Google AdWords PPC Analyst/Executive Interview Questions

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Crack PPC Interview Questions

Google Ads PPC Job is one of the coolest jobs that you will opt-in your Digital Marketing Career. The Google Ads PPC Analyst/Executive is one who is accountable for managing the Google Ads PPC campaign and strategizing and implementing campaign goals for clients.

Now, the question is how to grab a job in PPC Google Adwords?

Let’s say you need to have Google Ads Certification first.

But, is that enough?

The role of Google Ads Certification in the PPC job interview is that it gives you extra value for your resume. With the Google Certification, you can consider it as an entry ticket for Google Ads PPC job interview.

But, what you need to get a job in the Google AdWords PPC role?

Very simple, just crack the PPC interview round.

Sounds easy?


How to pass Google Ads PPC Job

Well again, in order to crack the interview, you may need to prepare yourself for the job interview. PPC job interview will vary from level to level. i.e., Questions asked to a fresher will be different from one who is having one year of experience. As your level of experience changes, the mode of questions from the interviewer also changes. But there are some important questions which are very must to know for all the candidates who want to get a PPC digital marketing career.

And here with this blog, I am going to tell you guys how to crack PPC Job Interview!

Most Important PPC Interview Questions for AdWords Job;

1) What do you know about Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising tool by Google where the companies can promote their product and services on Google’s search engine and their 3rd party network sites. Google Ads completely works on a pay per click or pay per view or system where advertisers need to spend for each click or impression they got for their ads.

2) What is the difference between PPC & SEO Ads of Google?

The main difference between PPC & SEO ads is that PPC is a paid advertisement and SEO is completely free. In PPC, we can show our ads on top of results (in top 4) and for each click, we need to pay Google.

PPC & SEO in Google

Whereas in SEO, we can show our ads below the PPC Ads. We can show ads quickly in top results with PPC Ads, but for a digital marketer to get his SEO Ads on first page results, it may take some time.

3) Types of Campaign Networks in Google AdWords?

Based on our business goals, Google is providing different sorts of campaign networks in Google Ads. It is the Digital marketer’s duty to understand the business model, goal & strategy to achieve it.

Types of Campaign Networks in Google Ads

Search network campaign Display network campaign Search with display Video network campaign Shopping campaign Universal App Campaign


4) Types of Keyword match types in Google AdWords?

In Google Ads, you can use the same keyword in a different way based on the strategy you opt for the campaign goal.

Understanding Match types in Google Ads

Types of Keyword Match Types;

Keyword Match Types in Google Ads

5) Types of Keywords in Google Ads?

Keywords are segregated according to the understanding of the user’s intention. We can categorize keywords into –   Generic  Specific Brand Competitor  Please check Keywords are the backbone of Digital Marketing so that you will get a much better idea about keywords in digital marketing campaigns.


6) What is CTR & How do you Calculate it?

CTR is the short form for the Click-through rate. It tells us how many audiences are clicking on our ad copy when is shown in search engine results.

You can calculate CTR:  Total number of Clicks/Total number of impressions * 100

7) What is Quality Score and why is Quality Score important in Google Ads?

Google evaluates the quality of your ads created in the campaign and gives a rating for your keywords. Quality score is so important in CPC based account because your ad rank depends upon the max CPC bid and quality score of your keyword. A good quality score helps you cost reduction and if the quality score of your keyword is poor, you have to spend high to position your ad on the top 4 page results.

8)  How to improve the Quality score of Keywords?

Quality score is determined on the basis of – Ad relevance Expected CTR Landing page experience Historical performance

Improve Quality Score of PPC Keywords

To increase the quality score –

Keywords should be matching to the ad copy

If keywords are very relevant to ad copy, CTR will increase

Landing page optimization

Content on the landing page should be matching with what the audience searched for.

9) What is Character Limit Google Ads Ad copies?

  Ad copies play a vital role in campaign performance. Google has given a syntax in which we have to create compelling ad copies to attract the audience to the website.

Final URL:
Headline 1: 30 characters
Headline 2: 30 characters
Headline 3: 30 characters
Path1: 15 characters
Path 2: 15 characters
Description 1: 90 characters
Description 2: 90 characters

Learn How to Write PPC Ad Copy in Google Ads

10) Define the list of important ad extensions in Google Ads?

There are 11 different types of ad extensions in Google Ads. The use of those ad extensions varies from each other as well.

Following are the list of ad extension options that are available in Google Ads-

11) Define types of Automated Bidding strategies in Google Ads?

12) What is Google Remarketing Ads?

Remarketing in Google Ads is a way of Digital advertising that allows you to display ads only to those audiences who have previously come to your website. It is also known as retargeting. Here the chances of getting conversion are very high.

These are some of the basic and important questions which you need to know. And I am sure this will boost your confidence and you can perform better in Google Ads PPC job interview.

Note: These are not unquestionably the complete list of PPC interview questions. Yet these are the common questions that all the level of candidates in digital marketing interview should know.


13) What are the latest updates in Google AdWords?

Please refer to the Official Google AdWords blog to keep an update of the latest updates in Google AdWords.


Add-on: Refer SEO Interview Questions for Freshers

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Advantages of Google Ads certification for students

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Importance of Google Ads Certification for Students

Know Why you Should get Google Ads Certified?

Google Ads Certification for Students!

Before we start our core discussion here, just go through the below questions –

Google Ads Certification Questions

Well folks, if you have these kinds of questions in your mind, let me tell you that you have come to the right place to find the solution. I am going to tell you all the answers for the above queries related to Google Ads Certification for students.

Understanding Google Ads Advertisement Tool

Listen, mates, before you try to understand the benefits of Google Ads certification, I think it is better I help you to understand the Google Ads tool.

Understanding Google Ads Advertisement Tool

Let me just give you a brief explanation here.

Google Ads is an advertising method through online by Google. This tool supports the business people to target and reaches their potential customers immediately. Google Ads allows website owners to show their online advertisements on Google’s network.

Companies can show their ads in the formats of text ads, images ads, gif ads, video ads. Let me tell you in much detail – When customers type any business related keywords of yours, you can show your ads on search engine results.

All you need to do is target those keywords and bid for those and pay when your targeted audience clicked on the ads. Google Ads allow you to target only customers who are seeking for the product & services that you provide.

Here the biggest advantage is you can show your ads on top of the page results in Google. In a similar way, you can show you display ads on Google’s search partner sites. When you go to YouTube and see any video, have you come across video advertisements by Google? Where you will get the option to skip ads within 5-6 seconds. All these ads are created through the Google Ads tool.

I can guess, what questions are running in your mind right now.

A lot of questions will be there, let me give you – Google Ads Certification Program.  

What is Google Ads Certification

The Google Ads certification is a certification given by Google for those people who exhibit ability in all the aspects of the subject in Google Ads.

Google Ads Certification

Google Ads Certification enables a person to prove to everyone that Google accepts them as a specialist in Digital marketing through Google Ads tool. Now let me tell you how you can pass the exams – In order to get certification in Google Ads, one candidate needs to pass the Google Ads Fundamental exam and one among other additional exams.

Important Google Ads Examinations

You can find out these exams at Google Academy, where you will find plenty of examination and tutorial videos by Google. I haven’t listed out all the available exams in Google academy, but whatever is important for an aspiring student, I have added above.

Google Ads Certification for Students

 Google Ads Certifications are really good to have for those students who are looking to have –

Google Ads PPC Career

Suppose if you are a student who pursuing your studies and wants to get a job right after your completion of the job, I would definitely recommend you to have Google Ads Certification. Because the certification is given by Google, you are literally taking the value of your resume to the next level.

As a student who doesn’t have any work experience, but with Google’s recognition, your chances of getting placed after the academic year are more.

But is it enough to grab a digital marketing job in the market?

You will find out answers down.

Benefits of Google Ads Certification for Students

Let me take out and clarify all those queries regarding the Google Ads Certification. Here we go –

1) Who all can do Certification in Google Ads?

Google doesn’t keep any restrictions on giving certification to all. All you need to do is register in Google Academy with your mail id and follow the guidelines given by Google. There is no requirement of particular educational qualification, age limit, or any sort of limitations for writing Google Ads Certification.

Who can Do Google Ads Certification

We offer the best Digital Marketing Training program and placement after completing the course. So, don’t ever concern about criteria, eligibility to possess certification in Google Ads. It is widely open to all.

2) Benefits of Google Ads Certificate

With the help of Google Ads certifications, you can demonstrate your proficiency and skills in the above segments in Google Advertisements.


3) The job just after completing the Certification in Google Ads

 This is the most commonly asked question among students,

Can I get a job with Google Ads Certification?
Is it the last thing I want?

PPC Google Ads Job

Read our blog about  GOOGLE ADS CERTIFICATION IN DIGITAL MARKETING INTERVIEW. Just go through it and you will definitely understand the importance of Google Ads Certification in a job interview.

And just in case if you’re concerned or have a query about the scope of Career after Google Ads certification. Let me tell you if you are interested to start a career in Digital Marketing. You know everything goes online now, businesses are targeting their customers in the online market. They require specialists who can run their campaigns efficiently and bring targeted numbers.

So for all the companies who want to target their audience through an online podium, requires a Digital Marketer. There is no particular industry for digital marketers; you guys are welcomed to all the industry that needs Digital marketing services. Don’t worry about the Scope of Digital Marketing Career

Google Ads Certification is an Added Advantage for Students

Advantages of Google Ads Certification for students

Yes, so that is what I have to say for the students who would like to do Google Ads Certification.

Bottom Line is – Google Ads Certification is an added Advantage for Students.


For Latest Digital Marketing Trends & Tips. If you wish to start a Digital Marketing Career, then check out our –

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