Why Digital Marketing is Important?

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Importance of Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing Strategy Training

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Digital Marketing is a method of promoting your products or services online through different digital mediums in order to drive customers from search engines or other marketing platforms to your business website.

As we all know that internet is the main channel that closely connected with digital marketing. Digital media is everywhere and the consumer can access information whenever, wherever, and however they want it, and they are no longer influenced by, what you say about your brand? In fact, consumers are more likely to be influenced by what others say about your brand?

The reality is people prefer the brand that they trust, companies that they know from longtime, communications that are personalized or relevant, and offers that are tailored to their anticipated needs and preferences. It’s true that digital marketing can provide you with all above-mentioned points, but there are certain challenges to overcome that:

# The Proliferation of Digital Channels:

Consumers use multiple channels and a variety of digital devices with different protocols, interfaces, and specifications. This makes it very challenging to manage digital marketing performance efforts.

Digital Marketing Tutorial

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Competition is reinforcing, the reason behind is that the digital channels are relatively cost-effective when compared with traditional mediums such as “PRINT” that will make it reach of any business.

# Exploding Data Volumes

Digital Marketing Exploding Data Volumes

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When consumers use digital channels they leave behind a huge trail of data. Unluckily, most of the time online data is often not integrated with data the right source from operations and business activities. As a result, many businesses struggle to find the right data from making the best strategic and tactical decisions given these challenges.

Read the Evolution of Digital Marketing to understand what is digital marketing, why is it important, and how it evolved.

What does make digital marketing is the perfect approach for every organization?

It comes down to 3 actions why Digital Marketing is Important:

  1. Managing complex customer relationships across channels both digital and traditional
  2. Responding to an initiating dynamic customer interaction
  3. Extracting value from big data to make better decision faster

In the digital era, the definition of marketing is telling people, why you have what they need, and listening to what they care about

Well, I hope you would have come across with the below 4 marketing principles in the early days


In today’s digital world, the 4 Principles of Marketing that you need to focus on are:

Principles of Digital Marketing

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Ask your customer how they feel? The more you listen, the fast you can optimize your product or service the better you can sustain in this rapid environment.

Digital Marketing Conversation

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Consumers who are always connected, are consuming everything about the product that they want to purchase. So it’s your duty to describe them all about the product before they make the purchase.

Digital Marketing Execution


Consumer’s habits and preferences have changed, so you need to update yourself in order to be in sync with your customers.

Digital Marketing Agile

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You have to think completely differently, stop, and plan your marketing budget, pull up your resources if you fail to move to the next thing.


User behavior has changed according to time and requirement; so it’s very important that you get adapted to it. You have to understand, how to work together across not just the traditional way of marketing, advertising, and PR but include customer service, support, and product development too.

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An Experience – 50th One Day ;The Smart Manager; Workshop

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50th One Day Workshop on “THE SMART MANAGER”

Student view on attending this workshop as part of Personality Development program included in the Digital Marketing training curriculum.

First of all I would like to congratulate Sinai Global, Bangalore for conducting such a knowledgeable workshop & also Mr. Ranjan Jena, founder of  eMarketEducation, bangalore without whom I could not have attended this event. Also lot of thanks to the wonderful speakers which included Mr. Aaron Watson, Mr. Dilip Abayasekara, Mr. Balraj Arunasalam & finally the wonderful Mr. Claudius Pereira, without whom the event would have been incomplete.

Truly speaking this was one of the best workshops for me till date which I found was very informative, creative as per learning wise & also motivated me to share my experience. Being a newcomer to Digital Marketing Industry & attending the workshop really helped me to learn a lot of things in many perspective of life.

There was always a question in my mind that so many people work in different Organizations but why only few get the brand title as “MANAGER”? What are the things they do differently? What are different qualities compared to others? And many more. So after attending this workshop, I almost got answers to all my queries regarding, What makes a Smart Manager different from others, which compelled worth sharing with everyone.

Photo Courtesy: Sinai Global

Photo Courtesy: Sinai Global

The workshop started with the roaring voice of Mr. Claudius Pereira who explained very interesting facts of managerial skills & also points which people lack for not being a Smart Manager. Here are few of them:

After the wonderful speech of Mr. Claudius, it was Mr. Aaron Watson who took on the stage. The most important quality about Mr. Watson, which I liked most, was his super cool attitude, which I think was really impressive. He described some real time examples about, how certain things & qualities change a Manager to Smart Manger. One of the best lines, which I liked, was that “A Smart Manager never gives excuses to his Boss & always think High to reach High.”

According to him these were few strong thought processes, which differentiate a Smart Manager from a Manager.

Check it out;

Middle Class (Managers) World Class (Smart Managers)


Avoid Risk

Manage RiskLives in Delusion

Lives in ObjectiveLoves to be Comfortable

Comfortable being UncomfortableLottery Mentality

Abundance MentalityHunger for Security

Doesn’t Believe Security ExistsSacrifice growth for Safety

Sacrifices Security for GrowthOperate from fear & Scarcity

Operate from Love & AbundanceFocuses on Having

Focuses on BeingSee themselves as Victims

See themselves as responsible

After the informative speech by Mr. Watson, it was Mr. Balraj Arunasalam who made his presence on the stage. He enlightened the audience with a wonderful topic that creates Smart Managers  & that was called “Leadership Quality”. According to him without this quality a Manager cannot succeed in his life. His speech presentation with the help of image slides was really exciting. These were some strong leadership qualities, which he described beautifully with examples:

By the time Mr. Balraj finished his speech it was almost lunchtime. So after completing the lunch, the second half began with the extraordinary speaker Mr. Dilip Abayasekara, who thrilled the audience with his DISC Analysis Theory. Since it was post lunch so Mr. Dilip thought that rather making the audience feel lazy it would be better to energize with a team oriented game which was really informative to know about.

The DISC Analysis Test explained by him was so thrilling that we didn’t get to know, how the time passed!
As explained by Mr. Dilip, DISC Analysis is a kind of test to know of a Person’s character, & now big Organizations are implementing it as an interview theme to recruit candidates. DISC can be described as;

After the DISC Analysis session, the organizers ended the workshop with a wonderful note & all the participants were given a certificate, a great way to cherish the moment!

So altogether the 50TH One day workshop on “The Smart Managers” was a big success in itself as lot of people got to learn a lot from it & I personally thank & congratulate everyone associated with this workshop & request Sinai Global, Bangalore to continue this type of workshop in near future, to be benefited from this quality program, which happens very rare nowadays.

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