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Digital Marketing Beginner’s Guide

Digital Marketing Beginner’s Guide
Digital Marketing Beginner’s Guide

When taken up course in digital marketing, you basically learn the following subjects;

  1. Content Marketing
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. PPC or Google AdWords or Google Ads
  4. Social Media Marketing mainly (Facebook & Instagram Marketing)
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Video Marketing
  7. Display Marketing
  8. Affiliate Marketing (Technique to Earn Money Online)
  9. Online Reputation Management
  10. Google Analytics (Very Important)


From all these subjects, the main specializations that you should primarily focus as a fresher or beginner to learn for job interview would be Content Marketing, SEO, Google AdWords PPC & Facebook Marketing with Google Analytics.


Here you mainly learn the above subject to promote the business ads on Google Search Engine, Facebook & Instagram Platform or YouTube where you can engage with maximum audience for your business success.

We divide the learning program into 3 phase;

  1. Basic
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced


Basic & Intermediate phase would cover those modules that would be expected by a beginner to implement when they join a company


Advanced phase would cover those modules that would be expected by an individual who works similar like a 1-2 years experienced professional in the market.

If you’re pursuing the course with the objective of Digital Marketing Job Opportunities, then you need to be thorough in SEO, PPC Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram marketing, since it would be the demand & requirement of any online business website.

If you’re pursuing the course with the objective of “Earn Money Online or Work From Home, then you need to be thorough in basics & intermediate level of SEO, PPC Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram marketing with thorough understanding of Affiliate Marketing subject including Website Creation, Blogging, Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliate, YouTube Monetization & Affiliate Network.


Note: eMarket Education delivers the digital marketing training program successfully 100% for the students career path and 35% we focus on Affiliate Marketing concepts for how to Earn Money Online.Students who are all interested only on How to make money online we suggest them to take a “Affiliate Marketing Complete Course” for understanding in depth of Affiliate Marketing Concepts.

If you’re pursuing the course with the objective of digital Digital Marketing Freelancer Jobs, again you need to be thorough in SEO, PPC Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram marketing, since it would be the demand & requirement of any online business website while bagging project from Upwork or Freelancer.

Thorough with best of theory, daily practice and improvise your assignment, implementation along with Live Project Work on a full-fledge Client website where you are confident to strategize, plan, implement, analyze, reporting while being able to deliver results (target numbers on the Client’s Live Project) would conclude a 100% successful digital marketing course completion.


Note: The main important mantra to stay focused in the Digital Marketing Industry is daily spending enough time on practice and upgrading with latest Digital Marketing updates.

For a fresher or beginner in digital marketing, for best completing digital marketing program, you need to first understand the theoretical topics of the different subjects followed by regular practical assignments and then taken through a Live Project work starting from website creation, content creation, implementing SEO, Google Ads PPC & Facebook Marketing with Facebook & Instagram Page creation & optimization while being able to do Email Marketing blast for your client & being able to use the Google Analytics tool. This all, if planned with best of theory, practical & live project should easily conclude for a 3-4 months course syllabus duration program. So, if you come across any 30-45 days training program, please be aware or question!


What are the essential skills to help learn Digital Marketing effectively?

  • English (Written & Verbal)
  • MS-Excel & Powerpoint
  • 30 Words Typing Speed
  • Online Sales or Marketing Knowledge
  • Basics of Website or Blog Creation
  • Basics of Digital Marketing

If you’re planning for a Digital Marketing Jobs, here’s the essential certifications to complete by end of the training;

  1. Google Ads Fundamental Certification
  2. Google Ads Search Certification
  3. Google Ads Display Certification
  4. Google Ad Video Certification
  5. Google Analytics Certification
  6. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

Whatever educational background you belong to, or what career gaps or challenges you had or what age group you belong to, here’s the important points when well taken care can get you a Digital Marketing Course with 100% Placement;

  1. Google in English Conversation & Writing Skills
  2. Thorough in Digital Marketing Basics
  3. Created a website for your Yourself
  4. Documenting essential checklist followed for digital marketing work
  5. Best Live Project Work Completion
  6. Strong in Keyword Research & AdCopy Writing
  7. A report stating your nature of work on the Live Project and the task handled by you and the number targeted achieved or delivered by you
  8. Good understanding of Google Analytics Tool
  9. Strategic understanding & Analytical Thinking
  10. Google & Hubspot Certification Exam Completion

Online Digital Marketing courses are ideal for anyone who loves to learn & understand the types of digital marketing in order to start a career in digital marketing & perform in online business. Our digital marketing courses will guide you with; What, When, Who, Why and How to?s, of a successful web/digital marketing plan, execution and results.

With eMarket Education’s digital marketing course syllabus, you gain the knowledge to have your website listed on top of Google Search Engine with PPC & SEO Implementation, Engage your brands on Social Media Platform, Blast emails to your customer inbox by learning Email Marketing & completely tracking & measuring website performance, digital marketing support & customer behavior with Google Analytics tool

Learn in a batch group of maximum 6-8 students with 1-1 attention and best student faculty interaction

Master SEO, PPC Google AdWords, SMM & Email Marketing subjects through the simple, effective and easy-to-implement theory, practical and live project work with real-time case studies

Faculties with 10+ years experience helps you learn the best of the digital marketing syllabus in just 3 Months, which the trainer?s themselves have been practicing for more than 10 years.

The training is covered from basics to intermediate to advance level in detailed manner with technical implementation

The training not only includes the best of training experience but also presentation skills, group interaction skill, defining strategies, taking up decision making roles to drive the process with reporting & analytical skills and hands-on with 3rd Party Digital Marketing tools.

Ranjan Jena (Founder & CEO of eMarket Education) have 10+ Years experience in training digital marketing esp., PPC Google AdWords, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Video Marketing & Google Analytics, since 2011.

Been a very good trainer in sharing different case studies, assignments, practical, tips & techniques based on his 15+ Years Digital Marketing Industry experience

Been Corporate Trainer for Yahoo, Automatad & Guest Faculty for MBA students of M S Ramaiah College, Christ University, Vanguard & others. Being a core practitioner in Google Ads PPC since 2005, attends Keynote Speaker role for digital marketing events

Here?s the digital marketing training process followed at eMarketEdu for a smooth flow of the student learning process;

Admission -> Class Schedule & Handbook -> Syllabus Session – > Daily Assignments -> Assignment Review in Next Class – > Case Studies Sharing -> Debate Discussion & Conclusion -> Presentations -> Live Projects Work -> Project Submission -> Resume Preparation -> Certification Exam Online -> Interview Q&A Guide -> Class Completion

Students are guided on Live Project work along with the theory & practical aspects of the digital marketing course to boost their confidence in successfully clearing digital marketing interviews. For a successful beginning in digital marketing journey, hands-on live project work is very necessary, and we allow students to either take up their own project or work on the live projects assigned from the institute.

Regarding Digital Marketing Live Project, they work on real-time client projects to sound like an year experienced professional while being guided on the following implementations;

  • How to work on WordPress CMS backend?
  • Digital Marketing Media Planning for the Client Project
  • Structuring reporting templates for daily tracking of performance
  • Monthly digital marketing implementation plan
  • Analysis from Google AdWords, Search Console & Google Analytics data
  • Submitting weekly & monthly reports

Online Course is generally more convenient for people who are willing to attend the training from the comfort of one’s home/office without having to travel due to time constrains or commute challenges. With better technology today, instructor-led live online training are efficient through web-conference or webinar software such as Zoom, Google Hangout, Webex, GoToMeeting etc., allowing better student-teacher interaction. Even recordings are available for those who miss out on sessions.

But then the Classroom trainings would definitely work best for better face-to-face interaction while being able to put across your doubts or getting clarifications to your queries instantly then & there. In-class training always allows faculty to have a better coordination on students understanding, challenges, confusion, diversion, interaction, presentations, discussion, expression and conclusion.

So depending on situations, a candidate can always decide to either start a online or classroom session on digital marketing.

We?re happy to share our students success story be letting you know the companies where either we?ve placed them or they have cracked the interview after the digital marketing course completion;

  • LinkedIn
  • Cognizant for Amazon Ads
  • TCS
  • iQuanti
  • BanketBay
  • JustAnswers
  • Crosspollen
  • Zebra Blinds
  • Experience Commerce
  • Signoryle
  • Social Samosa
  • DealsZo
  • Element 14
  • And others?

We’ve brought you different digital marketing job referral links to help you in your digital marketing job placements;
Fresher Digital Marketing Jobs in India

1) Why learn an online digital marketing course from eMarket Education Bangalore?

Here are the qualities that kept eMarketEdu high on student’s confidence and expectation from the institute;

  • Ranjan Jena, founder & CEO of eMarket Education been a trainer for the past 10 years with 1000+ students alumni and 100% placements confirmed for all students who were disciplined, committed, and serious during the course
  • Limited students per batch with 1-1 guidance for best digital marketing learning
  • Topics covered are from fundamentals of digital marketing to blogging, to affiliate marketing, and then jumping into core subjects of SEO, PPC Google Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing & Google Analytics in detail while keeping it simple & effective in this 3 months course duration
  • We train you on website live projects in the same intensity as how you would be working in a company for building the confidence to crack interviews or perform great once you’re placed and working in any company with minimal guidance from your team members then

2) What are the subjects of digital marketing?

The major subjects covered in digital marketing are Blogging, SEO, PPC Google AdWords, Social Media, Email Marketing, Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliate & Google Analytics. So any individual who wants to pursue a career in digital marketing should learn the before subjects, and these subjects will have different modules counting from 30 ? 50 topics.

The course would include an extensive theory, practical and live project training under the mentorship of Ranjan Jena to help you be equivalent to 1-year digital marketing experienced professional in the industry.

3) Can I get a job after a digital marketing course online?

Yes, of course, you can crack any job interview after completing the Digital Marketing course from eMarket Education. We give job placement assistance to our students soon after they complete the digital marketing course. How does it happen? We start sharing your resumes with the companies who approached us for our student?s profile. We also share your profiles in our alumni group to help with placements provided there are openings for the desired position. eMarket Education has a dedicated placements team in the institute who will be directly coordinating with the companies and would help you create & share your resume profiles on various job platforms like, including LinkedIn too.

4) Can I earn money online by doing digital marketing?

Yes, you can earn online by learning Blogging, SEO, Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliate & Affiliate Marketing intermediate with the support of digital marketing practices.

5) Can I do digital marketing service as a freelancer after the digital marketing course?

Immediately to create the confidence to execute a digital marketing project of a Client?s website with just completing a digital marketing course will be difficult, but there are few clients who will still handover their digital marketing project understanding that the deal would be a cheap one. It would take min 6 months to effectively bag clients for freelancing projects or show proficiency in digital marketing expertise.

6) Which certification is best for digital marketing?

  • With PPC career training, you can write the online Google AdWords Certification Exam (6 Module) that is certified by Google.
  • With Digital Marketing career training, you have to appear for the above exam along with Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification exam.
  • With the Google Analytics training program, you can write the online Google Analytics exam which is certified by Google.
  • With the Social Media training program, you can apply for the online Facebook BluePrint Certification exam (paid exam).

7) Is digital marketing well paid?


8) What are digital marketing tools to learn during the course?

Here are a few important free & paid tools to learn while completing the digital marketing course;

  • Google Analytics (Free)
  • Google Webmaster (Free)
  • ScreamingFrog (Free)
  • (Free)
  • Mailchimp (Free for Limited Usage)
  • Ahrefs / SEMRush (Paid Tool)

9) Is digital marketing well paid?


10) How long is the Google Digital Marketing course?

The course syllabus is designed to keep the best of theory, practical and live project work completion. So we deliver the same in a span of 3 & ½ months for best live project work so that you have the confidence to clear any interview after the course completion.

11) What is the fee for a digital marketing course in Bangalore from eMarket Education?

Currently, due to COVID, we?re having the digital marketing the course fee of 35,000/- including tax paid in 2 Installments.

12) What certification is best for digital marketing?

It?s advisable to complete the Google Ads Search, Display & Video to get a grip of the fundamental aspects of PPC specialization with Hubspot Inbound Marketing certification online to have a good fundamental of overall digital marketing. You can try out for Facebook certification, which is a paid exam.

13) How do I get Google Digital Marketing certified?

By completing any one of the Google search or display or video with the fundamental exam, you will get a certificate proving Google Ads certified.

14) Do we provide Digital Marketing short course as part of Crash Course?

Yes, we provide short term digital marketing crash course for professionals and entrepreneurs on the individual case scenarios.

15) How long does it take to have proficiency in digital marketing after the course?

The digital marketing training helps to understand and execute the marketing techniques, but to be a confident performer in digital marketing, you need to continue with your live project practice or do work on projects for a min of 3 months after course completion.


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