7 Alternative Skills Every SEO Should Know

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Skills Required for SEO

Search Engine Optimization, this is no game of one day, you have to hold your horses.  It is a long battle game like “Game of Thrones”.  You have to load your weapons one by one, need to get a helping hand.

I like to share my experience on SEO journey to date; here I am going to share a few much-needed skills every SEO professional should have;

(All these inputs collected from my experience and a few from my SEO friends)

Yes, what you read is true. Being patient is an important skill you should learn to see the SEO results. Whatever the energy and dedication you are putting on the present moment may not show you results immediately.

For example, you are doing link building act regularly, are you expecting all those links are sitting in your basket at the next minute? If you think so, then It’s completely wrong; it may take a few days, some may take months to join in your basket.

So, learn to be patient.

Hold on a second; I said to be patient not to neglect the actions you have taken to build the business.

It is like a treasure hunt; you have to think in a 360o angle. Should be capable of solving 3 W’s.

The Three W’s:

Should have the ability to analyze, Why is the traffic gone down or leads are down? What is the best possible solution and where to fix it?

The wise judgment plays a crucial role in SEO.  A combination of logical and analytical skills is necessary to see the pinnacle point in SEO

SEO is a combination of technical, logical, analytical, and language skills.  Strong command in Language gives you a significant boost. Well, it is essential to communicate with your internal team with no hassle and build confidence in work. At the same point, having a persuasive tone at a meeting is necessary for an SEO person.

Writing is a much supportive attribute for an SEO person. Most of the SEO work is related to text content, having writing skills in your skill basket is an advantage, while optimizing content rather than depending on grammatical tools you can accomplish your job at the right time.

SEO needs social skills, he/she should able to jump into a community and build right relations. Sharing knowledge brings you many good friends in the domain. It is an indirect way of building your brand value.

Spend quality time with the niche people in your domain, it brings you a bundle of opportunities to grow in career.

It brings a bit of disappointment for many SEOs. Yep, technical knowledge is a must nowadays for an SEO person. I am sure there SEO professionals doing a great job with no programming skills. But to sit on the head of your web developer at least, you should know HTML, CSS, and JS.

Website speed and errors are most considering elements in the present SEO performance. When it comes to the user point of view, the website should load within a flick and it shouldn’t throw any error which makes him dissatisfied. Having technical skills avoid many hampers and make your developer understand the problems.

To be a great SEO, you should have a self-force and motivational ability. Always you should cheer your team and ready to adopt new methods circling in the platform. SEO is not a job of 9 am – 5 pm ever you should feel like a teen with a thrust of gadgets. Whatever the new SEO technique using by your peers, you should jump on that to explore an opportunity.

All-day jobs need some laughter at the workplace. A happy workplace gives great productive results, we may have ups and downs in work, to come up with a new positive force we should hold back ourselves to create a happy vibe inside us.

All I mean to say, SEO is not only about the subject; it should have other sets of productive skills to do a great job.



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How Google Mobile First Indexing Impacts Your Website

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Google Mobile First Indexing

Role Of Google Mobile First Indexing In SEO

Google Mobile first index” is a trending topic in the entire Digital Marketing industry now.

Let’s have a look at what it is actually and what is the role of “Google Mobile First Indexing” in SEO…

In this post, I’ll explain in detail about what is Google Desktop First Indexing and “Google Mobile First Indexing”.

What is Google Desktop First Indexing:-

Here in “Desktop First Indexing”, the Google crawler bot will crawl through the website with URL’S Desktop version in order to index Google.

This will not take into consideration whether your website has any mobile version or not. It will not have any impact on your website rankings if you don’t have the mobile-friendly website.

mobile First Indexing in seo

Mobile First Indexing 



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What is Google Mobile First Indexing in SEO:-

As the word suggests itself “Mobile First Indexing”, here the Google crawler, crawls Mobile version of the website first and next it crawls to the Desktop version of the website.

Most of the people have a misconception on “Mobile First Indexing”, they think that it only index mobile version websites, that is completely wrong. It’s not “Mobile-Only Index” it is called “Mobile First Indexing”.

For example, if your website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version, still your website with desktop version will be in an index.

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website it will definitely show a negative impact on rankings of your website, but maybe not in indexation process.

The website with better mobile-friendly experience will definitely gain rankings even for searchers on a desktop.

The “Mobile First Index”, from the word itself we have to understand that the mobile version of any website will be taken into consideration first and it will be primary version of your website.

If Desktop and mobile versions of your websites are equivalent and if you make any changes in your content to optimize it on mobile or if you make any special responsive design for a mobile version of your website and those changes should not show any impact on the performance of your website in search results.

Till now we considered the desktop version of a website is a primary version and the mobile version of a website is treated as the alternate version. That is why Google Webmaster came up with the separate mobile website (m.domain.com).

Assuming that the desktop version of a website is a primary version all SEO’s and Digital Marketing teams are in practice to prioritize the desktop version with full content and structured data markup, hreflang (i.e. international tags) and backlinks etc.; and where the mobile version of a website is lacked its priority with lighter content, without properly structured data markup and without any backlinks.

seo courses in bangalore

What Can We Do For Google Mobile First Indexing in SEO?

As for now, there is nothing to worry about this “Mobile First Index” update by Google. Because this new update is still in a very early stage of its implementation and it is in the stage of testing. Google is rolling out very gradually on to the websites which Google considers is to be ready for this “mobile first index” change and to have a very minimal impact on its rankings in search results.

Even though if your website is totally responsive and equally identical in both mobile version and desktop version, it’s better to check that the mobile version of your website pages are performing well or not in terms of page speed and loading time and images are fully visible , all tabs and content should be properly visible, etc. Actually, the space management is the best SEO practice for mobile responsiveness website.

seo for mobile & desktop

Best SEO Practices to follow for “Google Mobile First Indexing”.

If the mobile version of your website has less content compare to your desktop version, you should consider that to update mobile version of your website content is equivalent to its desktop version website.

The content which includes text, videos, images (alt-attributes for images) and the formats used for a mobile version of your website should be easily crawlable and indexable.

The URL’s that visible within the structured data of mobile pages should be the mobile version URL.

If you still want to optimize your meta titles in short, you can do it, but be sure that the same information and relevant keywords are included in the content of the website.

The robots.txt is the file where the website owners to instruct web robots on which pages of a website it should crawl.

In general, both mobile version and desktop versions of your website should use the same directives.

Based on this search engine will show the results to the users in that particular language.

If you use a rel=hreflang link on your website for internationalization, then link between URL’s of your websites mobile version and desktop versions separately.

Then the mobile URL’s hreflang should point to the mobile version of your website and the desktop URL’s hreflang should point to the desktop version.

Including Open Graph tags and twitter cards etc.

These are the few best SEO practices that one can follow for “mobile first indexing”.

Hope this article helps you with an overview to shift your website to “Mobile First Indexing”.


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