Mobile App Engagement & It’s importance in Internet Marketing Strategy

Mobile app engagement option in digital marketing strategy

Types of Mobile App Engagement & what are ways to engage with the existing users


Mobile app engagement option in digital marketing strategy

In Internet marketing strategy, mobile app engagement campaign is a great choice to find those users who would be interested in your app content, also finding the people who have already downloaded & haven’t played around the app, or finding the users who already downloaded but insisting the users take specific action.

The moment you connect your app to the AdWords account, it helps to keep track of how people use your app, & which off your add drove people to act & also you can count specific engagement.

  • Mobile app engagement ads will encourage the users to try app again
  • Remind someone to open your app to take the action
  • It helps people to complete an activity they already started
  • Increase the number people to use your app

Mobile app engagement plays a pivotal role in the success of the Internet marketing strategy because it can be used for both search & display in Google AdWords.

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About Display Network app engagement campaigns in Google AdWords

Mobile app engagement campaign on display network in Google Adwords is mainly focused on showing ads to those users while they are using other apps & browsing on mobile websites. These ads can link directly back to your own app. There are 2 types of mobile engagement campaign in Online Marketing Strategy:

  • Remarketing for mobile engagement campaign

This campaign requires users list to show ads to your apps existing users. Either you can create these remarketing list manually, or link your app to the Google AdWords. Once these basic steps fulfilled remarketing for mobile app engagement can be implemented

  • Creating ads with deep links:

Deep links drive the user directly to a specific page or section once they click on your ad. Combined with remarketing, deep links can help you create a custom ad for your people who already use your app.

Deep links help the advertiser to take drive the users to do a specific type of action in your app, like checking in, making a purchase, or booking a flight. These types of ads where you want to users to perform a specific type of action by directing them to the specific page with the help of Deep links.

Bidding & Targeting is an important Online Marketing Strategy in App Engagement

Cost-per-click (CPC) bids are used at the initial stage of app engagement campaign. By default, it will be set to “Focus on clicks”. Later when the campaign received conversions, one can change the bid strategy to “Focus on conversions”, so that Google automatically adjust from the clicks to conversions.

They are more refined targeting options like showcase the most compelling ads just to the people using your app. We can also customize the target settings to help you show ads to the right people based on the app you select.


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About Search Network App Engagement Campaigns in Google AdWords

This option will let you promote your app on the Google Search Network. You can show your ads with the option of install now to those users who don’t have your app & then be directed relevant content of your app. The existing app users can be directed to the specific pages in your app from your ads. This campaign is available only for Google Android Apps & linking to your Google Developer account makes creating this campaign even simpler.

Why the Bidding strategy is important in online marketing especially for an app engagement campaign

Cost-per-click (CPC) bids are used at the initial stage of app engagement campaign. By default, it will be set to “Focus on clicks”. Later when the campaign received conversions, one can change the bid strategy to “Focus on conversions”, so that Google automatically adjust from the clicks to conversions.

If your campaign is already running & you’re able to track the conversion because of the conversion tracking code. So, you can change your bid strategy to “Focus on conversions”, as a result, this bid strategy lets Adwords automatically adjust your cost per click to cost per acquisition.

Add keywords for App Engagement:

You can shortlist the keywords which are related your app, where your users are constantly using those keywords on search engine. You can always come back to the keyword settings & add more relevant keywords.

Creating Ads with deep links:

Your app engagement ads will be targeted to people searching on Google who already have your app and people who are interested in your app’s content. When you create these ads, you’ll be able to use deep links to send people to the location in your app that relates most closely to what they were searching for on Google.

You can target the people who don’t have your app & drive them to the specific page where they can download the app. In, other instance you can also promote add to those users who already using them, prompting them to take a specific action by driving them to the specific page.

Mobile app engagement is another important tool which you need to include for the online marketing strategy if you want to increase the user’s activity in the app extensively. This platform creates more engagement with the existing customers which is the processes of actively building, nurturing, & managing relationships, which drives the customer’s loyalty & retention. Once the traction is built with the customer & then the re-engagement is reviving the inactive users to return to the app. According to Google 23% of users abandon an app after just one use & 62% of users will use an app less than 11 times, so the constant engagement part is the most integral part of the success of any app & time is the essence in the battle to turn downloads into retained customers.


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