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7 Hacks to Optimise Your Landing Page for Online Marketing

7 Hacks to Optimise Your Landing Page for Online Marketing
7 Hacks to Optimise Your Landing Page for Online Marketing

Landing Page Optimisation Hacks for Online Marketing


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Landing Page is Just Like a Runway


Innovations & Inventions in the modern world have made planet Earth a small place to live in. Be it the aviation sector or the Digital world, every new invention has its own contribution towards this progress.

However, one common thing between the two industries is the take-off & landing stages which are crucial for the success of both. Readers can surely relate it to the aviation sector but for Digital Marketing what is take-off & landing?

In Digital Marketing the keywords can be related to take-off & the page where the user is redirected can be related to landing. The Best digital marketing institutes always emphasized the importance of the landing pages & the importance of keyword research & analysis in their Digital Marketing courses curriculum.

Be it PPC Adwords for the paid online marketing promotion or SEO (Search engine optimization) for organic online marketing promotion the quality of the landing pages plays a crucial role in reducing the bounce rate for the particular website.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of visitors who leave your website without navigating to any other pages. The bounce rate can either be tracked through Google Adwords console or from Google Analytics. Bounce Rate cannot be tracked through Google Webmaster.

Now when we consider online marketing through PPC Adwords, quality of the landing page determines your Quality score which also affects your average CPC.

Average CPC: The amount that a Digital Marketer actually pays to Google Adwords or Bing Adcenter per click is called as Avg CPC.

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Reduce Bounce Rate & CPA with Quality

A better quality score leads to low Avg CPC and higher chances of conversions and better ROI for your online business.

In the 21st century customers only opt for quality right from the look & feel of the website to the experience of the product & service. So the aesthetics along with the look & feel of the page they are redirected after clicking on the ad copy makes 90% of the sale for your company and the rest 10% depends upon the sales team of your company.

So from our experience as a Digital Marketing Training Institute & Online Marketing Agency based in Bengaluru, we share some of our experience with an example to help you better understand the importance of landing page in Internet Marketing.


#1: Focus on Aesthetics or Look & Feel

landing page in digital marketing

Aesthetics = Quality

Aesthetics is one of the dimensions of quality & the 21st-century customer takes this dimension of quality with utmost importance compared to other quality.

For Example, Customers mostly opt for those restaurants with a good theme & ambiance even if they are not aware of the quality of the food served. Similarly when a user is redirected to your website the look & feel along with the color combination acts as a deciding factor whether he/she will sign up or try other options.

 #2: Keep it Interactive

According to leading Digital Marketing forums & websites the content which 21st-century audience find more appealing is images & videos rather than text. Add interactive images & short videos along with the text. Try to keep your text short & crisp but share all relevant information. The more interactive you make it the more chances for conversions.

Landing Page Optimisation for website

Google Images

Major Digital Marketing forums & companies are now focussing on short videos max to 10 seconds. The entire story of your ad has to be shown in that time frame. The change is supported by the data that maximum users do not see video ads for more than 10 seconds and skip it unless it’s that interactive.


#3: Have a Common Theme for the Entire Website

Some website owners try to create a different theme for the website & the landing page. It’s not wrong to have a different theme but having it entirely different doesn’t create sync & can be a negative impression. Try to have the same color coding & text font for your website & landing page.

Tips for designing Digital Marketing Landing Pages

Have a theme in Sync with Your Website


#4: Call to Actions at Right Places, in Right Quantity & in Right Format

Call to actions are of utmost importance whether it’s in your landing page or home page of your website. The right call to actions can ensure a high engagement rate & form fill up for you rather than a website having less call to actions and CTAs not related to your product & service.

For example if you are a service provider & you use Shop Now CTA instead of Contact US.

Similarly in a landing page one should ensure the CTAs at the right place & in the right format and engaging audience with the right actions.

Most important don’t engage in CTA stuffing in your pages as most people do with Keyword stuffing for a better Search Engine Optimisation performance.

Call to action in Website

Know More is a Call to action for eMarket Education in their Home Page


#5: Focus on Testimonials & Video Feedbacks

As a case of showcasing your product/service as genuine & of high quality ensure you add all the recent testimonials on your landing page & also add video feedbacks of customers. This helps you to showcase your company as an authentic in the field and also plays in the mind-set of the consumers.

Note: Just for the sake of adding Testimonials do not engage in Testimonials stuffing and adding up fake testimonials from multiple ids. The 21st century customers are very smart & spoiled with options & it will not a second to switch ends & you could probably end up losing customers & goodwill.

We as a Digital Marketing institute have got more conversions because of our genuine google reviews & Facebook reviews from our most happy customers, our students.


#6: Integrate your Social Media accounts to your Landing page

Believe it or not but after users visit your website they also search for your social media accounts & look for your social media presence & the content in your social media accounts. So it’s very important you integrate your social media accounts to your landing page also.

Most importantly it will also ensure that you focus more on your social media strategy & make a strong presence felt in the social medium.


Note: Based on our experience as a Digital Marketing institute (SEO, PPC Adwords, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics) we see the combination of Search engine optimization & Social Media Marketing as the most trending channels in Digital Marketing at the moment. So if you looking to kick start your career in the Online Marketing field, start with SEO & Social Media Marketing and then proceed for PPC. After a certain level of experience in the Digital Marketing field, it is advisable to go for Advance course in Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

Analytics helps you to understand the data & make the best use of all the channels in combination mode & better target audiences based on different segmentations.


#7: Most Importantly Have a Thank You Page

A majority of the website owners invest a lot on all other factors while designing their landing pages but forget the most important point to be added, An Acknowledgement Page for their Customers Filling up the Form.

Thank you page is nothing but a different page with a different url where the users are re-directed after filling up the form. The page should have an acknowledgment text, thanking the users for filling up the form as well as giving them an estimate of the turn-around-time for their requested query.

If you running PPC ads then you have to place your conversion tracking code in the backend of this Thank You page in order to track your conversions.

Acknowledgement is nothing but an act of empathy which is a dimension of quality & in Digital Marketing be it search engine marketing or search engine optimisation only the quality prevails & others extinct.


Thank You Page Template for Landing Page

Thank You Page of eMarket Education

Examples to Validate 

emarketeducation Digital Marketing Institute

Digital Marketing Course Page

1) We were able to achieve a 35% more conversions/form fill ups after integrating a dedicated landing page for our paid ads & social media ads rather than re-directing our audience to specific course page or contact us page.

emarketeducation Online Marketing Institute

Digital Marketing Landing Page

2) Data for the same period collected from an A/B testing showed that conversions from the landing page were more compared to specific course pages & most importantly the CPA for landing pages were less compared to the later.

Digital Marketing Quotes

Start your Love Story with Google

So focus on the points and see your conversions multiply & CPA obey the laws of gravity.

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