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Start a Career in PPC as a Fresher

Start a Career in PPC as a Fresher
Start a Career in PPC as a Fresher

Beginner in PPC Google AdWords

There is a good say “Choose a job you love, and never you have to work a day in your life.” The best motivational quote by Steve Jobs for every individual to choose their right job to be happy & continuing forever without any hesitation or guilt.

The moment we step out of University, we always have one common goal. That is, to get a job in a most reputed company with a handsome salary. But how many of us stick to continue the career with the first company. It is just 1:2 ratios. Because, every student after college output, it takes time for him/her to understand the professional life and to adjust to the organization environment is one of the challenging tasks, the reason we all know that, College life and Professional life are totally different from each other. Suppose if they can get a right and proper guidance from their seniors, siblings who are actually entered into professional life and doing extremely good in their work, then it is totally different part. So that they get the full opportunity for them to understand the work culture in a company, how to select the company which job role they have to choose and many more.

We all can agree to one point that, if we have those people in our lives who actually encourages us, supports us, and give suggestions on how to start our career with then everything can go in a smooth way, but yes having said that, there will be many challenges will come during this process, but the only way to deal with this is to be patient and manage things according to the advice given by your seniors. This actually works because ‘Experience speaks results’. 

Now, let us try to understand how one should start a career in Pay Per Click as a Fresher. Honestly, an experienced person was also once a fresher. Every journey starts with a single step, similarly, every success in your career starts with a single step and your wise decision. As a fresher, an individual will always common questions in mind, i.e. 

  • Joining MNC Company
  • Handsome Package 
  • High career growth

But, the most important thing that fresher should always look for is to get job experience, to upgrade one’s skills, to understand the professional life thoroughly, Should cultivate on how to manage multiple things and adapt to changing environments. 

So now, if you really looking to kick start your  PPC fresher job, then you really have to learn this practice thoroughly. If you really have that hunger to make your career in the high-growth industry like Digital Marketing in which skilled professionals and dedicated individuals with a drive to learn, then you must know the important things in PPC. The only way to achieve this is to have that passion to learn, dedication and determination towards the work and most important is Time management. Without studying no one can pass the exam, the same way no one can become an expert and do well in the career until you learn about that. The best way to perform the best in a PPC career is to take training from a reputed institute. Because taking training from such an institute is always best because they not only train you about PPC but also they train you on how to handle multiple projects when you start working for a company.

You might have a question, why do you have to take PPC training online to get a job? You have to know one thing that, when you go for an interview, the interviewer is more curious to know about what you did and not how you did! Doesn’t matter what strategies you used, how much effort you had put, they are only concerned about the results you achieved. To learn managing things you really have to join the course, where the trainer helps you to do these things in a very informative way so that it might help you in your career. 

Pay Per Click Marketing – Tips for Beginners

Some of the important things to get into PPC marketing:

Communication: It is very simple and clear that one should understand that, you must know how to communicate with your clients and peers. Without proper communication skills, it is very difficult to survive in the industry. 

Some of the communication skills you should know:

  • Verbal communication
  • Written communication
  • Curiosity
  • Willingness to ask questions
  • The ability to listen


Attention to detail: As a Digital Marketer one should always have an ‘Attention to detail’. Whether you are an experienced person or a fresher, being attentive to detail is important. You must know what you are doing. Because while learning PPC you will come across many things which are actually difficult to remember, but if you fail to give attention then you are actually an inviting problem for yourself. 

Some of the things that you must give Eye for detail:

  1. Keywords: As a Digital Marketer the power of keyword research lies in better understanding your target market, and how your audience is searching for your content, products, and services. As a fresher in PPC, you have to understand what type of keywords you must use to reach your audience. As you know, in keywords both short-tail and long-tail keywords play its own role depend upon the searcher.
  2. Match types: Your campaign optimization is fully dependent upon Keywords and match type. Optimizing your AdWords match type is crucial because it allows you to avoid unnecessary spend on irrelevant clicks. You really have to utilize keywords matching options in an effective way.
  3. Bidding Options: A bid is the most you’re willing to pay for a click on your ad.If you can manage your bids, you may influence the amount of traffic to your ads, as well as the Return On Investment (ROI). The process is very simple, if you have a good amount of budget, you can bid for a higher amount where there are more chances of getting huge traffic for your ad.
  4. Audience lists: In Google Ads, Once the tag is added to your site or app, it will collect data and add people to relevant lists. Setting up an audience source is very important so that you can remarket to your target audience list that you have created.
  5. Benefits: See all of your remarketing lists in one place.
  • View each list type, status, and size (reach) on each active network.
  • Quickly add lists to ad groups and campaigns.
  • Adjust where and to whom your ads appear for optimal ad exposure.
  • Label your lists to filter and report on the data that interests you.


  • Campaign settings: If you are running an ad on GoogleAds, the much more emphasizing factors are Keywords, Ad Copy, and Landing pages. However, having said that, a solid foundation is required. If there is no proper arrangement or foundation even the most performing keywords, ad copy and landing pages can fail to live up to their potential. You really have to understand the campaign settings carefully since your campaign performance is also dependent upon this.


  • Analytical Thinking: This is one of the important things that a PPC fresher must learn. Possessing a sound analytical knowledge is one of the important duties of PPC Professional with data interpretation and performing campaigns.

For any project, planning is important. This is the most essential part to achieve the task in time. Analytical thinking implicit recognizing problems based on numbers and conducting the measures for their solution.  As a PPC analyst, your primary responsibility is to analyze Pay Per Click media performance using Google Analytics Tools to optimize the outcomes from all PPC activities. (Now learn Google Analytics Course along with PPC Training)

  • Learn Excel: Every work depends upon this one tool. If you know excel, then you can manage anything. This is the most wonderful tool where life becomes easier. Honestly, we really have to think of this tool were not introduced we still would have depended upon paperwork using a calculator. 

In PPC, your setting up a campaign needs Excel knowledge. So it’s important to learn shortcut keys, formulas, functions, and tables. You have to gain full command in VLOOKUP, CONCATENATE, SUM, AVERAGE, PIVOT TABLE.

  • A growth Mindset: Always try to have a growth mindset than a fixed mindset. Because an individual with a growth mindset is where he/she believes that ability can be developed through dedication and hard work. But a fixed mindset is one where a person believes that they are born with specific abilities, talents, and traits. 

Now, how PPC can help to achieve the growth mindset? Since you know that Traditional advertising is dying. Now the only trending method of advertising is Digital Marketing in which PPC is one such practice where numerous business owners are making a good amount of profit with the help of this method of advertisement.

  • Ability to take risks: This is common in every filled you go. Be brave, don’t give up easily. You should always keep trying and achieve unexpected results. Learning from mistakes is one of the best creative things you can ever learn. Part of the growth mindset is the ability to take risks and challenges. It is an important skill that being a fresher should learn because so much of what you do is an experimentation and testing of new ideas.

When you are new to PPC, initially you will face many challenges. You will come across many doubts, especially when you have to optimize your account. Because you have to monitor your campaign on a daily basis if you want to save money. Suppose if you are bidding the keyword above 50 Rs, you really have to manage and monitor the account, since you know that there are higher chances of irrelevant clicks. 

  • Continuous learning: Keep trying to learn and push yourself. PPC is constantly evolving so that there are always new things to learn. You should always have a passion to learn whether it is something old, that you already know or something new extension coming out, you should always keep your eye on things. You should never limit yourself, even though you are doing well. You should always have the courage to improve and it will definitely give you satisfaction to see an increase in revenue and conversions. 

Conclusion: Remember, these are not only a few skills there are more essential skills that you must learn. The skills you need are more than just a mile deep understanding of all of the technical aspects of paid search. So, pull up your socks, follow the above tips, and get ready! Soon you will be on the right track to get a job.

Master Google AdWords, register eMarket Education’s PPC Certification Course will help you to build a successful career as a PPC expert.

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