Digital Marketing Career & Salary Growth for Freshers in India

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Digital Marketing Career Growth in India

Do career growth in Digital Marketing is high? Why Digital Marketing is the Best Career option for you?

I am going to discuss only 3 important segments here, that is –

  1. Why Digital Marketing Career is the Best for you
  2. Job Role & Responsibilities in Digital Marketing Career
  3. Digital Marketing Salary in India

If you have ever had thoughts on the above questions and have concerns about your future life. Then, I am here to help you to find some answers :

Why Digital Marketing Career is the Best Option?

It is absolutely great to start a career in digital marketing.

I have never seen any Digital Marketer in this world saying –

“My job is boring and I am thinking about switching”

I have only heard super successful stories from professionals who are into the digital marketing career. Well, don’t forget we are running our Online marketing training institute in Bangalore for more than 5 years and we have trained more than 500 students and they all are having a Super Successful Career in Digital Marketing. The career growth in Digital marketing is very rapid, our students are working in top companies like Linkedin, Yahoo, iQuanti and so on.

Check our students’ profile for reference:  Naveeneeth Raghvan, Hemanth Mirukula

Drill down to check average salary packages of Digital Marketer.

(Never have any doubt in your mind – see yourself – Digital Marketing Training reviews don’t forget to check their profiles in Linked In). Alright, let us discuss why I am saying the career in digital marketing is better than any other career options.   We are in the era of the Internet. Days have gone past where you used to go market and buy different products. For each and every purpose in your life like,

  Well, there will be more & more options that you need to engage in your life. But my question is in our current world of the internet-

Are you going to different places and spending a lot of time buying and planning on these things?

No, because the world is in your fingertips!

From paying the different bills to buying any sort of product and services that are needed in your life, everything is available on the internet. People are using various gadgets laptops, smartphones, and tablets for buying and selling products online. Think,10 years from now will you use the same old version of mobile phones and laptops?   No, right.

Penetration of the Internet in India is so fast and it is said that by 2020, we can expect the number of internet users in India to be doubled than of now.

Now, let me come back to our discussion on salary & career growth in digital marketing in India. You know people are staying more in the world of internet using Google, YouTube, Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc…… So it is simple logic to understand where you need to market your products and services. World of the Internet! So companies are very keen to have their online presence. They will create their own websites, social media profile and they try to engage with their customers.

This increasing number of internet users led business people to target their audience through Digital Marketing. And the demand for digital marketing experts is also increasing. As a result, we can say the Scope of Digital Marketing Career is huge.

Different types of Digital Marketing Job Role & Responsibilities

There is a different kind of requirements in the field of digital marketing. And we can categorize the role and responsibilities of digital marketer according to this.

Digital Marketing Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Digital Marketing Executive or SEO Executive or PPC Executive
  2. Digital Marketing Specialist or SEO Specialist or PPC Specialist
  3. Digital Marketing Analyst/Lead or SEO Analyst or PPC Analyst
  4. Digital Marketing Team Lead/Strategist or SEO Team Lead or PPC Team Lead.
  5. Digital Marketing Manager/Head or SEO Manager or PPC Manager

These are the five important levels which you guys need to know to build career growth in Digital marketing. There are some more important higher level roles in digital marketing, but I am not going to state those as it is not required for you. Let’s discuss on the above mentioned 5 levels of Digital marketing job roles.

1) Digital Marketing Executive

This is a kind of entry level, where you will work under senior digital marketing professionals. You may be work in any specialized area of digital marketing like   SEO, PPC, E-Mail, or Affiliate marketing  Or you might be having a part in every aspect of the above sections. It totally depends upon the requirement of your employer. Salary range would be between 15k-20k in medium level organizations. If you are certified in Digital Marketing you can get a chance to get 20k -25k as a fresher. definitely, there is a solid Career growth in Digital Marketing for Fresher. 

Here you will be working under a team lead or manager in achieving digital marketing goal of your client. You may be working on reporting part, ad copywriting, content creation, competitor analysis etc.


2) Digital Marketing Specialist

After getting one year of experience as Digital Marketing Executive, you will gain a lot of knowledge and now you can concentrate on any core part of Digital Marketing. Here you will work under the team lead or manager and you will have a much better role in decision making. Whether you work on SEO, SMM or PPC, you will be putting all your experience and pushing campaigns to meet the targeted goals. Here you will be responsible for the numbers in SEO or PPC.

As you start reporting to your manager and think independently, your skills in understanding the ongoing campaign and future plans will be much better.

3) Digital Marketing Analyst/Lead

The next level in the digital marketing role is Analyst or team lead role. Here, with the two to four years of experience in handling digital marketing campaigns, you can lead a team or become an analyst.   A Digital marketing analyst is one who understands the depth of the client’s requirements and knows how to analyze the data using Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, and other 3rd party tools. It is compulsory for any of the digital marketing team lead to have strong analytical skills and also strong management skills.

You will plan strategies for meeting your campaign goal and you will guide your junior members of the team to work on it. This phase is one of the biggest life-changing turns you ever have in the career of digital marketing, once you crossed this phase and able to leap to next step up, the career growth in digital marketing drastically surge.

4) Digital Marketing Team Lead/Strategist

Well, here you should possess all the skills of team lead and analyst but at the same time, you should be having more focusing on strategizing the plan. There will be a need for special support in the analysis and strategizing part in bigger Ad agencies and companies. So they will hire some who is having 3-5 years of experience in the field of digital marketing. They will be analyzing ongoing campaigns through all the digital marketing techniques. Strategists will be planning new strategies and will be sharing their report to manager and head of the department.

5) Digital Marketing Manager/Head

A manager is responsible for complete activities in a digital marketing team. With the 5+ years of experience in digital marketing, he/she can handle the complete team and guide them to achieve the marketing goals for the clients.

He or she should be capable to handle and lead the team, so it is not all about the knowledge in the core subject, you should develop your managerial skills as well in your career to take a position as the digital marketing manager in a company.

Above points are the major level of job role in the field of digital marketing. But it may vary industry to industry and requirements of agencies and companies. I have seen people who have completed the Google Ads PPC Training Course with us and continuing to be successful in their career while handling paid advertisement campaigns only.

What I am saying is you can specialize in any core subject of Digital marketing and build your career, but the best thing will be mastering one core subject and acquiring knowledge of other aspects will give you a much better chance in the market.

The need for good Digital marketing professionals is growing day by day in the market. As you already know the drastic increase in internet users in India, more and more companies are now creating their online presence. We have already discussed this.

digital marketing salary for freshers in india

Digital Marketing Career & Salary Growth in India

So because of this high demand for specialists in digital marketing, companies are ready to invest more on this platform than any other aspects of the business.

Companies have recognized the significance of digital marketing in the growth of business and they are ready to give a high amount of salary for digital marketers.

So I have explained all 3 important points regarding the scope of having a career growth in digital marketing, the different types of job level in digital marketing and also the PPC or SEO salary growth in the field of digital marketing.

Hope I have helped you to find answers for all your queries and if you have any question or suggestion, the comment box is all yours. Let us know your thoughts and concerns about digital marketing career growth and opportunity in India.

The Bottom Line:

Digital marketing is a dream business project for digital marketers. If you want to get success in the digital marketplace, you should have sound knowledge about the benefits and limitations of digital marketing. It is a growing field if business. Digital marketing is nothing but the utilization of digital technology to achieve marketing objectives. Digital marketing may fulfill all your cherished dreams within the short span of your life.

Check out our – Top Digital Marketing Classes in Bangalore with Placements

Google AdWords Expert in India

Keynote: Salary packages in Digital Marketing depends on the standard of the company too

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Career in Digital Marketing in India

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Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing is a science of spreading your voice and show your brand across the web with constant interaction with your prospecting clients and existing clients in online media.

For best performance in digital marketing, the most effective digital marketing channels are such as:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Pay Per Click Google Ads
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Image and Video Marketing
  6. Affiliate Marketing

Best Digital Marketing Certification

Digital marketing tutorials is a learning program that explains the methods of growing the business online. Some of them are completely focused on getting traffic from sources like Google, Social Media, Partner Sites, etc., and others on improving the Paid Traffic in different ways.

So, before choosing the best online marketing course, think about either, you are doing a complete online marketing course or few verticals of digital marketing. If you already have basic digital marketing knowledge, it will be easy to decide. In case if not, it is good to attend a webinar in marketing, However, you need to know what vertical in digital marketing to learn and get specialized?

Why Online Digital Marketing?

Now, why we need it?

  1. Building Traffic and Visitors on our Web-Based Presence.
  2. Generate Leads out of this traffic.
  3. Building a Brand Digitally to ensure clients of quality service.

Digital Marketing is important because today’s fast-changing digital marketing world has made mobile phones and access to the internet easier than ever. People prefer buying products and getting services online than physically. And the trend is growing to a far bigger level. Now if your business is not complementing the path of your competitors who have gone online and marketing their organizations digitally then you might be an organization that might face a huge fall of revenue and expected growth in ROI as well.

To sustain today’s business difficulties and get the reach to your buyers easily, Digital Marketing is the only platform that works best. It takes your brand with the least effort, manpower, and investment to a maximum number of people across the world. You may be sitting in Bangalore and working for New York-based companies. But there is no need to change location or place. This reduces the heavy cost burden on any organization with the ability to outsource the works and get good digital visibility even at minimum cost.

Above all Google, Facebook, and all other strong digital mediums where your brand can have a say, speak of a method that is not difficult but needs to be regular and quality-based. Just by using simple methods of the quality parameter in your content and keeping the Analysis Team up and running you can get the best out of the web and bring the business more than your competitors are doing.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

We live in a digital age. The current and upcoming generation will, from their birth to their death stay connected on the internet. Every person on Earth will stay connected to every digital domain. In such a world, digital marketing is one of the best job possibilities one can imagine.

Digital Marketing is a very vast course. Try to find out which area of Digital Marketing interests you the most. Do specialization in that particular area.

Digital marketing budgets of businesses are going to exceed traditional marketing budgets in two years. This is a big opportunity for people who are constantly learning.

Only results which you produce make you a smart digital marketer, not qualifications.

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Digital Marketing Career Path

Digital marketing is quite a broad area to focus on as a career. There is no formal qualification required to be a digital marketer though there are so many online courses available to upgrade your skills in digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, or website conversion optimization. Depending on your appetite, there are many verticals you can explore and then decide which one to focus on. You need to be little practice and work with projects and some smart people to get the energy to stay constantly curious and challenged.

Digital Marketing Experts do?

In the simplest words, Digital Marketing is promoting a product, brand, or service with Digital devices and increasing the visibility over the internet. Now it is all about how to get your business recognized over the internet. Responsibilities include developing, implement, tracking, and optimizing the campaigns all over the digital marketing channels;

How to do Digital Marketing?

In Digital Marketing every day will quite challenge and do not get bored because there are vast categories to learn and work such as SEO, SMM, Google AdWords and there is much more to that.

Digital Marketing Skills required:

Digital Marketing Designations Salary Growth prospects:

Though salary entirely depends on the skills a person possesses and what sort of a company you would want to join in. The salary structure varies from designation to designation and company to company.

Depending On your knowledge & skills you can get a good salary package after a digital marketing course. Normally a fresher can earn 15,000 – 25000 per month depending on his skills.

Digital marketing is more of practice than theory and requires individuals to be extremely proactive in learning by themselves Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are Online Marketing, Google Analytics, and Google Ad Words.

Top Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Increased dependency on mobile phones is no big shock these days but the below statistics are an eye-opener as we probably don’t realize how smartphones are slowly becoming an inevitable part of people’s lives leading to a great amount of development and innovations in the sector.

Fading away from desktop traffic clearly indicates that Mobile-focused Internet Marketing is going to be the attraction for the coming trends.

Top Channels for marketing in the future key technologies and trends will drive change in the marketing industry over the next four years

Who can do Digital Marketing?

If someone is looking to build a career in digital marketing, this is the time to start.

Start working on small projects. Put goals. Be creative. See what smart digital marketers are doing. Read blogs. Watch videos. Have conversations with your forum members regularly. Come up with ideas. Out of 100% always put 30% to experiment. Build new skills. Add enthusiastic people who can learn new things along with you. Use cloud-based tools to make your work easy. Meet other digital marketers. Seek help from experts across the world. Talk to them on hangouts. Get ideas. Use it. Again and again, Find the ones which work.

Digital Marketing Minimum Qualification:

No, there are no eligibility criteria for this course as such,

For digital marketing, I, don’t think you need a personalized degree. But for the qualification, you need a degree. Digital marketing is a very vast field and getting more and faster day by day. So to survive in this field you need to be updated with field

But Having a Marketing degree would be preferable education required for a career in the digital marketing field will vary, depending on the position. Generally, earning a bachelor’s degree in Internet marketing, or a related area is a good start.

Also, graduation from any program can lead to a career in Digital Marketing having the basic idea of search engine optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media, and web analytics.

You can take up Digital Marketing Learning with Placement if you are:

Digital Marketing Designations Job Opportunities would be similar to below;

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There are Two Sides to Digital Marketing, one for freshers and one for experienced professionals.

For freshers, it is vital that the candidate must be aware enough and have common sense. Go through the basics of Digital Marketing on the internet, read the basics such as SEO, Social Media, PR, Websites, Copywriting and read a lot of case studies.

Here is the most important thing which half of the candidates forget to do.

To go before an interview, always go to the company website. Most Important. Try to see the website as a Digital Marketer, not a visitor. Make educated guesses as to why that button is here, What text is on the slider, what are they doing on Social Media. Now, once you have gone through the website, try to make few strategies for yourself for the company keeping the objective very clear in mind. Yes, it’s extremely critical. An objective can be like anything such as increasing likes on Facebook, increasing visitors to the website, make YouTube video views high, increase payment conversions or some other thing to increase the visibility of the site

PPC Career Path

Most of the students are having a tough time shortlisting their careers than ever before. As a result of the increased level of pass-out graduates, there is a substantial increase in the competition when finding the perfect job which you’re always aspiring to. Also, those aspiring students who already working in some other industry & looking for a career change. When you’re stuck at this junction, what I could suggest is kindly take some time out & do some research about the market demand; undoubtedly everybody is talking about digital marketing. In digital marketing, there is one option which can shape your career in different level which is PPC (Google AdWords).

When you look at 10 years ago the awareness of the paid search wasn’t known to many people. It was a great career choice but many employees didn’t know the profession existed. Over the past 5 years, awareness of the past 5 years has grown massively & their many employees with an active interest in paid search.

Let us try to understand, what is PPC?

PPC is one of the core strengths of the success of the digital marketing strategy. PPC is a concept model in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. In another way, it is buying visits to your site, rather than trying to build the traffic organically. Here, users bid on the keywords & pay for each click on their advertisements. Every time when a user is searching for a particular keyword where you also bidding for it, Google will choose the “winners” on various factors, including the quality & relevance of the keywords, also the keyword bids.

List of PPC Services:

Google Adwords PPC Ads Search Results

Specializing in PPC is a good decision

Unlike the other offline marketing, you’re able to see the outcome of your advertising & also share the report of the performance in real-time. Platforms such as Adwords provide you with the ability to analyze & clearly see the performance of a particular campaign. So one of the amazing features in PPC, you can target the specific audience & measure the performance in real-time. Companies from fortune 500, SMB & start-up organization uses the PPC tool in a very effective way for both their branding & conversion, as a result, there is a huge opportunity at the moment.

One can instantly see the outcome of the advertising in PPC, unlike the other marketing channels. Example: Imagine you have spent 2 hours of time on optimizing the paid search campaign & adding the new keywords, in a short span of time you’re able to see the impact of your hard work.

There is always constant excitement in PPC because every month new features are implemented, so it’s not repetitive processes, unlike offline marketing. In PPC, one gets an opportunity to learn more & implement those strategies. The bonus is that you are never left twiddling your thumbs as there is always something you can be analyzing.

What makes a good PPC Specialist?

The question which every candidate encounters is what makes a good PPC Google Ads Specialist. I believe there isn’t one career path that drives you down the route of paid search specialists, but instead, you just need to have a range of qualities!

PPC is a very niche industry & it’s not for everyone. It’s simple math, you going to spend 80% of your life at work so you better make sure you’re passionate about your work, don’t look at the job as to make a living instead look at it as to make a life.

In a dynamic industry like PPC where every, there are new features added consistently, one has to equip the enthusiasm to learn further with self-motivation. Enthusiasm breeds a willingness to learn & develop.

We have personally experienced with our students, the moment any situation we put it across to them, most of the students will highlight the tools which can provide a solution for the cause. Instead, they can put their logic & think like a marketing consultant employee, they will have a better understanding of the overall situation. You need to be able to logically analyze data and make sensible decisions about how to improve your paid search campaign and prioritize different strategies. This skill enables you to see opportunities through vast volumes of data.

In PPC, excel plays an important role because one has to play around in creating the pivot tables to slice & dice data which is an essential part of any account. You need to be comfortable downloading the excel sheet to analyze the data & trends to understand the performance. There has been much automation in the reporting part over the past few years but still, excel is going to be your friend.

Every decision you make in this role is going to involve numbers. As soon as you launch a keyword, ad copy, ad group or campaign you are going to be analyzing its performance using your numerical skills. You need to be able to crunch numbers and fly through analysis easily.

Account managers need to be prepared to not only try new things but explore and invent ways of doing things. This will make you stand out from the crowd and will ensure your paid search accounts don’t become stagnant.

One has so much opportunity to upgrade the knowledge through blogs & youtube. Make a list of well know evangelist in PPC who created a mark in the PPC industry, follow them on Twitter & LinkedIn keep reading their articles. Read the latest blogs to find out new ways of conducting tasks. There is a huge paid search community online that is happy to answer questions and give you a taste of what working in paid search is all about.

Build the right network by meeting the right set of people who are on the same wavelength & passionate about the field you’re in. this will help you to enhance your knowledge because you’re surrounded by like-minded people. I recommend attending one of these if possible, as it will give you the opportunity to talk to people in the industry and hear their thoughts directly rather than online. This networking can give you the opportunity to build relationships with potential employers and ask questions about what working in paid search entails.

PPC Pay Scales for different Designations;

Not even India, as well as other countries, many of the Business, depends only on PPC campaigns or digital marketing. In PPC, when you are certified by Google Ads & Bing AdCenter Then you’re starting Salary as given below.

PPC Junior 20K-30K
PPC Team Lead 50K-70K
PPC Specialist 70k-1Lac
PPC Manager Above 2Lac…

SEO Career Path

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) career is becoming one of the best careers in Digital Marketing or Online Marketing Field. There are plenty of career opportunities available worldwide, especially in India.

The future of SEO is here: understanding and marketing to specific and defined audiences through search engines. Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG

Now, these days companies are giving more importance to their website. They know the potential of digital marketing for the growth of their business and how digital marketing professionals such as social media, SEO professionals can help them in making crucial decisions.

digital marketing career in India

In the ’90s, digital marketing was still taking baby steps. No defined courses, internships, and professional certifications were exciting available in digital marketing, today there are many courses, guides, training institutes available. But before starting the career in SEO there is some point you should understand.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a step by step process to increase the amount of organic traffic of a website by bringing up the ranking of keywords via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”), on the Search Engine Result Pages of major Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

In simple words, SEO helps us in bringing the ranking of keywords in Search Engine Result Pages. Basically, it helps to send messages to search engines that your website is good to be indexed to be shown on SERP.

Google is the major Search engine that has 50,000 searches per sec and 3.5 billion searches per day on Google. That is why most digital marketers target Google.

If you are opting for SEO then you should have known how Google really works?

According to the sources, there are more than 130 million registered websites present out there online. As most of us depend on major search engines to find what we want. Over 90 % of the people using the internet rely on them to find things.

Now, these days’ people are going online and searching for everything they want on major search engines to get accurate results and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one the most cost-effective way to reach your online customers. Just to rank on the top you can target the right audience whether you are in service or Product. That is why SEO is becoming most important for every business to reach targeted users. But if you are not appearing in the search results, you will miss the chance to reach your potential customers. SEO helps in increasing the visibility of your business in front of your customers which increases chances of exposure and branding more.

So, every business is going for SEO to gain more revenue and to build relationships with their customers in their niche.

SEO Specialization

There is no specific Qualification Required for SEO. Search Engine Optimization can be learned from any platform & from anywhere at your convenience. Nowadays there are many online and Offline SEO training institutes available to learn but the most important things to be considered before deciding the platform are:


SEO Job Categories / Designations


SEO Executive Roles and Responsibilities:
* SEO / SMO * Content Development * Competitor Analysis * Find Link Prospects

* Should be aware of the latest techniques, SEO Algorithms, and ranking strategies. * Blog and Social Media * Reputation management * Webmaster’s * Link building * One page/ off-page


UG: B.Sc – Any Specialization, Diploma – Any Specialization, B.Tech/B.E. – Any Specialization

PG: MCA – Computers, M.Tech – Any Specialization

SEO Manager Roles and Responsibilities:

Skillset for SEO Professional: 

Source: Naukri

Some Ugly Aspects of SEO

SEO Salary in India

In India, Fresher in the SEO industry is getting an average salary of 1.8lacs – 4 lacs and it also depends on the other factors which vary are no. of years of experience, certifications, skills, company size, etc.


If you are planning to start your career as an SEO; then there are many platforms available for the same. You can go for the corporate marketer, freelancer, and consultants, and much more.

Social Media Career Path in India

Social Media Marketing Introduction

7.5 Billion is the world’s population, out of which only 440 million speak Spanish. Still, the Spanish song “Despacito” becomes the most trending video in the world for more than 10 weeks.

Now if we consider “Gangnam Style” the number is even better because people who speak Korean are even lesser than Spanish.

Still, the Despacitos & Gangnam Styles have managed to outnumber English numbers again & again. More than half of the world’s population doesn’t understand What Despacito means still they dance to its music.

That’s the Power of Social Media.

The Power of Social Media

What is Social Media & Social Media Marketing?

Such is the trend in the Market around Social Media, most Digital Marketing Institutes are now focussing more on giving their candidates quality knowledge in this Channel of Online Marketing.

Benefits of Social Media

Post-dot-com bubble most companies got a taste of online success & seeing the success most companies also looked for opportunities to go online. But unlike now going online was not that easy then.

Even today starting up a website is not a difficult task but continuity is a problem & adding to that recent stats says people spend more than 60-70% of their online on Social Media sites only.

Social Media Users in India

Social Media subscribers are also rising in India & recently India became the country to have the highest number of Facebook subscribers in the World.

India becomes Facebook’s number 1 user

Such stats are attractive numbers for any company based in India to advertise on Social Media to leverage these numbers through Social Media.

Social Media as a Career

With companies investing more in Social Media channels, the demand for the workforce is also on the rise, so Social Media as a Career has a bright future for India for the next 10 years as of now.

Companies hiring Social Media managers to handle their Social Media accounts for both organic & paid strategies along with a bit of Analytical work involved with reporting.

Gone are those days when Social Media was only about sending friend requests, Likes, comments & shares. Social Media channels nowadays have more features than any luxurious D-segment car.

So if you have this misconception Social Media Marketing is just about posting & sharing then get over this myth, it’s more than that, it’s like handing a second website of your company with very high domain authority.

So if you looking for a career change social media field is where you should start doing research for a switch.

The biggest advantage in this field as a career is that social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc constantly keep upgrading to ensure the technology doesn’t sound obsolete at any time.

“Keep yourself updated & you shall always be upgraded”

Social Media Specialization:

Specialization in Social Media can be divided based on the different websites where companies want to advertise, however, most in-demand are:

  1. Facebook & Instagram Advertisement
  2. Instagram Stories Ads
  3. Twitter Ads
  4. Linked In Ads
  5. Quora Business
  6. YouTube ads & Video Creation
  7. Pinterest
  8. Google Plus

However, most Digital Marketing agencies or companies into online marketing along with Digital Marketing institutes focus primarily on


Social Media Manager Responsibility

Based on Industry trends a Social Media Manager handles the following responsibilities for the accounts under his belt:-

To name a few…

The responsibility of the Social Media Manager may change from company to company & industry to industry but more or less all the above-listed responsibilities would be listed in most companies.

Social Media Skills Required

When it comes to skills required in Online Marketing as a whole, the list may vary from channel to channel but few skills are common, irrespective of whether one opts for PPC, SEO, or Social Media.

Pay Scale in the Social Media Job Industry

So many good things have been told & information has been shared but Are you willing to do it for free?

A wise man once said:

“If you are good at something never do it for free”

So coming to the CTC to be expected in the Social Media field.

Pay scale for Social Media Marketing

A beginner with no corporate experience under his/her belt can expect a salary of 20-23 K per month if he is good in MS-Excel & has good communication skills. Else industry average for beginners is around 18 K.

But the good thing is that candidates in this field can expect a hike in 3-4months after joining based on performance. One can surely expect a hike to 25-28 K per month after 3-4 months of joining.

For a social media manager in a company and people opting for a job change with 2-3 years of experience under their belt irrespective of field can expect a CTC of 33K-37K and it can go up based on your experience & achievements.

Note: Expect people with a marketing background to get paid higher initially.

Source: **Based on our experience as a Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore with placements along with data from**

Future of Social Media

Based on the current trends the Future of Digital Marketing looks very much bright & if one goes further into Digital Marketing the future of Social Media Marketing is very bright.

With active internet users in India growing each day & a major percentage of these users are highly active on social media, most companies are very much staying glued to their Social Media strategies for the next 10-15 years unless an alternative is discovered.

No doubt Online Marketing institutes are updating their course curriculums & e-commerce companies their Online Marketing strategies to match up to this change in Social Media.


Earth has seen a revolution every century or every decade whenever a major change is happening on our planet. The current revolution is the “Digital Revolution” making the world a more small space to live in, where one can communicate with the other with just a touch of the button.

Everything related to the Digital Revolution will surely have a bright future as of now & the rest shall slowly perish.

Innovation is building Digitalisation & Digital Marketing is marketing this innovation & Social Media is leading the race so if you in this race you in the right direction.

“It’s no more a Planet of Apes but Planet of Apps”

List of few recommended companies in India

 To increase your knowledge there are many blogs that can help you to build your career. Below are some blog links for your reference:

Digital Marketing Websites/ Authors to Refer

Website to refer to Digital Marketing

Websites to refer to better Social Media Marketing:

Authors to refer


Bottom Line:

The scope of the exposure for digital traffic is limitless, and becoming familiar with this way of online marketing is yielding long term success for those who have the skills or income to hire others to do it. Having proper training in digital marketing is not only important it’s indispensable to success.

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