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Advanced SEO Workshop by eMarket Education

Advanced SEO Workshop by eMarket Education
Advanced SEO Workshop by eMarket Education

7 Reasons to Attend SEO workshop


seo Workshop 2017

5 Days SEO Workshop covering Latest 5 SEO Topics

Everyone everything is going Digital in this 21st century. From Flight bookings to getting a maid to getting your car serviced everything is available at the touch of a button. Companies are leveraging this opportunity to get the most out of this dot com & digital boom.

But with so many competitors in the foray & a lot of options for the audience, driving relevant traffic to your website is a daunting task. One can surely drive in traffic with a good financial background but not always the best of entrepreneurial ideas come from the rich but from remote locations & from people with very few resources.

“Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions”

It’s very much important for website owners & people interested in eCommerce business to understand, how to drive in traffic organically in order to get the best ROI rather than always depending upon paid ads?


#1: Knowledge Transfer (KT) from the Industry Expertsgoogle seo workshop 2017

KT is a very familiar term in the corporate life & every individual must have experienced this phase. Our speakers for the workshop have 8+ years of experience in SEO industry.

Getting valuable inputs from these SEO speakers will really help leverage the organic side of Digital Marketing for your Online Business.

#2: Make Your SEO Basic Strong

make your seo basics strong

The workshop will surely make enhance your basics in SEO strong. The speakers will be starting from the basic level for the particular SEO topic to ensure the SEO professionals get a brush of their SEO knowledge before proceeding to the advanced level.

#3: Get Updated SEO Gyan

google seo guide

The workshop is aimed for professionals who already have a knowledge of SEO but want more quality & in-depth insights related to the SEO implementation. People in SEO Industry will surely agree the key to SEO success is to explore more & stay updated with the changes happening, most importantly the Google SEO Algorithm updates.

#4: SEO is Trending

The last 12 months search results in India proves, amongst all the channels of Digital Marketin, SEO is in Top. For sure most startup / eCommerce companies want to get the most of the organic traffic rather than investing in paid ads.

Further results show rather than SEO training or SEO jobs most searches are related to technical Q & A about SEO.

For e.g:

  • Indexing the URLs
  • Sudden fall in Organic Traffic
  • Related to Google Updates

To name a few…!

Most people working in SEO find it challenging to do content audit & indexing a URL. Rather than covering the entire syllabus, we are focussing on important SEO topics from basics to advance.

#5: Learn More about the Trending SEO Topics

seo workshop

The main aim of the 5 days SEO workshop is to help people in the SEO field become even better at their workplace or help people searching for job concentrate on what is needed & what really makes the difference during the interview.

  • Content Auditing: Learn How to do Content Auditing & how to create the Dashboards
  • What is the perfect indexation rate for a website? : Indexing has been one of the major challenges SEO professionals face at their workplace.
  • Checklist to migrate a website from HTTP to HTTPS: Learn what all is required to migrate your website to a more secure HTTPS & also boost your ranking.
  • What is a valuable link in 2017? : Know more about how Page Authority & Domain Authority & how it can help you in SEO.
  • Youtube SEO: Dhinkchak Pooja is earning millions in Youtube doing some random video, why wait? Do some quality blogs & you can also earn from Youtube Ads organically.


#6: Networking Session Post SEO Workshop

google seo training

The SEO workshop will be a 2-hour affair post which will be followed with 1 Hour networking session among the attendees; a great opportunity to share & learn from others SEO work & experience & also to know new people.

Who Knows? It can open up a lot of new opportunities for you or you may find your Next startup Co-founder, Investor or a great Digital Marketing Strategist!

#7: All this @ INR 2000 /Day/Topic/Candidate only

google seo workshop fees

Go to any Digital Marketing Institute & the basic fees starts from INR 15,000 whereas here are learning for INR 2,000 only & that too no boring stuff. but theory directly starts from the topic & will help you travel the complete SEO world.

The best part is @ INR 10,000 for 5 days covering 5 topics you can learn the most important things in SEO that is required to excel at your workplace less than, what your weekend expenses!

Become a SEO master & start delivering the numbers!

So what are you waiting for, you will never have a better deal than this anywhere in India on SEO learning.

SEO Workshop Starting: 28 June 2017


                Wed- Fri: 5 – 8 pm

                Sat-Sun: 2 – 5 pm

Who should attend the SEO Workshop?

  1. Students interested in Content Writing
  2. SEO professionals
  3. Startup Founders
  4. E-Commerce Website owners
  5. Vloggers/Bloggers
  6. Marketing Professionals
  7. Content Writers

Contact Information: +91-7760969452 | [email protected]

About eMarketedu: eMarket Education, an integrated digital marketing institute in Bangalore cover the broad foundation of Digital Marketing and explores further into the specialist areas of SEO, PPC Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing &  Google Analytics.

emarketeducation seo training institute

eMarketEdu strives to impart the best quality education in Digital Marketing topics around the following commitments; 

  1. The Institute is committed & responsible for the quality digital marketing education from the day 1 of joining
  2. The training duration for each course is defined based on years of evaluation of student capability to best learn the subject (the best theory & practical way). So what’s the right no. of hours required, the same is continued without any alterations!
  3. eMarketEdu as an institute strives to take care of its candidate’s digital marketing training quality & job placements from the Day 1 till they are placed in the company. Our commitments end, once we place you successfully; a winning moment for the Students, Faculties & Institute as a whole.
  4. We are an Educational Institute, so we don’t encourage any sort of bargaining or reduction from our defined course fees or special preferences.
  5. Our very best core strength is the effort we add in all our students to educate the best & help them perform best in their Digital Marketing career responsibilities.
  6. It’s important that our 1-1 attention towards students is best maintained with each batch limited to max 6 students.

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