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How Do I Get Digital Marketing Certificate From Google?

How Do I Get Digital Marketing Certificate From Google?
How Do I Get Digital Marketing Certificate From Google?

Do you want to become a successful digital marketing expert? A lot of people out there think of getting an online course from numerous companies to accomplish the ideal notion of digital marketing. But to be familiarized with the real world of digital marketing, one needs to get the training from a reliable and trustworthy source. And there is nothing better than Google.

Well, yes, Google offers the certification after completing a course program. There are plenty of Digital Marketing training courses available provided by Google to assist people increasing their marketing skills and capabilities. Google helps an amateur trainer to face the real marketing world with its useful courses. In fact, some of the courses are absolutely free of cost. So, if you are interested in digital marketing and still wondering,  how to get a digital marketing certificate from Google, you will have to complete one of the Google courses to avail that.

AdWords Fundamental Course

It is one of the basic and fundamental courses offered by Google. Here, a trainer gets to know the basic facts of AdWords as well as advertising. It helps them to know how to be familiarized with Google AdWords, and also manage a specific campaign. From managing to optimizing, the industry experts guide each and every trainer and make them understand the concept of digital marketing from scratch.. The assessment contains around 65 questions that have to be completed in one and a half hour. To earn the digital marketing certificate from google, you will have to score more than 80%.

Squared Online Course

This is one of the common Google training courses, which takes 5 months to complete. The course is for 6 hours/week. Once you join the course, you are going to get instructed and guided by the industry experts and this course also takes a practical and unique approach for training. It is one of the first-rate courses for anyone looking to boost their Digital Marketing training skills. Here, in this course, the experts ask the trainer to comprehend the aspects of digital innovations along with consumer behavior as well.

Here, with the help of industry experts, you will be able to learn the tricks of an organization that can actually build an effective digital presence. After completing the course, you will be availed the  Google digital marketing certificate.

AdWords Display Certification

It is also one of the significant online courses, which guides you to make, optimize and manage display campaigns. A trainer can get the full-guidance from the experts to be acquainted with the knowledge of Google Display Network along with Display campaign settings. They will take an assessment for earning a digital marketing certificate. It is mainly a beginner program and the entire study material is available online. Basically, you get a lot of time to study and take this assessment. You are thoroughly guided by industry experts during the course.

The conclusion

There is an abundance of students and professionals seeking to learn digital marketing courses to build their career in digital space. This is why; getting valuable training in Google courses can be an immense help in your career. It increases your chance of being one of the top-notch digital marketing experts once you complete the training and accomplish a certificate from Google.

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