Simple Steps to Learn Google’s URL Builder and UTM Parameters

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 Did you track your Campaign in Google Analytics Today?

When you are ready with your campaign, and you don’t know how it is going to perform in sense of traffic, deals, leads etc. You don’t have an answer which campaign really perform well. Take it easy! use Google’s URL Builder and UTM Parameters to track all your campaigns for effective results.

 What is Google’s URL Builder?

Google’s URL Builder simply allows you to add a special tracking code or tagging to your URL.
When you create a particular email marketing campaign or any other campaigns:

Instead of above link you use:

Extra added links are tracking code or else known as UTM Parameters.

What are UTM Parameters?

UTM (Urchin Tracking Model)  parameters are tags or you can say parts of URL, which is used to track the performance of campaigns.

As per the above link an overview of UTM parameters:

Campaign Source: This tells Google where the traffic is coming from like search engine, newsletter name, or other sources.
Example: utm_source=oct1-newsletter
Campaign Medium: This will help you to identify a Medium(which source it is coming from).
Example: utm_medium=email
Campaign Name: This simply describes your campaign( Blog is related to Benefits of Using Google Analytics)
Example: utm_campaign=Benefits_GA

How to use Google’s URL Builder with UTM Parameters?

With UTM parameters you can make very effective and attractive URL’s
Follow the simple steps:
Step 1. Go to Google’s URL Builder (for websites)
Google Play URL Builder (for Android-app ads)
iOS Campaign Tracking URL Builder ( for iOS- app ads)

Note: If ads are on Android app, use the Google Play URL Builder. If ads are on the iOS app, use the iOS Campaign Tracking URL Builder. Otherwise, use Google’s URL Builder.

Step 2: Enter the link where you want the traffic.

Step 3: Enter 3 main UTM parameters (i.e what you want to track)

Google's url builder

The link will be automatically generated:

generated campaign url

Step 4: To convert URL to short link Google will automatically shorten the link via Bitly
=> You Should have bitly sign-in Account.

Step 5: Copy the link and paste it to your email newsletter or any other campaigns to track the users.

My Campaigns in Google Analytics

After you are done with your attractive campaign building, You’ll always want to know how many clicks, leads, converted reports etc.
Log-in into your Google Analytics. If you haven’t signed up into Google Account. Read more about THINGS TO KNOW FOR BEGINNERS IN GOOGLE ANALYTICS.
Once you are logged in to Google Account.

Go to Acquisition -> Campaigns

 google analytics campaigns result


campaign success measure

Here you will see how many people are visiting your campaign, what the bounce rate, how long they are staying, how many are getting converted etc.

Benefits of Google’s URL Builder

1. Helps to shorten the link.
2. Helps to identify from where your website traffic is coming from – social media videos, blogs, articles, images, etc
3. This helps to identify what kind of source it is coming from.


Google’s URL Builder with UTM Parameters provides valuable information about traffic. Help you track all your campaigns, boost your sales and overall marketing strategy. Being an excellent marketer sometimes the crucial aspect is to measure success. No matter what metrics you use, your boss is concerned with only results.

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Benefits of using Google Analytics in Digital Marketing

Posted on October 9, 2018 by Emarkt_Admin

Role of Data in Digital Transformation

“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.”’ – Adam Audette

If we look back to the old traditional method of marketing, there was no tracking of any data. Collection of demographic and lifestyles of the customer data was done by telephone or any manual collection method which was very low in response.
Even if the data was collected the process of analyzing, mining the data, comparing with the past data and forecasting etc the technology simply did not exist.

What is Digital Marketing Analytics?

In the digital era, the data which we get via digital media, emails campaign, website visits, product purchased, contact information, product inquiries, conversations with other users, interested users etc is becoming a necessity for all the marketers.
On the other hand, measuring the metrics and gaining the insights of the websites like traffic, leads, sales etc is challenging for Digital Marketing Analytics.
Google analytics helps digital marketing analytics to measure all the challenges like Traffic Channels, Site Content, User Behavior, and Audience Demographics etc.

digital marketing analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool helps you to understand the digital data and user behavior on the websites. if you really want to understand the traffic, how effective is your website campaign, how well your users are interacting, how SEO performance is doing, Google Analytics will
analyze all your metrics and dimensions.

Top 10 Benefits of Google Analytics in Digital Marketing;

1. Google Analytics is a free tool

Google Analytics is a free online tool, which can be used anytime.
No subscription or any annual membership fees needed.

 2. Google Analytics will show how traffic is coming to the website

When you publish your blogs or article, you are always curious to know from where the users are coming to your websites, is it direct or via any paid advertisements etc. Google Analytics will help you know your questions answer.

3. Google Analytics will help you to find out most visited page

With Google Analytics you will come to know the most visited page of your website.

4. Google Analytics will help you know the bounce rate of your website

When visitors come to your site and do not stay back (i.e you are not doing well with your website), that means the user has bounced away. Google Analytics will help you measure bounce rate.

5. Google Analytics will help to find out what type of Device users are using

Google Analytics helps to find out which device users are using. If you know you can make your website mobile friendly, good resolution and more.

6. Google Analytics will help you to know what operating system is used to browse the website

If you know which operating system users are using you can easily frame your marketing strategies.

7. Google Analytics will help you to find out the page load time

If you come to know some pages are taking a long time to load, you can fix the issues and reduce the load time. Google Analytics will help to find which pages are taking lots of time to load.

8. Google Analytics will help you to track social performance

Today social media has become one of the important parts of digital marketing. Through Google Analytics you will be able to track user performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

9. Google Analytics will help you to achieve Goals

When you have set your goals in google analytics, it will be easy for you to achieve all the objectives.

10. Google Analytics will help you to find out the location of the user’s

Google Analytics will help you track the location and to achieve target goals. With the location, you will easily come to know from which area users are coming.

How can you learn Google Analytics?

Google Academy provides certifications where you can learn Google Analytics for free. There are other multiple Institute/ channels which help you learn Google Analytics. There are some very good digital analytics training institutes, who provide trainings-cum-mentoring with a base to help you grasp various concepts of Google Analytics and teach you how to use it effectively for real businesses. You can always choose the best and reputed training institute in addition to referring to free resources available online.

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google analytics certification



Good Analysis is the key to achieve any marketing strategy. Using Google Analytics will be no more guessing game. You will get exact data and traffic of user visiting your sites and thus how you can make a better digital marketing strategy.

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