Benefit of having a Google Ads certification for students?

Google Ads Certification for Students

Importance of Google Ads Certification for Students

Google Ads Certification for Students!

Before we start our core discussion here, just go through the below questions –

  • Is it important to get certified in Google Ads?
  • Who all can get Google Ads certification?
  • What is the eligibility to write Google Ads Certification?
  • What educational qualification is required?
  • Benefits of having to Google Ads Certification?
  • Career opportunity after Google Ads certification?
  • In which industry are we going to get jobs after Google Ads Certification?
  • Can I get a job just after completing the Certification in Google Ads?
  • Where to go and get certified in Google Ads Training Program?

Google Ads Certification Questions

Well folks, if you have these kinds of questions in your mind, let me tell you that you have come to the right place to find the solution. I am going to tell you all the answers for above queries related to Google Ads Certification for students.

Understanding Google Ads Advertisement Tool

Listen, mates, before you try to understand the benefits of Google Ads certification, I think it is better I help you to understand the Google Ads tool.

Understanding Google Ads Advertisement Tool

Let me just give you a brief explanation here.

Google Ads is an advertising method through online by Google. This tool supports the business people to target and reaches their potential customers immediately. Google Ads allows website owners to show their online advertisements on Google’s network.

Companies can show their ads in the formats of text ads, images ads, gif ads, video ads. Let me tell you in much detail – When customers type any business related keywords of yours, you can show your ads on search engine results.

All you need to do is target those keywords and bid for those and pay when your targeted audience clicked on the ads. Google Ads allow you to target only customers who are seeking for the product & services that you provide.

Here the biggest advantage is you can show your ads on top of the page results in Google. In a similar way, you can show you display ads on Google’s search partner sites. When you go to YouTube and see any video, have you come across video advertisements by Google? Where you will get the option to skip ads within 5-6 seconds. All these ads are created through the Google Ads tool.

I can guess, what questions are running in your mind right now.

  • How to create these ads?
  • How we can target the right audience?
  • How we can manage the campaigns?
  • How to track the performance?

A lot of questions will be there, let me give you – Google Ads Certification Program.  

What is Google Ads Certification

The Google Ads certification is a certification given by Google for those people who exhibit ability in all the aspects of the subject in Google Ads.

Google Ads Certification

Google Ads Certification enables a person to prove to everyone that Google accepts them as a specialist in Digital marketing through Google Ads tool. Now let me tell you how you can pass the exams – In order to get certification in Google Ads, one candidate needs to pass the Google Ads Fundamental exam and one among other additional exams.

Important Google Ads Examinations

  • Google Ads Fundamentals
  • Google Ads Search Advertising
  • Google Ads Display Advertising
  • Google Ads Mobile Advertising
  • Google Ads Video Advertising
  • Google Ads Shopping Advertising
  • Google Ads Dynamic Advertising

You can find out these exams at Google Academy, where you will find plenty of examination and tutorial videos by Google. I haven’t listed out all the available exams in Google academy, but whatever is important for an aspiring student, I have added above.

Google Ads Certification for Students

 Google Ads Certifications are really good to have for those students who are looking to have –

  • Digital Marketing Career
  • Digital Marketing for own Business
  • Pay per click Advertiser
  • Freelance PPC jobs

Google Ads PPC Career

Suppose if you are a student who pursuing your studies and wants to get a job right after your completion of the job, I would definitely recommend you to have Google Ads Certification. Because of the certification is given by Google, you are literally taking the value of your resume to next level.

As a student who doesn’t have any work experience, but with Google’s recognition, your chances of getting placed after the academic year are more.

But is it enough to grab a digital marketing job in the market?

You will find out answers down.

Benefits of Google Ads Certification for Students

Ok, let us see the questions I have asked in starting this blog.

Let me take out and clarify all those queries regarding the Google Ads Certification. Here we go –

1) Who all can do Certification in Google Ads?

Google doesn’t keep any restriction in giving certification to all. All you need to do is register in Google Academy with your mail id and follow the guidelines given by Google. There is no requirement of particular educational qualification, age limit or any sort of limitations for writing Google Ads Certification.

Who can Do Google Ads Certification

As a Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore, we have students from different educational background like Management Studies, bachelor of technology, arts, and literature, & even without any Degree qualification.

We are able to provide them with the best Digital marketing Training program and placement right after the completion of course So, don’t ever think about criteria, eligibility to have certification in Google Ads. It is widely open to all.

2) Benefits of Google Ads Certificate

  • A better understanding of Search Advertisement
  • A better understanding of Display Advertisement
  • A better understanding of Shopping Advertisement
  • A better understanding of Mobile Marketing
  • A better understanding of Shopping & Video Marketing

With the help of Google Ads certifications, you literally can build your knowledge in the above segments in Google Advertisements.


3) Job just after completing the Certification in Google Ads

 This is a most commonly asked question among students,

Can I get a job with Google Ads Certification?
Is it the last thing I want?

PPC Google Ads Job

I would recommend you to read GOOGLE ADS CERTIFICATION IN DIGITAL MARKETING INTERVIEW. Just go through it and you will definitely understand the importance of Google Ads Certification in a job interview.

And In case if you are concerned or have a question on the scope of Career after Google Ads certification. Let me tell you guys, you guys are heading for a Career in Digital Marketing. You know everything goes online now, businesses are targeting their customers in the online market. They require specialists who can run their campaign efficiently and bring the targeted numbers.

So for all the companies who want to target their audience through an online podium, requires a Digital Marketer. There is no particular industry for digital marketers; you guys are welcomed to all the industry that needs Digital marketing services. Don’t worry about the Scope of Digital Marketing Career

Google Ads Certification is an Added Advantage for Students

Advantages of Google Ads Certification for students

Yes, so that is what I have to say for the students who would like to do Google Ads Certification.

Bottom Line is – Google Ads Certification is an added Advantage for Students.


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