Google Products: A Big Support for All Digital Marketers

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Introduction to Google Marketing Tools

Google is more than just a search engine. Google provides users also like all the digital marketers with an outsized number of useful Google Digital Tools or Google Marketing Tools and resources to assist us to get the foremost out of every platform. As digital marketers, we should utilize Digital Marketer tools and resources for the success of Digital Marketing strategies.

Top 24 Google Marketing Tools

Let us discuss each Digital Marketing Tools one by one.

24 Google Marketing Tools for Digital Marketers

  1. Google Ads

Google Adwords is digital marketer tools also known as PPC (Pay Per Click), where digital marketer advertised their ads and each time when the ad is clicked by the users a particular amount is paid. In Google Adword you create an ad related to your product and services targeting the keywords which specify your business. And the ad will appear on the top above the organic search result. You have to only pay the amount if any users click on your ads.

A Guide to Google Adwords Search Network

google ads for digital marketers

With the help of Google Ads digital marketing tool, you can quickly get the result which of your keyword is doing great and which is expensive and can try a new strategy to achieve the result.

  1. Google Search Console (webmaster)

Google Search Console is a Google digital tool to help fix the issues related to your website and measure the performance of your website. it will also help you take out the duplicate content.

Learn more about Google Search Console Tool 

uses of google search console


  1. Google Analytics

Is your business doing good?

Every solution to your question is Google Analytics Google analytics is a free analysis tool for your website where you can track and measure your digital data with Google Analytics digital marketing tool.

how do google analytics measure data

This google marketing tool will give you insight for your traffic and help you analyze the data and grow your business. If you are a beginner and want to learn Google Analytics 

Please get in touch with eMarket Education

  1. Google My Business

Do you want Free listing on Google?

Google My Business Digital Marketing Tool will help your business get featured in search results.

free listing in google my business












  1. Gmail

Google provides free email services known as Gmail It is efficient, useful, less spam and is accessible on a mobile phone as well. With this Google tool list, you’ll get your messages instantly via push notification so that you can easily read and respond.

push notification on your gmail










  1. Google Adsense

If you manage a website, blog pages, videos etc Google Adsense will help you to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.  This digital Marketing tool will help digital marketers how to make money off of it.

If you want to be part of YouTube’s Partner Program and host ads on your videos, you’ll be required to have an AdSense account. You can also check performance metrics to see where the right tweaks can increase profits.

earn via google adsense


  1. Google Maps

Google Maps is the part of google products helps in web mapping. Navigate the world with real-time, fastest and easiest way.  It also offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic Street view, Google Traffic, and route planning and public transportation.

navigate the world with google maps


  1. Google Trends

Google Trends is another great essential digital marketing tool helps you to compare against other keywords. if you do not use Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool you can use instead of it. This google digital tool will be a great help in finding the trend topics, news, searched keywords, content and more.

compare your keywords with google trends


  1. YouTube

Check our Youtube Channel to learn more things in digital marketing. Don’t forget to subscribe for the latest update.

emarket education youtube channel

More than 1 billion users watch hundreds and thousands of videos via youtube. A digital marketer should not ignore such a powerful google marketing tool.

  1. Blogger

Google provides the platform for bloggers to create a blog and share it with new experiences, own style, free domain, text, photos, and videos for free.

Google AdSense will help you to display relevant targeted ads on your blog so that you can earn income just by posting. To know where the traffic is coming from even you can connect with Google Analytics.

create your own content via blogger

If you want to know how the keyword performs. Learn SEO just by one click

  1. Global Market Finder

Global Market Finder is a new digital marketing tool helps you find new business opportunities with digital insights for successful business.

global market finder











  1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts helps you to monitor the web with new content change or any notification. This Google Marketing tool is a great way to send emails to the user when it finds new results such as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs etc.

google alerts keeps you updated













  1. Google+ (expires on 2nd April 2019)

Google+ is the product of Google & it will be available for the consumers till  April 2, 2019. Photos and videos from Google+ will be deleted. You can download and save your content or Photos before April. The photos and videos or any other content which was backed up in Google Photos will not be deleted.

Google+  a popular social networking platform where you’ll share photos, videos, and content. Sharing your content or photos on Google+ will help your content rank better during a search.

share your photos and videos on google+


  1. Google URL Shortener

Google URL Shortener helps you to shorten the links and a unique short URL will be created. Google URL Shortener is part of Google Product. Learn how to create a shortened link with Google URL Shortener

It makes easier to share and once it is created, it won’t expire unless it is removed via spam, privacy, or legal reasons. You can also check how many people clicked on your URL or where the clicks are coming from.

Use Google Url Shortener to shorten links


  1. Google URL Builder

Google URL Builder is a Google marketing tool helps you to add campaign parameters to URLs to track all the visitors where they are coming from in Google Analytics.

Learn simple steps on how to create UTM parameters in Google’s URL Builder 

Google URL Builder to track your users

With the Google URL Builder, you can easily measure marketing performance and make better strategies.

Also, Read how important is UTM parameters for Digital Marketing success.

  1. Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms)

Google Suite is a Collaboration of tools which is easier to use in your desktop. All digital marketer use these tools to share, draft, surveys, polls, slide presentations, data analysis and many more.

google docs

google sheets


google slides


google forms


  1. Google Drive

Google Drive helps to store and share the files, photos, videos, documents and many more in the cloud up to 15 GB for free. If your file is large and taking too much time Google Drive helps to share your files or folders with others.

  1. use google drive to store your files18. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a digital marketing tool help you plan your  AdWords campaigns by giving you new keyword ideas and suggestions to help you with your organic keyword research to boost your content.

google adwords keywords planner


  1. Google News

Google News gives you up-to-date news covering what’s happening to the world, what’s trending, what’s hot in news and everything. And if you want to keep yourself updated with relevant news which will help grow your business with good marketing strategy use Google News.

google news


  1. Google Voice

Google Voice was launched by Google to provide free for calling, text messaging, and voicemail etc for US and Canada customers. You can use Google voice in multiple ways like video conferencing, group calling etc.

  1. Google Calendar

If you have lots of works and want to be organized & more productive use

Google Calendar to manage your daily tasks, meetings, events etc.  if you’re a digital marketer this google tool is great to schedule your blogs or any other campaigns.

google calender


  1. Google FeedBurner

Do you want your Subscriber to grow?

By using Google FeedBurner your users or visitors can subscribe to your blogs, updates on your website, email etc.  Set your Google FeedBurner by following the link 

You can also use custom RSS feeds for your blogs, contents, emails etc.

  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser and product of Google helps you to browse safe, secure and fastest than other browsers. You can download it for free on your smartphones. Custome theme, autofill, and extensions are available.

  1. Google Play

Google Play stores all the official app for the Android operating system and help users to browse and download the app.

google play







Every digital marketer has different needs. Not all the google digital tools are used by one person. But if you know how to use all these Digital Marketing Tools you can make your business grow faster in a more efficient way.


You can refer the below links to refer a few more interesting tools to speed up your digital marketing implementations;

15 important Digital Marketing Tools to help you grow in the Business 

Top 4 SEO Tools for Digital Marketers 



Google is the Platform, where all advertisers focus on and are trying to disrupt the competition by playing a strategic SEO & PPC game. If you too wanna play this game, then jump into the career course in PPC and SEO for your digital marketing success.


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Use of Adobe Analytics

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 Introduction to Adobe Analytics


“With Adobe Analytics, you don’t just get to know your customers, but you can almost read their minds.”

Most digital marketing analysts are aware of Google Web Analytics. Now, it’s time to dig more about Adobe Analytics!

Adobe Analytics answers queries, you don’t even need to ask? It gives you a complete understanding of the individual customer. Once calculation and analysis was only part of data scientist, mathematicians, etc but with the help of Adobe Analytics, it is accessible to everyday marketers and analyst.


What is Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics was known as Omniture SiteCatalyst (On 15th Sept’09 Adobe acquired Omniture) now it’s part of Adobe marketing cloud. Adobe Analytics is a leading solution that helps to understand customer segments and deliver them better customer experiences. With the help of Adobe Analytics, you can give better personized digital channel experiences.



What is the difference between Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics?

Google Analytics:

1. Google Analytics is free to use (except Premium Version).

2. Implementation is easy compared to Adobe Analytics.

3. In Google Analytics you can see real-time data.

4. In Google free services you can define only 5 custom variables, whereas paid has 50 variables.

5. Google Analytics does not provide good customer support if required.

6. Google Analytics will keep the data for up to 25 months.

7. Google Analytics has a limit of 10 million hits per month.

8. In Google Analytics 4 Goals can be Tracked.

9. In Google Analytics you cannot capture personal data.

10. In Google Analytics CRM integration is not possible.

11. Google Analytics stores the cookies for 30 days.

12. Google AdWords integration is possible in Google Analytics.

13. The user’s pathing is horrible in Google Analytics.

14 Google Analytics is used by both small and big firms.

15. In Google Analytics Dashboard features are really good and useful. It is easy to create and keep track in different segments.

Adobe Analytics:

1. You don’t have a free login.

2. Adobe Analytics needs a little configuration at the page level (Need IT Skills).

3. In Adobe Analytics you will not find real-time data, there is a delay around 2 hours.

4. Adobe Analytics gives a limit of 75 Props (traffic properties), 100 Evars (conversion properties) premium 250 eVars and 1000 Events.

5. Adobe Analytics provide 24/7 support system.

6. Adobe Analytics will keep the data as long as you are a customer.

7. Adobe Analytics has unlimited hits per month.

8. In Adobe Analytics 100 goals can be tracked.

9. Adobe Analytics provides access to individual visitor data.

10. In Adobe Analytics CRM integration is possible.

11. Adobe Analytics stores the cookies for 15 years.

12. Google Adwords integration is not possible.

13. Users pathing is fantastic in Adobe Analytics.

14. Adobe Analytics is mostly used by big companies or firms.

15. Adobe Analytics helps in tracking the page and providing accurate analysis for data.

10 Best Use of Adobe Analytics for Online Marketing success

Today’s Companies and Brands are collecting data at unparalleled levels. They never think what real customers are experiencing with their brands in digital, social, computers, browsers, mobile apps, voice assistants, emails, online shopping and many more.
Experiences that makes a brand leader. Through your data, you can create the best digital experiences what your customer would love.
Adobe Analytics reveals data flow to your web properties, how it is helpful for every Digital Marketers.

1. Adobe Analytics gives the most in-depth behavioral pathing with strong segmentation.

2. Adobe Analytics delivers user- friendly experiences with an accurate analysis.

3. In Adobe Analytics a cohort report within workspace analysis helps to isolate a specific event and then see how often the same visitors are completing that event go on to complete a future event (helpful for lifetime value).

4. Adobe Analytics helps digital marketing analysts to integrate with CRM for better insights, better targeting and effective measure for the campaign.

5. Sampling helps in extracting the data and gives insights into the customers.

6. Workspace allows you to create a customized dashboard to view reports according to your business needs. You’ll be able to access real-time digital campaign data and quickly visualize.

7. By integrated tools or DTM debuggers like Omnibug, ObservePoint TagDebugger, wasp, Datalayer checker, Tagtician etc. you can analyze website data, online purchases, mobile activities and more. with all these data you will get an idea about customer’s interests, preferences, values, etc.

8. In Adobe Analytics you can pull the data from more than just hits. Quality of Experience metrics helps you to analyze the impact of video in sense of quality, engagement, time spent, impressions etc.

9. Adobe Analytics helps to understand how mobile web and mobile app customer behavior connects their journey like a download of apps, mobile retention rates, lifecycle metrics, avg. session length, comparison views etc.

10. Adobe Analytics report builders enable a high level of control over excel like what, how and when the data should be pulled.


How do I learn Adobe Analytics?

If you are really looking forward to learn Adobe Analytics. Adobe provides online training for Adobe Analytics, but they are not free and very costly. I’d suggest to take references for free materials given in the website.
Step 1: For free Adobe Analytics tutorials

Step 2: Adobe Analytics YouTube Channels

Step 3: Read more blogs online related to Adobe Analytics

Step 4: Get Connected to different forums related to Adobe Analytics like Facebook etc

If you really required training or course related to adobe analytics, many institutes provide training in Adobe Analytics. if you are in Bangalore and want to learn Adobe Analytics. Please get in touch for further information.
Call Us: +917760969452

Adobe Analytics Success Story

Meet one of our student Swati, how she got benefited by learning Adobe Analytics in eMarket Education. Swati came to our institute with no hope in her career. She was confused about whether Adobe Analytics will really boost her career. After learning Adobe Analytics, she is very confident and ambitious.
She says

“Adobe Analytics helps to learn about each and every user in a customized manner. After learning about each customer’s insights you can increase in engagement across all the digital channels and improve the digital marketing strategy”.







The Bottom Line:

Adobe Analytics is the future generation interface that enables digital markers to develop a full and notable view of their marketing campaign by concentrating on crucial character elements. Join Adobe Analytics course and learn how this tool helps digital marketing analysts to integrate with CRM for better insights, better targeting and effective measure for the campaign.


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How Knowledge of Website Coding Helps SEO?

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Why website coding is important for Digital Marketing career?

Website Coding? a big question mark arises on every SEO’s mind.  should SEO experts know to code? People sweetly say NO NEED. But there are so many benefits if SEO experts knew website coding. Let us discuss a few here.

Most of the people hate coding, not because of its dull graphical appearance, for its tangled structure. When people choose a digital marketing career, they think that coding is not a part of their work.

To attain the highest position in digital marketing career one should have knowledge on website coding.

Depending on others’ work to get success in our work-life will keep our progress slow.

An SEO expert no needs to know every bit of programming, but they need to have a little understanding of programming elements to succeed in an SEO career.

We can break SEO into two parts.



When it comes to off-page SEO, it is totally about how well we optimize our content off the side of our website.



On-page SEO is totally about a web page optimization on our own website. Meta Tags plays a major role in building up a web page SEO centric.

Tags like



Structured data is an organized format of providing data about a page, combine chunks of data: for example a recipe page what are the ingredients, who is the chef, at what time, and so on. The below image is the example of structured data given by Google. It is written on JSON-LD CODE.

These three types of schema markup formats:



With the help of CMS(Content Management System)like WordPress, Joomla and so on people are easily implementing On-page factors. When it comes to non-CMS websites, it is necessary to learn to code to perform optimization.

Why should you know coding to perform 301 redirects:

Performing redirect on a CMS based website is very easy, for a non-CMS website definitely needs to have knowledge of coding. From an SEO perspective we should inform the search engine that WWW and NON-WWW versions of our website URLs should be treated the same.

If we move content from one page to another within the site then definitely we should inform the search engine about the content shipment. Both these activities need to have knowledge of website coding when we don’t have CMS.



Google’s latest research result says that the chance of bounce rate increases when the page load time goes more than 3 seconds. If load time gets delayed more than 5 seconds it increases the bounce rate by 90%. Page speed more than 8 seconds affect websites’ SEO ranking.

Search engines give a better rank to a healthy website. A healthy website is a sign of great performance and better results.

There are some set of rules given by Google to increase page speed.

Minify Resources (HTML,CSS & JAVASCRIPT):

When it comes to page speed, Page size also comes into consideration. Unnecessary code leads slower page load.

Optimize CSS:

The browser has to process all the style and layout information of the current page before it project to the user. The browser will block projecting the content to the user until external style sheets are downloaded and processed, which required many round trips to do the process. It delays the time of the page loading speed. Learning CSS coding for SEO experts saves their time and they can optimize themselves instead of waiting for the developer.

Below is the example of Google page insights suggestion. 

CSS code suggestion


Optimize images:

Images took a lot of time to load, it will impact user experience badly. As a result bounce rate will become very high, for that image optimization will give a boost to the page speed. Cutting down some largest bytes of image saves time and improve performance.

Below is the example of Google page insights suggestion.

Image optimization suggestion of Google


Accelerated mobile pages are an open-source library project backed by Google to improve the page loading speed of mobile devices. It is an HTML page designed to load the page smoothly and instantly. AMP works in a similar way as a general webpage, but AMP consists of AMP HTML, AMP JS library, and the AMP cache. When a page is not optimized with mobile-friendliness, the risk of an increased bounce rate is high. As per research statics collected by Google concluded. They found that 70% of the pages they analyzed took nearly 7 seconds to display on the screen.

mobile page load speed


The end product of AMP drastically improves the performance of mobile websites on the internet. AMP is not a different technique it consists of normal HTML with few restrictions and specialized tags. AMP JS works to make sure that the required content should be load quickly. So that users can see their preferred content instantly without any delay.

Use of HTML for SEO:

HyperText Markup Language is a basic coding language to build a website page. When working on a website, one should be familiar with HTML basics. As mentioned above search engine will pick a few HTML elements as rank factors.


Meta title tag is the most important element which signals the search engine about the page. Giving the same title so many pages make Google confuse and it will affect the SEO progress of our website. Be cautious when giving SEO titles to a web page.


Meta description tag is not considered to be a rank factor technically, but a meta description containing meta keywords may catch users attention and help to get additional clicks to the website.

Meta description


The meta keyword tag is the focused keyword which our site to be shown on top of SERPs. Climbing to the top of the SERPs page is the ultimate goal of a digital marketing implementation on the website.


The header tag is the main title of a post. It navigates to the content. Using of H1 tag is necessary for a webpage. Keyword usage in header tag help SEO ranking.


Googlebot cannot read images, while you want to describe the image this tag makes the search engines understand what the image is about.


This is an attribute that provides additional information about the image. When an image is not loaded due to the poor internet connection, image title helps the user to understand what image is about.


The robots meta tag is page-specific approach how an individual page should be indexed and served to users in search results. The robot tag should be placed on the section of the HTML code.

Example of Robot tag:






Digital Marketing is the Future. SEO is very important in today’s digital age. Sometimes, it is very difficult to control what Google does, but you can intensify your website traffic and achieve the best possible ranking in search results. This blog helps you in understanding how you should utilize SEO practice by spending proper time in creating codes and tags to achieve higher rankings in search results. Learn SEO Training Course to enhance your overall SEO skills and build a rewarding career in SEO


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