Benefits of a Digital Marketing Career for Engineers

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Digital Marketing Career for Engineers

Why not? You can learn Digital Marketing after Engineering.  If you want your business to sustain the online presence and make a good revenue, this is the wonderful program you can do after your UG/PG courses.

Many of you usually stay in this dilemma, whether you should go ahead of doing M Tech soon after completing B Tech or do MBA or look for a job?  It depends upon your interest.

Let’s say, if you have a business or have a passion for becoming a Manager in a company where you want to lead the team, you can opt for MBA.

But,  if you are a technology person, where ‘Codes’ run into your veins than blood! Then, you can choose for M Tech. But having said,

Engineers can also be a great Digital Marketers if they have a passion to become one. The advantage for an Engineering candidate is that you already have the knowledge and the technicality skill; you just need a platform to understand the marketing concepts, like how to market or advertise your product.

Since, you have the background on technology, Digital Marketing or Online Marketing would be a great choice to do. In case, as an engineer, if you have one option left to pick among MBA or Digital Marketing, it would be the best choice if you do Digital Marketing Training because it adds to your core strength.

Top reasons that Digital Marketing is a good option for Engineers:

  1. Flavor Enhancer
  2. Salary Packages
  3. Work-Life Balance
  4. Advance your idea
  5. More Employment Opportunity


Flavor Enhancer:

It is nothing but add on skills. As an Engineer, you will definitely have a sound background on technology. But, one important thing you must understand that Digital Marketing is not only about selling your products/services or generate leads, but it is also more than that. You need research skills, analyzing skills, and creativity to drive traffic to your business.

Salary Packages:

The Digital Marketing Industry is Booming with lots of new opportunities right now as every company and individual willing to marks a strong digital presence over the web world. Digital Space is becoming popular for the effective, branding of the products and services, online advertising, and marketing platform, and at the same time, the demand for trained Digital Marketing professionals is on the rise.

There is one more way to understand it easily. Let’s have a look at both:

a.) Opportunities in Digital Marketing

b.) Digital Marketing Career Growth

Now if you’ve gone through both the above resources mentioned, it’s self-explanatory as to why more and more engineer graduates are attracting toward digital marketing and willing to start their career as a digital marketing professional.

Digital Marketing Salary in India 2020 

Designation Years of Experience Salary Offered (Rs. Lacs PA)
Digital Marketing/SEO/PPC/SMM Freshers (0 to 1 Year Exp) 2.5 – 4.0
Digital Marketing/SEO/PPC/SMM Specialist (1 to 4 Years Exp) 4.0 – 6.0
Digital Marketing/SEO/PPC/SMM Team Lead (4 to 6 Years Exp) 6.0 – 8.0
Digital Marketing/SEO/PPC/SMM Manager (6 to 8 Years Exp) 8.0 – 10.0
Digital Marketing Manager (8 to 10 Years Exp) 10.0 – 12.0
Digital Marketing Manager (Based on Technical/Non-Technical Background) (10 to 12 Years Exp) 12.0 – 19.0
Digital Marketing Head (12 to 15 Years Exp) 30.0 – 40.0


Work-Life Balance:

One of the best advantages of this, you can work from anywhere. Since Digital Marketing is done online; you can do this stuff even while traveling to other locations without any difficulties.

Advance your idea:

Every business has become Digital. And every business has its own problems and issues. But, for every problem, there is a solution. This is the chance especially for the engineers who have planned to start a business of their own to learn Online Marketing skills since we all know that Marketing or Advertising is the heart of any business.

More Employment Opportunity:

digital marketing jobsNothing is Permanent in this life. Every business may get the effect after some time. But, as you can see, this course will have them back up for you even if you are doing it part-time. All I can say, this career can be a lifesaver at some point in time. It is just because the Internet is one which is again an untapped market.

Why Digital Marketing after Engineering?





As the world becoming globally Digitalized, Online Marketing or Digital Marketing is one of the best career options. Due to the high demand for online business, candidates having a technical background would be an added advantage to opt for Digital Marketing.

A business cannot run only by manufacturing good products or rendering service. You should also require a person who can sell this. As a salesperson, you should have detailed information about the product or service.

The 3 important parts of the sales process:


Digital Marketing required both Non Technical Skills and Technical Skills. Yes, Digital marketing is a related IT field since you will be working with various tools and applications.

Customers are becoming more internet savvy. Hence, companies are also adapting to meet customer needs.


An engineer soon after completing the degree will look forward to having a stable and sound career. It is not that difficult for an engineer to learn Digital Marketing Courses, since being an engineer you already possess technical and basic knowledge of the internet.

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