Learn to Use SEMrush – Step by Step Competitor Analysis Guide

SEMrush Dashboard

How to Understand & Conduct Competitor Analysis with SEMrush

SEMrush Competitor Analysis can be considered as all-in-one digital marketing software designed to provide the complete to help SEM and SEO services competitor analysis or the required competitive data for online digital marketers.

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Let’s have closer look at SEMrush Competitive Analysis Tool;

This tool gives the analytics reports which save your several days of research. SEMrush is used to spy on competitors ranking. You can do competitor and organic research easily through SEMrush.

Also, we can collect the information of;

  • Check keyword difficulty
  • Complete SEO audit
  • Competitor’s most profitable keywords
  • Great Link Building opportunities
  • Best-of-the-best Keywords to target
  • Generate best reports and more handful techniques
  • We can look at what competitor is working, and what is working for your competitor and what is not and make it work for us by looking at below points;

Going through the Organic Traffic by placing the website URL in the search box which is given above and finding;

  • Top organic competitors
  • Determining competitor strategy
  • Finding the competitor top performing content
  • Finding the best long tail keywords to rank for
  • Side-by-side domain comparison
  • Determining the keyword difficulty
  • Changes in search engine ranking positions
  • Position tracking & SEO optimization tips
  • Creating charts for quick comparisons & SEO reports
  • Getting Started With SEMrush

We can sign up for a free 30-day trial as well, that will give us more exposure on the practical side.

SEMrush is the best tool to analyse and learn online marketing.

SEMrush Dashboard

SEMrush Dashboard

Domain Analytics > Organic Research > Positions

Position Option will take you to a chart view of the keywords including additional information such a search positions, search volume, cost per click, by pages, traffic and much more.

SEMrush organic position

Going back to the Domain Overview will also notice that when you look at certain sections, like top organic traffic keywords, you can click on ‘view for report also including additional information such as search positions, search volume, cost per click by pages and so on

We can also find the analytical approach of organic and paid side related to, how much of traffic the site is receiving and how many keywords have top rankings, back links?

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Find Your Competitors

Competition in terms of the number of top keyword rankings and amount of traffic that actually website is generating.

Above analysis will tell you, who are the main competitors and you can hover over to see more information including about Keywords and Traffic numbers clicking on any tab, actually taking you through more detailed information of that particular competitor.

 SEMrush organic competitors

Few of the things you should focus on –

Common Keywords: Explains how many keywords were in common with your competitors (or) keywords that you have in common with the competitor

Competition Level: Explains the level of competition based on the keywords that you and your competitor actually ranks for the position

SE Keywords: Keywords that send organic and paid traffic to the website

We can also find the keywords which bring most of the traffic and you can also find the list of top performing Competitor Keywords

Once understanding who the actual competitors we can now analyze the back links and the strategies and find the keywords which are new, lost, improved and declined in terms of ranking

There are two important factors that you really have to pay attention to here:

Traffic %: this is how much of a site’s traffic is generated by this one keyword. So, in this case, you can see almost nine per cent of the site’s traffic is generated by the particular keyword in this first column.

Competition: the competition is based on a scale of zero to one, with one being the hardest. This is going to help you determine if this keyword is actually worth pursuing.

Through SEMrush it is easy to identify where you fit in your field. Are you performing as well or better than your competition? Are your competitors seeing success in areas where you are finding low ranked? If so, what are they doing differently, and how can you do it better? Are there content providers who are successfully engaging your content audience, who can you learn from or possibly even work with?

Most importantly, what opportunities are your competitors missing out, those opportunities you can capitalize to become unique and dominant in online digital marketing. 

Differentiate Yourself

Simply copying the strategies of your most successful competitors won’t allow you to overtake them, nor even compete with them. Look for areas where you excel, and put more of your resources behind those efforts. Find areas your competitors aren’t focusing on, and target your content to capture those missed opportunities.

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