO training course is one of boosting career options in the current scenario.

Other Benefits of Completing SEO Training Certification;

Search Engine Optimization brings lots of career opportunities in the digital-dominated world. Companies convert into digital marketing platform as it brings high Return on Investment with cheap cost.  Some of the small businesses fascinated with Search Engine Optimization as it will not cost anything for ranking on top of search results. So there are many benefits of gaining training in SEO and some of them are listed below

You can build a Career as SEO Specialist

There are umpteen numbers of opportunities available for SEO executive as digital marketing is conquering entire every sector of business. Companies compete in online marketing and try to build their brand visibility and they are aware of the huge opportunity to bring high sales volume and brand awareness as customers prefer the online platform to ease their purchase activities.

SEO professional has to be gaining skills in data analytics, writing content, link building, keyword research, auditing a website, SEO guideline, marketing and expertise in using all SEO related tools. He/ She is supposed to do Website Analysis, Website Auditing, Competitors Analysis, Keyword Research & Optimization, Content Creation, On-page Optimization, Link building, Off-page optimization and Performance reporting.  SEO career would bring you lots of career opportunities as every company requires hiring SEO experts to get more traffic and build brand image.

Freelance SEO consultant

Freelance work in Search Engine Marketing is the best career option to make growth in life. You would have some benefits to work as freelance as follows

  • You can work independently as you are not required to go the office or frustrated with 9 – 6 work routine.
  • You will have the advantage to work with multiple clients and more money. It would also help you to improve your skills and knowledge.
  • No need to work under a boss or fed up with work pressure as you can choose client conveniently.
  • Make an additional income source while you are working other job or doing business.
  • There is no procedure to begin or wind up for your work such as office work and you can start freelance work conveniently and quit your job anytime. There are no formalities to follow to commence or wind up your job.

Freelance work becomes one of the best career options as companies desire to be done their work with third parties as they can focus on core business activities. They also can give their projects to different professionals conveniently. This makes companies attract freelance workers.

SEO Helps You to Boost Your Sale

Doing SEO course would help you to achieve more benefits and many entrepreneurs tries to have skills in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Here we listed some of the benefits.

  • He/ she can save money by doing Search Engine Optimization practices as it would help him/ her to avoid cost for SEO expert.
  • No need to spend training cost and time for SEO professional to learn his/ her products and services.
  • He/ she can work independently and conveniently as there is no bar like time or place whereas SEO specialist would work only working days & times and inside the office.
  • It would help him/ her to understand market scenario, competitors, their USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) and performance of each Keyword. This would help him/ her to improve products quality, focus on performing keyword and realize real customers and segment the market accordingly.

Top Rated Tips for choosing Best SEO Training Insititute in Bangalore.

Many candidates incur a loss as he/ she suffers to get a job or waste time & money by doing an internship after the training course. Companies hesitate to hire a fresher as they need to spend time & money for his training after his training course. Candidates lack the confidence to work as he/she do not have practical experience.

A fresher has to gain skills to implement Search Engine Optimization strategies & tactics and analyze performance & report. He/ she needs to be careful while doing the course whether the institute would give any additional benefits apart from the course and any USPs that would help him/ her to boost confidence to work once the course completed.

Doing a training course and spoiling time for an internship again leaves you with the loss. There are many SEO training institutes in Bangalore offers SEO training course, but you have to keen to check certain benefits that would bring good results.  Choosing institute plays a vital part in your career same as course selection.

There are some SEO training institute in Bangalore provide some unique benefits such as real-time project work, individual interaction and special coaching after the class session that would help to gain enough skills and experience to work as an SEO expert

Min qualification is 12th pass or PUC graduate with good English written & verbal communication can take up SEO course. The right candidature who would best fit this course is B.Arts or Mass Communication & Journalism candidates who are good with content. Even MCA & Web Developers can opt for SEO course since SEO & Development Design goes hand-in-hand. Otherwise, anyone who wants to switch career in digital marketing has to do SEO course being the foundational subject of digital marketing course.

SEO Subject Matter Expert trainer with past experience of the faculty role in other leading digital marketing training institutes of Bangalore with hands-on experience working on multiple SEO projects and fluent in English.

For the SEO course, the students have to write the SEMRush SEO Certification exam along with Hubspot Inbound Marketing certification. Apart from the online SEO examination from reputed 3rd party websites, the students have to appear for internal exams & assignments of the eMarket Education Institute.

SEO Course Live Project Training Guidance

Students will be allowed to work on multiple SEO Live Projects to build up the support to implement on-page & link building practices confidently while being able to deliver results in ranking keyword position and improving domain authority and be able to work on live WordPress backend changes.
Major focus with extensive SEO Live Project work would be on;

  • Confidently do changes in the wordpress website backend while being able to update or edit or create content
  • Implement on-page practices confidently for every pages
  • Be able to do an extensive strategic keyword research for SEO success
  • Extensive hands-on experience with link building implementations being the backbone of SEO success
  • Confidently analysze & do reporting with the help of Google Webmaster Search Console & Google Analytics
  • Being able to use 3rd Party SEO tools like SEMRush & Ahrefs, the most important SEO analysis tools for past so many years.

SEO Training and Placement

With regards to SEO Job Placement, we will help you in your resume preparation along with the content that needs to be supported in the resume to confidently speak about your extensive SEO learning and experience working on SEO Live projects while confidently delivering targets either for Keyword ranking or driving backlinks.

What important factors covered SEO COURSE?

We make them proficient in all the important aspects of SEO i.e., Website Analysis, Website Auditing, Keyword Research, Content Structuring, On-page Optimization, Off-page Optimization, Google Webmaster Tool, 3rd Party SEO Tools, SEO Strategies & Reporting along with Landing Page creation

What other topics are covered in Practical than to the topics outlined?

We teach them few best 3rd party SEO tools to have better analysis of SEO performance

eMarket Education offers 100% placement assistance? If YES please list all the companies and sectors

Yes eMarket Education provides 100% placement assistance for all eligible students upon completing successful Training in Digital Marketing Agencies, MNC's and intern within eMarket Education itself. We do provide extended support even after completing the SEO course. To view eMarket Edu aluminis profile visit -

Eligible criteria to get 100% placement assistance through eMarket Education?

All the students have to complete the training successfully. In the training phase, students have to complete the daily assignments and live projects as assigned by faculty.

Our Best SEO Keyword Research Process:

  • Keyword is the king of SEO ranking process and we train the students on these below aspects, so they will not struggle and they will easily carry and actual game starts with ON-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.
  • Understanding the categorization of keywords with Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Fourtiary parameters.
  • Day with Google Keyword planner tool in-order to understand the Key Word planner metrics.
  • Tour with a practical session on Key Word filtration process based on the relevancy check, AIDA process, ST/LT parameters with different Use Case.
  • Understanding Google Web Master Data for different metrics.
  • Learning quick excel techniques will be an added advantage to make KW research process easier.

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