Importance of Google AdWords Certification

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Value of Google AdWords Certification

Google ads Certifications are important for all the candidates who are preparing to have a Digital Marketing Career or a PPC Analyst/Executive job. All the companies will undoubtedly see whether the individual is holding Google ads Certifications. And in case if you don’t do the Google ads Certification, your possibility of getting the job is less. Let me tell you about the importance of Google ads certification in the industry.

PPC Google AdWords Tutorial by Ranjan Jena

Most Common Questions about Google Ads Certification & Its Importance

Digital Marketing Certification by Google:

You will get a lot of Adwords Certification from Google Academy. It is great to do the certifications in all the core subjects. But I would suggest you guys should pass the following exams –

Is Google ads Certification, the last thing you need?

Don’t think that you will get a Digital Marketing or a PPC Analyst/Executive job by just having a Google ads Certification. It is just a ticket to attend the Digital Marketing interview. For example, When a recruiter is looking for candidates for a management role, they will surely look for candidates who hold an MBA degree.

In the same way, BE Engineering degree for Engineering job roles. So obviously companies will look for candidates who own Google ads Certification for Digital Marketing job role. You are not eligible to attend the job interview without having the Google ads Certifications. Google ads Certification is only giving you extra support in an interview. These certifications will surely add value to your career & profile. But still, we have seen a lot of people who own Google ads Certifications but still don’t have much knowledge on the subject. It is all about –

Getting a Google ad Certification is easy, but what matters is acquiring the subject knowledge! When you know the subject very well, you will be able to answer the interview questions with reasonable points.

Google ads are all around applying various strategies for various companies.

Google Adwords Certification benefits for Job;

In order to pass the interview and grab a Digital Marketing job, you need to be having a very good understanding of the Digital Marketing subject. Digital Marketing service is all about delivering numbers for your client. Delivering the targeted numbers within the time span is very important. As a Digital Marketer, you need to know the steps you need to take while you take up a project.

And the steps you need to follow during the project, and do you think a Google ads Certification will support you to achieve your Digital Marketing Goals? Never!

digital marketing certification by google

It is all about your proficiency in campaign management which will assist you in achieving your goal. So every recruiter will see whether the candidate possesses these qualities. For a candidate to get a job in a Digital Marketing job, you must have some sort of experience in managing Digital Marketing projects in SEO/PPC/SMM.

That is the time when you need a Course in PPC Google AdWords Certification of Google

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MS Excel Workshop for PPC Google Adwords Certification Course Students

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Microsoft Excel Workshop for PPC Students in Bangalore


 Advanced MS-Excel is the one-of-the-most important program that any PPC expert use with PPC AdWords & AdCenter in their day-to-day activities. Our PPC Google AdWords Certification course in Bangalore comprises of this 4 important elements i.e.,

It’s MS-Excel formulas, menu-bars and short-cut keys that helps PPC work to be more productive and qualitative. All the analysis of PPC is mainly carried on the Excel because of the ability to apply formulas and able to interpret the data much quicker than to manual.

For the above reasons, training in MS-Excel in important elements in our AdWords training program to make sure the students are much more competitive and confident when they step in the corporate life for a career in PPC Google AdWords Digital Marketing.

Below are few snaps from our live-sessions of One-day Training for Microsoft Excel

                               Excel Training in AdWords PPC Course bangalore  Advanced MS Excel tutorial for PPC Students

MS Excel Learning for PPC Google AdWords Certification Training Course

A comprehensive one-day learning event developed for PPC Students who want to use Excel and ready to put it to work for amazing results.

Knowledge has a Beginning

But No End

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PPC Students are learning all important tips and techniques in MS Excel for fast, easy and efficient management to implement and analyze the report which make day to day PPC task easier.

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